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  1. The title of this quest has a dual meaning: I want to take advantage of the last few weeks of the September-October challenge as a warm-up for the following one, but at the same time I want to learn to appreciate the early part of the day. I have a schedule that's preposterously full of stuff (full-time job, music lessons, dance lessons, band rehearsals and concerts) and once I'm finally home it's hard to summon the energy -- or even find the time -- to work out. Years ago, however, I had very good experiences working out on my way to work. I want to try that again, at least one or two days a week. I also have at least one weekend morning open, sometimes both. Main Quest: Start getting up earlier so that I can exercise when body and mind are rested and fresh. Subquest #1: Increase barbell squats to 125 pounds (currently 95) for one set of 5 reps. Subquest #2: Increase bench press to 100 pounds (currently 75) for one set of 5 reps. (I've lifted my goal weights before, but it's been a while -- Nearly 20 years. I'm older, but am I wiser? Only time, and the weights, will tell.) Subquest #3: Recalibrate my eating habits to make sure I'm getting at least some protein at least 4 times a day. Side quest: Make this hectic life of mine more peaceful whenever and however possible. That could mean uncluttering and simplifying my personal space, clearing up old projects before starting new ones, trying to figure out how meditation works, and/or not causing trouble on the Internet at 3:00 in the morning. Scoring: A for reaching the weight targets; B, C, D for each 5 pounds below the targets. +1 or more STR points. A for achieving 3 morning workouts a week, B for 2, C for 1, D for working out only later in the day. + to CON and STA as appropriate. A for getting quality protein 4+ times a day; B, C, D for 3, 2 or 1 servings. +1 or more CON points. Making any meaningful progress on the side quest: +1 or more WIS points plus CHR or DEX points if applicable, based on what activities (or inactivities) I opt for. This quest will continue into the next challenge period, with levelling up at that time.
  2. This is Megara, he friends call her Meg (at least they would if she had any friends). (Bonus points to all who get that reference!) My life has been overtaken with puppy rearing, as we welcomed home an 8 week old puppy last week. She is adorable, but also a handful, with needing let out for potty breaks and teething and needing exercise. But that's okay, because the lack of time is just going to make me need to focus more on planning ahead and priorities and not letting the cold weather keep me indoors for the next 6 months. Goal #1: Paleo Meal Planning Each Monday, having a meal plan covering Tuesday to the following Monday. I never managed to do this on weekends, but I have a little time on Mondays at work, so I can make this happen. Focus on real foods, complex carbs, and keeping energy levels stable. Not going to be counting cals or macros unless I feel like something is not in a good range. I lost a couple pounds last challenge which was nice, but I'm really not that focused on that now, or have the time/energy to expend on a cut. Goal #2: Sleep Schedule Obviously, with the puppy waking us a few times a night (though, rapidly getting better!) perfect sleep is not possible. BUT, goal is to be in bed no later than 11pm, and to wake up at 6 am, no matter when I go to bed. And to get back into better night time rituals of little to no screen time an hour before bed, drinking my Natural Calm, and maybe some herbal tea. And during the day when I'm home, napping when the puppy naps, if needed. Goal #3: Work out, Despite the Cold I've been skipping the gym some mornings the past couple weeks because at 6am in Alaska, its cold and bleak and awful out. And there's not even snow yet! So, same goal as always, workout 2x week minimum, focused on working through NRoLfW Stage 1 (halfway done now). Goal #4: Keep Puppy Happy Puppies, and German Shepherd puppies in particular, need lots of physical and mental exercise. So hubby and I will be tag teaming with walks in the park, and sprints in our backyard. We've already done a good bit of research on training various things, so the goal here is to spend at least 30 minutes a day in dedicated training mode (sit, stay, leash, crate, etc), as well as an hour or more of active play with me. This will also help with getting me outdoors and enjoying Alaska, no matter the temperature.
  3. Time to officially start my battle long on here. I've kept notes in my phone, but I'm hoping this helps me as well. I've been seriously lifting for about 6-7 months now. Sure, I lifted a little in my past, but not on any kind of program or any kind of schedule. I have seen huge increases in strength, which is AWESOME, but now I need to get the diet part figured out. I need to lose weight, plain and simple. It will help my overall health, and it will be easier to see the muscle I'm building. Ok, time to put up this last week's stats. Note:deadlifts aren't usually a separate day, it just happened that way this week because of time constraints. Nov 8- Back Bench Pulls- 4x5 120lbs, 1x5 125lbs Dumbbell Rows- 35lbs x8, 40lbs x8, 45lbs x8, 50lbs x8 "Batman" or High Rows- 90x10, 140x10, 180x8 drop to 90x10 Superset: Lat Pulldown- 90x15, 100x15, 110x10 drop to 80x5 Straight Arm Pullovers- 50x15, 60x15, 70x15 drop to 40x10 Face Pulls- 50x20, 60x20, 70x20 Nov 10- Chest Bench- 2x5 145lbs, 1x5 150lbs Bench Press w/Dumbbells- 80x8, 90x8, 100x8 Floor Press (with chains, not sure how many lbs they added)-2x5 135lbs. Incline Hammer- 45x10, 55x10, 45x10 Nov 11- Leg Day (Quad Focus) Leg Extensions- 115x15, 130x15, 145x15, 160x15 Hack Squats- 90x10, 140x10, 180x10, 200x5, 230x5, 250x3 drop 140x8 Leg Press-180x20, 270x20, 360x10 drop 180x20 Nov 12- Shoulders and Arms Overhead Press (OHP)- 3x5 90lbs, 1x5 95lbs Bicep Curl (Barbell)- 2x5 75lbs, 1x5 80 Close Grip Bench- 3x5 140lbs. Bicep Curls (Dumbbell)- 35x8, 40x8, 35x8 Shoulder Press (Dumbbell)- 40x8, 35x8 Lateral Raise- 15x8 Skullcrushers (I'm not sure how much the bar weighs, so it's just plate weight)- 2x8 30lbs, 1x5 50lbs Face Pulls- 50x25, 40x25, 30x25, 20x25 Tricep Rope- 50x25, 40x25, 30x25, 20x25 Nov 15- Deadlifts 285x1 5x5 225lbs. Nov 16- Back Bench Pulls- 3x5 125lbs, 1x5 130lbs. Dumbbell Rows- 45x8, 50x8, 55x8 Batman- 90x10, 140x10, 180x10 drop 90x10 Hammer Strength Neutral Row- 45x12, 90x12, 115x12, 135x10 Giant Set: Lat Pulldown (reverse grip)- 90x10, 100x9 Straight Arm Pullovers- 60x15, 70x15 Face Pulls- 40x20, 30x20
