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  1. For those who are new or behind, my main goal is weight loss, for health reasons as well as I want to look good naked, and fit in clothes I used to. I love 5Ks and kettlebells. I'm struggling with this goal because it doesn't get easier when you get older. My original goal was to lose 58.4 lbs, I have lost 5.1 of those. I work from home, (3 jobs) as an accountant, so making sure I have enough movement in my day as well as not eating "all the unhealthy things" is important. It's very easy to lose track of how much time I've been sitting trying to solve an issue. Not having "all the unhealthy things" in the house also helps. I struggle to get enough sleep so that shall remain on the list until it's no longer a struggle My last 5k (on the 6/5) was a real wake up call. I've let a lot of things go since the pandemic, I could barely move for three days after doing it, I was not trained for it and in retrospect I probably shouldn't have done it. I’ve decided to go back to the 5k training plan I used in 2019 that worked better than anything else I tried…it calls for one day strength training, three days ‘running’ (intervals at your pace is suggested) and one to two days cross training or rest days. *I’m using the NF Journey app for workouts on the two days I’m not running. Checking in to hold myself accountable is key to this being successful, I don't want to have to post bad news here. I plan on posting daily to make sure I'm on track where I need to be The Plan... Workout - The 5k training plan/NF Journey App Rest - Sleep (7 hours a night) - sleep is important Extra - Rides, 5k's, events, and life events go here - because fun makes life worth living Steps - Hitting my 7500 steps a day goal, minimum Track - Food (stay in deficit) track in Cronometer Update - Post in thread at least three times a week. - self explanatory Duolingo daily Done - Not Done - * - changes from previous challenge Progress Track - ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
  2. Friday Weigh Day: Current weight: 260.4 Goal Weight: 170 Pounds lost in total: 19.6
  3. Hello hello! I have been wanting to post a challenge but a little bit scattered. But if I can’t do a five-week one, I surely have two weeks in me, right? Since my last challenge, I started working with a NF Coach, and have amazingly managed to get into the habit of tracking food, macros etc on MFP. That in itself is a great feeling, and augmented by dropping a few pounds of fat and fitting into pants that did me no favours before. So I’m on a roll, albeit a slow roll, and just want to keep the fuego going. This challenge I’m shooting for baby steps, low hanging fruit, incremental little improvements. This week’s goals: do the 4 assigned workouts! Keep up with tracking food bonus for getting a little more proactive and actually planning (flexibly) in advance Get out for at least 2 bike rides, of any distance at least a few minutes of GMB mobility each day Got a busy day today! Have already fed pets, and walked down to farmer’s market to pick up rhubarb, asparagus and delicious sprouted rye bread. Today my show choir is doing two shows, then an after party. Mobility and workout for today will need to happen before that… better get started
  4. Looking for a wee bit of advice and guidance. I'm 28 year old male. 5ft 8. 82.58 kg. Around 19% body fat. I've dropped down from 91kg 4 months ago. But the weight drop was in the first month and a half. I've been aiming for 75kg for the next 2 months but would settle at 77kg. Training 3/4 times a week. 5 minutes cardio warm up. Day 1 - Chest and biceps, day 2 - back and tri and day 3 - leg, shoulders and abs. At the end of each workout I do either 15 minute HIIT cardio or LISS cardio for 30 mins. In-between that I work and I'm on my feet doing around 8000 steps minimum per day. I'm using progressive overload approach and finishing of my exercises with form dropping and doing 6-8 reps. I started eating roughly 1710 calories a day occasionally breaking to 1850. With a protein intake of at least 140 grams per day. For the first 3 months. Having not really lost any weight (gaining strength and dropping some body fat). Spoke to a guy in the gym advised to up it to 2000 at least a day and again increased my protein intake to around 160grams per day. With more water intake. I've been doing this for the last two weeks stepped on the scale again No change!! I've heard all the Trust the process and just keep going. But I'm feeling my motivation has taking a bit of a hit. Was at the gym today and felt low in energy that I didn't finish half my leg day exercises and end up leaving early. Feeling a bit fatigued and low in motivation. Anyone have similar experiences or advice on how to progress? Is that delay in weight loss for body recomp normal? Any guidance would be really appreciated.
