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  1. Soooo, it's been a while. But I'm back and ready to go. Well, I actually I started back up on Monday with the Warriors. I'm doing some easy weight lifting this challenge, but they are just SO focused on lifting and bulking and muscles and stuff. It is just definitely not..for..me. It felt...weird. I didn't like it. I know this challenge is already about halfway done, but I didn't want to wait until June to get back with NF. To make up for it, I'll be continuing with these goals until the next challenge starts on June 9th. I'll be sticking it out with the Warriors through the weekend and really get things started here on Monday. NOTE: I will be out of town for a few days towards the end of May and will not be including those days in my challenge. MAIN GOAL Get to 25% body fat CHALLENGE GOAL Complete the challenge with at least a B GOALS Do strength training five days a week. (STR +4) While I have started doing some light weight lifting, I don't want to limit myself to that. So, I'll be doing five days a week of strength training. Whether that's lifting weights or body weight workouts. And I'd like the workout to last at least 20 minutes. And I am interested in checking out CrossFit, but I'm definitely not ready for that yet. Do yoga and belly dancing workout five days a week. (DEX +3) While I doing some strength training this challenge, I don't want to ignore my flexibility either. Since I'll be getting up early in the mornings (on work days) it give me the perfect opportunity to get dancey and bendy before heading off to work. Include two fruits or veggies in every meal. (CON +4) I need to start eating my fruits and veggies more. I was doing well for a while, but have been slacking off a lot lately. So now, all meals must include at least two fruits and veggies. And that means at least a cup of each, not just a slice of tomato or something like that. Wake up at 6:30 every work day morning. (WIS +4) I want to give myself more time in the morning. For getting ready, for eating breakfast, for working out, whatever. This means I’ll have to make sure that I’m going to bed at a reasonable time and that I don’t hit snooze. I’ll only be getting up at 6:30 on work days MEASUREMENTS Weight: 178 Body Fat: 36.55% (using Linear Software, tape measure method) Neck: 13 Bust: 39 Waist: 32 Hips: 42 Bum: 45.5 Thighs: 29 Calf: 16 Bicep: 12.75 Forearm: 10.75
  2. Here we go Round DOS! since I pretty much spiraled downward toward the end of the last challenge, a side goal of mine is to keep up my focus for the final two weeks of the challenge. But here is what I'm hoping to accomplish for this time around: Main Quest: Learn how to do parkour Step 1: Pull up training.( seriously, i still can't do one pull up yet) Life Quest: Finish up my Math class strong Grading Scale A - workout 4 days a week B - workout 3 days a weekC - workout 2 days a weekD - workout 1 day a weekF - workout 0 days a week Crossing my fingers that nothing comes up and interrupts me during this challenge. Cheers to a successful future!
  3. Ok so i did pretty good on my first challenge, got my points and everything missed only one of my challenges but it's a habit that i'm trying to change so my challenges are as follows Main Quest - Basic Bodyweight Workout 3 Times a Week - 1 Mile Run a Week - 2 Hours of Basketball a Week - Transition into The Paleo Diet - 8 Hours of Sleep a Night Life Quest - Register and Protect My IPs - Warm Up Sketches and 1 Concept Painting or Design a Day - Buy a New Computer - Learn the Basics of Unity/UDK Side Note: I actually got to speak with the creator of Slamball. He wasn't into my jersey designs and offered me a style alternative that pretty much shows he doesn't have much of a mind for design or why certain choices were made. BUT it's a HUGE start and now they know who I am. It's only a matter of time. I'm dope and no one should sleep on me
  4. I was a first time Rebel and then a Druid. I was even an Assassin for a while. And then I quit. I have a problem with following through, I'm getting better, but it's my biggest weakness. But I'm back and I'm ready to go. I know this challenge is already about halfway done, but I don't want to wait until June to get back with NF. To make up for it, I'll be continuing with these goals until the next challenge starts on June 9th. My challenge will start on Monday. I will be out of town for a few days towards the end of May and will not be including those days in my challenge. MAIN GOAL Get to 25% body fat CHALLENGE GOAL Complete the challenge with at least a B GOALS Lift weights five days a week. (STR +5) I'm new to weight lifting, so I'm not doing any super heavy lifting yet. I'm definitely still working my body, but I don't feel that I'll be ready for heavier lifting until the next challenge. That being said, I’ll be starting crossfit in June. Grading – 22 points possible (A=22, B=19, C=16) Include two fruits or veggies in every meal. (CON +5) I need to start eating my fruits and veggies more. I was doing well for a while, but have been slacking off a lot lately. So now, all meals must include at least two fruits and veggies. And that means at least a cup of each, not just a slice of tomato or something like that. Grading – 90 points possible (A=90, B=85, C=80) Wake up at 6:30 every work day morning. (WIS +5) I want to give myself more time in the morning. For getting ready, for eating breakfast, for working out, whatever. This means I’ll have to make sure that I’m going to bed at a reasonable time and that I don’t hit snooze. I’ll only be getting up at 6:30 on work days Grading – 21 points possible (A=21, B=19, C=17) MEASUREMENTS Weight: 178 Body Fat: 40% Bust: 39 Waist: 32 Hips: 42 Bum: 45.5 Thighs: 29 Calf: 16 Bicep: 12.75 Forearm: 10.75
  5. I am lifting every alternative day(the beginner workout from the NF site). After my fighting classes(primarily consisting of - 5 rounds of 2 minute sparring, body conditioning and some bodyweight exercises for warm up). Was wondering for optimum benefit, should I kick the lifting up or down a notch?
