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  1. Hi there! I'm Paradigm! Or really, that's what they call me around here. And by they I mean... me. This is my second quest for six weeks! I'm honestly surprised I managed it the first time and even more surprised that I am jumping on the band wagon to go at this a second time. I have a bit of a hard past and I detailed it all in my first challenge. But I'm in a better place now and I am moving forward and working on what I consider to be the last step in my journey to a better life.... Feeling comfortable in my skin. My Main Quest: Well, I have the same goal but really two quests. I am
  2. Ok so I am doing weight lifting at home with my cheesy 8 lb weights. I want to upgrade to bigger/better ones, but what is a brand/style that fits well. Also what lbs do you guys recommend to get. I am new to this "at home" workout. I usually just go to the gym but honestly those machines do nothing for me. I am about 2 weeks in to doing it, I am 5' 1 1/2" if this info is needed. Thanks in advance!
  3. I'm starting this out and I'm going to start talking here. I've attempted to start an accountabilibuddies thread but that did not seem to work out so well. So I think I'm going to just get all my thoughts, work out feats, defeats, and all around daily struggles here. Be prepared for what might come because my mind tends to really scatter. But I think this will be a new and very well needed adventure. I welcome all beneficial criticism/comments/concerns. Optimism encouraged. Negativity left at the door. If you have questions about me, look me up and check out my current challenge. Or my acco
  4. This, after being a fan of Nerd Fitness and reading all of the blog posts, is my FIRST CHALLENGE! And it couldn't have come at a better time. This is also my first post! I can't wait to get to know everyone in the boards! So, about 8 months ago, my family (no, just me and 1 out of 2 daughters) kicked sugar....poof, no longer a problem. Started counting carbs...I maybe lost a total of 8 lbs in 2 months of logging every bit of food that entered my mouth? I had even been seen pealing the toppings off of pizza and putting it on a lettuce wrap, no lie! The girls nutritionist told me that I had a
  5. I read Speezy's story last night and I am a very similar to her story minus the smoking. I am 4'11 inches and have been working out for the past month. I have gone from 178 pound to 171 pounds. I keep fluctuating back and forth between 171 and 173. I have been doing cardio on the elliptical and eating much healthier, but I feel like I should be loosing more weight and looking more toned by now. Even though I have lost the weight I do not look it. I have four kids and I want my pre-baby body back or as close as I can get. How do I get started in weight lifting? I lifted in high school, but i re
  6. Wow, two pages worth of monk topics, and your guild leader didn't even show up. Wow, guys, I dropped the ball. Sorry for that. So, life done gone became a hurricane in the intervening period. Lease is coming up in August, and I've been trying to get into personal training in a big way. Animazement happened in my town, which led to me meeting up with some friends of mine from high school whom I hadn't seen in years. They didn't recognize me, which was a freaking fantastic validation of my efforts from the old days. Anyway, the war against myself continues. The program I'm following to devel
  7. I participated in my first challenge last time, and now I'm back for more! Goals: 1. Do a pull up! This is a continuation from last challenge since I didn't quite make it. However, now I'm working with a powerlifting club on campus, and they have me doing lots of stuff to strengthen my back, so I think this will help. I'm going to try to really focus on this one. 2. Drop body fat As the title suggests, I'm experimenting with a ketogenic diet. I'm not being super crazy about this, but I am giving up fruit except for one day a week. I'm not going to monitor myself really closely on
  8. hello all! heres an overview of what i bring to the table, where i've been, and where im hoping to go. Nerdiness: Im a voracious reader. i play video games on my ps3. i play board games and card games. im a lab analyst. and i have a mildly embarrassing obsession with disney movies, animations, manga, firefly, ect. and i enjoy singing really loudly in the car. "Athletic" history: i taught swimming lessons for 7 years, and took a year of that to figure out how to swim butterfly without looking like i was drowning (the indicator being that lifeguards stopped asking if i was okay....or if i ne
  9. I'm feeling a lot less like a noob now, but I do have a very important question I wanted to ask of you more experienced and lovely people. On days when I don't go to the gym, I make do with what I have at home. I do body weight squats, push ups, planks, and things like that. I can't do incline pull ups because of my right hand (flexor tendinitis, had surgery twice), but I do make sure to do assisted pull ups at the gym where the machine has a much better grip on it. At home, my heaviest dumbbell is 10 lbs (in the past I never got much farther past needing it), and already I'm able to tell th
