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Found 3 results

  1. Brutal Bears Downs Wailing Caverns Intro/Explanation: Week 0 Lady Anacondra Week 1 Lord Pythas Week 2 Lord Cobrahn Week 3 Lord Serpentis Week 4 Awaken Naralex Goals and Prizes
  2. Brutal Bears Needs Some Druid Healing Introduction Quest log: Feral Form -Average 20 miles walked a week-let's get one step closer to Mordor! Week 1: 32.2 miles Week 2: 41.3 miles Week 3: 28.9 miles Week 4: 21.9 miles Week 5: 24.2 miles Week 6: 25.5 miles Restoration -Do at least two 30 minute yoga sessions a week Total Done: 3 -Meditate at least 3 times a week Total done: 10 Moonkin -Get all my school work done each week Weeks Complete: 6 -Finish at least one book Breaking the Worgen Curse -It's time to quit smoking. I am using my e-cig to try and drop down systematically drop in nicotine (30/30 days) -Attend at least one AA meeting a week Meeting attended: 3 Tank Bear The Bear Returns! 4 Strength workouts a week. I had been struggling a lot with my schedule, and weeks being consistent with working out, so I'm going to try working out 4 days in a row-since they are the only 4 I can commit to, my plan will go as follows Upper Body Workouts done: 11 Lower Body Workouts done: 9 The Cenarion Circle Keep up with the NF community, and post to at least two other peoples challenges a day Druid Lore -I've always wanted to write a book, and I have started and failed several times. So, -Participate in NanoWrimo and let's write a book this MONTH! (50,000 words!) (23,503/50,000) 47%47%
  3. Hi, I'm Laurie. I'm 32 and I want to start getting into shape. 'Cuz round really isn't the shape I want to be. My Hubby & I did Paleo for a while a couple years ago, but fell off that wagon when finances changed. I've gained a lot sitting at home since I graduated from college last spring, kinda doing the stay-at-home mom thing & wondering how to make use of my shiny new Illustration degree. I've been on the Nerd Fitness mailing list since I found Paleo, but haven't done much with the info. I guess my current "clue" I need to get in shape was I had to go buy new Jeans because I outgrew my old pairs and was tired of wearing yoga pants every day. Nerdy interests: I play WoW. My Hubby plays too, in fact he's played longer than I have, but I'm an alt-aholic so I have LOTS more characters started than he does. I also play Minecraft, mostly solo on my laptop. I was playing on a server, but they changed hosting (again) so I need to ask where they went or find a new server. I was into Gambit and Wolverine in high school, now not really into comics much but I'm enjoying the Avengers movies and Thor. I also enjoy watching anime. Seems to be a lot of the weird psycho-computer ones like DRAMAtical Murder, Chobits, Serial Experiments Lain, and the one where the guy could manifest delusions or something. For the Forum Character Sheet, I picked Orc (with maybe a bit of Ogre belly ;_; ). The character maker quiz gave me troll, but I don't wanna be a troll! :-( And honestly, whith how chunky my calves are (muscle, one of the few not-fat bits of me) I will probably look a lot like a Warcraft Orc Lady once I'm in shape. My Avatar pic is a new Orc character I started recently in WoW. Her name is Risk and she is on Silvermoon. (No lie, her name came up in the randomly generated names. I was surprised it was available!) I named her Worg Pup companion pet Danger. Punny names are great! So, I see I'm arriving in the middle of the current 6-week challenges, but that just gives me 3 weeks to practice- right? I want to start off trying to do the Beginner's Bodyweight (ummm....) thingy, going for 3 times a week, Taking my vitamins every day, and eating less sweets and carby things. I know I'm bad at sticking to things, so I might need help. I even have a tough time staying on forums, I tend to wander off after a while. Thanks for reading!
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