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  1. Hello world! I'm excited to log my fitness journey. I want to be accountable and I want to share. Life has gotten off the rails lately and I want to get in charge of my now. Thank you for stopping by! April 19th Start of my journey. Here we go. Let's keep this up. Attached is me today! Today, I'm running about 2 miles to and fro the playground with my daughter, Rowan. I'm going to try to do tonight some at home booty body weight exercises. I lifted yesterday. It's a deload week and I had a lovely time at the gym. Still getting the courage up to take my daughter to
  2. Before one undertakes an adventure they are best advised to prepare for it. Not too much preparation though. Otherwise, where is the adventure? This challenge is all about preparing for my adventures in life. (No Pure, reaaaaally) While my Epic Quest for Adventure details both fitness/health related quests and non-fitness/health related quests I'm going to try and keep my challenges specific to fitness and health, though I'll still mention other things in these threads as well, they just won't be the subject of them. This challenge I will be working towards
  3. I’m actually starting a week early, in the hopes of getting a decent jump on weight loss for this challenge and to make it 4 weeks. Main Quest To live a healthy and balanced life by exercising and trying to eat healthy. My motivation I've successfully dropped weight by counting calories, but I’ve been slacking with this a lot. I need to get back into the habit of eating better and getting more exercise. I know the holiday season, basically from Thanksgiving through New Year’s, is really hard food-wise to be good, but I need to do better. And I’ve got a perfo
  4. Joining late and fist week is not as good as I would like but here it is. My Goal = Improve fitness, reduce % body fat and get stronger Each day has tasks worth points each week I give myself a score out of a possible total of daily points. Week days = Early AM workouts; Nutrition tracking; 10,000 steps; martial arts training; Drink water Weekends = Nutrition tracking; drink water; 10,000 steps; Long distance run; cleaning Just to make life easier for me I am counting Sunday to Saturday as a week.
  5. 12 Week Hypertrophy Quest Quest Goals: 1) Increase Muscle Mass 2) Decrease BF% 3) Increase Strength In All Lifts Overview/Details Each working set should be performed to near failure with 12 being the most reps you should perform and 6 being the lowest. This workout utilizes supersets.Take a 1 minute break between each superset. Supersets are grouped by letter before them. See Quest Objectives for context. Increase weight on each set by at least 5lbs. Increase weight from week to week as well. By the end of the 12 weeks, you should be 10lbs+ stronger in many
  6. http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/dude-youre-screwed/bios/matt-graham/
  7. Hello All, I'm excited to part of the rebellion! Why I am here? I'm looking for my online parttyyy for fitness adventures and support TBH, I also want somewhere to record my fitness journey! I'm a 32 year old RN (right now very part time hospice studying for my IBCLC) and mom of a little bug (just turned one!). I led an active pregnancy and have maintained my activity levels somewhat in this last hectic year full of life changes and, to be honest, piles o' stress. I ran cross county and track in high school. I've done yoga for years but mostly for the mental/emotional bene
  8. I was a bit late for the last one so I just skipped it while I dealt with some other stuff. Slowly I've been pulling myself out of a sort of funk (#depression) and I'm ready to start going after this again. My work schedule changed so that took some getting used to and i'm ready to start chasing my goals again. Challenges: Go to the GYM at least 2x a week!! So I got signed up but I have to get a habit/schedule going. I'm going to be following this plan from bodybuilding.com so I have an idea of what to do at the gym lol. Stay under 1462 calories 6x a week I f
  9. Carrying over my goals from the last challenge: Work out 5 days a week (run / row) Eat in accordance with my doctor's orders (as vegan as possible) My running goal is to get into consistent (re: at least one week) 10:30 1 mile time. Once I hit that 5 days in a row, I will increase my distance from my current 1 1/2ish miles to 2 miles. My food goal is to continue practicing Intermittent Fasting 5 days a week, and to continue experimenting with new and delicious meals.
  10. Hi everyone, I have been gone a while, getting things in my life in order and what not. But I am back now. So I have finally found the perfect diet for myself and I have even dropped one size since April. I am feeling great and I am motivated again (I lost my track a little at some point). I am even going to attempt the next 4 week challenge. Yay! Anyway, so I am looking for a little advice from some advanced members on my sets and reps. Its a simple question that I have really, and I am looking for a simple answer. I do a one set of 12 low we
  11. 2017 was an amazing year for me and involved the biggest changes my life has ever gone through. Bigger then going away to school, bigger than getting my own house, bigger then getting married... in 2017, I became a Dad! Since the bulk of this years focus was on waiting for and finally taking care of a baby; things like eating sensibly, working out, and taking time for myself were put on the back-burner. In 2018 though, I am going to put more emphasis on taking care of myself and setting a good example for my daughter. To that end here are my quests for this first challenge. Li
  12. Hey everyone, I kind of forgot about last time around but I'm back! and I even lost some weight while I was gone! So let's keep it up! Challenges: Go to the GYM at least 2x a week!! I finally signed up at a gym! It's close by my house and open when i'm omw to work! I'm going to be following this plan from bodybuilding.com so I have an idea of what to do at the gym lol. Stay under 1500 calories 6x a week According to myfitnesspal this is the number of calories for me to lose weight on. ( y'all can follow me there, I'm still RoachRex ). 7th day is cheat d
  13. Hi guys! So I will be doing my first 4 week challenge during this course. I fell like I still have a lot to learn and I am so eager to get started. I love the idea of this challenge because I get to get to focus on bettering myself one small step at a time and I am all about people pushing themselves to be the best version of themselves that they can be. So I have decided to start with two main quests, out of which I will choose three small challenges in one and one small challenge from the other that kind of overlaps the two main quests in the end. I am starting
