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Found 1 result

  1. With a new year, new goals, but the need for something new to help us along (and can't quite afford something shiny and new). @MichiruSedai and I are bravely starting up a new group to also find friends to make it fun! The new year brings everyone to the local tavern! All the parties have come to the end, and the cold is getting harsher. The tavern is the place to have long talks and drink your fill, of healthy hydration of course. With our glasses filled with water, and the desire for long talks. Long talks turn into conversations about a need of new adventure, our tongues could talk, but putting money where our mouth is a little difficult. Well with the influence of good ole hydration, why not have a little fun to start it off? Bouncer brings up in "We shall flood the washrooms of course!" fumbling laugh. Of course, two humans aren't able to just do it by ourselves. Okay so that was my first attempt at entering an intro of a group RP style xD Michi and I are chilling out at our table, figuring out how much water is needed to flood out the bathrooms for our monthly goal (the main goal will probably change as the amount of people join... a little liability of course for everyone). Though the fun doesn't stop there! Making friends with a prank is only half the fun! Especially how long the goal is! There is a secret password to be able to come to our table to join in the fun (since we don't want the bartender to know about our devious plans). You shall share what your own goals are! We all know that everyone in the world of NerdFitness is to better themselves, but what is your special goal (can either be new one for the new year or one you've had since you joined NF). And not only that, a daily trick shall do to keep the boredom at bay! A daily goal for everyone to hit! To start off this year right, everyone should share something fun for the day! May it be a joke or a painting of sorts to make everyone giggle! Maybe tomorrow you can be the one to make up the goal! Sum up above: Monthly goal: Hit the group goal of drinking enough water (simple enough right?) (Figuring out the amount will be here also) Weekly goal: Share us a long term goal to the group! May it be for the new year or something you've been working toward already. Daily Goal: For today, share something fun/funny (either in writing or pictures). The daily goals will change. Everday! If you're the first one on, and see no new goal give us a simple enough challenge! While also there is points! 1,000 points for everyone who joins us! Because what else would you do if you were under the influence of good ole hydration. Also please note, all this is for fun! If you can't hit a goal, join in the fun of the chat! Since this is a place for a good ole chat, RPing just makes it a bit more fun!
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