  4. Well Hell yeah I can fat!!! If it was a hit tv show I would get my big ass up on that stage and shake my belly better than Rihanna can twerk her fine ass lol. no but seriously I'm kinda fat, Ive been told so on a few occassions. My favorite time I was told I was fat was when I was at a bar and this smoking hot chick told me that I was cute for a fat guy and her friends agreed. She followed it with "I would have to be on top though. No way Im staying under that for long." to which I replied "well arent you just the yellow diamond of bar sluts." and all her friends laughed. :-D I am 6'3 and weigh over 341lbs. I dont see myself as fat though. when I look in the mirror I see a chubby guy sure, bit of a belly but not obese or anything. then I look at a friend or family members pic taken of me at a family get together or wedding or kickback whatever and I'm like damn Ive got to do something about this. cause guess what I'm fat! So I plan to dedicate myself to this log. I want to start it to keep me accountable and honest. ultimately I would like to get down to under 250lbs. I weighed that a few years ago and it was a good weight for me. I could run for awhile and was in pretty decent shape back then. I never really lifted heavy except for when in high school I was the strong skinny kid back then. As a man though I really only did dumb bell work and lifted/dragged heavy bags and body weight exercises. I use to attend a boxing/kickboxing gym and took both classes to keep the self defense skills up and have fun which it was. I sometimes wonder how I got this heavy and really I just let myself go. I have no one to blame but me. I stopped exercising, stopped going the the gym, drank a few beers every night, smoked cigarettes, ate crappy food, sat on my butt at work. Its all my fault. I would like to change all this. I have a growing son who is my life and I would like to stick around as long as I can for him and maybe one day my grandchildren. I over the course of the past few weeks have changed up the diet going mostly paleo with the exception of a few dairy products like cheese and milk that I am keeping and will work out 6 days a week walking atleast a half hour every day then build to jogging a bit/walking a bit and so on and some form of BW/DB strength training 3x a week for atleast 30 minutes each strength workout. I realize the results may be slow at first and I am okay with that. I didnt gain a extra 90+ lbs in a week I am not going to lose it all in a week but as long as I continue to make progress and am one upping my life everyday I will be a happy guy. I am also working on quitting smoking and plan to be done after this weekend. I thought of gradually cutting it out but cold turkey may be the best way and save any drinking for just the weekend instead of a couple every night. I will post todays workouts this evening feel free to comment and follow along. plus I will try to log my meals for the day any suggestions on good but not overly expensive meals are appreciated as I am still learning this paleo thing. God Bless, EV
  5. SEIZE THE DAY! Alrighty, Princess Heather is back in action! I have been MIA around here for the past few weeks, and it was due to me being in a bit of a funk and also lots of life happening. I have been promoted at work, from office manager into a sort of project coordinator, responsible for overseeing several ministry teams and being the point person for outreach and service projects for my church. It's a fun environment, and out biggest service project(s) of the year happen at the end of September so I've got lots going on for that. We are also in the midst of TTC, and keeping healthy for that is another major priority, leaving less and less time for internetting. Which is also at odds with a blogging project I'm trying to get off the ground. For anyone who was following my last (pitiful) challenge, I more or less accomplished all my goals with reading and with workouts, but food was a bit more elusive. Still trying to reign that in, but I know it's miles better than my diet was 3 years ago that I need to just keep trucking and not worry about being perfect. Goal 1: Quit being a hater... to myself I give myself way too much grief when I'm not perfect, which is of course all the time because perfection doesn't exist! I'm always fluctuating between being content and being critical, and while I've been making progress on this over the past 3 years especially, I want to make this a goal this time and hopefully improve my self talk habits and tip them towards contentment. Which I have to remind myself, is different from complacency. It's not about accepting me as I never bothering to improve again, its about making sure to be happy with how things are in the moment. Measurable goal: Post one thing each day that I'm happy about in my life, because there is always SOMETHING to be happy about. Goal 2: Come at me bro (science) Just kidding, though I love me some Dom. I've been struggling ever since I effectively took a semester off from lifting in the spring. I was so swamped with finishing my graduate capstone that I lifted maybe once a week if I was lucky, and it wasn't really with any direction or program. I've been trying to get restarted since, without really doing any tracking and without really ensuring proper protein or carb intake to fuel and recover... it's just been a mess. And no results. So I am going back to basics, and redoing New Rules of Lifting for Women. I had really great success with this the first time, and I expect that I can progress through it faster that I did the first time. This will give me a direction, and something to track, and a good new foundation for being strong. I just want to regain my BW squats by the end of the year, which I feel is not out of reach if I'm training with purpose. Measurable goal: Lift 3x Weekly Goal 3: Deal With It.... and do a Whole 30 This goal will start on September 22, and go to October 22, so ending right before the challenge ends. I will be a teensy bit lenient with added sugars in things like organic and clean BBQ sauce (for bbq pineapple crock pot chicken), but more or less will follow the protocol. I have been back on the juice (caffeine) and I'm already weaning off that again, and I have been SUPER tired and I think its a result of being too low on carbs when I'm not eating crappy ones. Carbs are easy to get when you binge on gummi bears, but harder when all your carbs some from carrots and brussels sprouts. Whole 30 is okay with potatoes now, and I will allow white rice smothered in coconut oil in case of emergency... which makes me think I should keep rice in my office's fire extinguisher box. Measurable Goal: Finish Goal 4: Publish something on my fledgling blog I have a blog that I have like 5 incomplete posts for, with nothing whatsoever published. I want to post at least one thing each week of this challenge, regardless of length or content. That's only 6 entries, not insurmountable. I have some pics of meal prep already, nothing unique but I have to start somewhere. Measurable Goal: 6 Blog Entries BONUS: Get a logo made by my design type friend.
  6. Well, time for my second challenge! Since I am a huge nerd let's add a little thematic flare to this one! You know who I love? Deadpool. And for many awesome reasons... 1. He is freaking virtually indestructible. You guys think wolverine has healing powers? Deadpool recapitated himself. 2. He can think outside the box - he keeps breaking the 4th wall. 3. He's got an AWESOME sense of style - I mean look at his getup and weapons!! 4. He's honest 5. He does not take things too seriously There are a lot of things I could certainly learn from Deadpool for my outlook on life. So here comes my new Quest! Main goal – continue working towards competitive weightlifting Mini-Quest. Keep training to get some strength gains and get indestructible! Back Squat Goal A 95kg- 2x2, B 93kg2x2, C 90kg2x2 Snatch Goal A – 50kg B – 49kg C – 47kg Clean and Jerk Goal A – 65kg B – 64kg C – 63kg Food – keep fighting the binge monster Reduce mindless eating which is how I justify re-feed meals to: A – 1x/3 weeks B – 1x/2 weeks C – 1x/week *Bonus points for keeping all this up during my upcoming travelling. Plan ahead and face the road! Life - Develop a wardrobe and not sink into slob mode. My life is a life in scrubs, and my motivation for making myself look presentable on my way to and from work is almost non-existent. I would wear pajamas to work if I could… and change to scrubs… back to pyjamas. I don't know how my co-workers are always on top of their sense of style... So my goal is to: A: Buy 1 presentable article of clothing/week to create a decent wardrobe B: Co-ordinate current clothes to look presentable C: Co-ordinate current clothes to look presentable at least just for work. So let's bring it on!!!
