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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I am SaltyDragon, a friendly sea-going serpentine creature who just completed his first challenge in December. After reading lots of challenges in lots of guilds – along with much indecisiveness – I have decided to post my next challenge here with the Scouts. Many of you seem to be somewhat like minded with me and share many common goals, as well, so I hope that I can fit in here! For this, my second challenge, my theme is "embracing the weather." I recently learned of a winter challenge event (unrelated to NF) where the objective is to get outside and participate in some kind of running/walking activity every day in January. My work schedule doesn't quite allow this, so I'm not joining the official event, but I thought, "Why not bring it to my NF challenge?!" It sounds like fun to me, and I'm also doing it as moral support for someone I know participating in the formal event. So, Quest 1, here are the rules: Whatever the weather, go outside and run three miles every day. Exceptions? OK, if the conditions are seriously trecherous or downright dangerous, one mile is acceptable. Same goes for serioius injury or illness. But barring truly extrordinary circumstances, I have to make the effort. This is the main component to my challenge. I'm on the Oregon coast most of the time, moving to Seattle by the end of the challenge, so cold and rain will be the biggest factors. Snow and ice are still possible, though. Because I have a few sea days scheduled (24 hrs or more working on a boat), I know I can't hit 100%, but I'm gonna give it my best. Quest 2, stay in shape: Do push-ups, at least a few, every day. When you live on a boat, space limits a lot of your excercise activities. Push-ups though, you can find a way to do somewhere, even when getting tossed around in all but the nastiest of seas. So I'll do, let's say, 800 push-ups by the end of week 4. Quest 3, stretch it out: 30 min stretching routines at least 3 times a week. I stretch a little bit following every time I run, but I know I need to expand my routine. I'm also attempting to learn some yoga, so I may count some of that as well. Thanks for reading – feedback is welcome. I know we are a few days into the challenge already, so I'll be posting some progress results soon!
  2. Alright, I feel like I've asked this question, but boo hoo I'll ask again Maybe I'll get more replies. Alas, fall is quickly creeping upon Northern Alberta and evenings are warm-ish, but the mornings are starting to get crispy. Either time of day, the air is chill. Enough to make a runner's breath quicken and sharp. Anybody have any suggestions on what I could buy to aid in that department? Thank you in advance!
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