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  1. Last challenge I managed to maintain my weight. This challenge my goal is to refocus on my workouts, and to continue to tweak my eating and drinking habits. I will be adding in a Weekly Menu section (complete with pics) and am committing to completely giving up alcohol. Let the saga continue… ULTIMATE GOAL: Gain the Intelligence Report Materiel Report Assault Plan RANGER TRAINING 10 minute Warm Up - Rowing machine - Cycling - Walking (outside/treadmill) Active Work - Pick 3 ex
  2. Hey rebels, long time no talk. My name's Justin. I was on the Facebook men's group for a while but ditched Facebook at the beginning of the year indefinitely. Freedom never felt so good Anyways...on topic. I've been doing Stronglifts more or less on the proper schedule for...3 months plus now? Here's the numbers so far... Squat 205@5x5 Deadlift 235@1x5 Bench 130@5x5 OHP 105@5x5 Row 130@5x5 My last squat attempt, I made it to the 4th set at 210 and chickened out. Deadlifts are still going strong. Bench feels like it i
  3. This will be my first challenge. The time frame is actually close to perfect. I'm traveling to Europe for the first time on the 19th of May. I guess I'll start two days early and end two days early. I am 5'10" (177.8 cm) and weigh 260 lbs. (117.934 kg.). I am overweight and I feel that my health is greatly suffering. My goal weight is probably to be somewhere around 180-190 lbs. I plan to accomplish this goal over time and definitely not by the end of this challenge. I plan to lift weighs, run, do some Jiu-Jitsu, and eat right. There's a Jiu-Jitsu tournament in August, and
  4. Edit: Added theme coolness Last challenge went ok. Not super well, but not terrible, especially when you consider how much of it either I or someone in my family was sick for. It did point out to me how much I need to work on improving my sleep, though! Which brings me to this challenge : I'm a Space Marine! I moved from Aspirant to Neophyte in February, and very soon (most likely in the middle of May), I will get promoted to full Battle Brother. Assuming I can impress the Sergeants enough, that is (there's 4 of them thinking about taking me for their
  5. Last challenge I managed to maintain my weight. I did, however, noticed that my "mermaid gills" have been reduced, and I am feeling less pudgy overall. This challenge my goal is to continue to tweak my eating and drinking habits: I will be adding in a Weekly Menu section (complete with pics) and am committing to only drinking outside of my home. Let the saga continue… ULTIMATE GOAL: Gain the high ground. Intelligence Report Materiel Report Assault Plan RANGER TRAINING 10 minute Warm Up - Rowing machine
  6. Hi Rangers! I'm Elennare. I've been on Nerd Fitness for a while now, and have spent that time with the Assassins. I had a hard time picking between there and the Rangers when I joined, but at the time the Rangers seemed to be focused a lot on running, which I was not into, so I went with Assassins. I think my real class is Waywatcher, which in my head at least is a hybrid class between the two. And now my training has most definitely shifted more to the Ranger side of things, so I'm going to come play with you for a bit. What I want to do: I play roller derby. My season is c
  7. After refinding is faith, the Vikingr Assassin, Lokesbrah, understood that his calling required more. This life required him to disciplined himself and strive to impress the gods. As such, he drew inspiration from the tales, and begun his life, dedicating himself to work hard. Body: Goal I - Parkour Training (+3 STA, +2 DEX) First up, it's parkour training. have trained once in the small Christmas vacations (one week off school and work, so good) It was clear that I do not need a particular skill in parkour... I NEED ALL OF THEM. I haven't trained in AGES and that worries
  8. Though I have been at the gym pretty consistently for 3 weeks or so, I will restart my battle log with my reborn alter ego of Gaelic Samurai. Inspired by my heritage, my deep interest in Japanese and eastern thinking, my family in Japan, and by the picture, Wolverine and his relentlessness despite all the troubles. Yesterday was a weight session and I started with bench after the warmup. Then it was arm day, good choice doofus it was a Monday AND the New Years crowd, and all went swimmingly. Bench 3x5 @180lbs EZ Bar curl 3x10 @50,60,60 DB Hammer Curl 3x10 @25 EZ Bar reve
