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  1. The portal deposited the Hobbit Brewmaster on a pristine vessel of some kind. Mizbrek pushed himself up. A quick look told him that he was somewhere in the Azerothian universe. Draenei, Goblins, Tauren, Orcs were abound. Few paid him a second glance. He stopped a Goblin, a hunter from the looks of it, who was running around. “Hey, buddy, where are we?” “The Vindicar!” he cried out, as if it was obvious. “We’re on Argus man! The final assault on the Burning Legion! Come on! Let’s kick some demon ass!” Miz could get behind that. The Hobbit Brewmaster followed the goblin as he ran up the main platform, placing his hand upon a device and disappearing. Miz shrugged and followed suit. Suddenly he was surrounded by demons, attacking everyone around him. Miz pulled his staff from his back, and grinned. Time to get to work. Last Challenge Review Overall the last challenge went well, but I allowed myself still more variances and allowances on the weekends, and I think in the end this is what sunk me slight. I did lose about 2lbs, but I struggled to stick with my calorie goals. I don’t think going off the Apple Watch in terms of calories and deficits is working well. It’s nice to look at, for sure, but it doesn’t seem to be working at motivating me to get moving. I do think the drink rule worked well, and the reading was a nice treat to myself. This Challenge Overview With this challenge I’m putting two or three things on “autopilot.” I’m going to continue to read daily, do housework, and post and read on the Rebellion, but I won’t be tracking those here. They’re all relatively routine for me now, and I don’t want to clog up things. We have a renewed emphasis on calorie intake this time, which I think is where I’ve been losing ground. I’ve been eating back calories, and I think the results of that show that’s not the best idea. I’ve also been drinking a bit much, and we have two goals related to that. I am looking at doing some activity in a less structured way, drinking more water, and getting more sleep. I also am not building in any particular punishments. I don’t know if they’re effective, for me, but I am putting in a couple smallish loot goals. No beer except self-made/out - I was looking back at my banking and realizing I’m spending a lot of money, and calories, on beer. I don’t plan to never drink beer again, obviously, but these days I’m having trouble controlling myself. I make exceptions for self-made beer, and if I’m out at restaurants/someone’s house. 2000 calorie limit - Pretty self-explanatory! Most TDEE calculators I take have my maintenance around 2500, as well as the large spreadsheet I’ve been using, so trying to stick at a 500 cal/day deficit, and focusing on just consumed calories, not eating any back. Allowing one maintenance variance per week. 2 drink rule - Again pretty self-explanatory. 2 drink maximum per day, with one variance day per week (I suspect this will be Saturdays or Sundays generally). My hope is not to use those, but we’ll see. Devices off by 10pm/out the door by 5:30am (weekdays) - Continuing with my sleep goals, pushing bedtime up by half an hour. I thought about setting a weekend goal but I think I’ll need my rest, truthfully. I also have a couple vacation days where this won’t apply coming up. 3.1L water per day - All the water! Close activity ring every day - My Apple Watch tracks my activity, and my goal here will be to close the “activity” (as in burned calories) ring every day, with a goal of 700 calories burned per day. I’m allowing myself two variances on this for the whole challenge, as opposed to per week. Loot 50% Completion - 84 Points - Stronglifts Pro App Unlock 75% Completion - 126 Points - Pedicure/Equivalent Value Thingy Points Pretty simple point system, 1 point per day per item!
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