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Found 6 results

  1. Hey! I saw another thread for the area, but it's a little old and moved to Facebook. I don't really use Facebook, so I thought it might be good to set a new one! This is for anybody who lives in, will be living in, or who may happen to pass through the Vancouver,WA/Portland,OR area, for events or for general hangouts. If you've got an interest and no one to share it with, something you've always wanted to do but are too scared to do alone, new in the area and looking for recommendations, want someone to run with, or whatever, I can almost guarantee that I or another Rebel nearby will be happy to go with! After all, it is dangerous to go alone. My name is Jay and I live by Vancouver Mall. I moved here after being kicked out of my lifelong home in Olympia, and a dear online friend of mine took me in. Looking into a bus pass soon, but otherwise I can still make trips out to Portland according to my roommates' availability. If you live nearby, I can be most often found at the mall, the Barnes & Noble, or the Minit Mart shaking down the coffee machine, heheh. Always ready to make a new friend!
  2. Hello! I'm a Seattle resident and am looking for anyone interested in going on hikes. I come from Florida where hiking is nonexistent, therefore making me a bit of a novice to this really fun way to exercise. Any other outdoor geeks out there?
  3. Hello Nerd Fitness Community! I am a long time follower, but this will be my first post. You are all splendid folks! I will be posting practically the same post under Meet-Ups. I couldn't decide the best fit. My name is Kathleen, and I am currently based out of Detroit. I grew up here, moved away for college, and accepted a job back in the area. Detroit's really got a bad reputation, it's not that bad, honestly, it is mainly the feeling of "been there, done that". I am looking for a new adventure and a new home. I am currently looking (semi-casually) in Tennessee, Chattanooga or Nashville, and the pacific Northwest, Seattle or Portland areas. This is a big leap for me, so I don't plan on this happening overnight, but I am pretty serious and need to start somewhere! Anywhoo, although I pride myself in my fierce independence, it would be really nice to find someone in the same boat. I have very little family that is very spread out, and most friends that have moved away or are still in Detroit and have reasons that keep them here. 1. Is anyone else in Detroit looking for a new adventure elsewhere, too? 2. Anyone else maybe not in Detroit, but looking at any of those areas? 3. How 'bout anyone in those areas or that experienced a similar situation and have some pointers?! Of course, fitness is in there. I am looking at these areas for mountains, outdoors and places to explore (and less snow is very motivating--not a fan). I also have my first powerlifting meet at the end of October. I love all things fitness! We can keep each other motivated during the transition! I have a hunch I'll get a positive response from you lovely people. Happy Exploring! Kathleen
  4. My name is Dylan, I just turned 30 and am ready for my second playthrough for weight loss. I grew up in an obese family, and weighed 320 pounds when I graduated high school. At 5'9, I could have tried out for Violet from Willy Wonka. Right before I turned 21, I went a little fitness crazy. In about 15 months, I dropped down to about 215 (less than I weighed my freshman year). I wasn't thin, but I was much stronger than I had ever been. I met my fiance about six years ago, and the trappings of domestic life ensnared us both. I'd get home from work, we'd sit at our computers and play games together, go out to dinner, or watch a movie. It has been a fantastic life, but both of us have become far from healthy. Tongue in cheek, I'd say that we've grown as a couple. So now, I'm 30, a manager in government healthcare, working in a cube or a meeting room all day. I've regained all of the pounds I lost when I was younger, and they brought 25 of their friends. But not to stay... Fiends. Motivation? That one is easy. I want to be healthier. I want a better life for both Missy and I. I am blessed enough to have a beautiful woman next to me, and I want us to live forever. Plan? A little trickier. I'm stepping up to cook more, and trying to replace more of our breads and rice with veggies. We might get to full paleo, but I need to shoulder more of the cooking first. We've started walking a trail by our apartment to get outside more, and I am going to wake up early enough to fit a workout in before work. I'm excited, and ready to make a change. A little disappointed I missed the start of this challenge, but I'll catch the next one!
  5. Anyone else going to the Spartan Sprint down in Washougal this year? I am training to get to where I can do the trifecta of Spartan races and would love to network with other people that are doing the same! http://www.spartanrace.com/pacific-northwest-obstacle-racing-spartan-sprint-2013.html#.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm new to the rebellion. I've been reading the NerdFitness blog for over a year and decided it was about time I got off my fat lazy -- and did something. So, with some loving prodding from my girlfriend, I signed up for Crossfit! I'm doing the intro classes this week, learning about the different movements - like how to do a squat with a bar without killing yourself. I have class #2 tonight and I'd like to know: What I should do to make the most of Crossfit? A bit of background: I've always been out of shape and never enjoyed exercise, working out, sports or generally being active. I need to figure out a way to keep enjoying working out, or at the very least keep myself going back. I know that eating right is a part of it - and I'll get there. I just want to make one major change in my life at a time. What tips do you guys have? Thanks!! Alex
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