  6. So a few years ago I tore a muscle in my lower left back (3rd quadrant, I believe). The first time around, I didn't let it heal properly and developed a mass of scar tissue that left it very stiff. I was able to break it up with a few trips to the chiropractor but the muscle was still very weak and (surprise surprise) I injured myself again last October that put me out of work for a week. Since then I've been working slowly to build my lower back muscles back up, using mostly low-impact exercises and pilates. I really want to start weight lifting, but I'm scared that I might injure myself again. Any advice on how to get started the right way?
  7. Last Challenge was...challenging. And I did not rise to the occasion. Hopefully, the longer and warmer days will help me get out of my slump. That, and getting consistent with my "practice." Some things are best done every day. 2014 Goal 1: Deadlift my bodyweight (170lbs/77kg)/do a pull-up. Currently deadlifting 125lbs/56.7kg/hanging 5 seconds Challenge Goal: Exercise every day. Weights 3x/week, gym aerobics 2x/week, yoga or outside walking 2x/week. More than an hour of strenuous gardening can count as a weight work-out. Walking more than 1.5 hours can count as a gym aerobic work-out. Deadlift: January Start: 125 lbs; Challenge Start: 125 lbsSquat: January Start: 105 lbs; Challenge Start: 105 lbsBench Press January Start: 75 lbs; Challenge Start: 75 lbsOverhead press: January Start: 60 lbs; Challenge Start: 55 lbs (yes, I went backwards. sigh)Grading: A= 36-42 days (+2STR, +2CON); B= 30-35 days (+2STR, +1CON); C= 24-29 days (+1STR, +1CON); D= 18-23 days (+1STR) 2014 Goal 2: Make meditating a habit Challenge Goal: Meditate for 10 minutes every day. Grading: A= 36-42 days (+2WIS, +2CHA); B= 30-35 (+2WIS, +1CHA); C= 24-29 (+1WIS, +1CHA); D= 18-23 (+1WIS) 2014 Goal 3: Complete a king-sized quilt. Machine or hand pieced, hand quilted. Challenge Goal: Work on a sewing project at least 10 minutes every day. Grading: A= 36-42 days (+2DEX, +2STA); B= 30-35 (+2DEX, +1STA); C= 24-29 (+1DEX, +1STA); D= 18-23 (+1DEX) 2014 Goal 4: Read one non-fiction book outside of my comfort zone every month. Challenge Goal: Read a book. I still have to pick one. Grading: Pass (+1CHA, +1WIS, +1STA)
  8. I've done the last 2 challenges and decided I need a more permanent place to log my progress. I'm a 39 year old female looking to lose weight and get stronger. My goal is to finish my weight loss by May 2014 with a fuzzy goal weight of 125 -130 pounds. This is not set in stone, especially since I'm lifting weights and getting stronger at the same time. I began following the Starting Strength program in November. I'm currently on week six. Although I did have a set back for the past 4 weeks while I was nursing a shoulder with tendonitis. So I've mostly been squatting and have just started adding back the presses and deadlift into my program. Here are my goals: 1. Do strength training 3 times per week. 2. Do cardio for 30 minutes 2 times a week. 3. Eat within my daily calorie and macro goals: Calories: 1400-1700 Protein: 103-128 grams Fiber: 25 - 30 grams Fat: < 60 grams Carbs: 125 - 175 grams . I'm mainly tracking calories, protein, and fiber. I'm not so strict with carbs and fat unless weight loss stops or I have issues with the strength training progress. I'll mostly be using this to log my daily workouts. I'll probably use it to check my calories/macros once a week. My current statistics: Age | 39 years 11 months | Height | 60 | Date | 12/22/2013 | Weight 161.2 | BF % | 34.8 |(not sure how accurate this is) Bust | 39.5 | Chest | 34.25 | Waist | 35.5 | Hips | 42.5 | L Thigh | 26 | L Calf | 15 | L Upper Arm | 13 | Neck | 14 |
  9. Hi, I'm Jess and I want it all! Ha, but seriously, I do. I've struggled with weight gain during my pregnancies. The first go-around I gained and lost over 100lbs- BUT I was a cardio queen with little muscle and still very unhappy with my "skinny fat" figure. This is my second rodeo and I am determined to make my efforts more efficient. I've already lost about 50 pounds and have achieved "normal/healthy" body weight indicators (5'4, 135lbs, about 25-28% body fat). I've still got fat I'd like to trim and I'd like to see more muscle definition. I also love to run and I love heavy lifting. In my ideal world, my plan of action to the physique I want is simple: 1. Eat Clean- Plateo 2. Run- I want to marathon train this year 3. Lift- like a boss The problem is, every where I look I see articles from "experts" saying I have to choose 1. Apparently I can't run distance and do Olympic weight training the next day. Apparently I also cannot loose weight while eating enough to efficiently run/lift at the intensity I enjoy. In my head... I feel like I can give my body all the clean nutrients it needs and my workouts will build muscle.. which will in turn torch the excess fat. Any advice out there? Do I need to phase train- like do a cutting phase to loose weight, then change it up for a bulking phase to gain muscle? What kind of calories and macros should I be eating?
