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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Rebels, My name is Ellis and I have come back to the forums after a long break, during which I walked far, slayed a few metaphorical monsters and left a few others behind. As this new year begins, I want to make friends of some of my remaining foes; issues that I keep coming back to in dark times, and now feel I have enough energy to deal with. Work Work is not a foe; I love my job. But being a freelancer, I constantly struggle with stress, balance and scheduling. I stay up late, sleep in, work irregular hours and feel that I never have time for a
  2. Hello folks! Many years ago, I used to post in this forum. I was a casual poster, but tried a few challenges. A lot has changed since I was last here, so it seems fitting to return to the start line. I have unfortunately dropped the ball on my general health. I got distracted with my career, love life, and anxiety chewed away at my remaining will. I used to be of average health, now I'm back to my pre-fitness levels of obesity & performance. I'm not putting myself down for it. I simply have postponed taking action longer than I'd like. No more of that! Right now is the perfect
  3. Back with the adventurers! I've been with the druids for the last challenges while I worked on a mindset shift that has changed many things about how I live my life. The process is still going on, but now that I've grasped the main points, I'm back to focus on movement. There is still a mindset shift goal, but movement retakes its place of honor. Goal 1: Move all day long Workouts are great, but sitting in a chair for hours and hours is not. So while I'll keep my regular exercise routines, I'll try to spend less and less time sitting and move in short spans
  4. I need this challenge! I am the pudgy, slow kid in the back of the gym class. I hate exercising, it reminds me of those times. Besides what is a burpee, plank, ect (I do know I looked them up). I just hate that that no one seems to think that there pudgy slow adults. In NF Academy the suggested body weight routines the warm ups and cool downs are for everyone and the beginner center is okay. Boobs, bounce, sport bras are torture to get out of, exercise makes me tired not any good or happy feelings. Waaahh, Waaahhh, YES I WANT CHEESE WITH THIS WINE. Okay now you know
  5. Hello! This is my second challenge, Going to be the first as an adventurer! For challenge one, my missions were: 1) run three times a week 2) do another workout (at least 20 minutes) 3 times a week 3) drink (at most) one pop a week About two thirds of the way through I realized that I HATE running outside. Totally not my thing. I'm asthmatic, so it sucks. Going to have none of it. But now I know that, and we're moving on. This time, my missions are going to be: Mission 1: Calorie Count. I want to meticulously count my calories (during the week, M-F), and report them here. Staying und
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