  7. The training I followed out of the books those watchers gave me served me well, up to a point. But sometimes a slayer just needs to break out on her own. My competition day taught me that I need more maximum strength. Equally (maybe more) important, I discovered I need more work capacity, a stronger base, more endurance, athleticism, and conditioning. In my training over the summer, I would often end up chasing one rep maxes like a juicy rare sirloin and loaded sweet potato at the end of the rainbow. Like demons drawn to the Hellmouth. I definitely didn’t incorporate enough work to failure sets, and since the majority of my events were max reps for time that really hurt my potential performance. So this, my 7th challenge, will be NO 1RMs. The 1RM max might look like the big bad I need to immediately slay, but actually I need to do my Scooby homework first. I need to build up a strength base. With the goals of finding a program that blends strength, endurance, and significant volume, I’m stealing a technique from a program called GreySkull, which blends linear progression with an added AMRAP set to each major lift. Goals for this Challenge: 1. Lifting 3x week. I want to take this (5x3 + AMRAP) as far as I can in Sep-Oct to build up a strong base through lots of volume, and then start lowering the volume and increasing the intensity in late Oct-Nov, and incorporating more strongman movements and fewer core lifts. 2. I want to drop to under 30% body fat. I’ve measured between 32-35% the last few months, depending on the measurement tool. I’m going with davedraper.com body fat formula, which currently puts me at 33.2% with these measurements: Height 64†Waist 33†Neck 13.5†Hips 44†Forearm 10.5†Wrist 6.5†Weight 180lb Based off playing with the calculator, I need to hit measurements of waist 30", hips 41â€, and weight 170lb to be at 29% BF. Or more simply, lose ~11lb and ~3†off waist and hips. The plan is to cut 1600 calories a day (800 deficit) for 2 weeks. Take a few days to a week maintenance break, and go back to 2 week 1600 cal cuts as needed until I hit 29% BF. Continuing daily weigh-ins and weekly tape measurements. Also plan to hit at least 70g protein daily, and continue tracking everything on My Fitness Pal. 3. Do ACTIVE recovery. After a night of patrols, you gotta stretch those muscles out, get the blood flowing again. So on non-lifting days I will do GPP such as yoga, pushups, sit-ups, and lunges, mobility stretching, foam rolling. Goal is 20 min of activity. Thanks to my new parking garage pass super far away from the main building, I also get a good 40 minutes of walking to and from class 5 days a week. 4. Survive the stress of school and moving. The second year of pharmacy school is pretty tough, and on top of that life recently kicked us in the balls and we have to move out of our apartment and back to our house in another city about 50 miles away. The only thing worse than being stuck in Sunnydale is having to commute to Sunnydale. I’m also going up against Glorificus and her minions over in the PVP Heroes vs Villains challenge, and logging my weight loss in the PVP 20lbs, 10 weeks challenge.
  8. Introduction What's up nerds? I'm back! I injured my knee a few months ago and have been out of the gym for a while. While my eating habits didn't return to their former awfulness, I wasn't tracking what I ate and it was a party season for my wife and I. The cool thing is that I gained less than 5lbs. Now, I'm seeing a physical therapist for the knee and I'm cleared for all upper body work. Check out my signature for links to my back story and previous challenges. In summary, at my worst I was 250lbs and am currently about 220lbs. I was a devout disciple of StrongLifts 5x5 up until my injury and I follow a variation of the If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) philosophy of dieting. Let's get on with the challenge: Main Quest - Build a Better Body and Find a Better Job Prepare my body for a rigorous strength and size building routine once my knee is healed. I will cut more fat, complete PT, and have my muscles used to lifting again first. Find a new job and do the necessary prep work to land one that will have an excellent ratio of pain to compensation. It's time to move on from my current place. Goal 1 - Counting Calories and Protein Calorie Goal: 1750kcal Protein Goal: 180g I'll be eating in a steep deficit, while getting plenty of protein at approximately 0.81g-protein/lb-body weight. I will evaluate my success by means of two methods: total days logged/total days possible and the percentage of the 20lb weight loss goal that I achieve. Whatever score is higher will determine my grade. Total Possible Stat Gain: +2 CON, +2 CHA - For having a healthier, better looking body Goal 2 - Lifting 3x/week At the recommendation of Chairbrokey in my knee rehab thread, I will be utilizing a modified version of Layne Norton's PHAT Routine. I'll be skipping the leg days in favor of PT and rest. This puts me in the gym 3x/week, and at PT once. Success will be evaluated on workouts and PT completed/workouts and PT possible. Total Possible Stat Gain: +2 STR, +2 STA - This is more volume than I'm used to so STA growth is merited. Goal 3 - Sleep 8 hours/night This one is a simple rule, but a hard one to follow. I need to be in bed by 10:00PM with all electronics off. Mobile games at my bedside make this a challenge. I then need to fall asleep within the hour. I need to wake up at 7:00AM for work, so that will give me the hours I need. This will help me recover from my workouts, give me the energy I need for work, and combined with recently quitting marijuana cold turkey, give me an overall higher energy level. Total Possible Stat Gain: +2 CON - More sleep will lead to better health and energy Goal 4 - Job Search Week 1 - Tweak my Resume and apply to at least 3 jobs All Other Weeks - Apply to at least 3 jobs At 6 apps every two weeks, I'm doing twice what the unemployment office would have me do, but it may still not be enough to land the job I want, so I'll reevaluate mid challenge. This will be rated on completion, with a different stat gain, depending on whether I land a job or not: Total Possible Stat Gain - Job Acquired: +2 WIS, +2 CHA - All Points Gained if Job Acquired - I'll be wiser, but I'll also have new positive energy Total Possible Stat Gain - No Offer: +4 WIS - Score based on 3 job/week criteria - jobs applied to/total possible job applications - I'll definitely be wiser for the effort, even if I don't land the job
  9. This PvP began as a friendly challenge from Super Destroyer to me when we began cutting. As it is the nature of all warriors to compete, several of our guild mates expressed interest. The original challenge spanned two months from May 20 - July 20, but I am changing this PvP to an ongoing one. Join whenever you like. 20lbs has been set as a the milestone weight, but you lose as much or as little as you want. I, myself, am going for another 20lbs having achieved my initial goal last challenge. We have been comparing starting weight to final weight only, but if you want to take other measurements or include your body fat % feel free to do so. Weigh-ins are logged on a weekly basis, and the convention that evolved near the end of the original challenge is to log your lowest weight for the week. All guilds are welcome to participate. I look forward to cheering each other on and discussing our various weight loss diets, techniques, stories and triumphs! Participants, goals, and progress will be tracked on the spreadsheet below, compliments of Darwin's Demon: 20 Pound Challenge PvP Spreadsheet Cheers! Broba
  10. The last challenge I participated in started on Feb 25, 2013. It has been way too long and I have put off way too much over the past year. One excuse after another has set me back to where I was 2 years ago. Most of my weight has stayed off (most), but due to laziness I have not put any effort into maintaining much of anything else. I may be a few days late to this challenge, but... THIS ENDS NOW! Background 3+ years ago I was overweight, lazy, and unhealthy. A simple comment one day made me change everything. I started lifting with dumb bells, then discovered the barbell and fell in love. I dropped 40+ lbs while putting on muscle and strength beyond what I ever thought I could do. I was lifting heavy. I made a lot of friends here, participated in challenges, meetups, friendly lifting competitions, and was healthier than I had ever been. Then, I fell off and became a lurker while participating occasionally in non-fitness related threads. I'm 15-20 lbs up from where I was a year ago and my strength is probably where I was almost 2 years ago. Main Quest Since I feel that I'm starting over, we're gonna keep this simple. This challenge will focus on evaluating where my strength is both with the iron and with body-weight exercises while dropping 10-15 lbs. Goals Gym 3x weekCut alcohol consumption in halfBring lunch to work 3x weekSide Quests Life: I have a single credit card of debt left. Everything else has been paid off. Aim to chop off another $2,500 by the end of the challenge. Fitness: Pick up the gloves again and start back with the heavy bag. Prepare myself to start back in Muay Thai in the fall. By the end of this challenge, I WILL be back to KICKING ASS in the next...