  10. Hello Assassin's guild! I spent my first challenge in the first timer's club and spent a time deliberating whether to join assassins or druids, but here I am for this challenge focusing on an acrobatics goal which fits more in the assassin's realm. I really enjoyed the first challenge, saw a lot of growth, many compliments were received when I got home and even my parents commented I look like the best shape of my life! So very rewarding overall. this first post will sound very businessy and numbers. kind of dry material, but my updates and other posts will be more candid I promise. I welcome gifs and other forms of support as well. Here comes round two! STATS: I'm 21 and now 134lbs. my current body fat percentage rests at 26.5% as of Dec 24th, this was measured with an electric scale, but I have purchased calipers and will update that soon. my belly button waistline is currently 80-85 cm (flex-relaxed). I'm hoping to improve these numbers in general which I'm sure will happen along this challenge, but I'm just going to keep track of them and see how they change over the course of the challenge. My goal is to be able to be able to base (in acrobatics this is the person supporting the person in the air) for my acrobatics partner for a fairly unique routine in which we play both flying and basing roles. I also want to make more progress in yoga which I practice regularly as well but will not be keeping track of that here (though I may make some breakthroughs and post some of that as well.. not my main focus for this challenge) This means I have the following tasks: Reduce my body fat percentage, be able to lift my partner's goal weight (135) and then some for safety, and prepare choreography for the Acrobatics routine. I've sorted out strength training as a main path of goal fulfillment so this is my main course, practicing is important, and the food intake is for proper fuel and to reduce body fat. the following will be my evaluation criteria each week: Goals: 1. Go to the gym and lift A = > 5x per week B = 4x per week C = 3x per week D = 2x per week F = < 1x per week 2. Practice Acrobatics A = 3x per week B = 2x with addtl practice per week C = 2x per week D = once per week F = Not at all 3. Reduce intake of foods that fall outside of the Paleo diet to 3x week at most A = < 1x a week B = 2x a week C = 3x a week D = 5x a week F = > 5x a week Life Quest: Finish at least one verse of spoken word each day A = > 6x a week B = 5x a week C = 3x a week D = 2x a week F = < 1x a week I've included my life quest which is to create and perform a spoken word piece which I hope to perform at a poetry slam on February 8th. Gym regimen and weekly grade out will be updated daily here Motivation: so that I can say honestly and with confidence the following about myself... I feel strong I am able to assess my limits I am confident in my ability to accomplish the desired performance
  11. Wow, sorry for epic giant photo, but Happy New Years everyone! I'm very happy to be continuing on my fitness journey, so far, it's been great. Especially with the help and support of everyone on here! Since I was in middle school, I've always been the smart one, an exceptional mind. I know I'm not the smartest, but I'm not a dummy. But since I was a kid I was always husky, and since the end of high school, fat. But In my mind, I always imagined myself like a superhero in physique. Cut, as they say. I knew I wasn't, but I always felt that's how I should be. Thus I began half hearted attempts at losing weight but always failing due not changing how I ate. But now I have! I've lost 80 lbs by changing how and what I ate. I've made great progress, now it's time to get that superhero physique. It's time for feeling great about not wearing a shirt. It's time for... ....claws not included. Seriously, I want to look great. Hot even, upon the viewers discretion of course. But simply, I want to look good for me. To fulfill that last checkmark of: Healthy and Fit. But how will I do this? Well I've got a plan. GOAL #1 - Nutrition (STR +3, STA +2) Nutrition is the key to all success. I still need to lose weight, specifically body fat. Currently I estimate to be around 30%. I've done caliper measurements, and they put me around 25-30% depending on measurements. Either way, I have a noticeable amount of fat still on me, mainly around the midsection and upper thigh. I want to remove this and build on the muscle. To do so, I will have to hit a slight caloric deficit, but still eating the correct ratio of macros to encourage muscle growth. For the last year and a half I've been eating primally. I will try to stick to this lifestyle, as it suits me well. I will have to eat rice and beans to reach my carb macro without eating a ton of wheat. Protein powders will also be consumed. The hardest part of this challenge will be consistency, as to succeed I will need to do this every day. After the first three weeks of 100% consistency, I will then evaluate where I am and modify as needed. To aid with consistency, I am working on a meal plan and do food prep before each day, preferably on Sunday. 42 days completed = A 38 days completed = B 34 days completed = C 30 days completed = Fail GOAL #2 - Lift Weights (STR +4) The second part of building the muscle and losing the fat, is lifting heavy. I exited high school with some pretty decent lifting numbers, but since those 8 years I've completely slacked. I don't even think I could squat 200 lbs. So I'm signing up to my local gym, which is the best for the iron work in this town, like all the new years resolutioners. Except I will continue where they will fail (hopefully they don't). It will be a simple lifting plan based off of starting strength, and strong lifts, but with added accessory work. Simple, solid, proven compound lifts will do the work that I need. 3 times a week, Tue/Thurs/Sat. I will be going after I meet with my robotics students. By only lifting 3 times a week, I get to spend more time with my family, and also get to recover. 18 WO completed = A 16 WO completed = B 14 WO completed = C 12 WO completed = Fail GOAL #3 - Recovery (STR +2, STA +3) The third most important part is recovery, and that means sleep. You don't get bigger and stronger with working out, you get that during the recovery. Thus, I will work on getting 8 hrs of sleep every night. This is why only want to lift for 3 days a week right now, as the more sleep I get, the less time I get with my wife and son after you include cooking and all the other extra curricular activities I do. Seems simple, but this will be hard. Luckily no school to pile on with. I'll be tracking with my fitbit. 42 days completed = A 38 days completed = B 34 days completed = C 30 days completed = Fail LIFE GOAL - Around the House (CON +1) As I mentioned before, I have a son, who happens to only be 2.5 months old. He's quite the handful, and my wife takes care of him but currently finds it difficult to do much of anything else without me home to watch him. So lately I've been doing most of the cooking, cleaning, and other household chores. I also have a few home projects I'd like to finish. So since I'm not in school, I want to get as many things done before school picks up again, and the smoldering AZ heat returns. So I have a list here that I'll post and hopefully you guys can keep me accountable. There are more I'm sure that I'll add, but I want to make a dent in these. A success will be if I do 5 of these things. Clean out and organize garage (seriously can't fit any cars in there!)Take down Christmas lightsFinal touch ups in nurseryInstall ceiling fan in nurseryInstall new faucet in master bathMake and install organizing shelf system under master sink cabinetLay down pavers for front porchFix side gateLevel backyardGrow grass So I hope you guys can follow along, and keep me motivated. Please feel free to ask questions, make comments, yell at me if you want. I appreciate all feedback. I'll be posting stats on Jan 5th. Starting Specs: Weight: 215.8 lbs (not bad since I ballooned up to 222 lbs during the holidays) Height: 5' 10-11" Chest: 44.5" Waist: 40.5" Hips: 45" Biceps: 14.5" / 15" (Not flexed) Thigh: 26" / 27" Calf: 16.5" / 16.5" BF%: 26.5% (this doesn't seem right, but if I measure the same each time, then the next measurement is relative to the next)
