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  1. For my eighth challenge, I’m going with a 10th Kingdom theme. This theme would have been better as my 9th or 10th challenge, but it can’t be helped as I want to honor the 10th Kingdom’s 15th Anniversary on February 27th. The 10th Kingdom is my favorite movie (technically it's a mini series) and book of all time. It’s about a young woman named Virginia who is seeking to find herself and escape from her boring life. She ends up being transported, along with her screw-up father Tony, to a magical land where fairy tales are real. And they’re not the golden fluff from Disney either! Along the way she is rescued, repeatedly, by Wolf, a reformed convict whose sole mission in life is to woo her. He is half-wolf and must fight his own animal instincts along their journey. The adventure takes them on a whirlwind tour throughout the nine kingdoms where they encounter Trolls and dwarves, a magic gold river fish, the Kissing Town, an Evil Queen, elves and fairies, poisonous mushrooms and Prince Wendell who has been turned into dog. They must help Prince regain his throne and thwart the most evil woman alive; all while simply trying to go home. My goals are properly kingdom themed too. Main Quest To live a healthy and balanced life by exercising and trying to eat healthy. My motivation I've successfully dropped weight by counting calories so my diet will mostly be staying the same with 1200 calories per day M-F and then a blow meal on the weekends. I've managed to put on some muscle in an effort to become stronger by weight lifting and that will continue this challenge along with my smaller quests. 3 smaller Quests 1. Don’t Eat the Magic Mushrooms (or in my case, the magic chocolate!) “Baste it, roast it, toast it, nibble it, chew it, bite right through it, wobble it, gobble it, wrap it round a couple of chickens and am I ravenous!†-Wolf, referring to how wonderful bacon is While I won’t be adding meat to my diet (sadly!), I do still need to watch my sugary snacks. So as with previous challenges, I aim to cut down on processed junk food by only having sugary snacks on the weekends with my blow meal. However, I am not counting this week since my birthday falls on Thursday and I’ve got Grandma’s chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. Since Grandma is 94, and made the cake especially for me, I will be enjoying it, within my caloric limit, all week long. I just won’t be counting these 5 days towards my overall sweet treat-free days. Scoring: x/25 days for sweet treats Reward: +3 to CON Additionally, I should also go back to only 1 blow meal per weekend in an effort to lose some weight. In previous challenges, I slacked off and was eating junk food Friday night, Saturday and Sunday whereas in the past, when I first started this caloric diet, I was only having 1 blow meal. Not day, or days, but meal. Since then, I’ve decided that I don’t want to be a size 0 because I just love cake too much. However, cutting down on just going crazy all weekend long is necessary so I can fit into my wetsuit better for a two week vacation to Cozumel (for nothing but scuba diving!) I’m going on in May. So I will be trying to only have 1 blow meal per weekend. If this includes dinner one night and dessert the following day, this will still count as 1 meal. The goal is to avoid eating things like muffins, fluffernutter sandwiches and then having dinner with dessert in a single day, or days. Scoring: x/6 weekend Reward: +3 to CHA 2. Climb Rapunzel’s Hair “Love of my life, let down your lustrous locks!†-Wolf, right before he gets smacked in the face by pounds of hair Continue working towards that elusive, first chin up. To do this, I will be working assisted pull-ups into my weight lifting routine again. The last time I did them was for one set back in December of 6 reps at 40lbs of assist. By the end of the 6 week challenge, I’d like to get the assist weight down to 35lbs with little effort. I struggle with these as it is, and they really frustrate me, but working them into my normal weight lifting routine is a good thing and should, eventually, show progress. I will try not to become disheartened at the difficulty though. Scoring: /45lbs /40lbs /35lbs Reward: +3 to STR (one for each level achieved) 3. “Wanna go walkies?†-Tony to Prince Wendell I’ve successfully added walking into my workout but I need to do better at challenging my cardio. In the past few challenges, I’ve walked 30 miles in 6 weeks. Now I want to focus more on my cardio so I will be paying less attention to how far I’ve walked and more on how I maintain a high heart rate while walking. I intend to do it like this: 3 times per week 5 minutes warmup; low incline: 1-2 20-25 minutes of quick walk at an incline that gets higher the longer I’m walking and keeps my heart rate at 120 or above. 5 minutes cool down Upping my cardio will also help when I’m diving! Walking through the 9 Kingdoms was the easiest way to get around and to remain undetected from the Queen. And while I don’t plan on walking the entire length of the Disenchanted Forest (1,000 miles!), walking quickly with my heart rate up should keep me safe enough from the Huntsman to survive! Scoring: x/20 Reward: +3 to STA & +3 to DEX Stats Age: 32...might as well make it 33 since my birthday is February 26th! Gender: female Height: 5’3†Weight: 141.6lbs
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