  11. Alanna

    Alanna's Vigil

    Time for my 3rd challenge on NF and 2nd challenge with the Warriors! This challenge falls on the eve of my departure to graduate school. In about a week I'm heading home for August before jumping across the pond and starting a Master's program. In Medieval times, squires would hold a vigil the night before their knighting ceremony in order to prepare for their new life. As I'm using this time to reflect and prepare for this next step in my life, these next several weeks will be my vigil. I'm not going to include a lifting workout goal this time around, but I'm going to continue some form of strength training 2-4 times/week. The plan is to continue working on barbell squats and deadlifts, while doing body weight exercises for my upper body and core (or my entire body if I don't have access to a gym). I haven't decided yet if I'll post workouts here or in my battle log, or just note my progress in the week recaps. I'm a little sad to drop Strong Lifts 5x5 for now, but I think this will allow me to focus on mobility and weather upcoming crazy life events, and I'm excited to try something new. MAIN QUEST Complete my first pull-up. Goals for Challenge #3 SUMMARY Goal #1: More Mobility (yoga and SMR) Goal #2: Goodbye, Mountains (hiking) Goal #3: Ever Mindful (meditation and moderation) Life Quest: Deliberate dance practice Side Quest: R programming MOOC GOAL #1: More Mobility [+2 DEX, +2 CON] a. Yoga i. At least one hour of yoga/week. ii. Research one new yoga pose and one familiar pose each week and try out the suggestions in my yoga sessions. b. Self myo-fascial release (SMR) i. At least two hours of SMR (i.e., foam rolling/lax ball work)/week. ii. Watch at least one new video on SMR techniques (and try them) each week. Long background for this goal: Those of you who followed me last challenge know that I spent a lot of time working on mobility, especially for squats. After deloading from 160 lbs to 125 lbs and doing plenty of yoga and mobility WOD exercises, squats felt wonderful. I'm back up to 155 lbs now and, despite continuing this mobility work… my hips completely stiffened up again this week. Joy. Double joy: I think the stiffness is messing with my deadlift, too. Triple joy: It's also putting strain on my knees. In short, I really need to figure out how to maintain mobility while squatting heavy. My gut feeling is that I need to change how I'm working on mobility (i.e., at what times and/or with what exercises) rather than continuing to hammer my hips (and other leg muscles) with even more of the same exercises. I'm hoping SMR is the missing link--I've been using lax balls on my upper body, but neglecting the lower. Foam rolling legs yesterday = OW (especially when it came to hip flexors and IT band). If anyone thinks I should try a different approach (or additional approaches), please speak up! I just want to be able to squat and deadlift... no squats and no deadlifts = one very sad Warrior. Grading 1 pt for each half hour of yoga and SMR (max 2 pts for the yoga and 4 pts for the SMR) 1 pt each for the yoga and SMR research --> 8 pts/week possible GOAL #2: Goodbye, Mountains [+3 STA] Go hiking (or do some other active outdoorsy activity) at least two times every week, starting Week 2. This will be the longest I've been home since starting college, and I don't see this happening again anytime soon. Home = beautiful mountains, so I'm going to enjoy them while I can. Grading: 1 pt for each hike/activity --> 2 pts/week possible GOAL #3: Ever Mindful [+5 WIS] a. Start meditating: daily 5 minute (minimum) meditation that will be increased by two minutes each week. This is a new approach to mindfulness for me. I'm hoping this practice will also help when I have trouble getting to sleep--sometimes the brain just won't shut off. b. All things in moderation: 3-7 servings total of nuts/seeds, goat cheese, and dark chocolate/week, always eaten mindfully. 1 serving nuts/seeds = 1 Lara Bar, 1/4 cup of whole nuts/seeds, or 2 TBS nut butter 1 serving goat cheese = 2 oz 1 serving dark chocolate = ~150-200 cal. Dual purpose of this goal: 1) end the binge/restrict cycle by learning to eat these foods in moderation (instead of just avoiding them), and 2) increase likelihood of staying out of the "danger: calories too low" zone, but below maintenance. Grading Meditation: 1 pt for 2+ days/week, 2 pts for 4+ days/week, 3 pts for 6+ days/week --> 3 pts/week possible Moderation: Start off at 10 pts/week and deduct 2 pts for every deviation, up to -10 pts/week --> 10 pts/week possible LIFE QUEST Learn how to swing dance: at least 1 hour of deliberate swing dance practice each week [+2 CHA] Deliberate means picking out 1-3 tasks I want to work on beforehand and taking notes afterwards. Lessons, workshops, and social dances don’t count. SIDE QUEST 2 challenges down --> I can add a side quest! So, this is actually more of a life side quest, but I'm hoping that the NF focus will help me with this goal. Pass the R programming course in the John Hopkins Data Science Specialization course track [+1 WIS] I'm really good at starting MOOC's… but not so good at finishing them. All of the courses in this track are free and the skills would be really valuable for the type of research I want to do in grad school. I'm almost done with the first, relatively easy intro course (the Data Scientist's Toolbox). Time to start chipping away at the rest. This is a lot for the next six weeks (note my creative cramming of five-ish goals into three), but most of my goals, with the exception of meditating and hiking, are continuations of goals from previous challenges or work I've been doing on my own. And for the hiking, I'll be piggy-backing on my mom's existing hiking habit . Week one might be a little rough while I finish classes and move, but after that these goals will be my main focus.
