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  1. Hello. I have reached a point in my fitness journey were I don't know what to do. I have always been very slender (5'8", 115lbs) I have started my weight gain journey consuming weight gain shakes both Optimum Nutrition Mass and sometimes Boost Plus and eating a moderate protein based diet. I do weight training (occasionally) and natural cardio (walking, cycling and stairs) I have noticed some weight gain as I am now fluctuating around 120lbs. Problem I am having is that some of the weight went to my belly and waist. I'm sure it has alot to do with the sugar content in the shakes. I d
  2. I've heard a lot of women talking about hormonal birth control leading to weight gain, and I typically laughed it off. Calories = weight gain, I assumed perhaps it can slow your metabolism or make you crave more food but surely by watching your calories you would be fine. Clearly, those women complaining just don't count calories and secretly eat cake all day... or so I thought At my peak 2 years ago I weighed 8 stone 2 lbs, and went to the gym 2 / 3 times per week with a calorie intake between 1200 and 1600. I had a little "mishap" and ended up ignoring my diet and th
  3. I am Arcelas, defender of all that is pixelated. At least, I used to be. Arcelas was the first character name I created for WoW all the way back to Vanilla. I mighty warrior with a will of steel and pants of twill. Death was something I was well acquainted with. Whether I was falling off something or being hunted by boars, I died so often I decided to fight naked, so my repair cost would be negligible. And that's where I am today. Fighting naked. I am Bi-polar and Manic with PTSD and anxiety disorders. When I started this grand Nerd adventure, I was 276 lbs. I am the jump-right
  4. Hi, I am 6foot (1.82m) and 168pounds (76kg). I live in the Southern hemisphere and just like game of thrones winter is coming. I have been training for roughly a year now and have grown quite stronger with basic equipment and body weight training (From benching 66pounds (30kg) to benching roughly 200pounds (90kg)) all thanks to nerd fitness! Now I am at a cross roads for you see, I am still quite small and lean, even though I have become stronger. The platform has been laid and I have decided to do my first ever BULK.... which in turn led to a LOT of questions. Most of these questions I search
  5. This is a neat section. It looks like a nice parrallel to the 4-week challenge areas. Today is a week shy of a full month on Ice Cream Fitness (with mods because I don't listen so well). Initially this was a 5x5 program, about 2 weeks ago after browsing a Greyskull subreddit I started using AMRAP for final worksets. I also added Chin Ups and Pull Ups later on because I'll be damned if a workout doesn't feel complete unless I do one or the other. Note: Warm up sets not listed. For the newbs in the crowd (like me): EVERY PROGRAM ASSUMES YOU ARE DOING WARM UP SETS, I wish that was something clea
  6. Greetings fellow Rebels... I've been on a vegan diet for four years, mainly for health reasons. I've always been skinny - I'm 5' 11" and topped out around 146 lbs on average before changing my diet. After switching to the vegan diet I lost about four pounds and hovered around 142 most of the time. Weight loss was never my goal, and I'd prefer not to lose any, really. I started Stronglifts seven weeks ago, and have lost four more pounds...so obviously I'm not eating enough. Is there anything out there you may have tried that's similar to drinking a gallon of milk a day (GOMAD) to gain weigh
  7. Hi, This will be my first challenge as an Assassin! I’m excited I’ll be turning 40 at the end of November and am planning to have the greatest year yet. Here’s what I’ll be working on this challenge: Quest #1: Keep getting stronger and increase flexibility A - BBWW 3 times a week (2 STR, 1 STA) B - Yoga 2 times a week (2 DEX) 1 day per week BBWW can be replaced with another activity - cross-country skiing, biking, stacking firewood, dance, fitness mini-challenges, etc. (I want to encourage myself to get outside more and to do things with other people whenever I have the opport
  8. Time to reset the high scores, lose the cheat codes, start the game anew. It's not the first respawn I've had in the 14 months I've been tracking and I imagine it won't be the last. Indeed, the respawns are probably a big part of my overall progress. I wish they weren't, but that's apparently how my personal mind-body connection works. The hardest and most necessary part of a respawn for me is assessing. Taking an honest look at where I am. How else can I measure progress? So this morning I did two things: I took a starting weight (which I'll use for the upcoming challenge), and I reset my "st
  9. Battle Log - Day 1: I am a fairly active 39 year old woman. I visited my Doc on Sept. 9th and she was concerned about my health, especially my bone health due to my being even more underweight than usual. I’ve tried to gain before, but it never stuck (or I never stuck with it). I never had a solid plan before and it is VERY hard to find good support and info online for women trying to gain weight. I was soooo excited to find this site and find posts on weight gain that went beyond drinking endless store-bought protein shakes. I live out in the country and so gym-based exercise routines are
