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Found 6 results

  1. And here you thought @shaar and the guy from the latest Mad Max movie were the end of it... They pretty much rock their way into battle, killing people with face-melting solos and ear-bleeding amplification I'm back with the Rangers again and -after what feels like way too long- Crossfit.h. If you've followed me recently, you'll remember that Monster Magnet analogy/epiphany from a couple of weeks back, which has led to the Noise Marines as theme for this challenge. I'm still not done saving enough to purchase TEW 2016 from last challenge, but since saving money worked as motivation, I'll keep updating that thread and use this one as an expanded/transitional challenge. This challenge also ends exactly on the date of the SRLF's birthday, meaning once I got my game, savings continue in order to present her with an appropriate birthday gift. POWER CHORDS Never knew how much I needed speakers on my boots until now 3 workouts per week is the bare minimum. Doing those earns me 1 Euro in savings. Any extra workout, race, competition etc earns me another one. WELCOME HOME (SANITARIUM), LICK IT UP See what I did there? Every day of Domestic Rangering earns me another 1 Euro in savings. Also, because quid pro quo works for my lazy butt, I will not allow myself any computer time (which sadly includes TEW) before I'm done with all of the Domestic Rangering. CHAOTIC FREESTYLE SOLO More than just random notes on a badass axe Former nutrition rules paid too much attention to the letterring and killed the spirit of the goal. Having some croutons in the salad won't kill me as bad as eating an entire cake (that's for Nurgle scum) so I'll earn 1 Euro in savings for every day of clean eating: no sugar, alcohol or processed carbs but giving myself some leeway when judging performance. BLOW YOUR SPEAKERS WITH ROCK AND ROLL We also invented dubsteb before it was mainstream This is the catch-all thingy for leftover goals. +1 in savings for every day of sticking to my Secret Goal and another one for every hour spend on working my dissertation (haven't had any luck with this one yet). DESTROY PUNK ORK Everyone knows Orks suck at music. So will I if I eat or smoke like an Ork. -1 for every day of orky eating, -1 per cigarette smoked. Shortlist +1 for the baseline of 3 workouts/week +1 for every extra workout/race/competition +1 for every day of Domestic Rangering +1 for every day of acceptable nutrition +1 for every day of hitting my Secret Goal +1 for every hour spent on my dissertation -1 for every day of eating like an Ork -1 for every cigarette smoked NEW CHALLENGE, GO!
  2. -The Story- Past / Pre-NF: Past / NF: August 2015, with my ex mostly out of the picture, and the girl that I admitted that I loved shooting me down; I felt broken and dark. It was time to finally do something that was eating away at me since the spartan race back in November... ...I started The Phoenix Project. Step #1) The Dark Satyr Begins: a-Purge all negative emotions by telling my story. b-Purge all possessions by razing 30 year's worth of memories to the ground. Step #2) The Dark Satyr Rises: a-Clean the entire cave (Southeast corner) b-Prime/Paint Satyr-cave c-Get new flooring d-Building Project #1 Bookshelf e-Building Project #2 Kitchen table f-Building Project #3 ??? g-Building Project #4 ??? Step #3) Becoming A Symbol: a-Face fear of cut hair/beard after 3 years/9 months b-Face fear of getting hair procedure done c-Face fear of getting piercing d-Face fear of getting tattoo e-Replace the old NF Symbol f-New wardrobe Step #4) The Will To Act: a-Master's Program homework b-Master's Program classes c-Socializing d-Exercise e-Work f-Secret Batman Lessons Step #5) The Dark Satyr's Training: a-Whole 30 b-Daily walks(or)bleachers / body-weights c-Sledgehammer workouts d-*Unlocked after Building Project #3 & Batman Lessons e-*Unlocked after Building Project #4 Step #6) Killing My Old Self: a-Satyr Suit Defense b-Satyr Suit Offense c-'Mr. Wayne' Lessons d-Siren's Call e-Facing the Past that never was f-Defining who I am Forever -------------------------------- I wrote my entire life story and purged emotionally above (1a). Then I purged physically...