  12. Hokay. So. Here's Mir. Background: Near the end of last challenge, suddenly we decided to talk to a realtor. So now our house is going up on the market THIS WEEK and we are beginning to look at houses closer to where we work (right now is about a 40 min commute and we are sick of it). It's all happening way too fast, and I've never bought a house or sold a house before so I'm in completely uncharted territory. This past weekend was spent getting the house in show-ready condition. If I'm not lazy, I'll take some pics of our immaculate house for y'all. If I am, maybe I'll just link to the MLS. Only then you'll all know where I live. And there are probably stalkers on the internet. So maybe not. ANYWAY, other things that are going well: weight loss. I didn't have it as a goal last challenge, but it IS a goal. Since the beginning of the year-ish, I've lost 15 lbs-ish. I'm hoping for another 5 or so and then I plan to reevaluate and see if I want to lose 5-10 lbs more. I'm getting close! Hooray! work. Still a struggle, but I've been doing MUCH, MUCH better about being focused while I am here. Yes, here. I am typing this at work because I need a small mental break. And I keep getting harassed about making a challenge *cough*Raev and Chairbrokey*cough*. And it's good that I've been more focused because HOLY HELL AM I BUSY. Between work and house stuff, I haven't been to the gym on lunch. In like three weeks. Seriously. And I'm considering taking my PC home tonight and/or this weekend because I have a LOT to do. And I haven't been having too much trouble getting to work on Mondays. I did miss Tuesday, July 8, because I don't know why, but at least I went into work on Friday to make up for it so I didn't use as much sick time. I also used sick leave on Monday, June 23, but again I made up for some of it later that week. Before that, it was May 27. And again I made up some time. So yeah, I mean that's a lot, but not nearly as much as it was. And I have almost 20 hours of sick time banked (wooo). Seriously, huge accomplishment. Things that aren't going well: workouts. I've been too busy at work and with the house search, as stated above, but I've also been making excuses. I want to step it up, but at this point I'm unwilling to make it a challenge goal. I just want to keep it in the back of my head. planning for Japan. Eek. That is all. WITH ALL THAT BEING SAID. Challenge goal #1: JUST DON'T DIE. (with apologies/thanks to Blueberries) I can't believe how stressed I am about selling the house. For serious. So this will be about managing my stress levels. I'm not good at that. In a crisis (or other stressful situation), I'm a whiz. Until I get overloaded, and then I shut completely down. Like, can't get out of bed completely. I don't want that to happen. Hence the goal. Challenge goal #2: KEEP THE HOUSE SHINY. Seriously, this is THE WORST goal for me. I am not good about keeping on top of household things. Now all of a sudden not only do I have to do things like wash the dishes and put away laundry DAILY (when I'm normally a once a week kinda gal), I have to remember to do stupid shit like keeping the toilet lids down, making the bed EVERY DAY (I never ever make the bed), probably emptying our trash daily and vacuuming on the regular because you never know when someone is going to request a showing. I cannot overstate how horrible this goal is going to be for me. No I'm not being overdramatic. Challenge goal #3: DON'T EAT LIKE AN ASSHOLE. I'm usually good on this front. I haven't been tracking calories lately because with all the med stuff, I just haven't been hungry. So many days I'm only eating one meal a day. NOTE: Please no one yell at me about this. My energy levels have been fine (actually GREAT, to be honest) and I'm not wasting away or anything. I'm assuming at some point the side effects will wear off to the point that I have an appetite again. In the meantime, I'm riding the coaster. Or whatever. Uh. And then hopefully I can get back to the gym on the regular. That's pretty much it. I'm ready to go home and have a bottle of wine now.
  13. Character sheet Character name: VARELSE | Level: 1 | Class: WARRIOR | XP: 10 Race: HOBBIT | Size: MEDIUM | Age: 25 | Gender: F | Height: 5' 5'' | Weight: 169.2 lb MAIN QUEST I want to be fit (around 125 lb or 19% of body fat). I want to be strong (being able to lift at least my own weight or even more if possible). I want to be fast (being able to run a half marathon in 90 minutes). I want to be healthy. I want to be wise. I want to be confident, proud of myself, I want to recover my self-esteem, but more than that I want to be loyal to my principles and don't care about other people think of me. SMART QUESTS Goal #1: Keep it simple (+2 STR +2 STA +2 CON) (+1DEX if I do some stretching exercises after the workouts) Workout 3 days a week, running 3-4 days a week. My workout at the end of the last challenge: Grading for each week: A = 6-7/7; B = 5-6/7; C = 4-5/7; D = <4 Goal #2: Cutting down Drop to 73 kg (161 lb) and 30 % BF (+1 CON +1CHA) or (better) 70 kg (154 lb) and 28 % BF (+2 CON +2CHA) I made a plan on my battle log. I'm working on it. Goal #3: Stoic meditation (+1 WIS +1 CHA) Meditate 5-10 minutes everyday. I think it's important for my depression keep my mind clear, and maybe the best way could be this. Better if I meditate two times. Better if I do it in the nature, but I know that perfection is the enemy of good, so it would be fine if I meditate during all the challenge, never mind how many times each day. A = 42; B = 30-42; C = 18-30; D = <18 LIFE QUEST #4: Productivity (+1 WIS) Plan with the Pomodoro technique and work using them (at least 9 pomodoros). I must finish the first part of the M. Phil. Thesis. Never mind if my friends bother me: I must work. Studies don't betray you. Studies support you if you give them what you should, so studies will be my friends during this Summer. A = 42; B = 30-42; C = 18-30; D = <18 [EMPTY SPACE FOR SIDE QUESTS] Goal #1: Keep it simple 4 of 18 workouts. 3 of 18 runs. Goal #2: Cutting down 6 of 42 tracked days. Goal #3: Stoic meditation I meditated 6 of 42 days. #4: Productivity 42 of 378 pomodoros so far.
  14. gingered


    I can't believe it's already time to start challenge #2! I am super excited to join the warriors for the first time. Hi guys! Motivation Reduce/prevent injury, get stronger, be a woman worthy of being part of the Whedonverse. I gave a more detailed version of my background in my first challenge. Goal #1: Get stronger - strength train 3x/week I did 2x/week on my last challenge consistently, and with my schedule changing this summer, I am going to push to 3x/week for this challenge. I just switched from NRoLW to (more or less) Starting Strength. Goal #2: Flexibility - do 20 min./day of stretching/yoga/tai chi I'm bringing this one back because I struggled last time to do this every day and this is super good for me between old injuries, lifting, and having a job where I'm at a computer all day. Goal #3: More Veggies! - Eat 3 servings of veggies every day This is something I've done in the past, but I feel like I have not done this well lately, and having it written down as part of the challenge will be a good motivator. Side Quest #1: Tackle procrastination! - Clean up my email inbox My email inbox is super out of control. I need to manage this. From June 6th to the end of the challenge, I will have no new emails in my inbox. In other words, inbox zero during the challenge (not for emails in my inbox pre-challenge). Side Quest #2: Hydration - Drink water in the morning This is another habit I fell out of - drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning before anything else. It's just a super healthy way to start your day! I'm still figuring out how exactly to grade... more on that later. Also, I am going overlanding the week surrounding the 4th of July, so I will adjust for being gone that week. We will get lots of hiking in so that will count for my workouts that week.