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUNiazZ5fj4 As the cold winds blow and winter's chill fills the air, strength, endurance and courage are needed to survive the harsh conditions of the north. Only through diligent training can one ensure survival through to another summer... This challenge we're doing something a little different. For one, I'm starting a new workout routine - Stronglifts 5x5 - as well as looking to focus more on life changes rather than fitness ones. Simplification is key here. Simplification and minimalism. Main Quest: Drop to 6% BF, 32" waist. I was working towards reaching this before this challenge, and came damn close, but not quite. So it continues to be my main quest, with a slight upgrade. I fit into size 32 pants (measuring tape still says 34" though), but I'm looking to get muscle definition in my abs, so that's the update, right there. Six pack, or whatever... In order to hit this goal I am driving forward with several sub goals, which will be worked into this challenge. Run a mile in under 7 minutes. Steadily increase my Squat, Deadlift and Pull Ups in weight and number. Do Salmon Ladder Pull-Ups. Because... seriously. So where are we going this challenge? Let's see... Quest 1: Be strong like the bear... [str] I started Stronglifts 5x5 last week, so technically I'm going into week two. The goal here is to get in three workouts a week through the entire challenge. Simple enough. However, in order to successfully make it through, I also need to have the weight increases expected through Stronglifts, which is 5 lb per lift per workout, and 10 lb each workout for Deadlifts. Do able. Quest 2: Be like a leaf on the wind... [Dex] I have been neglecting my stretching and yoga post-workout, doing only 5 minutes or even none on occasion. So this challenge, I need to do 10 minutes of yoga/stretching every day - in the morning on non-strength training days and after my workout on the others. I have a routine I go through 4 times, so this should be easy, I just need to stick to it. Quest 3: Be still like the pool... [Wis] Another thing I've been neglecting is my mental state. While I am happier and healthier than I've been in years, I still have been avoiding meditation and other mindful activities that used to bring my joy. So for this challenge I propose that I meditate once a week, and write in a journal twice a week. That is all. If this quest is successful I may increase the frequency in the future. Life Quest: Simplify, minimize [Wis] My quest to get rid of extraneous belongings and empty my house of boxes continues from last challenge. I was highly successful but there is more to do! So this continues, with the goal being get rid of at least one box a week. However, in addition to boxes I have begun examining my video game collection critically. I own a significantly higher number of games that I have never played that ones I have. so for this challenge I will attempt to play through several of them. I'm in the process of playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow on xbox, F.E.A.R. on PC and Super Mario 3D World on Wii U. I plan to beat all of these games, and start Dishonored on 360 and F.E.A.R. 2 on PC before the end of the challenge. Fitness Quest: Trudge ever onward [Con] As winter has arrived, travel becomes harder, harsher and more inconvenient. This never stops a Ranger though. I need to continue walking and moving around outside, completing 50 mile of walking before the end of the challenge, as well as some running and other efforts. So those are the goals for this challenge. Hopefully, they will make me healthier, happier and wiser. Let's start 2014 on the right foot.
  13. I started my fitness journey 3.5 years ago when I decided enough was enough. I had put on 40lbs of unwanted fat since high school due to laziness. I am married and had one kid at the time but gaming (World of Warcraft) was my priority. I was addicted and I later learned my wife was ready to leave me over it. So I went running. First run was 2 miles and was it ever TOUGH! But I stuck with it and kept running even though I hated it. I signed up for a 5K race and after that I was hooked. I actually started enjoying the runs and looking forward to them. They became an escape from the world. That year I raced a half marathon as well, following Nike+ training programs, and finished with a fast time (1:35). I had traded one addiction (gaming) for another (running) and haven't looked back. The next year I followed other programs such as Insanity and P90X. By then I had seen my body changing, losing the fat. I started realizing I didn't want to be a skinny runner either, so I started looking for strength training programs, found SuperHero Workouts and followed that for its course, all the while still running. My new goal was to become a super hero for myself and my family (I wanted to look like Captain America or Thor). This last winter I have been using StrongLifts 5X5 by Mehdi and been seeing my max for squats, deadlifts, and bench increase. I temporarily stopped running to get more rest and see more gains. I was thinking of joining his online community but it costs $30 a month. Then I found Nerd Fitness. I love the simplicity and the wonderful advice. I purchased the strength plan and want to follow it now for more muscle/strength gains. I have been reading the Nerd Fitness posts for over a year but only recently learned how to access this community and I look forward to getting to know you and working with you all to improve ourselves. I plan on following the barbell strength training and using a mix of running and some crossfit to continue improving my fitness. My wife is a nutrition fanatic so I have been working with her for years to improve and maintain a healthy diet. I did try out the GOMAD diet I learned about on Nerd Fitness for a couple months and used it to bulk up. Last year I completed my first marathon, as well as a Spartan Beast. I have decided never to do another marathon because it is contrary to my fitness goals, though I learned a lot from doing one. I will be doing another Spartan this year and hope to improve on my time of two and a half hours. I am in the best shape of my life, and want to be able to say that for the rest of my life. Sorry for the wordy intro, but thanks for the welcome.