  10. I am so tired of the up/down party my body is throwing... I don't know what I need, but maybe knowing it's not just me will help? Please share if you feel the same... Not only does my female body naturally avoid making the muscles happen, therefore using less stored fuel ("ESTROGEN!!!" read like Captain Kirk), but I also get to fight a battle with my will to go on every month when my body decides it needs to keep ALL OF THE WATER and that chocolate is the only way to avoid doing the murders to people. You could say "that is why you shouldn't focus solely on the scale", but yeah, but my bod
  11. Hi guys. I'm a total and complete newbie here so allow me a moment to introduce myself and tell my story. I found this place on Google after searching for ways to GAIN weight. It's so depressing when I'm shopping and looking online that everything seems to be "low fat" this and "LOSE WEIGHT FAST" that. My goals are quite the opposite. I'm 6'1" and I weigh around 9st 7 which is around 133lbs. I'm REALLY REALLY skinny. But I also suffer from Cystic Fibrosis, I'm from the UK and I'm 27 years old. Basically I was bullied throughout school for being thin. I've been called anorexic, it's hard
  12. So I've been here 10 days and I think I rushed my eating habits. I put on about 5 pounds. I'm bordering 190lbs again and I don't like it. I went from eating about 1500 calories a day, if that, to almost 2300 for the past week. 2300 is what fitnesspal gave me to work with and I don't think it's right for me. Not yet. I'm active and work out but I don't think I'm at the point to eat that much. Another factor may have been that I've been eating a LOT of carbs to reach that calorie range. I think my body was just shocked that it ate more than usual >.< So I'm respawning....after a week. I'
  13. Good Evening Rebels! So, I have been battling a General Anxiety Disorder for the past 15 years. About 5 years ago I started on a medication (Lexapro) which worked for about a year. Then I switched to Effexor XR. I noticed that there was a slow weight gain. I originally attributed the weight gain to the fact that I had also started back to work at a law firm and did not have as much time to work out. In 2012 I started running and training with a trainer. I ran several 5ks, completed a Warrior Dash and finished my first half-marathon (on a broken foot) in 2013. I felt great. Until the
  14. Should I have gained weight from using creatine after 4 days of taking it? Or is that just if you start out taking lots of it for loading? I haven't gained any water weight, taking 5g/day for 4 days. I read in the first 2-4 days you're supposed to gain some because of water retention. Am I not responding, or is it just because I started out taking 5 g/day instead of the recommended "loading"?
  15. I am looking at starting to change my diet to something healthier and the paleo diet is something that interests me. However you see so much about how the paleo diet is supposed to help you lose weight. As I am already underweight by quite a bit, I am looking to pack on weight to help with muscle growth, and to just make me healthier. But I have read that with the paleo diet it is hard to over eat, and over eating is what you are supposed to do to pack on weight right? So what would I have to change in order to put on some weight while using the paleo diet? Or is the paleo diet even a viable
  16. Hi All, I'm trying to work towards gaining some weight and building some muscle. I know diet & nutrition is the biggest part of that. I tend to skip breakfast, or just eat w/e I can find (tastykakes, cereal bars, etc), especially during the week. I see this as a prime opportunity to pack on the calories and protein, as well as provide more energy to drive me throughout the day (low energy is one of my biggest challenges in dealing with my anxiety, too). Unfortunately, most of the recommendations I see for these types of breakfasts focus on massive egg consumption. Don't get me wron
  17. Thought I'd start a topic for the hard-gainers (individuals with high metabolisms or other problems gaining mass). Although it may be difficult for those of trying to curb our caloric intakes to imagine, one of the biggest obstacles hard-gainers seem to face is A. Healthy, high-calorie variety in their diet, and B. Healthy, high-calorie affordable food. So let's go over a few rules for this thread, shall we? 1. No sarcastic posts, ie. suggestions like a "Blenderized Happy Meal" (<--- shameless Vlogbrother plug, and yes, SFW) 2. Try to post recipes that have both variety and lost-cost
  18. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has any advice about Weight Gain routines, or just some general advice? I'm tall, thin and underweight at the moment and struggle to put weight on. Reading more into it, I suspect the problem is down to my eating habits. I've just signed up to MyFitnessPal and will attempt to log my normal intake for a week in the hope that it will shed some light on my diet. In terms of routines though, I have no idea where to start! Is it better to build strength? Specific exercises? All-round exercises? What do you suggest?