  15. Last challenge I focused on getting stronger. I bulked my way to 250lbs at the midpoint of the challenge. It was at that point that I thought, "what's the point in having powerful muscles if you can barely see them?" I want to be able to show off my hard work. I switched to a cut and was about 233lbs at last Sunday's weigh-in. My mission is to accomplish the 20lb Challenge PvP that I started at a bare minimum. The closer I can get to 200lbs (219 being the 20lb mark), the better. I want to maintain the strength gains from the previous challenge, so to that end, I deloaded and will work back up to them. If I can make gains after that, great, but if not, I'm not going to sweat it. I have plenty of time to worry about becoming beastly again once I've cut the fat. Profile Sex: Male Age: 26 Height: 5'10 Weight: 232.8lbs Goal 1: StrongLifts 5x5 - Focus on Form I deloaded 10% and will continue the program from there. I will take this time to focus on form, particularly on my incredibly awkward deadlift. I will not add weight unless my form is sound. I will get some recordings of my lifts ASAP, whether I have to drag my wife to the gym or ask a random. I have also added EZ Bar Curls to the "A" days, because SL5x5 hasn't been adding enough firepower to my gun rack. Potential Stat Gain: +5 STR Goal 2: HIIT the Ground Running I found a HIIT Program on Bodybuilding.com that I like and can fit into this week and the challenge. This will supplement my dieting, but more importantly give me some much needed stamina. My cardio machine of choice will be the elliptical trainer, as I already have one at home and won't have to go to the gym if I don't want to. I will do this 3x/week. Potential Stat Gain: +5 STA Goal 3: IIFYM Cutting With SL5x5 and HIIT, I will now be working out 6x/week. This results in the following calorie/macro goals for this week: Calories: 2309kcal Protein: 233g Fat: 93g Carbs: 135g Hurray for more carbs. I will adjust these values weekly, following my Sunday weigh-ins. Potential Stat Growth: +2 CON, +3 CHA Life Goal: Sleep I was originally going to do something related to work/career/finance, but I'll either save that for next time or work on it as a side goal on my battle log. For the challenge, I'm going to make sure that I get enough sleep to recover from lots of working out. I will be aiming to get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep per night. This generally means being asleep by 11:00 PM on weekdays. I'll need to stay away from my phone and start getting ready for bed at 10:00 to make this happen. I could see my wife being a problem here, as she plays on her iPad in bed past 11:00. I'll let her know what I'm doing and to respect my wishes. She can play with the sound off or go out into the living room. I will experiment with meditation and other methods of lulling myself to sleep quickly. To track this, I will create a sleep log in my challenge spreadsheet, where I will not only record the hours slept, but also what I did before bed, how I felt when I woke up, if I dreamed, if I woke up in the middle of the night etc. Potential Stat Growth: +3 WIS This didn't work out and will be attempted again during the next bulking challenge. I'm looking forward to becoming a much leaner version of myself.
  16. Hey All, Figured I'd throw my hat into this challenge just cause...why not. Still not sure if any of these goals are too real, but (f)uck it, we'll see. Main Goal: Move North of Vag 1st - Add weight to my 1RM totals, currently at 855lbs (990lbs w/ press). I'll be using the 5/3/1 - The Triumvirate 4 day/week programming. Monday - Press/CGBP; Tuesday - Deadlift/Front Squat; Thursday - Bench/Incline Bench; Friday - Squat/Good Mornings. I'm currently in Week 4 of 7 on my first cycle with 5/3/1. I would like to hit 900lbs, which I will test the last week of this challenge (which will be week 2 of my 2nd cycle and I'm stealing the 1RM during week 2 from OR & mgage). Current numbers: Squat - 315lbs Deadlift - 315lbs Bench - 225lbs Press - 135lbs 2nd - Clean up my diet. I've started slipping back into a very unhealthy version of myself again. I've had 40 McNuggets in the past two weeks. I usually don't stress diet too much, but what the fuck? I went over 6 months without visiting the Holy Golden Arches. Also, I went over 8 months without inhaling cookies, until recently. I need to start eating better again. 3rd - Focus on core work. I need to get a stronger core. Core work is always at the end of a workout and as of late I've been cutting out core exercises to get out of the gym sooner. Side Goal: I'm participating in the Chicago (SuperSprint) Triathlon this August. I need to start training for this. I hate running so I need to stop being a vag, put on running shoes and just do it. I also need to buy a road bicycle and get my membership to the local Y so I can start swimming. Life Goal: Get a tattoo. I've wanted to get a tattoo for the last 4 or 5 years. Whenever I would get up the urge, I always spend the money on other foolish things...like bills and bills and food. But money is slightly better and I just need to travel north of vag and do it. (It's not a big tattoo just in case I happen to be a vag lol)
  17. Hokay. So. Here's Mir (round) . Damn, that's a sweet Mir. So, quick backstory that most of you already know. Suffer from depression, and working on getting an official diagnosis of ADHD. I am in counseling and also on meds. Currently I am taking 40mg of Prozac a day. ---- Quick update from between challenges: OHMYGOD. SOMETHING HAPPENED. I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER RIGHT NOW. I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED. One day I was a miserable pile of sludge and the next I was just happy. Just...happy. Even being bored and annoyed at work hasn't been enough to keep me down. I've been making social commitments and keeping them, getting along well with Mr Mir, and just generally being ok. This started 4 days after I increased my dosage of Prozac to 40mg. I am skeptical that it is the medication for many reasons, chief among them that I NEVER felt like this because of Prozac before. I don't remember the last time I was just happy to be. I am working with my therapist on preventing a horrible spiraling relapse, and that's what this challenge is going to be about. Because as glad as I am to be feeling this good, I'm absolutely terrified that it will go away just as suddenly, and with just as little explanation. So here's where it starts. No Zero Days. If you want to read the Reddit post that inspired this theme, you can find it here. Otherwise, I will sum up. 1. No zero days. This means do SOMETHING every. single. day. that will help to improve my life. I spent a long time trying to think of how I was going to narrow down the list of things I wanted to accomplish for myself this challenge, and the simplest way is to put it all in one bucket and pick the thing(s) that need to be done the most, or that will help me feel the best. Because I know myself. And although it may not be lupus, depression is still a real illness, and I've found that spoon theory does a great job of explaining my energy level variation. So some days I may be able to do all the things. Others, it may be a struggle to get out of bed. 2. The Three Mes (Me's? Debate.). I have two best friends in the world: past me and future me. We are BFFFL. So every day, I will thank past me for something I did that has improved present me's situation. And every day I will do future me a favor. Even if I wouldn't do it for me, I would do it for my BFFFL. *Note: I think this is an especially important goal. Specifically the thanking. I definitely have trouble with dysfunctional thought patterns, and I am trying to combat that but it's hard because I'm not always aware of it. So by instead focusing on positives....I think this will help. 3. Forgiveness. This is also huge. I am very hard on myself. I will find a quote from Strawberry Squatcake in a minute if I remember. But yes. If I try, really try, to have a nonzero day and I still fail? Practice grace. Forgive my past self. Forgive myself for the mistakes I make. And move on. 4. (hey! this is where it actually gets challenge-y!) Exercise and books. Exercise, duh. And obvs since I am a warrior I will be lifting the heavy things. But also still doing my physical therapy. I still have trouble doing things where I only have to bend over slightly, like putting on my underwear or spitting into the sink after brushing my teeth. And books. Read books that will help me be a better me. I already have a bit of a list, but I'm always open to suggestions. I think for this challenge I am going to focus on ADHD books and Japanese books. ADHD because I want to learn as much about it and coping mechanisms as possible, and Japan because I'm fucking going to Japan this fall!!! And I took a couple Nihongo classes many years ago, but not much has stuck with me, and I'm definitely concerned not only about the speaking barrier but the reading/writing barrier. I bought an awesome book called Remembering the Kanji and, as is typical for me, devoured the first 3 sections in about an hour and I haven't looked at it since. No more of that. Alright, so that's enough. I did want to put down a list of things that would count for nonzero days, because I am typically so hard on myself. So here it is. Not inclusive, just representative. And if you have ideas or feedback, let me know! Go to work (even if I am not productive) Be productive at home (even if I don't go to work - so errands, housework, yardwork, etc) Journaling Planning for Japan trip Planning for moving (eventually) Scrapbooking Calling a friend (texting/online will not count for this unless I'm in a REALLY bad place, so it's subjective) Being social outside the home Having friends over Cooking dinner NST Taking meds (this will only count on a really bad day) Counting calories Things that will NOT count: sleeping video games reading fiction books playing on Facebook playing stupid games on phone I'm ready! But nervous.