  5. For those who are new or behind, I found out a few things during the last challenge that I’m hoping will help me going forward with goals. My main goal is weight loss, for health reasons as well as I want to look good naked. I work from home, so making sure I have enough movement in my day as well as not eating "all the unhealthy things" is important. Checking in to hold myself accountable is key to this being successful, I don't want to have to post bad news here. I struggle to get enough sleep so that shall remain on the list until it's no longer a struggle. I've been a workaholic as long as I can remember, mostly because of past experience and not wanting to have to count on anyone for things I need. D (my wife for those new here) and I have had many conversations about this. She understands my feelings because she's the same way, but we also know the importance to our relationship for us to be able to depend and count on each other. This is a very long winded way of saying that we need to remember to step away from work and have some fun, riding our motorcycles are a huge part of this for us, and for right now our every 4 week trips to FL also count towards this. The Plan... Cardio - Treadmill or Rowing 3x a week, and one kettlebell workout a week Update - Post in thread three times a week. Track - Sleep (7 hours a night) and Food (Just track) Extra - Rides, 5k's, events, and life events go here Done - Not Done - Let's do this! ETA: (To possibly be added to) 4/10 - Spring Sprint 5k 5/21 - Terrain Race 6/12 - Summer Sizzler 5k 9/25 - Fall Finish 5k
  6. Hi all! I'm Stronkey Kong. Umm... yeah... still here. If you don't know by now, just ask... This is part 2 of a year long (or at least multi-month) challenge aimed at losing weight by training like a boxer. It's all about calisthenics and cardio with boxing training mixed in for fun and because hitting a heavy bag for 10x3 min intervals is an awesome workout. I have it themed and organized after "Mike Tyson's Punch Out!" on the NES. Here's how this will work... I have 3 Major goals (a catch all goal for the minor/tangential stuff): FIGHTING WEIGHT (FW): Hit 199 lbs (CRUISER WEIGHT, in the next 1-2 years. I'm 37 (almost 38) and 285 or so pounds... I want to get rid of the excess before 40. BOXING SHAPE (BS): I want to be in the kind of shape that boxers and other fighters are in so I'm going to train like them... lot's of cardio and calisthenics for foundational strength and conditioning, and bag work and boxing/martial arts drills for developing speed, coordination, balance, power etc. METABOLIC HEALTH (MH): Be able to burn whatever I put into my body: carbs, fat -- metabolic flexibility, learn to maintain the balance of calories in vs. calories out, and develop good eating habits. I'll be using LUMEN and BODY TEMP for metabolic feedback, and tracking diet with MFP. LUMEN is a gadget that uses the breath (O2 in vs CO2 out) to estimate whether you're burning carbs or fat BODY TEMP: I'll take my temperature with an IR surface thermometer around the same time I measure with LUMEN. My baseline/normal temp is 97.4 deg F. MFP: I'm using my fitness pal to get the macronutrient data I need to compare to what LUMEN suggests OTHER minor GOALS (OmG): All the other projects and things that I'm going to make the rest of life good. These things show up on my fight scorecard as little 15 min tasks that add points here and there. ======================================================== As the year progresses, I compete in successively more challenging FIGHTS. The GOALS are the basis for SCORING POINTS and getting KNOCK-DOWNS and KNOCKOUTS in the fights. Just like PUNCH OUT, Each fight will be 3 ROUNDS (weeks) in length. There will be 1 REST WEEK in between fights to rest, readjust goals, cut for weigh-in etc. WEIGH-IN will be the morning on the day before the fight and this will be my official weight for tracking weight loss in the fight. For each fight I will identify 3 KO techniques -- one for each of the first three goals. These are impressive and worthy enough to constitute a KO singularly. Then, I will have 3 TKO criteria -- again one for each of the three major goals that together (all three) constitute a TKO. Finally, even if I fail to KO or TKO, if I go the distance and do more good effort than bad, I can WIN by DECISION -- wherein I track good habits on the FIGHT SCORECARD for each round. There's a lot on the scorecard, and it includes things from my OmGs. Throughout the course of the year and 13 total fights, I will track my W-L-KO stats. For any W to count, regardless whether it's KO, TKO, or W by Decision, I have to track all three rounds. Adjustments for current challenge: Added a REST WEEK between fights Dropping prize purses ($$$) from fights -- I don't think these incentives are necessary, and I need to focus on budgeting other things. Expanding the FIGHT SCORECARD (ongoing) This challenge is currently scheduled as follows: Week 0: REST WEEK WEIGH-IN: Saturday, February 12 at 12:00 pm (-ish) Week 1: VS. Von Kaiser Round 1 Week 2: VS. Von Kaiser Round 2 Week 3: VS. Von Kaiser Round 3 Week 4: REST WEEK Week 5: VS. Piston Hondo Round 1 I'll keep the current fight, future fight schedule, and fight record on the second of each of these challenges so you (and I) can find it and figure out what the hell I'm currently doing at any time.