  10. I'm new to all of this, but here goes! Starting an accountability group! Team LEVEL UP is for peeps who have lost weight, or have weight to lose and are ready to take this challenge to the next level. LEVEL UP PEEPS! I'm Strongmama and I have lost 180 lbs. I still have some more to lose, but my focus is eating clean and training mean. If/when I lose more pounds, it will be great, but the number on the scale is not my primary focus. I want the numbers on my dumb-bells to go UP! Here are my before and current pics. Feel free to post pics, so at the end of challenge, you'll have a good co
  11. Hey all, First 6 week challenge here at nerd fitness, and I am looking to get stronger. That's what Warriors are all about right? Currently I have been following the Nerd Fitness Strength guide loosely, and have ben doing that for a few months. It was great to get back up to previous highs and surpass them, but I know more is possible. So with that in mind I want to be able to accomplish the following. Lifting Goals: 1. Back Squat 300lbs - Current is 245lbs 2. Deadlift 300lbs - Current is 245lbs (Limiting factor is my grip) 3. Bench 225lbs - Current is 155lbs Life Goal: 4. Read
  12. This is my fourth challenge, and I seem to be at a plateau. No weight loss, no significant gains in strength, and, most importantly, no further progress on getting into those shorts. And, it’s a really, really busy time of year and I have lots of stuff I need to get done. Most of which I have been avoiding the last few months. So. It’s time to kick things up a notch. Make some reach-for-it goals and get myself going again. I have 2 main goals for these 6 weeks: get into those shorts at long last dang it, and get sh!t done. I’m taking a cue from Chanda and using some nesting sub-goals t
  13. My last challenge was an epic fail. So I modified my goals a bit and I'm going again. TAKE TWO I lost some pounds during the first challenge but now I'm back to where I was. I'm not too disappointed with that, but I'd like to look a bit better for summer. Lookie, I attached pics! Height: 5'5" Weight: 134 body fat %: 25%? Underbust: 33" High Waist: 30.5" Low waist: 35" Hips: 36" Fitness Goal 1: Stick to Weight Watchers for the next 6 weeks. NO skipping days. Target of 24 points a day. My ultimate goal is to count every point every day, even if I didn't make the target points. Recent
  14. Here we go again! Same old shit again! Marching down the avenue! 6 more weeks and I'll be through! Goals: - 2 miles 5x week - Push up drills 3x week (100 Push Ups program, Android) - Drop 10 lbs Additional: Every day that's warm enough and nice enough, I will spend approximately 30 minutes soaking up the sun with a good book. Edited to add: I'm not posting this in the Ranger 6 Week Challenge forum, because I don't anticipate being able to really follow the Challenge during this time.
  15. Name: Kingclumsy Class: Ranger Strength (STR) - 2 Dexterity (DEX) - 1 A ranger without dexterity? Its in the name. I'm clumsy, I'm awkward Stamina (STA) - 3 Given enough focus, no power in the universe can stop me... hopefully. Constitution (CON) - 3 Wisdom (WIS) - 2 I'm smart? Yes. I'm wise? No Charisma (CHA) - 4 I set myself these tasks over the next six weeks. Fitness Goals Skate Like the Wind: I'm not ashamed to say I've fallen in love with the sport of Roller Derby. I started their last frsh meat back in february but stopped due to lack of confidence and a fractured rib (mostly
  16. On my last challenge, I learned just how dependent I am upon keeping my carbs low and fat high. So, with that in mind: Physical Challenges: Stick with a high fat, low carb diet. Low carb is defined as under 80 grams of carbs a day. I can lose weight keeping it under 100, but I feel better if it is under 80, since I am not a competition athlete. Control my sweet tooth. I have a tendency to dive face first into the M&Ms when I get home from work. I will use techniques from The Power of Habits to help me understand and eliminate this habit. Doing this will be essential to getting item
  17. Hi all, I need some advice in what seems to be an ideal bodyfat percentage for a female/ how I can drop a few % points. I'm 29, 125 pounds and completely stuck at 21.5% bodyfat. No matter what, I can't seem to drop below this and I'd like to lean out more. I've been stuck here for 9 months at least. I crossfit around 4 times a week and also do strength training on those days as well. Walk 7000 steps+/ day. I eat 90-95% paleo. 50% fat/30% protein/20% carbs (carbs all from fruit, veg and sweet potato.) I try to keep my fruit consumption fairly low, sticking with green apples and berries when I d
  18. Accountability time! I recently had my 39th b-day. About a week prior I weighed myself and was the heaviest I have ever been. I am determined to be fit by my 40th b-day and as a reward will treat myself to a beach holiday where I can wear a new, sexy, bikini! Starting stats (4 Feb) Weight: 201.5 Waist 1: 44.75 Waist 2: 40.25 R Calf: 16.5 L Calf: 16.5 R Thigh: 26.5 L Thigh: 26.75 Hips: 45 Chest 1: 40 Chest 2: 45.5 R Bicep: 13 L Bicep: 13 Shoulders: 47 Total Inches: 374.75 Current Stats (5 March) Weight: 198.5 (as of 22 Feb) Waist 1: 43.5 Waist 2: 40 R Calf: 15.75 L Calf: 15.5 R Th
  19. I started lifting weights again the other day. I have been benching the same amount for 2 weeks now, and instead of it getting easier (which I expected) it seems to be getting harder? Thoughts? Eiric S
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