  18. *Obligatory Disney Theme* I'm PrincessHeather, and I am a bad nerd.... or at least I have been since about January, or possibly as far back as October. I moved up to Alaska about 8 months ago, and since then I have been preoccupied with things like: searching for a new job, starting a new job, setting up our new home, completing final year of graduate school including a research project, and being maid of honor in a wedding back home in California. A little more background, particularly of things I've been wrestling through in my head for a while now. I have been underweight, and I'm currently "overweight" (according to BMI anyway). I've had some disordered eating patterns and very critical opinions of my body. But something I've been trying to get through my head for the past year or so, is that I am awesome anyway. I've become so much stronger phsycially and mentally, and whether I'm fit/lean/skinny/fat/purple, I am a "real woman" and I matter. I was distinctly pleased to read this in my inbox this morning (from Summer Innaman): Treat her with love, respect and never feel the need to justify or change your ways to please anyone else. You are extraordinary. Believe that and any changes you want will flow easily. And if you decide not to do that, you are still a Real Woman. So, that's enough of a rant about body image and all that. But its important because being in a good place mentally always really influences how well I treat myself. And treating myself well, combined with being free of my old stressful job and free from the stress of grad school, is going to help me prepare for my next big life goal. Oh and hey, I'm going to start actually grading and awarding points again GOAL #1: Improve Overall Fitness (Strenght +2, Stamina +2, Dexterity +1) So like, I mentioned, BMI thinks I weigh too much. However, I'm trying really hard not to let that get me down, and remember that is doesn't take into account all of my muscle and its just another number. BMI can kiss my (modest) squat booty!! However, I do get more winded than I would like while hiking and bicycling, and I lost a lot of strength and endurance during the last crazy semester. But I now have more time and renewed dedication, so my goals are to simply get into a lifting routine and do SOMETHING every day, whether its hiking, yoga, zumba, or yard work. I've been doing this the past two weeks, so I just want to seal in those habits over the course of this challenge. Lift Twice WeeklyBe Active Everday GOAL #2: Heal My Hormones (Constitution +5) My next big life milestone is to have a kid. It's always been in our plans to have kids after finishing school, and we're in a good financial setup to do so as well. We've enjoyed 5 years of marriage, being just us and travelling a ton, and we feel ready to take on baby making and raising! BUT, I've had hormone issues for a long long time, and while I've started to see some improvements just over the past 2 months as I changed to a less stressful job and finished school, I want to be doing everything I can to be prepping my hormones and body for a new adventure. Schedule a Dr appointment for full blood panel to get current vitamin/mineral/etc levelsSleep at least 8 hours a nightLimit caffieneEat Paleo (PrincessHeather Style)Track hormone symptoms GOAL #3: Enjoy My Freedom (Wisdom +3, ) I'm free! I finished school and my job doesn't destroy me every day, so I need to be enjoying my extra time and doing things I love. Plant my veggie garden (Bonus: build greenhouse structure for fall use)Finish 4 halfway-read books TL;DR I'm free from the strings of grad school and crappy job! I love me, and I'm awesome! Goals: Fitness: Lift 2x/week, be active everydayHormone Health: Sleep, Eat WellEnjoy Life: Plant a garden, read some books Starting Stats Weight: 143 Neck: 13 in Natural Waist: 30 Hips (at hip bones): 38 Hips/Glutes: 41 Thighs (each): 23.5 Calf: 14 Bicep: 10.5
  19. Hello everyone! Fia here! I recently went to a crossfit gym with a friend and the guy training the two of us told me that my hips are way too tight, which is why I'm having trouble doing squats and deadlifts properly. He showed me some really fantastic stretches to help loosen them up, and suggested I work on my back as well. That's all great, but I still want to do some sort of strength training, especially anything that will speed up weight loss. I'm kind of at a loss as to what I should do - there is so much out there! So, suggestions, anyone?
  20. Main Quest: My overall quest is to drop my weight down (around 30 lbs) and lose some of the belly fat and love handles I've been hanging on to for the past few years. I would also like to get back to lifting more and end with my max bench being 300 lbs and squat being over 450lbs. And finally, I would like to join my wife in improving my diet by cutting out energy drinks and eating better overall. SMART quests: 1. Lift at the gym at least 3x a week for at least 45 minutes. 2. Drink at least one 2L bottle of water a day 3. Drink less than 2 energy drinks a week. Life quest: For this quest I would like to get back into reading more. Whether it be actual books or reading more of the rulebooks for my pen-and-paper RPGs in order to understand the rules better. Motivation: My overall motivation for this is to end up being more attractive to my wife and to feel better about my self and body.