  7. My last challenge was unfortunately derailed halfway through by COVID, but thankfully all is better now. I still have a lingering cough that occasionally flares, but seems to be slowly fading. I figured better late than never to finish out the last 2 challenge weeks! The goals: 1. Track all macros daily I definitely completely fell out of this habit! Been trying to get back into it for the past week and it has been spotty. Protein intake went way down, if I'm not actively prioritizing it, I will not intuitively eat anywhere near what is recommended for my goals. 2. Train 4x per week After a month of not touching weights just started again this past week. Still enjoying the upper/lower split routine so I am going to stick with it. 3. Minimum 7k 5k steps daily Since my daily average has been closer to 4k I'm going to adjust this one and build back up. Doing the thing!
  8. Been a long time between challenges.... Goals: 1. 6 weeks of weight loss using Fast 800... loosely at first becoming stricter. 2. No/low carb to acheive mild keto for as long as possible. Test using keto stix. 3. Walk...a lot. 30km a week ideally, if i can wind it up then 10k steps a day. My knee is still dodgy (getting old) so not sure how this'll go. 4. Covid is gripping Australia right now and spreading like wildfire. Try not to get it. Channel my introvert superpowers! Super busy at work, which is good and bad... End of last year i dropped 14kg. I've put 4 back on, want to lose another 4 6-8 or so this challenge. Starting=93.7kg
  9. Hi all! I'm Stronkey Kong. Umm... yeah... still here. If you don't know by now, just ask... I just did a long, rough draft outline of this challenge at the end of the last one hidden in the spoiler because of its length: tl;dr -- I'm kicking off a year long (or at least multi-month) challenge aimed at losing weight by training like a boxer... really tho, it's all about calisthenics and cardio with boxing training mixed in for fun and because hitting a heavy bag for 10x3 min intervals is an awesome workout. I have it themed and organized after "Mike Tyson's Punch Out!" on the NES. Here's how this will work... I have 3 Major goals: FIGHTING WEIGHT (FW): Hit 199 lbs in the next 1-2 years BOXING SHAPE (BS): I want to be in the kind of shape that boxers and other fighters are in so I'm going to train like them... lot's of cardio and calisthenics for foundational strength and conditioning, and bag work and boxing/martial arts drills for developing speed, coordination, balance, power etc. METABOLIC HEALTH (MH): Be able to burn whatever I put into my body: carbs, fat -- metabolic flexibility, learn to maintain the balance of calories in vs. calories out, and develop good eating habits. I'll be using LUMEN for metabolic feedback... might start tracking body temp too... smh, and tracking diet with MFP. OTHER minor GOALS (OmG): I will also be doing some writing, meditating, and home improvement projects throughout the year. Right now I'm in a warmup phase where I assess a few baselines and set goals for the first 'fight.' Each fight will be 3 weeks (rounds) in length. The morning on the day before the fight, I will 'weigh-in' and this will be my official weight for tracking weight loss in the fight. For each fight I will identify 3 KO techniques -- one for each of the first three goals. These are impressive and worthy enough to constitute a KO singularly. Then, I will have 3 TKO criteria -- again one for each of the three major goals that together (all three) constitute a TKO. Finally, even if I fail to KO or TKO, if I go the distance and do more good effort than bad, I can WIN by DECISION -- wherein I track good habits on the FIGHT SCORECARD for each round. There's a lot on the scorecard, and it includes things from my OmGs. Throughout the course of the year and 13 total fights, I will track my W-L-KO stats. For the first Minor Circuit Bouts, I'm just diving from one into the next. After that I might decide to take breaks between fights and title bouts. And I won't be sticking completely to the NF Challenge Schedule. Some Fights will straddle Challenge breaks, I may decide to take week long breaks to sync them up, or just as I need a break here and there. We'll see. I'll keep the current fight, future fight schedule, and fight record on the second or first post of each of these challenges so you (and I) can find it and figure out what the hell I'm currently doing at any time. Stay tuned.