(1b) I cleaned the Satyr-Cave (2a), primed and pained (2b), fixed a few little thing, and set down carpet (2c): I built a bookshelf (2d) and dining table (2e). I cut the majority of my beard and hear off and got a hair treatment done (3a) (3b). I got my first piercing (3c) and then faced my fear of getting a tattoo (3d), and made my own personal Satyr symbol (you can see on the door in an above picture and my new profile picture) (3e). I'm in the midst of getting parts of a new wardrobe (3f). I have scheduled and tweak step 4: juggling master's program classes (4a), homework (4b), socializing (4c), exercising (4d), working (4e), and last challenge started secret batman lessons (4f). I continue to have my challenge be working on step 5: whole30 (5a), walking/bodyweights (5b), sledgehammer workouts (5c). Last challenge, as some of you know; I channeled the spirit of Bruce Wayne and sent out some things (6c). I Deserve Better. I Will Make Better. Because I Am Better. As I continue forward, the changes I keep making will be bigger and bolder than I've already done so far. I have learned on this journey that I have worth. I have merit. But I need to fight for it. And if you are fighting for your best self, then consider me your friend...because I consider you mine. That brings us to today... I am focusing on the following this challenge (Step 5): 1) Whole 30 2) Walking/Bodyweight 3) Sledgehammering 4) Secret Batman Lessons 5) Socializing. There are some *bonus goals* that if I am able to do, I would like as well: 6/7) I would also like to try and get building projects (2f) and (2g) done, if possible. 8) I might be revisiting (6c) and channeling Bruce Wayne again. 9) Finally, I would like to be writing more story, which is what this current challenge is named after. 1 Entry per week. 10) Try and actually fucking update more often.
  3. Main Quest:Under 200 Lbs by 30th birthday (December) Mini Quests: Never tell me the odds [sTR +3]Do 3,720 reps of Squats/Push-Ups/Lunges/Row (about 88 reps per day, aim for 2-3 BBWW per week)++Bonus: Full Sets of Dumbbell Row Push-Ups (3x10 w/ 5lb weights) Try twice per week. Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs [DEX +2] [sTA +3]Run 12K per week++Bonus: Run before work 3+ times per week Laugh it up, Fuzzball! [sTA +2] [sTR +3]Handstand practice for 5 mins per day++Bonus: 1 Handstand Push-Up Life Quest: [CHA +2] Do something creative every day- Paint Warhammer Models - Stone troll Avatar - Old One Eye Tyranid Hive Fleet Leviathan - Space Wolves - An unpainted Bloodthirster, that I've had for a over decade.- Build my Coffee table- Read "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain"- Draw something Starting Stats (From 2/14/14): 228.2 lbs @ 27.5% body fat Waist 43.5" Hips 43.5" Chest 41" Legs 24.75" ( L ) & 24.75" ( R ) Biceps 15.25" (L) & 15.25" ( R ) Calfs 16.25" (L) & 16.5" ( R ) Points System: Never Tell Me The Odds+1 point for every 300 reps (15 pts max)++Bonus: Dumbbell Row Push-Ups +1 point for a full 3x10 set (12 pts max) Kessel Run In Under 12 Parsecs+2 points per week for > 12K (12 pts max)++Bonus: AM Running (before work) +1 point per day, max 3 times per week (18 pts max) Laugh It Up, Fuzzball!+1/2 point per day of 5+ mins practice (21 pts max)++Bonus: +1 points for 1 handstand push-up in 6 weeks (1 pt max) Life QuestCreativity +1/2 point per day (21 pts max) Grading:A+ =97-100 pointsA =93-97 pointsA- =90-92 pointsB+ =87-90 pointsB =83-87 pointsB- =80-82 points
  4. Main Goals: To Lose 100 Pounds / Complete A Spartan Race It's time to kick it into high gear with my RPG character: 1) Finish another Whole 30. I started my 2nd Whole30 on Nov 1st, so I'm chugging along with it. +3 Strength, +2 Constitution 2) Warhammer 3x A Week. I want to have a base workout, and then start adding some new exercises into the mix to keep things fresh. I'll also be including stuff from Challenge #3, which is.... +5 Strength 3) Make some new gym equipment. I want to make a kettlebell and a tornado ball. They both look like fun and they're something new to use to mix it up with my warhammer. I want to make a 25lb kettelbell and a 45lb kettelbell. +3? 4) Prepare for hobo xmas. I have created a holiday much in the same light as festivus (although I never knew of festivus before coming up with my idea). It's anti-commercialism. It's all about making gifts, getting joke gifts, and finding the cheapest and worst possible gifts ever. Creepy doll with a black smudge on it from the holiday bazaar for 2 bucks? PERFECT. I have a huge stockpile in the laundry room that reaches the ceiling so I need to sort it all out, make some of the gifts, and start wrapping them up since I DESPISE rushing the holidays. +2?
