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Found 2 results

  1. Hey all - It's been almost 2 years since I've been on these forums and, as one might predict, I have de-leveled by quite a bit. My weight is back up from around 200 when I left these forums, to 240. I'm 27, male and 6'4. I'm tall and the weight doesn't show dramatically, but I certainly don't feel great as I look in the mirror. My diet and fitness routine has essentially vanished, and I've just simply found it harder to get motivated for most things that aren't relationship or work related. With the tough recap out of the way, it's time to look ahead! I'm in the busy season at work right now, but I've got the drive in me to start making some changes, particularly as I know it will help build my energy back up overall. So, without further ado: CHALLENGE 1 Diet: Habit: Create a meal plan each Sunday for the work week (10 meals total) and follow through with it. Reason: I barely cook at all anymore. Building up the habit to cook for myself and my partner is an important step to better fueling myself. Additionally, my partner is great at motivating me to work out but cooking is where I can be of most help to her as we work towards better taking care of ourselves. Grading: 5 for each meal plan finished (20 possible) 2 for each meal that is home-cooked and not take out. (80 possible) 90% or above = New cookbook 80% or above = Geeky cooking apron (something like this) 70% or above = Better tupperware 100% = Pick 2! Fitness: Habit: Make theYMCA spin class Mon, Wed, Fri. Reason: Spin is fun and is early enough (6am) to fit in with my work schedule. I'm all for strength building, which I intend to get to, but right now I need a group activity that's near work and this is what's available. Grading: 10 classes or more = New workout bag (currently using an old, slightly broken duffel) 8 classes or more = One new item of workout clothing 6 classes or more = New carabiner for my water bottle Make all 12? Pick 2! Level up my life: Habit: Make 10 minutes for meditation each day Reason: I meditate on an irregular basis at this point, but I always feel better when I do it. Making 10 minutes each day to meditate is good for my overall well being and my time management more generally. Grading: 90% or above: New Zabuton (meditation mat) 80% or above: New Zen Zafu (meditation cushion) 70% or above: New incense 100% Pick 2 So that's it! I could definitely use some encouragement as the positive feedback from my last experience on this board was Incredibly helpful, particularly as life got hectic. Also, if I messed up anything in terms of forum etiquette with this post, please let me know and I'll edit it right away! All the best, TwoTone
  2. Ahaa! Well, hello again! I go by the name of Haniya (Hun-nee-yah; Atilla the Hun "hun") but for short you can call me Hans (yes but don't kill me) YES! Tis me again, yah! My awesomely musical and bubbly self, ready to grow and learn and defeat my demons FOR THE SECOND TIME WITH THIS CHALLENGE! Basically, a Pakistani girl doing my BDS (an undergrad of third year) I am 19; standing at 57 kgs(56. HA!) and 5'1? (I need to update this soon) with a flabtastic body. Body that made me anxious everytime I saw myself in the mirror, a body that never failed to flatline my self esteem to zero but do I accept this? NAY! I DON'T ACCEPT! ALSO, THE FLUFFY BUNNIES DON'T ACCEPT! I declare that I've lived long enough with this and now—against all odds— stand to change things so here I am! Determined and clueless as ever! but with my fluffy bunny buddies I shall conquer my fears and rule the world! (Mwahahah) I LOVE RUNNING SO MUCH. WIND AGAINST MY CHEEKS, BURNING LEGS, EXHAUSTED MIND~ everything about running is like awesomastic! Apart from that! I also love watching and playing sports with my favourites being soccer (football), cricket, golf. Music also plays a big part in my musical of a life—who doesn't like music, right? My genre preferences—if you asked—would be: pop, electronica and just downright instrumentals; if the rhythm and beats are good enough. Violin and piano are the loves of my life with the guitar skippingly following behind and whenever they're played, I feel like drowning myself into their magical harmonics because music is the right kind of heavenly for me. Moving onto video games and lastly Disney. Two seperate topics spearheading my life. I can't describe by words how important these are for me so you can just only imagine my love for them. Lastly, I will tell you about my dream in life and that is to seriously help the people of the world. I am going to help by being a motivational speaker/comedian/whatever—travelling all around the world (kind of like Lilly Singh a.k.a IISuperwomanII; my favourite youtuber) and making nations burst out in laughter. Yep! Basically, making them forget about their worries and teaching to them love and smile even in their darkest of days and bleakest of nights (I am a great listener too so if you need anyone to talk to—I am here ) M. A. J. O. R G. O. A. L: 1. Lose weight (5-10 kgs at best) 2. Add points to my stamina, endurance and strength tally. 3. ADD MUSCLE AND LOOK MY BEST IN CLOTHES THAT HAVE NEVER FITTED ME (partially achieved it) 4. Feel comfortable in my body. (Mirror to NOT intimidate me anymore) M. I. N. O. R. G. O. A. L. S 1. Cardio three times a week (Monday to Wednesday) for half an hour at most. 2. Beginner body weight training. 3. Clean eating! (VOT IS CLEAN AND EATING?) 4. Water!!!!!!! 5. No junk food or soda. 6. Reduce sugar intake MINOR. MINOR. GOAL: 1. Learn to sing (Ellie goulding is like my idol) 2. Understand the art of writing and maybe perform the same wonders with words like the novelists and authors that have done it countless times before me (with grammar, punctuation—the works.) 3. FOOTBALL!! (soccer because I am crazy about it) 4. BOOKS! LOADS OF BOOKS 5. Learn to draw?? M. Y. M. O. T. I. V. A. T. I. O. N: Well~ that's a hard one because I've got many but the people who top my list are three: 1. Ellie Goulding: singer and my Idol; herself and her music basically inspire me to achieve best possible. She is my health and fitness goddess and like her, I want running to basically fuel my life. I cannot express my love and respect for her and she's the reason I am where I am—a runner. 2. Lara Croft: My childhood idol; I've followed her since childhood. I've always admired her abilities and strengths Jumping here and there, fighting off creatures and swinging from vines—basically I want to be her! 3. Merida: Tremendous bravery, grace and mean archery skills—who wouldn't be her? 4. Black widow: PSSH! DOES IT NEED ANY EXPLANATION?'! Anyway, I think I am done? So, let me know if I've missed anything? WISH ME LUCK! (I NOW RIDE ON TOWARDS MY NEW LIFE! WOOOOOOOOP)
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