  10. In 61 days time I'll be running in a 5k event for a Children's Cancer charity. It's booked and paid for, I'm running it with a friend who has also paid and is locked in. Right now I can't run very far, maybe 500m to 1k so I'm going to be following a couch to 5k program. It's supposed to be 12 weeks, I'll do it in 9 as I'm too close to the date. I'm the heaviest I've ever been at 104.7kg. That is way beyond anything I've ever weighed in at before, my diet is totally out of control and at times I'm unhappy. It's getting harder to do simple stuff like put shoes on. I really need to make a change and get back to an active life. Goals: - Record here every day, even if it's to say nothing happened. - Track calories - Run 3 times a week to the Couch to 5K program I would like to be eating sensibly and doing some walking as well, however experience being at this kind of low tells me to keep my goals simple and achievable while I build some momentum. Here we go!
  11. Whew! The last two weeks have been extreme opposites in terms of my fitness goals. For the final week of the previous challenge I crushed my eating goals and hit a weight-loss milestone for the first time all year. Then in the off week I ate so lustily that I'm currently feeling like Violet Beauregarde. Things definitely need some rebalancing before the year ends and I rest up over the holidays for a strong run in 2018. I initially had visions of doing a maintenance challenge this time around, but I think the Thanksgiving week's constant feeding frenzy has more than stoked the metabolic furnace, and I should be in good shape for another steep weight cut. Four weeks of leaning out starts now! Off to the juicing room... If only I had some Oompa Loompas... I'm going to rock this challenge again with the same four goals: 1. Sleep. In bed on work nights by 10:30 pm with lights out and ready for proper sleep. I'm still limiting my night-time Netflix viewing to a max of 1 hour, which is helping very much. 2. Wake. Good days start on time, so I'm going to continue to push myself to get up at the appropriate hour. A pass requires me to get out of bed at the first alarm and get moving before 6:45 am. If I oversleep but still make it to work on time then that's worth a 1/2 point. 3. Eat. Still pushing with calorie counting via MFP. I'm not adjusting daily targets for this challenge since I'm already losing at the max rate I think is sustainable for me. As usual I'll take a break on Sunday to eat a little higher and looser. Macros aren't super important, but food quality is. I'm aiming for 80% Paleo/Primal on program days. Free days need to be mindful without being restrictive. I'm abstaining from ice cream for the duration. Daily target is 1860 kcal for six days per week. I'm estimating maintenance at 2700 per day, so any deficit at all is still worth 1/2 point even if I exceed my target. I'm not going to be religious about Intermittent Fasting, but I'm going to aim for more days than not with a limited (8-hour) eating window. Small group has moved from Wednesday night to Sunday evening, and that should help my goals immensely--I'll just need to be conscientious about having Monday lunches prepped in advance. 4. Move. I'm sticking with the Power Cardio regimen (semi-heavy powerlifts at higher-than-usual volume with shorter rest periods to keep my heart rate up) without adjusting any of the weights. I'm still struggling to incorporate afternoon yoga on non-gym days like I intended, so I'm going to take another run at making it work this time around. This will probably be the last time I do this Power Cardio thing--I'm going to try and shake things up for next year, but I'm not entirely sure about what that looks like. During the course of this challenge I intend to assemble a loose roadmap for 2018. The usual spreadsheets are fabricated and ready to go for tracking my progress. Standard weekly check-ins will consist of scale weight, belt notch reports, and progress photos. Week 1 is still a vacation week, so Sleep and Wake goals are blanked, but I'm going to work hard on restoring my diet and getting back in the habit of exercise. Then we'll pick back up full-steam in Week 2. Let's see how much plump I can dump before Christmas.
