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Found 6 results

  1. Well 2017 has been a nice year, but also a struggle. I've done two challenges since getting back on NF and I'm ready to start the new year strong!! I wish to use these few days before January 1st to set a baseline for my goals this challenge. So here are my goals: #1 Intermittent fasting I don't know what my baseline is at the moment, hence my statement above. I also don't know for how many hours to aim. It's gonna be between 14-16 hours probably. I wish to focus on eating 3 meals and no snacks regardless. Some sweets here and there on occasion so I don't falter. If I go 14 hour
  2. I know what I'm doing! Kicking it off with the first Nerd Fitness Challenge! I attempted a challenge last month in the midst of the holiday craziness, and it didn't turn out well. There was just too much going on at once, and attempting to juggle a challenge? I was driving myself insane. But I'm not giving up! I never want to give up and stop trying. I will continue to come back, push through challenges, ask for help and motivation, and keep my chin up until I have built a concrete and successful routine to better my lifestyle. I did a lot of reflecting on what I need t
  3. The end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 were very trying. The overload of emotional stress was overwhelming, and it took a lot to dig myself back out of the hole I was sitting in. I haven't quite reached the top yet, but I am getting closer to the opening. I am so happy to be jumping back into the challenge routine. I am keeping things very simple, but effective. Quest One: Eat Three Balanced Meals Every Day I'm really terrible at making sure I eat a breakfast and a lunch. I usually end up either not having breakfast and going right to lunch, or I eat a very late breakfast (brunch?) w
  4. Hello Rebels! (& Amira), I’m here as a newb and determined to give this my all. My best friend was talking about this site she found where you act as if you were a character in a real life video game and training to level up your stats like in an RPG. I’m a huge Zelda fan. In fact, if I said I loved Link, it might be an understatement. I wear a gold Triforce necklace every day of my life, my phone case is Link sitting in a pocket with a Triforce on it and I carry around a Kingdom of Hyrule bag as my purse. When she told me about all the references to Zelda on the site, I just had to
  5. Challenge 10 -- June 9 to July 20 When left to my own devices, I often flounder and give up. BUT… Not Anymore! Firstly, I want to say thank you. Since I found Nerd Fitness - Feb 2013- I have never felt alone while trying to improve. I mean it, never. My staying power comes from this community: the individuals I chat with and trade support with; to the threads I read and enjoy but rarely speak up on. I will be more active in this community as this place is my key. You are my Key Master! *underpants thrown aside* Onto Action! Challenge 10 Goals - revised I am going to re-test m
  6. After a less than stellar last challenge where I learned a lot about myself, here's my next go at this. A couple important things before I get to the goals. March 15th will be my last day at my day job. Those of you who've followed my challenges in the past know that I work far more hours than any human being should. I'm finally figuring out how to deal with this and am taking steps to make my workload more manageable. About 2/3 of the way through the challenge, I'll be going on a week-long road trip. I'll try to keep my goals going (and am structuring them specifically for this reason)
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