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Found 4 results

  1. Brutal Bears Downs Wailing Caverns Intro/Explanation: Week 0 Lady Anacondra Week 1 Lord Pythas Week 2 Lord Cobrahn Week 3 Lord Serpentis Week 4 Awaken Naralex Goals and Prizes
  2. Hearthstone Players, Unite! Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a digital collectable card game made by Blizzard that is set in the Warcraft Universe. So, naturally, tons of nerds play it. This thread is for all Hearthstone discussion. Post your battletag so NFers can connect in game. Talk about decks, constructed format, Arena, upcoming expansions, cards, anything! NF Battletags: Gainsdalf the Whey: Gainsdalf#1448 Marauder: Persephone#1187 Sea Level: SeaLevel #11584 Antonius: Antonius#1444 Raxie; Raxie #1908 Schaengel: Schaengel#2973 Sevasan: MrQuackers57#1966 Agent of Fortune: Venin#11443 Shibs: Pearadyne#1559 Andress: TheGreatYohn#1297
  3. Brutal Bears Needs Some Druid Healing Introduction Quest log: Feral Form -Average 20 miles walked a week-let's get one step closer to Mordor! Week 1: 32.2 miles Week 2: 41.3 miles Week 3: 28.9 miles Week 4: 21.9 miles Week 5: 24.2 miles Week 6: 25.5 miles Restoration -Do at least two 30 minute yoga sessions a week Total Done: 3 -Meditate at least 3 times a week Total done: 10 Moonkin -Get all my school work done each week Weeks Complete: 6 -Finish at least one book Breaking the Worgen Curse -It's time to quit smoking. I am using my e-cig to try and drop down systematically drop in nicotine (30/30 days) -Attend at least one AA meeting a week Meeting attended: 3 Tank Bear The Bear Returns! 4 Strength workouts a week. I had been struggling a lot with my schedule, and weeks being consistent with working out, so I'm going to try working out 4 days in a row-since they are the only 4 I can commit to, my plan will go as follows Upper Body Workouts done: 11 Lower Body Workouts done: 9 The Cenarion Circle Keep up with the NF community, and post to at least two other peoples challenges a day Druid Lore -I've always wanted to write a book, and I have started and failed several times. So, -Participate in NanoWrimo and let's write a book this MONTH! (50,000 words!) (23,503/50,000) 47%47%
  4. Hi, I'm Laurie. I'm 32 and I want to start getting into shape. 'Cuz round really isn't the shape I want to be. My Hubby & I did Paleo for a while a couple years ago, but fell off that wagon when finances changed. I've gained a lot sitting at home since I graduated from college last spring, kinda doing the stay-at-home mom thing & wondering how to make use of my shiny new Illustration degree. I've been on the Nerd Fitness mailing list since I found Paleo, but haven't done much with the info. I guess my current "clue" I need to get in shape was I had to go buy new Jeans because I outgrew my old pairs and was tired of wearing yoga pants every day. Nerdy interests: I play WoW. My Hubby plays too, in fact he's played longer than I have, but I'm an alt-aholic so I have LOTS more characters started than he does. I also play Minecraft, mostly solo on my laptop. I was playing on a server, but they changed hosting (again) so I need to ask where they went or find a new server. I was into Gambit and Wolverine in high school, now not really into comics much but I'm enjoying the Avengers movies and Thor. I also enjoy watching anime. Seems to be a lot of the weird psycho-computer ones like DRAMAtical Murder, Chobits, Serial Experiments Lain, and the one where the guy could manifest delusions or something. For the Forum Character Sheet, I picked Orc (with maybe a bit of Ogre belly ;_; ). The character maker quiz gave me troll, but I don't wanna be a troll! :-( And honestly, whith how chunky my calves are (muscle, one of the few not-fat bits of me) I will probably look a lot like a Warcraft Orc Lady once I'm in shape. My Avatar pic is a new Orc character I started recently in WoW. Her name is Risk and she is on Silvermoon. (No lie, her name came up in the randomly generated names. I was surprised it was available!) I named her Worg Pup companion pet Danger. Punny names are great! So, I see I'm arriving in the middle of the current 6-week challenges, but that just gives me 3 weeks to practice- right? I want to start off trying to do the Beginner's Bodyweight (ummm....) thingy, going for 3 times a week, Taking my vitamins every day, and eating less sweets and carby things. I know I'm bad at sticking to things, so I might need help. I even have a tough time staying on forums, I tend to wander off after a while. Thanks for reading!
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