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  1. One week off, and back to the challenges! This challenge, I want to continue with my lifting, and add sleep to my goals. So here we go: Main Quest: Obese No More. Last challenge put me off of actual pounds dropped as a goal. I feel like I'm still learning about what works best for my body, and weighing in once a week was not a reliable way of tracking weight loss. I think I need to keep doing what I know get results (lifting), add a little cardio to round out my workout routine, keep working on what I eat and seeing what works, and start getting more sleep because that is a crucial part o
  2. Alright folks, I'll begin my battle-log here, as it seems I have been able to begin my training again. A brief story regarding my injury and return to lifting can be found here: The best crunch sound my body has ever made. Before my injury, I weighed in at 231 pounds as of the last record in my calorie tracker. My lifts were roughly Squat at 385, Deadlift 495, Bench 265. Yes, lopsided, I know. Today I weighed in at 178 pounds. A loss of about 12 pounds since my most recent re-injury. Friday's workout was Squat and Deadlift. 275 5x5 on squat, 315 2x5 on deadlift. Will probably back bo
  3. Well, here I am again. A little blurb for those who don't know me: I'm a stay-at-home-mom who really needs to lose some weight. I think this will be my 4th challenge, but I've rarely finished for various reasons. Last challenge I stayed out, opting to do a Battle Log instead, but I didn't even stick with that. But I really need to change. I need to lose this weight, not only to feel better, but so I can be there for my little girl. I want to be able to keep up with her never-ending energy. While listening to Pandora, this song came on, and it was part of the reason that inspired me to do
  4. Hi all, So Ive been doing SL 5x5 since last February, and I really like the program....Ive definitely gotten stronger and I actually look forward to going to the gym. My question is actually two or threefold. I know SL 5x5 is designed as a "beginner's" program, and that eventually you have to graduate on to a more advanced lifting program, but when do you know to do that? Secondly, in that year I had two major breaks: one was from mid june until sometime in August when I was having a lot of back/hip/ankle pain that kept me out of the gym, and then the same thing happened again from just after
  5. "Hey fatass! Hey, hey fa- yea, you! Why dont you go to the gym you disgusting piece of lard?"<---------very rude individual trying to be mean "Yes my buns are fat.....from squatting over 200lbs you tool. Now go fuck off"<----------Me, now squatting 210
  6. Between Heaven and Hell.. Anything is possible. "Now I realize that there is no righteous path, it's just people trying to do their best in a world where it is far too easy to do your worst." -Castiel For the very first time in my life I have signed up for a 5K run, which is something that I never would have figured possible for a figure like myself. I know that I can do it, and I want to keep that mindset, not just at the beginning of year. I did already register, why waste the registration for a no show due to lack of self esteem and quit before I even try. So this challenge I plan on w
  7. So I started the current 6 week challenge with a new lifting workout, which is designed to progressively add to how much I lift as I go along. I also set losing 6 pounds (1 pound per week) for one of my goals. I figure with eating right and getting a lot of exercise, that would be fairly easy. Then, for two weeks in a row, I gained 1.8 pounds each week. The following week I lost 2.8. This week, I'm down .2. So basically the loss has begun, but I'm still up .6 pounds from where I started. On the bright side, I'm getting leaner - my belt is on a tighter notch than it has ever been. I had to ti
  8. Like most normal females I have been under the assumption I need to eat little calories to lose weight. I've been dabbling in weightlifting the past 6 months and have decided to take it a bit more seriously and try to become strong. I'm in the process of cleaning up my eating and have a plan of attack, but after reading stuff I'm afraid I'm not eating enough (1000-1200 calories a day) to be healthy. What is a good way to measure you're eating enough without counting calories, and if you are, how much should I be eating. Honestly I'm terrified of eating more and just simply gaining all the f
  9. Hello NF Family I have been doing a little research on plant based protein, and am wondering if this would be paleo. I love protein shakes before weight lifting, and for 3 months now have been living the paleo lifestyle. Ive dropped over 20 lbs in that time, and do not plan to go back. BUT... I do miss the protein and BCAA's that come along with the protein shake. Please let me know if you think I should shit can this idea: www.allstarhealth.com/de_p/30844/NUTRA_FUSION_plant_fusion.htm Thanks in advance John
