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Found 3 results

  1. Light Day, 18th of Snowfun 426 Today, my journey from my hometown of Hargoth begins. My family cried as I packed my things, but they have been supportive. It surprises me because they had always been afraid for my safety. When I was a child, my mother would always tell me I'd end up in a ditch somewhere. I don't know what makes ditches so dangerous, but that's what my mother always told me I'd end up. I am Devyn, Half-Kender. My father is full kender. He grew up in Hylo, but his grandparents were among those at the destruction of Kendermore. Because of that, he is an afflicted kender. My mother is human. She comes from a small town of people who have always been very protective of their homes and very protective of their children. Few people ever leave. My father went back to Hylo when I was very young, so I was raised by my human side. I have lived a very sheltered life and because of that, I've grown soft and weak. It'd taken me a long time to answer the call of Wanderlust. But I can ignore it no longer. The afflicted kender and human in me has taught me to fear the outside world, but part of me can't ignore the call to adventure. I made the decision to discover my true kender roots. I will travel the continent of Ansalon. On that journey, I will learn what it is to overcome fear. I will become strong and antifragile. I will learn about new places and different kinds of people. And on that journey, I will record what I learn through my favorite medium: Art. I will write, draw, sing, whatever I feel I need to do to reflect back to the world what it has given me. Today, I've spent most of my day packing for the journey. I've packed food, clothes and supplies. Hopefully, I have enough to last until I get to Korval at the base of the mountains. I guess part of the point of a journey is to learn these kinds of things. Then over the mountains and to the great city of Palanthas!
  2. Something I love about hero stories is that typically the main character gets knocked down (sometimes very hard), but they have the resilience and ability to get back up. I posted my story in the Respawn forum, but figured I would start a daily log here to track as I work on getting back up. Since I'm coming back between challenges, my goals here are a bit more long term than the focused 6 week challenge goals. Inspirations: Black Canary - Yeah she has sonic super powers, but she trained in classical boxing techniques, and was the hand-to-hand combat instructor in "Young Justice". She can go up against tough villains, and kicks serious butt.Xena - Need I say more? I grew up on those shows, and "warrior woman" is tots my jam.Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - Do yourself a favor, and check out his twitter or Instagram. He's always so positive about his workouts, and just exudes "can do" spirit.Nikkita - International spy/assassin trying to make past wrongs right, fighting the good fight, and protecting the people she cares about. Heck yeah!The Flash - Regardless of super speed, he's another all around positive dude, who takes care of his enemies with an inspiring level of compassion. Villains: Darth Desk Job - I sit. A lot. I'm an engineer and spend my 8-5 behind a computer.Sally Sweet-Tooth - DAMN YOU SALLY!Theodore Travel Bottom - I have to travel for work quite a bit in the summer, and am usually headed to areas with limited food options.The Stressinator - In addition to travel, my job can be hella stressful, and I'm shit about self care when work hits critical mass. Allies: Husband Man - Not every epic tale needs a love story, but mine has one. Husband Man has my back in any fight, and I have his.Perpetual Motion Puppy - Some side kicks fight crime, others chase squirrels.The Extraordinary League of Family Peeps - We team up from time to time to fight crime, bag summits, and see exotic locales. Goals: Food goals - I've been an ovo/lacto vegetarian for about a year. I'm sticking with that and would like to continue working on reducing the presence of animal products in my meals. I'm also working on eating more fresh prepared meals as opposed to pre-packaged or restaurant meals. Specifics: Reduce meals out to 2 or fewer per week.Only have dairy or eggs in one meal per day.Do weekly meal planning with Husband Man.Hit up the farmer's market at least every other week (when I'm in town) for a veggie I wouldn't normally buy at the super market.Stop visiting the snack drawer at work by planning breakfasts and lunches.Fitness goals - Kick it Canary style! There is a boxing gym near my work, that I'm going to check out.Start lifting at the rec center with Husband Man.Take Perpetual Motion Puppy for a walk before work every day. Bonus mode: get a hike in with her on weekends as the weather warms up.Take lunch walks during the day to get away from my computer (even for just 15-20 minutes).Adventure goals - More hiking, fun travel and playing outside. Non-negotiable quality of life vices: Scotch/whisky/bourbon - I have a couple of fingers of one of these less than once per week (every other week - monthly would probably be more accurate).Ice cream - One scoop or less per week (at least in the summer the ice cream parlor in our town is the best thing ever). Game plan is to earn it throughout the week via workouts and otherwise clean eating. Teaming up with Sally Sweet-Tooth from time to time keeps her in line overall.Video games - FFXIV is my jam, Husband Man and I play with friends near and far, and it's an important part of our social schedule. With the right attitude gaming doesn't have to be a destructive pursuit. I'm a little nervous posting all of this, but being accountable is important, and solidifying and tracking goals is the name of the game. Let's do this!
  3. Just curious if anyone is going to be going to the Wanderlust Festival in Vermont at Stratton Mountain this year from June 20-23. I got a ticket just for Saturday only and here is my schedule: Saturday, June 22 8:00am - Standup Paddleboard Yoga on the Reservoir [special] 12:00pm - AcroYoga Performance 2:00pm - Yoga + Horses [special] 4:00pm - Release and Liberate Your Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders
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