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  1. After doing well for many years 2020 got the better of me. Heaviest I've ever been and first time over 100kg, I'm aiming to reestablish a walking habit and create a healthier relationship with booze. Limiting my goals so i can focus and get some momentum going. Goals: 1. No alcohol in January 2. Walk 20km a week 3. Avoid obvious sugar Side goal: 1. Complete part 1 of the weight loss pvp Weigh-ins: Start: 101.8kg (224 lbs) Week 1: 99.0kg Week 2: 97.5kg Week 3: 97.3kg Week 4:96.9kg Week 5: 95.4kg
  2. Who Am I?: Hi, I'm Rubble. I like cats, musical theater, coffee (way too much coffee), plants, and dumb movies. I'm a teacher who won't return to school until the end of August, and I have no idea what my district's plan will be. As you might imagine, I'm nervous as all hell. I'm currently teaching summer school (live Zoom classes, remotely) and trying to spend as much time in my little bubble with my immediate family until... well, I won't be able to see my parents if I'm teaching in person. So, I'm soaking it up now. About My Journey: I've lost 100+ pounds over the las
  3. Hey, as my gym membership comes to an end in little more than a month I'm becoming more positive that it would be best to get some stuff and start lifting heavy, at home. Now, are there any specifics I have to pay attention to? I've been looking around on internet shops and found some nice gear but I'm not really sure what to look out for. The bench of my desire is adjustable in 3 different heights, 4 different positions (making it suitable for flat bench press, incline and even decline! ) with a max loadabilty of 250kg (conside my bw at roughly 80kg and that's more than enough for some time).
  4. Seriously, just realised now (4 May) is International Star Wars Day May the fourth be with you! (A trying to be funny tall tale, made up on the fly. Don't think too much if you read it, just go with the flow...) ... ... Moving to the Moon (This is the house I bought on the Moon in the House Flipper game) I have to work out a new routine for my responsibilities, old and new: My usual To Do's: Bible study/Pray/Quiet time; [every day] Weight (and measurements when I remember) (there is artificial gravity, I don't need ex
  5. Initial post removed because user is 15.
  6. 12 Week Hypertrophy Quest Quest Goals: 1) Increase Muscle Mass 2) Decrease BF% 3) Increase Strength In All Lifts Overview/Details Each working set should be performed to near failure with 12 being the most reps you should perform and 6 being the lowest. This workout utilizes supersets.Take a 1 minute break between each superset. Supersets are grouped by letter before them. See Quest Objectives for context. Increase weight on each set by at least 5lbs. Increase weight from week to week as well. By the end of the 12 weeks, you should be 10lbs+ stronger in many
  7. For most of the last four-ish years (might actually be longer...) I've been chiefly over with the Monks. Boxing, BJJ, MMA, most of my fitness goals had been built around combat sports. It was pretty much my favorite thing. I loved having something that allowed me to actually demonstrate whatever physical skills and abilities I had. I loved the competition, and always getting better at something that I enjoyed. A couple weeks ago, I had what will probably be my last amateur boxing match. I didn't train nearly as hard as I could have for that fight, and I know I could have done better, but the
  8. I want your input on whether the following diet can result in a slimmed down appearence: Breakfast: protein shake (like this one) Lunch: quinoa lentils avocado Dinner: refried beans corn tortillas black olives nutritional yeast hot sauce
  9. Hi there. I have an issue that I suppose isn’t really a big deal but was wondering if anybody had advice. I’m female and of very slight stature: very short and very slim. I’ve always been very slim my whole life even though I’ve always had a healthy appetite. I have broad but bony shoulders and my upper torso has always been what gives off the illusion that I’m underweight to people that wish to mention it to me. My lower half (legs, butt, thighs) have always been larger which I understand is common for ladies because of hormones and whatnot. I’m quite ectomorphic on t
  10. Hello there! I had an old dial scale at my house. I started losing weight since January and I was tracking my progress with the old scale. I was like: Well, it looks rickety and dusted, but it will tell me what I need, right? Anyway, I was on my whey to buy a new digital scale to make a comparison between weights and find out if one of them was faulty. Also, I made a control test using a health store paid-to-weight scale to get a control number before casting old scaley to oblivion or regretting buying the new scale (Yeah, I know. Why didn't you weight yourself on the commer
  11. Hi all, Below you can see my post of about 1 year ago regarding the fat losing problem of my (now recently) wife Sally Past year she adjusted her week plan to more powerlifting and cardio oriented since we read a lot about the benefits of lifting and eating protein rich food for fat-loss. But this hasn't resulted in any fat-loss whatsoever But Sally can't seem to lose her belly/hip-fat, whatever sport or diet she's doing. We tried Paleo, Crossfit, lifting, no sugars, ... for periods of 3 months each. Without any result. This all beg
  12. Inspirational as bleep. So I've packed on some weight. It's been a rough couple of months. I can't really complain that much, because in general, my life is really good. It's just been... hectic, I guess is the best word, with all of my time being taken up by my various other responsibilities. My wife is full-time in university, my kids have activities all week, my dog needs walks at 5am and 5pm, and I'm still working full time and trying to make it as a writer. I probably bitch about this every time, but I have ALL of this energy going out into
  13. I'm male, 16, 259 LBs, and at 34% Body-fat. For fat loss I am considering consuming only 1800 calories (I'd go lower but I'm a teenager) Here are the details. Cal:1,800 Carbs: 90 Grams (Excluding added sugar) Protein: 180 Grams Fat: 80 Grams (Moderate saturated fats and unsaturated fats. No trans-fats) I will also be lifting and doing moderate cardio. Please let me know if this is good or not.
