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Found 3 results

  1. After a brief mental health hiatus, I'm back in business, reps flailing and diet accidentally in a fully compliant paleo spot. In person community building is trucking right along and I'm even finding some odd moments of not-unhappiness. It's an odd feeling. This challenge is about doing the things that make for more moments of not-unhappiness; sleeping (sleep log in hours, no two consecutive days of <= 6 hours) and fitnesspal logging (daily, post the macros n shit here).
  2. During the war between elves and dragons, the matriarch of House Vol sought to make peace between the two races by combining the blood of both. The result was her daughter Erandis Vol, whose father was a green dragon. House Vol achieved its objective of peace though at their own bloodline's expense as the dragons and elves allied with one another under the goal of killing Erandis Vol, the entire Vol bloodline, and the mark of death. Eventually every member of the House of Vol was destroyed along with Erandis, but the other Elven houses that had aligned themselves with House Vol were spared the same fate and were instead cast out of Aerenal. These banished elves kept their faith and spread the religion to Khorvaire. Week 1 of this challenge begins immediately after my push/pull meet and, as is fairly typical when peaking for PL, I'm dying for more volume and conditioning. Once the meet is out of the way, I'll go back to 531, but with the following volume-happy tweaks: Including BBB again - For time's sake and to ensure I keep the weight at a higher 75-85%, I'll be sticking with the 5x5 version, and starting back at 75% this month with DL and squat BBB sets performed on the opposite day so as to work heavy DL and squat twice a week. Bench days just be benchy. Including deload weeks again - My work capacity at +80% suffered without these over the past few months so the four weeks working sets will look like 1) none (just BBB); 2) 3x5 85%; 3) 3x3 90% 4) 1xAMRAP 95% Circuit Conditioning as last priority - between the high volume/light weight bodyweight work and front squats, I like these and my hips like these and my erector spinea like these and my shoulders like these and my heart like these. I'm not dropping them, not for love or money, but I'm moving them to last place in the priority list. They've been supplanting heavier volume work and that's not been good for my <10 rep endurance. A good training session will have time for 2-3 cycles of high rep work, but as the finishing touch, not so much the main focus. I'm not a xfit whoreface like @Br0din. Outside of the gym, I'm going to spend August focusing on puppy training, smoking, meditating, and writing.
  3. Since my last challenge was interrupted by the early arrival of our new bundle of joy, I'm now dealing with being a dad for the second time around. My sleep schedule has been shot, my workout schedule has fallen to the wayside, my productive output has been greatly reduced, my weight loss goals are in flux--and yet I've never been happier in my life. Challenge-specific goals to come, ASAP.
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