  9. Hey everyone! See, I'm on the gym 3 months so far; been doing everything slowly, focusing on the proper form and challenging myself for the gainz. The thing is, yesterday I successfully tried the cable crossover with supervision of one of the gym's trainer, but after my body cooled I could feel that sensation of "scratching" on the rotator cuff, as soon as I bring my arm up to shoulder level. I'm not feeling any pain today, but I'm super aware of the shoulder motion and some positions give me that feeling of the bone touching muscle. Are there any exercises to improve my shoulder stab
  10. Main Quest To live a healthy and balanced life by exercising and trying to eat healthy. My motivation I've successfully dropped weight by counting calories so my diet will mostly be staying the same with 1200 calories per day M-F and then blow meals on the weekends. I've managed to put on some muscle in an effort to become stronger by weightlifting and I’ve discovered that I love lifting heavy things! I enjoy doing themed workouts and for this challenge it will be werewolves. For several reasons but mostly because 1. I love them 2. they’re the best fantasy monster and 3. they’re
  11. Ok, so I have a terrible idea: I'm going to do my lifting workouts in January outside. I live in a small apartment with neighbors that sleep late and I don't want to be lifting in the house at 5 am moving furniture and otherwise making a rukus. I don't mind being outside in the winter and last January didn't prevent me from getting my runs done outside. To make matters worse my gym is under construction so the weight room is smaller than usual and everyone is using the boys' locker room which is half the size of the men's. That's going to suck with the new years resolutioners st
  12. After eight successful challenges and a number of unsuccessful ones I've decided that switching to a Battle Log format is going to be a better way to track progress. Especially since I have no idea what that progress will look like, aside from getting a small human at the end of it. GOALS Don't eat like utter crap Get some movement in every day Lift as long and as much as you can Stretch This battle log will probably consist of food diaries, exercise notes, complaining about pregnancy symptoms, and bump pictures. Follow along if you're intereste
  13. If any of you followed my last challenge, thanks! I haven't lost any weight since then, but I have started weight lifting so I don't expect too for a few months since I am building muscles. This time around I am looking more to dropping inches as a minor goal. My main goal this challenge is to socialize. Which is a big challenge for me as an introvert. I have become more active in our chat room, but I want something more than that. Totally clueless on how to do that. I tried social Apps, even dating Apps with more of a networking feel, I got scared and deleted all my accounts. May
  14. I'm a frequent poster on Mark's Daily Apple, but I've been wanting a change of scenery. For now, I'll just post stuff about food & workouts. Goals: get strong. Be able to run around & lift things without much hindrance. Be able to do a pull-up. Deadlift my own bodyweight (closest I ever got was within 25 pounds). Carry my husband on my back 50m (I was able to do this when I did CrossFit, so I know I can get back to it). Food history: Started eating primal 4 years ago, switched to paleo when I realized that dairy wasn't doing me any favors (RIP). I'm about 90% adherent. I have a te
  15. Overview / Motivation: Keeping with the Arrow theme, now that I've escaped the island I am making my way home. Getting off of my 'island', I really want to explore my mindset and start to shift my perspective to one of positivity and optimism. I'm too good at letting the little things get in my way and ruining my view of situations. I don't want to be an energy vampire - I want to be an optimistic and charismatic person. As a result, on top of focusing on health related quests, I also want to keep digging into the mind and mental state and grow from that perspective too. I'm ac
  16. This 4 Week Challenge’s theme will be… Things I learned during the last challenge: What I’m doing new this challenge: Goals Must be done same day for points = Running o 2x a week o Track and post all runs on Fitbit / Fitocracy o Report run on 4WC thread (mi/mm:ss) Weightlifting o 2x a week o Track and post all workouts on Fitbit / Fitocracy o Report run on 4WC thread (mi/mm:ss) Hike/Bike - OPTIONA