  14. Is it possible to lose weight within 21 days ???
  15. Hey y'all! I'm frustrated, and I think I've come here more so for a pat on the hand than advice. After my nightly drinking became concerning (for me), I stopped consuming alcohol for the next couple of months. In the past 6 months I've cut out alcohol, energy drinks and cigarette smoking. Yet I'm 12 lbs above my target weight. I know that part of that is that outside of rugby season I'm pretty sedentary. It's just frustrating that I've taken one step forward only to fall two back. I've decided to keep a daily food diary for the next month to see how my caloric consumption pans on on a day-to-d
  16. What's up guys. I've been using Nerd Fitness for awhile but I just got on the forums. I had a question about bent over dumbbell rows. So I started working out again, I have a gym membership now and 3 times a week I've been going in and doing this sites "Beginner Workout." I've had to do it exercise by exercise in sets rather than as circuits cause I wait for first a bench to open up (for my 3 sets of rows) then for the Smith's to open up (I do 4 sets of incline assisted pushups cause I'm pretty bad at real ones atm). My ultimate goal at the moment is to be able to do 1 pullup which is definite
  17. I am a littler over a week into my Nerd Fitness journey and have to say that I am a big fan of the site/community that it provides. I have a long way to go till I reach my ultimate goal but truly believe that everything is sinking in. The idea that this has to be a lifestyle change and not a diet is understood. My week 1 results were a huge motivator (11.5lbs) and can tell that I am doing better this week (won't know for sure till next Monday). For the time being I won't lie... I am dieting so that I can get down to a weight that will make exercise easier. I am for the most part on
  18. I am a littler over a week into my Nerd Fitness journey and have to say that I am a big fan of the site/community that it provides. I have a long way to go till I reach my ultimate goal but truly believe that everything is sinking in. The idea that this has to be a lifestyle change and not a diet is understood. My week 1 results were a huge motivator (11.5lbs) and can tell that I am doing better this week (won't know for sure till next Monday). For the time being I won't lie... I am dieting so that I can get down to a weight that will make exercise easier. I am for the most part on
  19. Battle Log 1 Measurements: Weight = 96 lbs Waist = 27in Neck = 12in Chest = 31in Biceps = Left= 9in Right= 9in Hips = 33.5in Thigh: Right= 18.5in Left = 18.5in Calf: Right= 12.5in Left = 12.5in Goal Weight is 115 - 120 lbs Oddly my right and left sides are the same size. At least I won't have to worry about a dominant arm or leg (: Calorie Intake: Goal = 2445 per day I have 1 week calculated on by fitbit app no point in adding in a whole week on the first check in. 5/7 days with the right amount of
  20. Quick place holder for zero week. Preview: Suburi will be maintained, and if the weather cooperates, may involve naginata suburi outside, so I can actually swing a blade without knocking things off shelves, knocking over fireplace tools, or putting holes in the ceiling. Measurements will be taken. They may even be recorded. Metrics baby, yeah. Travel plans...they are a happenin' Weight will be lessened. Pratchett will be quoted. Also - hell dropped a couple of degrees - I actually went for a walk today.
  21. QUEST1: Get that Viking moving! On 5 days of the week one or more of the following: LiftingA combination of:RopeskippingSledgehammerBodyweight exercisesEllipticalRunningGrouplesson KickfunGrouplesson Circuit training QUEST2: Grow a big healthy Viking! Mindful: Eat as healthy as possible, no snacking Moderation: Do not binge on food or alcohol Slight deficit: Try to keep a slight deficit so i won't be gaining, but will (hopefully) lose some BF. QUEST3: A rested viking is a healthy Viking! Sunday to Wednesday, go to bed no later than 23:00 (sleep till 06:00) 7 hours of sleep A total of 50
  22. ... so this last year didn't exactly end on a high note. Dammit, Thrillho, we talked about this... It wasn't all bad! I got to spend a lot of time with my kids, we got to go sledding quite often and we played a lot of board games, and we had a pretty awesome and quiet Christmas at home, without any ridiculous northern Canadian mid-winter travelling (except when we got snowed in at my sister's during a freak storm for two days... which was actually still kind of awesome.) That said, I was sick almost literally from the first day of vacation until... yesterday. I exercised almost less tha
  23. I'm not very ripped but fit and follow calisthenics as a beginner. The thing is that due to the extensive amount of resources available online, it is hard for me to follow one. I'd like to create a workout plan for me to get a proportional and functional body like the Assassins and I'd like the community to help with that. I prefer bodyweight exercises over weight training so please try keeping the workout plan bodyweight based. thanks.
  24. Kora

    Gaining weight

    Hi I am trying to gain weight because I am fairly skinny. I work out all the time and I am in good shape I am just not as heavy as I would like to be. I have done a lot of research and I know I need to eat more calories but with school and work I do not have enough time for all the meals. I found this survival bar that has 3600 calories and it is broken into pieces of 400 calories. I was wondering if it was ok to eat one or two of these pieces everyday to get the calories I need. Thanks!
  25. Hi.... silly question..... When you're adding up the weight you're lifting (say, in a deadlift), do you count the bar? For example, does the below photo equal 20lbs, or approximately 65lbs (depending on the weight of the bar)? I'm trying to figure out how much to start with and aim for, but I need to know how to count first! I slapped a couple 25lb "thingers" on the bar last week and deadlifted that NP....
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