  21. Moving right along, footloose and fancy free Alright, so for the viewers just turning in.... I'm PrincessHeather and I'm one of the Warrior guild leaders. I was once a severe calorie restricter and cardio punisher, but I have since see the light and I try to eat a mostly clean diet (paleo/primal/WAP mix) and lift heavy things. I started with completing the New Rules of Lifting for Women program, and then as life got busy things have sort of gotten off track and I'm finally in a place to get things back on the road, so to speak. I have about 1 month to finalize all elements of my final grad school project (after some major hiccups), and will graduate before the end of this challenge. I have also been unhappy in my job for the past 3 years, and I just this week left that job and started someplace new, which so far is just awesome! And I'm pretty happy and comfortable and adjusted to life in Alaska now, it's like 35 degrees and I'm not even cold! So things have fallen into place after all being thrown into overdrive last fall, and my hope is that will new focus and routine and the weight of grad school lifting off my shoulders, I'm going to be able to get my health in check and be better equipped to handle whatever new stuff life throws at me. GOAL #1: SURVIVE FINAL MONTH OF GRAD SCHOOL This is pretty simple, its pass/fail, as in GRADUATE OR ELSE. Final presentation is on May 13th. MEEP! GOAL #2: Get into routine with fitness again. I need to establish a new routine, as my job is in a completely different part of town and I'm already learning a new commute and job routine. Its, the perfect time to get things established. I was NO good at planning my own workouts either, and if left to my own devices I completely neglect upper body work. SO, I have embarked on going through the New Rules of Lifting Supercharged program. I know that Stronglifts and such are far more popular on the boards, but honestly that method has alwasy devolved in me doing squats or deadlifts and then going home, so it's just not righ for me. Supercharged has "basic training" up first which is split up into A and B workouts. Goal is one A and one B a week. Summer is also approaching fast, which means that GOAL #3: Stop eating like a crazy person! When we moved, all my habits and meal planning and cooking routines sort of got ruined... moving across the country will do that. I got hooked on junky stuff while travelling, and I'm really only now being more discplined and/or deliberate in the things that are worth it in terms of junk food or less than ideal choices. I'm trying to meal plan for real now, since that should also mean having more leftovers around for lunches, and keeping our grocery budget in check in a place where produce is super pricey. Let the internet hilarity ensue, like Statler and Waldorf here! TL;DR Version: 1. Graduate, it's that simple. 2. Lift 2x/week, at least one bonus activity (hiking/zumba/yoga/etc). 3. Rough meal planning is a must, and eat well. Starting Stats TBD
  22. Fitness Goals -Loose fat and gain muscle Exercise Preference -Olympic lifts Current Physical Stats -Female -22 years old -5'4" -170lbs Previous Training History -Starting in January I was doing some variant of Couch to 5K anywhere from 3-7 days a week and eating a strict 1,200 calories a day. I have since fixed this upon discovering NF and really doing the research on what is healthy. Current Training -SL 5x5 -About 4 weeks so far -Current working weights: Squat 70lbsBench 80lbsBarbell row 70lbsOHP 45lbsDeadlift 80lbsCurrent Diet -Paleo, I do weigh just everything and eat nuts or nut butter less than once a week if that -About 1,700 calories -Macros: Fat: 50gCarbs: 178gProtein: 156gCurrent Resources/Limitations -Gym Access and no limitations Questions I started at 200lbs in January on the aforementioned "program." Once I hit 170lbs I switched to Paleo, upped my calories to 1,784 (my BMR is about 1,500), and started working on weightlifting, as I really loathe running. It's been about 2 months since I hit 170lbs and I have yet to loose another pound. After such a large loss this has been very disheartening, but I have resisted the urge to return to 1,200 calories. I have a few questions based on all of this, the first is have I just trashed my metabolism so much at this point that loosing has become more difficult, or is it more because I'm trying to do too much at once? I really love weightlifting, but if I had to pick between getting stronger and fat loss I'd pick fat loss at the moment, I'm still about 20-30lbs overweight. Is there a way to continue lifting while making my main focus fat loss? How? As I'm eating at a deficit and working out 4-5 times a week and not loosing I'm more confused than anything. Actually, I've been keeping track of my measurements and BF% and it seems like I'm actually gaining inches and fat. My lifts are starting to get hard, in fact today I fell short on my bench press. But I'm afraid that if I eat at maintenance or even a slight surplus that I'll just have fat gain considering that I'm maintaining at 1,700 right now. Help! I'm so confused!
  23. The words hit Modak's ear but did not register. He was still dealing with the fact that he was chosen. Historically the honour of Protector has gone to the strongest cub of the Alpha. In this case that would be Ootah, his eldest daughter. Modak's grey eyes shifted in her direction. She was obviously not impressed. His eyes then shifted to the rest of the pack. All their eyes were on him. Waiting. The air still but for the sound of crickets. His eyes shifted back to Blackmaw. "His training must begin immediately." Modak's eyes widened. "I've been called to defend the pack!" he thought. His gaze shift to the Seer. "Is he grinning?" He had known the Seer since he was a pup, as did almost the entire pack. Though, like all Moon Dreamers, his path was to read the omens, possibly becoming Seer himself. But he was not chosen as the disciple. Two moons ago that honour went to Sachael. The scrawny, greying Moon Dreamer realized the intention of the grin. "I accept this honour!" he yelled. "I will be protector of the Pack." ********************************************* Main Quest - Maintain weight of 85kg (currently 80kg) but build muscle. 12-14% body fat (need to measure current). 3 sets of bbww a week (Strength)(Dexterity) Run twice a week (10 minutes minimum)(Stamina)(Constitution) Complete my current painting commission. (Wisdom) Side Quest Increase protein intake to 180g Eat more paleo meals (I won't give up pizza or hamburgers with buns . Will put a specific number of meals.) Stretch properly after every workout. (attained.... mostly) Surprise side quest: 5k run registration. Feedback is very welcome!!
  24. I am ridiculously late jumping into this challenge because I couldn't decide what I wanted my focus to be. I am really enjoy lifting, but in order to be happy with my body, I need to reduce my body fat percentage while gaining muscle. Therefore: MAIN GOAL: Reduce my body fat by 3%. It is currently at 30.88% according to the calculator at sevenmealsaday.com so my goal is 27.88% or less. (edited to fix my typo) 1. Lift consistently 3 days every week. I am ok not making big strength gains at this point in my training, but I am going to do the lifts and finish the sets. 2. Eat 1200 net calories every day. I track it using MyFitnessPal. 3. Stop weighing myself and take measurements every two weeks instead. I put too much stock in the numbers on the scale and need to track my progress in a more productive manner. Side Goal #1: Become more active on these boards, I will quit lurking and will respond to 2 posts every week in addition to reporting my own progress. Life Goal: Begin writing, I do not know if I will be writing the nonfiction or the fiction book that I have in my head, but I will start one of them.
  25. Heigh Ho! So last challenge was pretty bare bones, and I somehow managed to still not really do everything I set out to do. Why?! Because I set goals that are too much for the circumstances of my life right now, try to DO ALL THE THINGS and because I get distracted by shiny objects! So that means that I am going to simply do TWO GOALS. They are the two things that I think i can manage, in order of importance: GOAL #1: One hour of research project work, 5 days a week. In the interest of being honest and realistic, there will be days where I do not accomplish this, either because I'm tired, or need to get things done around the house, or something else comes up. But because my final capstone project for my grad degree is basically self imposed deadlines, I need to being working on it all the time. I've already procrastinated pretty badly on getting preliminary research done, so buckling down and doing it is all there is. "Nike that shit" as my husband so eloquently puts it. GOAL #2: Workout twice a week. Not even going to stipulate what those workouts are, though my preference will almost always be towards lifting. But if I'm inclined to do yoga, or run on the treadmill at home, or go on a snow hike, then those things all count too. Hopefully no self judgement, and just being as active as I can. Everything above twice a week would just be a bonus. Starting Stats Weight: 143 Waist (natural/belly button): 30/34 Hips: 40 Thighs: 23 each/37 around Calves:15 Biceps:10
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