  12. As of today, I have 348 days to get down to 200lbs. Progress: 4/75lbs Quest: Lose 5lbs (268lbs) 1. Track calories 5 times per week 2. 90 additional minutes of movement per week 3. A productive thing per day 4. Work on painting once a week Specific productive tasks
  13. Hello. I'm back. I am Stronkey Kong. I'm still trying to figure this out. Last challenge took an early nose-dive. I was training with weights, losing my enthusiasm for my nutrition plans. Then I started stockpiling Halloween candy... You know how that ends, and now I feel shitty and I'm back to where I started at the beginning of summer. So now it's time to reboot, and reset a balance, and work on some goals that are satisfying too. MEDITATE -- Once a Day, Every Day: I actually broke my streak. I had meditated every single day since March 21st. Then last weekend, as I was preparing to shift my wake sleep cycle to dayshift for a week of training, I missed a day, then another, and it's been almost a week now. Anywho, it's time to get back on it. MOVE -- Everyday, As often as possible: I am not touching a barbell until my weight is down. To many here, that sounds like blasphemy, but I've proven to myself time and time again that every time I get into a strength routine, and go for too much strength or intensity, I either give myself permission to overeat or burn myself out. Right now, and until I get my weight down to... idk... 225 lbs., I just need to keep moving, lightly even, and I need to avoid the couch potato days. So every day I need to do some kind of movement, or at least get something done. I'll just be asking myself "Did I move today?" -- that is anything beyond getting up, eating, going to work etc. Chores and projects would count, purposely going for walks, yoga or stat bike in front of theTV... it all counts. Pay back the Halloween candy calorie debt -- I still have over 28000 calories to burn. NOOM -- Daily Tracking. Weigh in and track the foods. All else is optional. ART-- I am making a big painting, and started prepping a huge canvas... (spoiler'd cuz huge) 75 x 60 in. I have an idea and sketches, I just need to do it. Not sure what the goal is here. First and foremost work on the painting. Second, finish the painting. I have a feeling I'm either going to finish it Alla prima this weekend or agonize about it all challenge. We'll see.
  14. This is going to sound a bit odd...but... Anybody else getting an odd increase in facial hair since starting? I'm not on hormones or anything, I do take vitamin supplements (especially vitamin D because I'm in the Arctic) but I've noticed that everytime I respawn and clean up my diet and exercise...I get whiskers. Not a terrible amount, but enough to be annoying. Thoughts? (Because beards are cool, but mainly on men and dwarf women.)
