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  1. "Once, long ago, a young man set out from home. He placed his feet on the path and began to walk it. Soon, however, his attentions were stolen not by the beauty and the wonder around him, but the trappings of the world and society. Lured off his path, up onto a platform and set into a wheel that gave him the illusion of constantly moving, yet in truth going nowhere. He labored there for decades. Plodding forward, step-by-step, the wheel ever turning, but nothing ever changing for him. Then one day the man, who had aged from a young man, to one with a weary step, a bent back and a troubled mind, saw a flower; just off the platform from his wheel. A beautiful flower that shone brightly in the early morning sun, dripping with dew. He wanted to see that flower, and so the man stepped off the wheel. He walked to the flower, knelt to smell it, as the wheel had taken all the strength he had to bend. It was the most beautiful scent he had ever encountered. When he stood back up, he saw the path, still there, waiting for him. Down the path he could see a bend and another flower, a different flower. He wanted to see it. So the man set his foot on the path and he journeyed to the second flower and the bend in the road. Ever since that day, the man, tall, proud a member of the barbarian tribes, has continued to walk the path. He has an idea of where it leads, but in truth, he doesn’t care. He looks forward to the next bend in the road, the next flower growing wild on the side, and he smiles." 1) The Journey - Recoverying fully - I recently had a RFA (Radio Frequency Ablasion) done on my back. I have degenerative disc diease in my lower back, a bulging disc and a pinched nerve. With the RFA done I have almost zero pain. It will only last for 6 months to a year, so it is time to put that into some good recovery time. I plan to:Tai Chi - three to four times per week Yoga & Qi Gong - three to four times per week Meditation - Daily 2) Along the road...Life Side Quest: I'm a writer, a storyteller, a chronicler. I've recently finished my second novel, which is the first in a trilogy. This challenge's life quest will be to finish the second book in that trilogy by the end of these 6 weeks. Life Side Quest: Whilst in the shower I got the urge to play guitar. So I borrowed a friend's to practice. Additional life side quest: practice guitar 3 times per week for at a minimum 30 minutes.3) Why I do what I do... My health, first and foremost. I've given the military 19 years of my life and far too much of my health. It is now time for me to take care of myself. I want to dance with my wife. Enough said there. I want the energy back that I know my body can produce. I never nap, I can work all day, I can walk forever, now to recover and get back to where I want to be.4) Evaluation station... my main goal involves strength, flexibility and wisdom. That is where I will be improving (STR/DEX/WIS). 1. Tai Chi - 24[A], 18, 12[C], 6[D] 2. Yoga/Qi Gong - 24[A], 18, 12[C], 6[D] 3. Meditation - 42[A], 35, 28[C], 21[D] 4. A - Full points, B - 75% points, C - 50% points, D - 25% points. 5) Ultimate goal along the path:
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