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  1. Hey All, I used to weigh around 282 pounds but after having been weight training along with cardio since almost 6 months, I have come down to 268 pounds. Now the problem starts here. I've been weighing myself every week and also have been taking measurements of my body once a month. Though the weight has been shifting from 268-273 and back to 268 this week, I've been experiencing this "shift'' since almost 2 months now. The measurements have been of little motivation and have reduced slightly. I know I shouldn't be concerned so much about the scale but its been bringing me down and de-motivating me. I'm trying hard to control my portion sizes. I have been weight-training regularly but have recently ignored cardio workouts since they've been boring the crap out of me and I decided I couldn't take them any longer. So this is how my weight-training plan pretty much looks like now : Workout frequency-3 days a week Monday-Chest, Shoulders, Triceps 1.Dumbbell Incline bench press - 25.0 pounds x 8 reps 4 sets 2.Dumbbell Incline fly - 20 pounds x 15 reps 4 sets 3.Dumbbell Front Raise - 15 pounds x 15 reps 4 sets 4.Dumbbell seated triceps press - 15 pounds x 8 reps 4 sets 5.Dumbbell Shoulder press- 20 pounds x 8 reps 4 sets 6.Machine triceps extension- 28.5 pounds x 8 reps 3 sets Tuesday-Rest (Note: Previously cardio day but have laid of that since 2 weeks) Wednesday-Back, Lats, Biceps 1.Hyperextension - 18 reps 3 sets 2.Dumbbell Alternate Hammer Curl - 15 pounds x 8 reps 4 sets 3.Dumbbell One arm row - 35 pounds x 13 reps 4 sets 4.Cable rope straight arm pulldown - 5 pounds x 14 reps 4 sets 5.Preacher Curl Machine - 23.5 pounds x 8 reps 4 sets Thursday-Rest ( See Note above) Friday-Quads, Hamstrings, Legs, Abs, Glutes 1.Machine prone leg curls - 37.5 pounds x 8 reps 3 sets 2.Standing Calf raise (machine) - 59.5 pounds x 8 reps 3 sets 3.Thigh Adductor - 23.5 pounds x 8 reps 4 sets 4.Dumbbell Step ups - 20 pounds x 8 reps 4 sets 5.Dumbbell side bend - 20 pounds x 8 reps 4 sets 6.Crunches with legs on an exercise ball - 18 reps 4 sets 7.Planks - 3 minutes 3 sets of 1 minute each 8.Air bike - 8 reps 3 sets Note: I've been increasing reps by 1 for each set every week and when I hit 15 reps, I increase my weight in each set. Applicable to all exercises. P.S. Note: Also I've been shuffling my exercises every time I feel they've been becoming little less challenging and are too monotonous. But this has been my workout since August. I know the battle of fat loss is waged in the kitchen and I've been trying my best to cut wherever possible and control my cravings and also eating healthy, but my main concern is whether what I'm doing now is: 1.Good, continue controlling diet, and need to be more patient enough. 2.Not enough. 3.Good but also concentrate on cardio. 4.Good, don't need cardio, control diet and have to be more patient. 5.Any suggestions that I can consider to improve my workouts. Help would be appreciated!! Thanks and have a nice day!!
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