  15. Here we have it. I turn 48 on November 2nd. We have Halloween (My youngest doesn't care), and then my Birthday. My Dad's is on the 8th, but he is in another state. November 19th is the release of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shiny Pearl! Thanksgiving is on the 25th of November here in the USA. All the things! During this challenge, it looks like my wife will be going in for surgery as well. She is getting the gastric bypass. She did have some other surgery years ago, but it didn't seem like they did much. There is also a stomach hernia they are removing. She'll be in the hospital for 2 to 3 days. Plus covid stuff, we probably won't be able to visit. We had planned to travel to my Sister-in-law's place for Thanksgiving, but who knows now. Lots in the air to get sorted. A side note, my wife will have to go on a liquid diet asap. Two weeks before surgery. Then 2 after surgery. She moves to soft foods after that. We have been starting to prepare, but this did just pop up suddenly. I don't think she will go in on surgery on my birthday, but will probably be going in on the 16th. We she was first trying to get things going, I toyed with the idea of doing the liquid diet with her. For support, but I would probably drop some quick pounds haha. Most likely, I won't be eating this way. So, it's not a challenge if there isn't lots of stuff in the air haha. I'm still going to attempt some goals. Hopefully, nothing gets too overwhelming. I can always adjust if I need. Time to build off of my previous challenge. Goal #1 - Make sure I get my rest Last week of challenge was a bit rough for sleep, and I haven't been super consistent this week as well. My goal is to get back to what I was doing. It just helps to give me the best chance at a successful day. Off to read at 10:30 PM. Then off to bed at 11:30 PM. In the morning, I need to wake up, and get ready. I usually give myself a little room for off to read, and off to bed. Going 1 point for each thing. 3 points per day, 21 points for the week. Goal #2 - Control food intake with tracking This will be the continuation from last challenge. Track each day in Cronometer, and don't go over calorie limits. This time I am going to be more strict. Like if I say 2500 is the limit, then 2501 is a fail. 2500 is pretty close to where I should be at. I think even 2300 might be better. First things first though, lets see if I can get a week of under 2500 calories. 2 points for tracking, 3 points for hitting calorie numbers each day. 35 points each week. Goal #3 - Walking with a side of workouts I got out and walked quite a bit last challenge. Much more then I had previously. I did max out at 20 minutes, but I can do more. Though, I don't want to just make it a time of moving. I might go on longer walks to play Pokemon Go. Then I don't have to worry if a stop to battle a raid or something. There also might be times to just do a warm up before actually working out. Yes, I said workouts. I want to start getting stronger again. The long time from now goal of doing a pull up is still there. Might as well start working on it again. I see this goal getting the most adjustments over the challenge. Hopefully, all in increasing things Week 0, I need to find, and finalize what I plan to do for workouts. I have my old workout spreadsheet I can pull from. My complex has a gym. Not the greatest thing ever. Lots of dumbells at least, and one machine that can do lots of different exercises. Also plenty of cardio stuff there. It's starting to get colder, and a few sprinkles of rain have been starting up. Week 1 I want to walk 5,000 steps each day. I also want to workout 3 times a week with one being in the gym. Workouts can be as low as 1 set of something this week. I mainly want to get myself doing the things, and start building it back up. If I do more, great! 3 points per day reaching step goal. 5 point for each workout done. 36 points each week. Goal #4 - Time to get through my cards and comics Part of a previous challenge, was getting things out of storage. We did get all the stuff out, and now I have boxes and boxes of cards. I also have comics too. The comics I need to organizes, and get bags and boards on the ones that are not done. All my sports cards need to be gone though. My Brother stole a ton of stuff from me back in the day. I need to see what I might have left. I know a lot of them are straight garbage cards. Like zero value. The problem for now, is they are taking up a lot of space. I need to sort out ones I will keep for now, then get rid of all the rest. It's just time consuming to go though some of them. I have a bit, but not nearly enough. I'll go with needing to go through 2 big boxes a week, or equal of the small sizes. 8 points a week Week total points: Week 1 (10/24 - 10/30) - 0/100 Week 2 (10/31 - 11/06) - 0/100 Week 3 (11/07 - 11/13) - 0/100 Week 4 (11/14 - 11/20) - 0/100 Week 5 (11/21 - 11/27) - 0/100 Challenge total points - 0/500 Measurements - Start / Finish (coming day 1) Chest - Waist - Bicep (L) - Bicep (R) - Thigh (L) - Thigh (R) - Weight - 364.1 lbs
  16. I have been in a mood for the past month or so mostly brought on by the perpetual heatwave. BUT it has finally started to be a livable temperature outside and life is slowing down a bit. So time to refocus. The house and garden need some love. I need to make progress on my paintings. I have books to read. I have weight to lose. My goal for this challenge is to lose 5lbs, get back to doing house work and painting. - Track calories 5 days per week - Go on a walk per day - Do a productive thing per day - Work on painting once per week During this challenge I have my last camping trip of the year, Mud Girl obstacle run and I will finally be going back into the office.