  10. I decided I needed a challenge this go-round! It’s been too long and my fitness “plans†are turning into more floundering and soon I’m not going to know which way is up! Goal 1: Training this is a multi-faceted goal in that I’d like to continue incorporating short runs, yoga, and BW circuits in my training. However, the biggest part will be trying to include at least one real lifting session per week. Since I recently moved, I lost the use of my previous gym. I’ve been making up for it with plenty of BW work, but I miss the weights. Ultimately, I’d like to get the fo
  11. Main Quest Goals Build strength Increase cardio fitness Increase muscle mass Decrease visceral fat Maintain low levels of depressionMethods Stronglifts 5x5 covers #1 and #3 and a bit of #4 HIIT on non-weight lifting days covers #2 and #4 following 30 Days of HIIT from http://neilarey.com Cycle to work every workday covers #5 and a bit of #4 and #2 Side Quests Clean eating unprocessed foods reduced sugars Paint kitchenMotivation I went to my wife's diet/fitness place, had myself measured, listened to the trainer about what I need to improve on and decided to do something about it. I'm not fa
  12. Well Hell yeah I can fat!!! If it was a hit tv show I would get my big ass up on that stage and shake my belly better than Rihanna can twerk her fine ass lol. no but seriously I'm kinda fat, Ive been told so on a few occassions. My favorite time I was told I was fat was when I was at a bar and this smoking hot chick told me that I was cute for a fat guy and her friends agreed. She followed it with "I would have to be on top though. No way Im staying under that for long." to which I replied "well arent you just the yellow diamond of bar sluts." and all her friends laughed. :-D I am 6'3 and wei
  13. Why a Rockstar? A few people have called me a rockstar on different occasions in the past few months. The first time I was embarrassed then a few more people said it. I realized I loved it, so I am owning it and embracing my inner rockstar! I have recruited my colleague and we are planning to have a rockstar school year together. So rockstardom is an on going project of awesomeness. What is a Rockstar? What qualities of a rockstar do I want in my life? Confidence: A rockstar oozes confidence. Mind, body & spirit confidence is my aim. Kick ass body: A rockstar is in shape and ready to
  14. This is my first quest here, as the current quest is nearly finished, this 6-week challenge shall be the one that starts on November 10th. I shall provide an update on how close I am on the first day. MAIN QUEST: Increase my strength so that I am able to lift more than my own bodyweight. Goal 1: Squat with a barbell 110% my own bodyweight (5 sets of 10). Goal 2: Bench press 110% my own bodyweight (5 sets of 10). Goal 3: Bent over row a barbell 110% my own bodyweight (5 sets of 10). Life side quest: As this quest ends on the same day as my semester, my life side quest is to achieve at least 50%
  15. Last challenge was in fact a mid-year crisis; I bombed on all goals and bailed out of the entire thing a week early. No XP for me. I’ve spent the last two weeks reflecting on what’s been going wrong with my goals lately and trying to plan ways to improve and get things back on track. I have been using the workout plans that Steve has been selling on Nerd Fitness and Nerd Fitness Academy – and they’ve been really great at getting me started. But I keep hurting myself – nothing major, but I keep tweaking things just enough that I find myself back in the starting block more often than
  16. So, the new semester of school is starting at my college, and I'm looking to be in the gym more this semester. My plan so far is: Monday: Yoga in the morning, then swim laps in the evening Tuesday: Weight lifting in the morning, then rock climbing in the evening. Wednesday: Yoga in the morning, then swim laps in the evening Thursday: Weight lifting int he morning. Nothing else planned. Friday: Yoga at noon, rock climbing in the evening. Saturday and Sunday are mostly off days/free days. Will this be conducive to building muscle and getting my body toned and strong? Is there anything t
  17. Hello All, New here, but a frequent "lurker". I am not sure where this post belongs as it has a few questions, both in relation to wanting to lose body fat but also my lifting/exercise. I am looking to lose weight 23y/o about 5"4 - not sure about weight or bf% atm (last weigh I was 70-72kg). I was following a keto diet up until recently I realised it made my binge-eating really bad and generally, I just wasn't happy. Now I am kinda just eating "primal" (i.e mainly fruit and veg) but also kinda just letting myself have a treat now and then, and not berating myself over it... 80/20.. making