  14. Setting out for my fifth challenge I'm taking stock of where I've been the last six months. April - started my fitness quest at 308 lbs - exploring new ways of managing my eating, and started strength training. Great initial success through my first 2 1/2 challenges - lost 58 lbs by mid-August, and ran my first-ever Warrior Dash without stopping (my goal). Had a mild post-accomplishment-high letdown, plateaued a little, and then have struggled significantly since my mother's death in mid-September. Regressed some in my eating, which has stalled me and bounced me up some from my low of 241 in early September. My goals for this challenge will reflect my quest to re-establish and get consistent again with the healthy behaviors I was doing well up until 8 weeks ago. This orcwarrior is out to beat those old habits down into the ground again!!! Life Mission Quest: Get under 200 lbs. Haven’t been under 200 lbs since shortly after left the Air Force in 1996, 17 years ago. I want to get back to where I was at 30, weight-wise, and then set some more goals related to raising my performance in running, biking, lifting, or whatever my physical passion is at that time. My battle plan is as follows: 1. Keep a food log tracking eating and calories, which will be mostly paleo except for the occasional sandwich with wheat/light bread that I allow myself, and NO BINGING. Goal is 14K cals/wk. <14K A, <15K B, <16K C, <17K D, >17K F +2 Con, +1 Cha 2. Do a minimum of five workouts weekly, alternating between strength and running workouts, the latter usually intervals. I'm going to average this over the challenge to allow for life issues, so I'm shooting for 30 workouts total. 30+ A, 28-29 B, 26-27 C, 24-25 D, 23 or less F +2 Str +2 Sta 3. Stay caught up at work - no more than two undone reports at the end of each week. This pretty much pass/fail for each week. +2 Int 4. Stay current with Bible reading, light treatment (I have SAD), and meeting with my small group and other relationships. These things are key to keeping me feeling good and well motivated and engaged in life. Will be scored somewhat subjectively - keep track of reading and being proactive relationally each week both inside and outside of immediate family. +2 Wis\ I'm hoping to re-engage well and get back on the progress track for losing weight. Am starting out slightly above where I ended several weeks ago, at 253. That's OK - not where I've been, but where I'm going that counts. Vive la Rebellion!
  15. Wandern tiptoes back into the Druid lodge and takes her place in the back corner. After attempting to go it alone for a bit, she misses her fellow Druids. To sum up: The last time I posted here was just after our awesome, level-up family vacation back at the end of August. I did not complete that challenge, and by the time I got caught up on life and work the next challenge was well underway. Plus, Steve launched the Academy, and I thought I’d try that out in lieu of time on the Rebellion board. It’s pretty good, the new workouts, instructions, and demos are great, but I find that I really need the structure and accountability of the Challenge to stay on track. I’ve continued to get into the gym fairly regularly, and have watched the diet pretty well, but the scale is starting to trend in the wrong direction. The Patagonia shorts still fit OK, so I’m not too far off the path – but if I’m to head into 2014 feeling like I’ve made good progress this year, I have to challenge myself now. The Overall Goal: A clean start to 2014 Subgoal 1: Increase overall strength I’m doing an Academy barbell workout. I want to increase the amount I’m lifting by 10 pounds on all lifts. Current: Deadlift, 105 lbs; Squat, 95 lbs, Bench Press, 65 lbs; Overhead press: 55 lbs. Bonus points if I can finally do a pull-up at the end of the 6 weeks. Method: Hit the gym, do 3 lifting workouts per week. I lifted yesterday, so am on target so far. A (+2STR, +2DEX) = +10 on 3 lifts; B (+1 STR, +2 DEX)= +5 on 3 lifts; C(+1STR, +1DEX)= increased weight on 2 lifts Subgoal 2: Lose some fat I tell myself I really don’t care what the scale says, and yet I still do. I don’t like that it’s going up instead of down these days. I know that it’s probably muscle gain, but there’s still plenty of fat on top of that muscle that could go. So, I’m going to try a 5:2 fasting diet for these 6 weeks and see what that does. I’ll consume 500 calories or less two days every week and not worry about calories the other 5. I fasted yesterday, so am on target here. A (+3CON, +1STA) = 10 fast days; B(+2CON, +1STA) = 8 fast days; C (+1CON, +1STA) = 6 fast days Subgoal 3: Focus! Here we go with the meditation goal again: 10 minutes of meditation daily. I missed yesterday, so am off to a late start. A (+2WIS, +2CHA) = 36 sessions; B (+1WIS, +2CHA) = 30 sessions; C (+1CHA, +1WIS) = 24 sessions Life Goal: Clean the house I like to start the new year with a completely clean house: windows washed, cupboards and closets cleaned and organized, baseboards wiped, etc, etc, etc. I still have to make the task list. A (+1CHA, +1DEX, +1STA) = 90% of the task list complete; B (+1CHA, +1DEX) = 80% of the task list complete It's good to be back!
  16. OKAY!!!! I HAVE AN INTERNET CONNECTION NOW!!!! This is my second challenge (after successfully completing the last 6WC) and as members of the RPG Fanatics Guild were made aware, I will be doing most of the upcoming challenges at my new duty station in Korea! Gods, this place has a lot of hills!!!! And where there aren't hills, there are stairs! So, in accordance with the Challenge rules, here are my goals: MAIN QUEST Score a 300 on the PT test. 1. Perform 50 consecutive push-ups in 2 min or less 2. Perform 82 sit-ups in 2 min or less 3. Run 2 miles in 15:48 or less SIDE QUEST Get back down to 155 Lbs again. This is mostly due to the military weight restrictions placed on my height and age group, so I see it as an added bonus rather than something I'm actively working toward. MINI-QUEST Climb at least one mountain a month! Seeing as I'm in one of the most mountainous countries on the planet, and seeing as most of those mountains are accessible by train and a quick cab ride, I'm ready to get out there and get a hawk's eye view of this place. The last time I was in Korea I didn't really see much of it outside of the inside of a bar. I want this time to be different. My point system will follow the same format as last challenge: +1 pt for completing the day's workout, but this time I will allow for "making up" points on the weekends. I will also allow for additional points, in the event that I find myself feeling especially fit and motivated. It looks like my job here will not allow for my participation in the usual mandatory PT (I'll be working shifts), so all my goals will sit squarely on my own shoulders. YAY!!! :D I haven't formulated my own workout for this go around just yet, but I will post it as soon as I do. Most likely I will continue to do a routine very similar to the one I had last challenge. That's it! Challenge accepted, and I am ready to ROCK it!