  14. It’s been awhile since I participated with the Warrior’s Guild, and since I was made a Warrior Ambassador too, I’m back and ready to lift all the heavy things again! And since this challenge runs over Halloween, my favorite holiday, it’s werewolf themed again! Main Quest To live a healthy and balanced life by exercising and trying to eat healthy. My motivation I've successfully dropped weight by counting calories so my diet will mostly be staying the same with 1200 calories per day M-F and then blow meals on the weekends. I've managed t
  15. Hey guys! Parker is back for her second challenge in a row. The last challenge was a glorious success and en lieu of this progress, I am keeping my last goals through this one because they became healthy habits that I will continue to maintain! Now I'm going to ramp things up a bit and build off of those goals and their momentum. 1. I will be counting my calories for every meal and keeping a log. I aim to consume a maximum of 1300 so that I am at a deficit, and I will be sticking as close to paleo as I can. 2. I will cook at least 3 meals out of the week at home. I will probab
  16. Since I've respawned I might as well re-start my battle log again: Hi!! I'm Noddy - short for Nadoriel. Welcome to my Grinding log! I'm a nurse and a geek. That basically means that in between my nursing deeds I also read, draw, listen to music, play MMOs, cook, garden, clean the house and work out in the gym. Nursing is my main life skill to attain money for traveling, getting a house and probably acquiring new and amazing items for my inventory. Everything else is for fun and also to keep me fit and healthy ^^ My main character goal
  17. So my kickboxing class is on fridays and I figured I could lift on Mondays and Wednesdays and Friday before/after class. My lifting schedule is pretty simple and clean: Monday: squats, overhead presses, and pull ups Wednesday: deadlifts, bench presses, body rows Friday: lunges, dips, chin ups Since Friday is one of the lighter days and my kickboxing class are on the same day it's one of my more active days. As for what I do when I'm not in the gym, I'm biking everywhere, I'm a college kid so I use my bike to get to class and work. (School is two miles away a
  18. Greetings citizens! I've identified the Strongman competition I'd like to compete in next year (for the curious it's the Charm City Strongwoman Competition). The kicker is that I have a minimal strength, so right now I'm working on conditioning where I'd like to be focused for 6 months, then I'd like to spend 6 months doing Strongman event work. My "program" is below. Thankfully my gym actually has Strongman equipment in it (yay for The Edge 2.0 at Tyson's Playground), so when I make that 6 month transition I don't have to go far. When I first went to Tyson's Playground
  19. Good morning everyone! This weekend I used my new Rehband Weightlifting Belt during strongman training, and ran into a women specific problem. I have a Mirena IUD, and sometimes during sex or rugby I would get cramps during impact or pressure. Unfortunately strongman training is no different. My weightlifting belt ended up fitting perfectly, but in doing so squeezed everything internally and I wound up with uterine cramps after a gym session. How do you all handle uterine cramps from a piece of equipment that is necessary to prevent bodily injuries? (I'm looking for weight lifting related cram
  20. Last challenge I committed to completely giving up alcohol. I was successful in this endeavor (as well as my other goals), and found a new appreciation for all the benefits that come with not being a regular drinker. I have decided to continue this goal, in the hopes it will be the keystone to my overarching effort: In the past few challenges, I have focused on improving my diet and working out consistently. I am now at the point where I have a solid foundation of recipes I enjoy meal prepping and consuming, and a workout routine that I both enjoy and innately push to see progres
  21. 1. Strong Enough to Shoulder It He grabbed the Librarian by two handfulls of chest hair and pulled him up to eye height.'I'm not bloody well going to have it, understand?' Vimes shouted, shaking the ape back and forth. 'Oook,' the Librarian pointed out, patiently.'What? Oh. Sorry,' Vimes lowered the ape, who wisely didn't make an issue of it because a man angry enough to lift three hundred pounds of Orangutan without noticing is a man with too much on his mind. -- Guards, Guards Goal: Lift Heavy Things (preferably not Orangutans) 3 times a week I've decided to scale
  22. Hi there, I have just joined you guys. Yay! I am a female, height 154cm, weight 69kg. I am trying to lose weight. I started about 3 months ago. It has been a rocky road this far but I lost 3kgs in 3 months and only a few 8cms. It is a small amount over 3 months and the number on the scale refuses to dip below 68. I was doing resistance band routines in the morning and about 3 weeks ago started doing dumbbell (I think endurance) routines with a friend that was looking for a partner in the afternoons. I also do a 10-15 yoga (very beginning beginner,
  23. Okay so maybe the last challenge wasn't a good return, so I guess you could call this my "Re-return"! So I am going to do a similar challenge, 1. Lift at the gym four days a week(1 week pass allowed) 2. 5/7 days eating prepared meals and not eating out. 3. Only making essential purchases. I've got loads of books to read and a full netflix list of movies to watch so I need not buy any books or movies! These are my goals for the month and hopefully you'll see a pretty rocking progress picture soon
  24. I have been MIA from here for around 18 months! The last time I took part in a challenge I had just become a pharmacist, so I was working 60 hours/week, plus trying to plan my wedding, my dad was having health scare after health scare and I'd just moved house. Since then my job has settled down, I'm comfortable at home and everything is okay with my family. I've also put on 10kg since my wedding. I'm ready to re-boot, and be accountable. I've been a part of Noom coaching for around 8 weeks now, so I'm half way through, I've also got a new gym buddy (though
  25. Edit: now with theme! Last challenge went ok. Still got room for improvement, but, as always, I identified some changes I can make to help me succeed. I am still super tired from the weekend travel, so I'm really not in a creative mood right now, and thus will be adding my fancy theme later. I had an awesome trip, though. My league came in 4th in the adults and 3rd in the juniors! Given our lack of practice space AND not having a track available to practice on, I think we did really well! Watching the teams that came in first and second, I could see that we have the raw mater
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