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Found 4 results

  1. Okay! Last challenge was reasonably successful! I ate more protein for breakfast, tracked most of my meals, and kept up with my workouts. Q1: 25 g of protein for breakfast every day. I found the whole "Eat protein for breakfast" quest last challenge more confusing than motivating. Like...only protein? How much? So, yay for quantifying things! 25 g of protein to start off every day. Q2: Workout 3 times per week. I have had this in every challenge, which makes me wonder if, indeed, this counts as a challenge. But it keeps me accountable to have it here. Three times per week. Q3:
  2. For the next six weeks, I will follow the Angry Birds workout routine--which makes me a temporary Assassin, if I'm reading correctly that bodyweight workouts fall within their realm of expertise. Main Quest My long-term focus continues to be getting healthy and staying healthy. To this point, I have been using weight, waist diameter, and BMI as my proxy measurements of healthiness. In 30 weeks, I lost 55 pounds, 5 inches of belly, and 8 points of BMI respectively--and hopefully this has translated to a better blood profile, lower blood pressure, less insulin resistance, and better liver fu
  3. Hello, Rangers (and anyone else who happens to be reading)! I'm late to the party once again, but 100% on board! It took me a long time to determine exactly how I was going to lay this challenge out because the goals I set for myself last challenge started to feel like they were in conflict with each other. I want to be sure that won't happen this time around. I have a better idea of where my life is headed than I did two months ago, so this challenge will be about making that journey as smooth (and as kick-ass) as possible. Eat the good stuff. I still like the idea of not putting strict
  4. Hi all, I'm new around this sector of the internet. It's nice to see such a lively community combining the realms of nerdherdery and fitness! Anyway, I've tried many times to reach exercise goals on my own to no avail of lasting proportions. Perhaps having the GUI companion to my journey on which I'm about to embark will make a difference, not to mention anyone who should read and offer encouragement (I'll be sure to do the same for you)! A little about me: I'm one of those unconventional stay not just at home daddies who loves computers, web design, long-boarding, and so much more! I'm 2
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