  17. Hey all! I've ventured to Nerd Fitness from the site My Fitness Pal where a link was posted to the article about Staci's weight lifting journey. I've been logging my calories and exercise over at MFP for about two months and I've lost 10 pounds. My original goal was to lose 30 pounds all together, but we all know that muscle weighs more than fat and being lean and strong is my priority. Which brings me to the reason for me post. I have no idea how to start lifting. I do 30 minutes of cardio about five times a week, and I know that I need to bring lifting into the mix to see any big results. I work out at the small fitness center in my apartment complex. There's a few free weights, an incline chest press, leg extender and a lat pull down. But I've never done any real lifting before, and I'm not sure where to start. I know that I need to lift "heavy," but what is "heavy?" I guess my big question is... How far should I be pushing myself? I don't want to risk injury or do damage to my body. Is there a good baseline to start with? Thanks in advance for the advice!
  18. I'm starting a little late in the 6 weeks challenge, but only by a week. Wasn't planning on doing a challenge, but since I'm stuck at work, and don't have access to the chat because the network is blocking it, I figured why not?? Plus, I'm an aspiring warrior, and to get into that guild, I need to get this challenge knocked out. Will give me two places to update my progress. Here, and my daily battle log. I guess the battle log will be nice for general tracking of my over all progress, with this being much more goal oriented. Current Main Quests: I'm wanting to go to the TTTT in January. I'd like to have some respectable lifts by then. 200 lbs bench, 300 lbs squat, 400 lbs deadlift, all for reps. I don't know if this is going to happen, but I am most certainly going to give it a shot. I'm also wanting to drop my bodyweight down to 200 lbs from 221. This is unlikely, and not something I'm going to actively try for, but if it happens that would be amazing. I know that losing weight is kinda counterproductive on gaining strength, but i'm hoping to be in that perfect noob range where my high body fat percentage and lack of previous weight lifting gives me that perfect storm of what i'm wanting. Goal 1: Fight gravity. Get stronger. Go to the gym and pick up heavy things 3x/week. Plan is to go every other day, so it should end up being 3x one week, 4x the next... but as long as I get in 3x/week, i'll be happy. Goal 2: Documentation, documentation, documentation. Write it down! Track all my food on the LoseIt app on my phone. This will be the biggest challenge for me. I've tried this before, and after 2 weeks, I got a "feel" for about how much I should be eating each day, then stopped tracking. Then slowly, over time, I was added more and more calories each day without realizing it. Goal 3: Feed myself. Save money. Live healthy. Eat out less often. This is very vague, I know, but I typically eat out for 2-3 meals a day, whether i'm traveling for work or at home. This needs to stop. I'm going to start preparing my own food as much as I can, and only going out to eat when I'm taking the lady-friend out for a date night or something. I know I haven't set any grading scale for this, and I really don't plan on it. If I can manage to stick with the challenge, and see it through to the end (which is a major accomplishment for me, in itself), i'm going to consider it a pass. If I'm not updating by the end, or have completely stopped working out, or start blowing tons of money on Taco Bell... I have failed. Mini-Quest: Discover new foods. Find 28 new recipes before the end of the challenge. Record the recipes, ingredients, protein/fat/carbs, etc. Build a spreadsheet to keep track of recipes for easy sorting / searching. Hopefully I'll enjoy doing it enough that I'll continue to collect different recipes to try. A lot of them may be overly simple, but considering I know nothing about cooking, I have to start somewhere. Goal 1 / Goal 2 / Goal 3 x - completed o - not completed @ - missed / failed WEEK 1: N/A (Had not joined the challenge at this point) WEEK 2: [xxx] [xxxxxxx] [xxxxxxx@xx@@xxxxxxxxx] WEEK 3: [xxo] [xxxxxoo] [xx@xxxxxxxxxxxxoooooo] WEEK 4: [ooo] [ooooooo] [ooooooooooooooooooooo] WEEK 5: [ooo] [ooooooo] [ooooooooooooooooooooo] WEEK 6: [ooo] [ooooooo] [ooooooooooooooooooooo] Main Quest Current weight: 224 LBS remaining: 24 Mini-Quest New recipes documented: 1/28 Current Workout Weights Bench: 150 Squat: 195 Dead: 235 LBS to be added Bench: 50 Squat: 105 Dead: 165 Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 | Day 8
  19. I'm a 27 year old female so of course I have tried every form of dieting I could think of in the past. I would do well for awhile, then backslide and be back to eat an ungodly amount of poutine while watching TV every night. Sorry, my Canadian-ness is showing - that is fries, cheese, and gravy for you American folks. While I would never be classified as "overweight" in terms of BMI, my terrible habits were putting me on the fast track to sweatpants as an everyday necessity. This summer, with the help of a friend, I started to utilize my apartment building's gym. Over the course of 5 months I dropped 15lbs. Not a lot, but I am now a size 2 for the first time in my life. Awesome, right! So why an I just introducing myself to you now? Well, I kind of made a mistake and I need your encouragement to fix it. This past weekend I went to a fancy, formal function on behalf of my work. There was free flowing alcohol, food and new people to mingle with. I got a little tipsy and pulled my coworker around to meet some of the brand managers. One product was offering to cover the fees for anyone that entered a race they were sponsoring. I had run a Mud Runner event last year and thought it would be fun to challenge myself. My time on the first 5k was awful and I was in much better shape today so why not? So after goading her with a few choice names, we signed up. It was then we were approached by a gentleman that said he was happy a women had finally signed up. I was a little surprised and asked him about the race. Turns out this isn't a fun jaunty 5k - it was almost 20k of military grade torture! So, there you have it. I have 281 days to do this. Wish me luck