  5. Round 4 Main Quest: To lose 100 pounds 1 - Food - Complete the Whole 30. So I started the whole 30 and it's a massive pain. I've gotten into yelling matches, gone hungry, and fallen asleep with tears in my eyes because of how defeated I've felt- but I'm going to beat this. Pass or Fail. There is no leeway. I must finish the whole 30. +5 Constitution 2 - Exercise - Warhammer Training 2x+ a week. I had originally done warhammer training 3 times a week. However, with trying to do the whole 30, part of the detox is having no energy and I really feel it now. I'm going to do this training twice a week at a minimum. I will try to do a 3rd time each week, but there's no promises. Pass or Fail as well. +3 Strength 3 - Stretching 2x a week. I tried stretching out last challenge. I want to improve. +1 Strength +2 Dex +1 Wisdom 4 - School. I was going to attempt a bookshelf (still might), but considering all the work I have to do to get an application (3 letters of recoomendation, 8 page essay, etc) I think that'll be my life goal this time. +3 Unsure
  6. OH MY GOD! It's been forever and I'm excited to start getting back to business. Family showed up during the off-week and there was just garbage food after garbage food and more garbage food. My 'never eat again' list has expanded quite a bit. It was a bad experience overall. I've been detoxing so this week will still be a little rough but I am back and ready to do this! I haven't given much thought about goals/challenges since the last one ended but I'll edit this post as I think of stuff. I'll have it ironed out in a day or two. Main Quest: To lose 100 pounds. Goal 1: Food! Like I said, detoxing now and this is a really hard part. I really need friends and accountabilibuddys (spelling?) at the start of this. I've reduced my non-paleo meals to twice a week now. Bagels are officially on my 'never eat again' list so that means there's no point in having a cheat breakfast. It's roughly 1 point a week. There's some leeway the next few days but by the end of the week if I'm screwing up I start losing points. +5 Constitution Goal 2: Warhammer! My sledgehammer(Jackson) has been a dear, dear, workout buddy but it's time to retire him.... FOR A WARHAMMER. The old sledgehammer was 10 pounds and I was able to work out with it for 20 minutes without breaking much of a sweat. So easy that I was getting bored- and that's a bad sign. So I'm ordering and will hopefully get by the end of the week- a 20 pound sledgehammer. My tentative workout is as follows: 10+ Minutes of Warhammer training 7+ Tire-ups 30+ Reverse Crunches 30+ Incline Crunches (getting too easy, hope to increase difficulty soon) 5+ Random experiment - either 1 leg deadlifts, or trying new sledgehammer exercises, or doing some tractor-tire flips. Each time I'll try something out and see what sticks. If nothing strikes me, then I'll get into full-body weight squats. +5 Strength. Goal 3: Unity! I couldn't think of a better word. I would like to focus on stress relief with some sort of meditation. I'm horrible at it. In fact, I think I have really bad ADD but was never diagnosed. I also feel after a stretching mini-challenge that I really should do some sort of stretch-related goal. I know they're technically 2 things, but I'm going to try to do them both as a package deal- like a yoga-ish thing. breath deep, clear my mind, and try and get some stretching done for my legs, knees, and back. Once a week, but I'll gun for twice a week. +3 Wisdom Goal 4: Hardware/Guitar! The desk and end table was a great success. I either want to improve the desk (sawing, sanding, priming, painting, fitting a side board to the desk and then having pins in the legs to hold actual shelves- which can then be used to hold my game consoles and other knick-knacks.) -OR- Guitar. I've put it off a lot because I'm really insecure. my g/f thinks that I'm dexterous enough that I should be able to do pretty well if I just stick with it. idk. +2 Whichever With that all done; hello and welcome back!
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