  17. While backpacking this weekend I had an epiphany: My backpack probably weighs 20lbs.... and that's probably about how much weight I need to lose. Damn, 20lbs is heavy! I'm sick of carrying this around. My problem (and please don't take this the wrong way, everybody has a different body and a different idea of what is healthy for them)... but my frame can hold an additional 20 lbs pretty easily. I gain weight evenly all over my body, and most people wouldn't call me fat. Some people wouldn't even call me over weight. But at 5'4" and 165 lbs I know that I'm not as lean as I would lik
  18. The day of reckoning approaches. I signed up for this Tough Mudder way back in January, at @Oramac's suggestion. At the time, I was training for a 5k, and feeling pretty good about life in general. I thought 'sure, no problem, I can do anything with the way I'm feeling right now'. Well, the day's almost here, and I've spent the last three weeks almost totally out of the game, thanks to a nasty series of illnesses. My strength and stamina are down, instead of at their peak like they were supposed to be. BUT! It's not going to stop me, oh hell no. Full tilt to
  19. Forgive me, Dread-Father, forgive me Night Mother, and forgive me, my Brothers and Sisters - I have turned my back on the Path for far too long.Give me a chance to regain my strength so that I may fulfill Contracts once more. Life has a way of grabbing a hold of you and not letting go - and over the last couple years mine has done just so. This challenge will be my attempt to grab at least part of my life by the horns and lead it in the right direction. GOAL: Lift Heavy Things [Starting Strength, 3x a week] I will be going back to the beginning o
  20. This may be a dumb question, but... If I'm doing a dumbbell press with two 25 lb. dumbbells, is it considered 50 lbs. since I'm using two or 25 lbs. This has always confused me and I have never thought to ask before now. There it is, my dumb dumbbells question. Thank you.
  21. I started writing this long tale for Ki, my NF alter ego, but it started to become a stand alone story rather than a post, so I'm posting as me, or this post will never happen! I'm back on track and feeling amazing. I had a few weeks away. I caught one of those awful viruses going around and it took me out. I basically slept all the time. During recovery, my sinuses took a beating and I picked up a sinus infection. And after 6 weeks of being seriously down and out sick, sickness depression set in. It took a lot to drag myself out of that hole, but I'm not only back, but back o
  22. The Challenge Focus more better, be less all-over-the-place. Take challenge both less and more seriously, at the same time. (Simpler goals for the purpose of more consistently building habits.) Workouts 3x lifts per week 3x cardio per week 3x yoga per week (No points off for injury, walking 20+ minutes counts as "cardio", and yoga only needs to be low impact & 20+ minutes.) Diet 1600 calorie weekly average (not grading this, but tracking it) 95g+ protein daily (grading this) 85% whole/nutritious foods at least 6 days a week (g
  23. I have been working for days to come up with a good challenge theme and I just wasn't having any of it, so I figured my birthday coming up (tomorrow) would be a good way to reflect and set some new goals up for the year. Reflections/Plans: As some of you know I started work on opening a fitness apparel online shop with a friend (updates on this to come soon, we have our first official design created and I seriously can't wait to show you guys). This was in part due to the fact that I want to move home to MI, and need to find ways of making a decent income once I get th
  24. Listen to my story. This... may be our last chance. Valefor (+1 DEX) 2x 20+ minute cardio sessions per week (2 = A, 1 = B ) Give crow pose the old college try 3x per week (3 = A, 2 = B ) Ifrit (+1 STR) 3x StrongLifts sessions per week (3 = A, 2 = B ) Ixion (+1 DEX) 3x happy loose yoga sessions per week (2-3 = A, 1 = B ) Shiva (+1 CON) Drink 40 oz of water before 5 pm M-F, and 9 pm Sa-Sun (6+ = A, 5 = B ) Curfew of 8 pm Sun-Th (4-5 = A, 3 = B ) Yojimbo (+1 WIS) Write
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