  18. jtggodqos - go bigger Main Quest ultimately, I will achieve a body weight of 130lbs and a body fat percentage under 25.Goals Exercise: I vow to adhere to the following workout plan every day, with the rare exception.Mon, Wed, Fri: upper body (bench press, military press, seated row, bicep curl, sometimes tricep curl, lat pulldown)Tue, Thu, Sat/Sun: lower body (calf raise, squat, sometimes lunge)Diet: I vow to consume no more than 1700 kcal every day, with the rare exception.Alcohol: I vow to drink only socially; no more solo drinking, with the rare exception.Writing: I vow to work on e
  19. Character sheet Character name: VARELSE | Level: 0 | Class: WARRIOR | XP: 0 Race: HOBBIT | Size: MEDIUM | Age: 25 | Gender: F | Height: 5' 55'' | Weight: 172 lb MAIN QUEST I feel like I should write some previous information about me, my goals and why I'm here, as this is my first complete challenge in this rpg NF. Nine months ago I was fit enough to feel comfortable with me and my body. I started working, studying a postgraduate, preparing a lot of exams... and I stop doing sport and eating healthy. In seven months I gain 20 kg (44 pounds). Meanwhile, I have been struggling with dep
  20. And since I just turned 45, let’s call it a mid-life crisis as well. The other day, I put on the Patagonia shorts that almost 2 years ago fit me like a sausage casing. They still fit the way they did 18 months ago – much better than when I joined the Rebellion, but still a tad snug. And I reviewed the weight stats from the last year and realize that I have made no progress at all. Granted, I have had a few injuries - the past couple of months I've been out with a tweaked back and stitches in my hand and has really set me back. I still feel that I should be further along than I am. I’m
  21. *sorry, I couldn't find the name of the artist for this Prologue The Nyun cast ever deepening shadows upon the Endless Forest as Lielet tread through hardened snow toward its great base. She could feel the last sign of civilization at her back - the golden light from the Five Wolves Inn - she grit her teeth, willed herself not to turn and answer its beckon. Lielet sucked in the cool evening air, bracing herself for the long and uncertain journey which lay ahead. The goal was the abandoned Queen's Army tower midway up that snow-covered monstrosity, but she had only a crude map from her mentor t
  22. Greetings, NF! I've been a lurker for the past month or so, and your stories, along with those at r/fitness and r/loseit, have inspired me to join and introduce myself. First off, here's my obligatory progress album: http://imgur.com/a/MNLWI#0 I have been lifting off and on for the past 3 years, ever since I started and completed P90X in 2011. I was very fit, active and strong in college. However, a little over a year ago I graduated and moved to a new city away from my friends and support group and worked a shitty job, which unfortunately led to a period of depression and drinking too m
  23. Hi, everybody. I've been biding my time working out and anxiously awaiting the next challenge so I can get my noob on... But that just won't cut it. I want my social exercise peer support NOW! Even if nobody comments on my battle logs, I just feel like I've got to get my efforts out there. After all, I am an extrovert. Since I usually try to cram as many exercises into my 75 minutes at the gym as I can, I'll not present my logs as a full-on log. Instead, I'll stick to posting commentary on my new PRs and/or frustration with staying at the same weights or deloading. I also started taking Krav M
  24. Subtitle Is truly needed to do cardio? Some random info: 5'55'' 170 lb, a bit more than 2 months without doing anything healthy (but I used to do regularly 9 or 10 months ago). I am trying to go back to my old healthy habits, and I'm thinking on starting the next challenge with warriors. I want to focus on strength, because it is quick (I don't have much time nowadays). So I don't know if it could be a good idea not to do cardio and try to achieve the best results as possible with weight lifting and diet. What do you think? If I should do some cardio (because I am pretty overweight), what
  25. Charlie could barely believe that she had made it through initiation. But here she was, body cleansed and sitting before her tribe's elders, awaiting her next quest. It had been a long road to get here and she couldn't be proudest of herself. Not many pups got past initiation, and she herself had failed once before. Yet here she was, finally a junior member of the tribe and able to take on quests and, eventually, choose a path. "Charlie." The chieftainess began, wise yellow eyes clouded with age and cataracts trained on the newest member of her tribe. "You have passed initiation, but your big
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