  19. Hi guys (and gals), I am new here, and I look forward to everything you all have to offer . Here is my story: About a year ago and some odd months ago I decided I was going to work out (having not worked out since high school, 5 years ago). I had P90X, so I began doing it. It went well, and I felt I was making progress. One of my friends had a gym membership and could take a guest. Having been working out at home, I went with. I ran 3 miles on the treadmill, and that was all. The next week my knee was aching. I had assumed it was due to not having ran in years. A few weeks later we went to
  20. Hi all, I'm a 25 year old male looking to gain some weight, I've always been extremely skinny which is super frustrating. So far I haven't really found anyone willing to give me any good advice and I'm keen to change things so I'm hoping the folk here will be able to offer some assistance! My stats: Height: 5'7" Weight: 7.5 stone (105lbs) Basically I need a plan, I suffer from pretty bad social anxiety (which I'm working on) and the thought of doing weights at the gym is enough to send me panicking, I'm happy to use the cardio equipment there though. I also have some new dumbbells at
  21. Hi, I increased my calories intake and gained 4 pounds in the last month. I am following a strength training program. However, it seems that I am getting thicker around the belly, and as I am skinny, it will look really bad if I keep gaining belly fat. How do I bulk up without gaining belly fat?
  22. Hi all! I've been looking around and thinking about this forum for a while now and I've decided to finally take the plunge! I'm 25, from the UK and hopeless when it comes to diet and exercise. I've started to actually have an interest in taking care of myself physically as well as mentally and have been eating better and actually started going to the gym! This all happened to a bit of unexpected weight loss. I'm only 5'5" and have always weighed pretty much 63 - 64kg throughout my adult life. However with a suddenly VERY busy schedule, new relationship that's taking a of time out and a lack
  23. Alright this is my first ever challenge! First, I suppose I'll introduce myself: My name is Austen. I'm a 20yo college student majoring in IT and getting a minor (hopefully) in Computer Science. I'm ridiculously thin at 170# and 6'3". I'm a huge fan of all things Star Wars, Star Trek and Lord of the Rings. Sometime's I really struggle with staying motivated to work out - I feel like there's no point. But no longer!! Ultimately I would like to gain 30 pounds of muscle mass and lose about 5 pounds of fat from my belly region. So what's my first challenge going to be? Here we go: Gain 3 P
  24. Hey guys I am a 25 year old female (woman? girl?). I quit smoking nearly a year ago and picked up some healthier habits. Among these are exercising 5 time a week, watching what I eat etc. Few months back I gave up on my guilty pleasure of diet soda. I have never been overweight (1.75 meters, 60 kg) but ever since I started eating Paleo i gained 2.5 Kg!!! in 2 weeks! I am truly horrified by this new change to my body, clothes don't fit quite as good and I find myself frustrated - I really don't deserve this after all the hard work I've put in What am I doing wrong? your
  25. For the last challenge, I signed up as a Ranger. However, my main goal (Strength + Size) is really more at home in the Warrior's guild... Main Quest: Size + Strength As you'll see from my prior challenge, I've always been a smaller guy. I'm finally starting to get bigger, and that's what I'm going to do during this challenge. Goal #1: Eat it Up: 3000 calories on rest days, 3500+ calories on work days STA +2, CON +2 I know the only way I'll really get bigger is to lift heavy and eat heavy. I think in the last challenge I did a good job on work out days, but not so great on my re
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