  20. Hello everyone! This is my third challenge. My first challenge…I can’t remember what happened but I didn’t complete it. My second challenge started shortly before I found out I was pregnant and while I tried to meet my goals I just couldn’t do it. So, here I am. Third time’s the charm right? A little about me: I am a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) of Munchkin (3 years old) and Tadpole (1 month). I discovered the Paleo/primal lifestyle not long after Munchkin’s birth and have been working to lose weight and gain strength ever since. I have problems staying consistent though, which is why it’s been 3 years and I still haven’t met my long-term weight/strength goals. It’s the journey, not the destination right? I love to garden, hunt, fish, SCUBA dive, and ride horses (though sadly I’m horse-less at the moment). I have a 5 month old German Shepherd pup who you’ll (hopefully) be seeing a lot of during this challenge. Now that you have some background on to the fun stuff! The Main Quest Lose 15 pounds and/or lose 12 inches (overall) off my frame. Goal 1 Eat my version of perfect Paleo/primal 5 days a week, preferably 7 but I’ll give myself some leeway what with lack of sleep and all that other newborn stuff. (My version includes full-fat dairy and occasionally rice.) Goal 2 Lift weights for 30 minutes, 3 times a week and complete the 30 Day Plank Challenge. (Trying to figure out a good way to track this online so I can watch my strength grow (hopefully) and prove I did it. Ideas?) Goal 3 Walk or bike 6 miles a week. Munchkin’s preschool is (according to Google) 1.4 miles away from home. She goes twice a week. In the interest of saving gas, exercising the pup, and getting in some cardio I will walk or bike to pick her up. Bonus points if I drop her off as well. Pics will be posted (either facebook or here) for every walk/ride. Life Quest Internet silence, 3 days a week. This will be hard; the internet is my main form of communication with other adults. But, that’s the problem-I need to develop real life friendships. I also need to be more efficient online. I go to look up one thing, then take a side trip to visit Facebook or check my mail and suddenly an hour has gone by and I still haven’t finished the one thing I got online for. Motivation I’ve been out of shape for about 10 years. At least, that’s when my size started getting in the way of what I enjoyed doing. I tried different diets, exercise programs; joined gyms, ect. I would do great for a month or so and then fall off the wagon, regain the weight and become lazy, then restart or get on a new program and…wash, rinse, repeat. Now I have two kids. I need to keep up with them, but more, I need to feel comfortable in my own skin. I’m naturally an introverted hermit but, as Munchkin becomes older, I find I have to go out in public *gasp* and be around people *ew!*. School functions, field trips, ect-I need to not dread and hate these things, especially when Munchkin loves them. I don’t want her to hate being in public as much as I do. My hope is that being more comfortable with my body will make being out in public less horrible. Plus, have you ever been around a 3 year old? I can barely keep up. And now there are TWO of them! By the time Tadpole is walking I need to be ready. I will be using my Facebook page to post pics (proof!) since I have often have problems uploading stuff here. If you’d like to follow along the address is: https://www.facebook.com/ThePrimalGardener (I will still try and post pics here as well.) What I’d Like From You My largest hurdle is staying consistent. I am hoping that joining this challenge and posting will make me accountable and stay on track. Or near the tracks. Within view of the tracks? Heck, at this point I need all the support I can get! So, help me stay on course! Let me know how I can help you-lets conquer these goals!
  21. INTRO I just finished my first challenge: ran for 2 months, 3times a week and ate paleo while doing calisthenics and while starting spanish lessons. Thing went well! I feel like I have to do my share in the warriors guild! So I joined a private powerlifting Gym last week and here I am. And currently, it's a love/hate relationship between me and the barbell.. MY MAIN QUESTSee where a year will take me; I want to feel like Conan or something.. Basically I want to be able to handle whatever challenge I can face without risking injuries. Climbing a moutain, moving a big rock to clear the way, lifting a fallen tree, fighting a bear.. whatever. I like challenges! To do that I'll have to : lift 3x week, continue to eat paleo-style and sleep 7 to 8 hours a day. +5STR +5CON SIDE QUESTSContinue my Spanish lessons with DuoLingo. +2CHA +1WIS Read a book and play guitar every damn day that I can. +1DEX +1 WISDECLARE YOUR MOTIVATION That's about it.
