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Found 7 results

  1. Four Mega Man bot bosses down, four more to go. On tap for number five--Air Man. This stage requires patience and timing. Some enemies are best avoided since battling them exposes our hero to environmental hazards. I'm sticking with my ongoing Mega Man 2 theme for the year, but I'm going to change things up a bit. Halfway through the Eight Bosses I'm feeling a bit lost. My workouts have gotten stale, my goals have been a little too concrete, and I've managed to grind my fitness endeavors in to a pretty useless rut. I like routine and boring consistency, but this r
  2. Three Mega Man bot bosses down, five more to go. On tap for number four--Wood Man. This one is always a fun stage. Last challenge fizzled at the halfway point then imploded in the final week. Family vacation was eventful and stressful, but we made the best of it. It wasn't terribly relaxing, but it was productive--we were able to give MFG's mom a lot of much needed help with various things in her life. I ultimately ended up taking two weeks off from all fitness endeavors to concentrate on other stuff, so I'm basically starting from the same p
  3. Two Mega Man bot bosses down, six more to go. On the docket for number three--Flash Man. Fitting since this challenge is going to go fast, I think. Weight loss is going gangbusters! Since getting back to running strict deficits 5 weeks ago I've lost 10 pounds, 7 of them coming from pure body fat. I'm taking Week Zero to eat at maintenance and let my metabolism recover a little before pushing another round of deficits for this challenge. With discipline and a little luck I should be able to drop another 8 pounds which would put me in sight of Onederland f
  4. Ten challenges complete since Jan 2015. Seven more to go this year, and lots of progress yet to be made. Here's the next baddie standing in my way--I'm calling him Ice Cream Man in my head. His life is about to suck. Last challenge I defeated Metal Man and got equipped with the Metal Blade. Now we're going underwater to acquire the Bubble Lead. It will take dexterity and discipline to complete this stage: the ceiling is lined with mines that detonate on contact. I have to stay low or risk exploding--that's the perfect analogy for my nutrition plan in this challeng
  5. The remedial portion of this year is over. I'm all caught up (at least strength-wise) with where I left off in 2015, and now it's time to start collecting upgrades on my way to becoming Mega by the end of the year. With 8 challenges remaining in 2016 I thought it fitting to tackle them according to a well-known and well-loved classic game: Eight bosses = eight victories with eight new abilities and armor to gain. First up is Metal Man. He's fast, he's nimble, and the entire stage is built with conveyor belts that are constantly changing direction; but he's got the M
  6. The punishment system I had in place last challenge did me the world of good – I got at least a B in all my goals (and 3 A+s) out of fear of having to eat only my least favourite raw vegetables for a whole day, and provide photographic evidence, if I failed a goal more than 3 times in a week. The stakes are being upped this time, same rules, same forfeits, but I’m only allowed two strikes before I’m out. Consider it like a narrow path through a cursed forest – if I stay on the path, no harm will come to me, and I can ignore all the man-sized many-legged things that scuttle about in t
  7. Hello, my name is Sarah, and I will definitely not regret this challenge about two weeks in. Goal 1: Yoga Work diligently towards the following three targets, by doing yoga that challenges me, DAILY.1.) Put legs behind head2.) Hold Crow Pose for longer than it takes to fall haphazardly through Crow Pose3.) Move forward from Down Dog to a forward fold in one fluid movement, without taking my hands off the mat and without doing a Night of the Living Dead shuffle. I don't expect to achieve them this month, but that doesn't mean I won't give it a square go. +3 DEX, +1 STR Goal 2: Food and D
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