  22. I'm a bit late but fuck it! Short: Lose weight, build muscle Long: Get down to 13-15% bf. I am currently 82kg and about 23-26% bf. When I started: Deadlift: 40kg by 8 reps (on last set) Squat: 20kg by 10 reps (2 sets) Bench: 20kg by 10 reps (3 sets, 2nd set is more like 8-9 reps and last is like 6-7) Goals for end of 6 week challenge : Deadlift: 80kg by 8 reps on last set. squat: 50kg by 10 reps all 3 sets Bench: 40kg by 10 reps 3 sets I had been doing well with weight loss, when I started training I got hungry and put on a little weight, went up to 84kg, now fixed diet up a little and back down to 82kg. Was down at 80.5kg before weight training started. Main quest Goal 1: Eat primal and keep with in 2,000 calories per day, whilst hitting protein goals. Goal 2: Hit the gym 4 days a week and do my program set by PT Goal 3: Push hard at gym and try increase weight where possible whilst having good form. Life side quest: Pass all my subjects this semester at University. I have had on my wall for the past 3 months a piece of paper saying I want to be 80kg by Novemeber 1st. Also a friend gave me a bottle of scotch that says I can't open till I hit 75kg. Grading system: Goal 1: A: Track calories, stick under 2000 calories and hit at least 150g of protein every day. (1-2 cheat days allowed). B: Track calories every day, stick under 2000 calories per day (1-2 cheat days). C: Track calories every day. D: Track most days. E: Track most days but eat too much when I do track. F Don't track at all, eat whatever. Goal 2: A: Hit the gym every day I have designated. (only can skip if injured) B: Skip a gym day and not make it up. C: Skip 2 days with out making it up. D: Skip 3 days. E: Skip 4 days. F: Skip more than 5 days. Goal 3: A: Increase weight or reps on at least 2 exercises per work out. B: Increase weight or reps on at least a exercise per work out. C: Increase weight or reps on an exercise on 3 out of 4 work outs a week. D: Increase reps or weight on 2 out of 4 exercises a week. E: increase weight or reps on at least 1 work out a week. F: No increase in weights or reps. Progress so far on goals: So my update, diet was doing well, then slackened off because of increased hunger from strength training. #1:I have cleaned it up even more to leaner foods and more green veg, started tracking calories and taking appetite suppressants. #2: good as have not missed a day in the gym #3: fairly well been adding weight on most stuff, could maybe push a little harder when I am on my own in the gym. Form has been good, but I did screw up a little and it lead to my neck being sore. Life quest: did well on a test, but I need to study more
  23. Do any of you add non-paleo carbss to your post-workout meal to help with recovery? Loren Cordain recommends it for very long, intense workouts in "The Paleo Diet for Athletes", but after weight-training for an hour to an hour and a half I usually find that I feel fine and am getting excellent gains using bananas and maybe some raw honey (in other words, small amounts of high-sugar but technically paleo foods) to my post-workout meal. What about periodic carb re-feeds? What foods? How often do you "re-feed"? Aimee
  24. Hi there! I'm Paradigm! Or really, that's what they call me around here. And by they I mean... me. This is my second quest for six weeks! I'm honestly surprised I managed it the first time and even more surprised that I am jumping on the band wagon to go at this a second time. I have a bit of a hard past and I detailed it all in my first challenge. But I'm in a better place now and I am moving forward and working on what I consider to be the last step in my journey to a better life.... Feeling comfortable in my skin. My Main Quest: Well, I have the same goal but really two quests. I am training to go to Tough Mudder 2014 in Manchester, UK. I have a lot of friends counting on me now as we reserved our spot and our name for the team! Along with that, I am looking to get in amazing shape for my future wedding. It is a bit further off, in 2015. But I hope to achieve my weight loss goals before the end of 2013 anyways so the rest will be toning, working on muscle building and just improving. So... to clarify... My main quest is to be able to fit in to my jeans, my favourite jeans from when I was 18. The Holy Trinity (Three goals): 1) Do a workout 3 times a week with weights and 5 days a week with cardio.( +2 STR + 3 CON if recieve a grade B or higher) I have had a hard time with this in the past as I always get so caught up in work that I don't make the time for me. So I am making this more of a focus for me during this challenge. This is my number one priority. 2) Convert to ONLY organic, grass fed meats and only locally grown/sourced sustainable produce (+1 CHA +1 WIS + 1 DEX if receive grade B or higher) (some exceptions will be made out of necessity). I would like to have it so only one meal a week will be non-paleo by the end of the 6 weeks. I've had a hard time, with our travelling, keeping up with the types of meals I'd like to eat. Not the eating, I'm consistently eating now, but I'm not eating the type of stuff I want. So wherever we are, I'm making it a priority to eat like I should. 3) Reduce my waist by another 2" (+4 STR +2 DEX + 2 STA + 1 WIS on grade B or higher) I had huge success in the last challenge, but I still have a long way to go. So I'm hoping to lose another 2" off my waist by the end of this challenge. I will be keeping track of all my stats, but this is my measurement point for the goal. My goal is a 30" hip as I feel comfortable with that. But that will take more than 6 weeks, so I think that will be for next time. Side Quest: My life related side quest is to get my bank balance 5k into the positive before the end of the 6 weeks. This will be particularily hard as we have a lot of outgoing expenses in the next little bit... For instance, we have to pay for a year long rental. We have to pay for our new sales people we hired during the last challenge. We need to register my fiance (omg I get to say that now!) for his permanent residency here, we need to get marriage licenses (expensive, surprisingly), we also need to shell out the holding fees for our places we're getting married and start planning. So there is a lot to go out and we need to make sure we have a comfortable balance starting to build. My Motivation: I already hinted at it... But I've had a rough time in life. Not all bad or anything but I have been through a lot, especially over the last few years. I now have a business, which is my dream. I'm working on a video game with some friends which is going to launch soon, another dream. I'm getting married to an man who makes my past seem like it was all worth it just so I found him. Now my motivation is to feel comfortable in my skin. I feel like I am not the person I want to be, despite all my changes because I don't feel comfortable with how I look. I have always had a hard time realizing that I am better than I think I am, because even when I was skinny as hell I thought I was fat. So it's why it's not necessarily a weight goal but a comfortable in my skin. I want to feel good about myself and I want to look absolutely f'in killer at my wedding! (I'll stop mentioning it soon it's still just very exciting to me lol)
  25. Ok so I am doing weight lifting at home with my cheesy 8 lb weights. I want to upgrade to bigger/better ones, but what is a brand/style that fits well. Also what lbs do you guys recommend to get. I am new to this "at home" workout. I usually just go to the gym but honestly those machines do nothing for me. I am about 2 weeks in to doing it, I am 5' 1 1/2" if this info is needed. Thanks in advance!
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