  17. Okay so, where to begin. Maybe start with the end of the previous challenge. I did 2 OCR's in a weekend. Due to Covid my 2 planned OCR's for 2020 were rescheduled into the same weekend last weekend. I made sure i kept running, and since May started to mix in some lifting, with a little more emphasize on arm and grip strength towards the end. (Which helped a lot!) The distance was not really a problem (13K on Saturday 19K on Sunday, so a total distance of 32K or 20 miles), even with the aggravated achilles, and a slight sprained ankle we never walked between obstacles, except for when we could already see the next obstacle. Even the dreaded cramps were not present. Which is a big win (cause i had a lot of trouble with that in previous OCRs, and a sign that the prep this time was better). But there were a lot of things that could improve too! So what did i learn this weekend and how does this relate to my challenge(s). The masterplan! Running: My stamina on running is on point. At the OCR running in between the obstacles at a moderate pace made me feel like i was restoring energy. So i just want to maintain that, which allows me to drop a little focus on it. I have been running on and off for a couple of years now, and i have had several times where i needed to rebuilt, which is not pleasant but it takes me little effort to get back to running over half marathon distances with relative ease. And i don't want to completely abandon it, just gonna run maintenance for a few weeks, just to see what it takes keep at my current level. Really hope i can make a better GIF after a couple of these challenges... Strength: Always been a stocky guy. Started out with Powerlifting. After that i really liked Strongman classes at the Crossfit. The most recent development is a "Protege™". It's a young (16 years old) nephew of my wife. He quit soccer (for reasons) and it basically came down to the fact that he wanted me to guide him in getting stronger. We are doing a mix of Powerlifting and random other stuff lately. He really likes to be challenged, so i am working at his weak points (and mine) at the same time. It's fun having someone around to clown around with weights. It comes in real handy i've built a pretty decent homegym, and it's still growing with new equipment. He's back at school now which leaves us with nice windows in the evening to plan workouts. That will be a focus, steering a bit away from dedicated powerlifting to a more upperbody/strongman kind of workouts. Lift weights on do fun stuff in the homegum Body composition: This is where things get ugly. The thing i already know but what really was apparent last weekend at the OCR's. I need to lose bodyfat! I am 1.73m (5'8) and weigh 82KG (180 lbs) my BMI is 27.4. Now i know BMI isn't the best way to measure, but it's pretty apparent that i need to lose fluff. According to my fancy scale i have a bodyfat percentage of 24.3%. That's too much. Losing bodyfat will help me in most of the things i want to get better in. Running, Calisthenics, Summerbody (cause i'm a bit vain). You know just the average, wanna look good naked thing. I just need to lose the excess weight that is not helping me out in any way! Before after If you check last challenge you can see i did quite a lot of running, a fair amount of lifting workouts, and had an average of just over 2 resting days a week. During a time where i also had my summer-break at work. So i can pretty safely say i don't belong to the inactive group. Yet it does not shift my weight. Which means the source of the problem is found somewhere else. I already know where this goes wrong. Next to troubles with portion control, i love the wrong kinds of food (mostly high KCAL). Fastfood, pasta, BBQ and my love for beer. It feels like an impossible task to say no when those things are offered AND it's hard to control my portion size. Now i don't look forward to this, but this HAS to be my main goal! So onto a workable summary for this Challenge: just like Running (weekly): 1 short run (sub 10k) 1 long run (over 10k) Lifting (weekly): 3 workouts with Protege™ Body Composition (weekly): Portion Control (7) No Fastfood (6) No eating in between meals (7) Strict Breakfast (7) Strict Lunch (5) No beer (per exception) (number of times per week for a score on this goal) (Exception will be stuff like my birthday or some other stuff which i feel comfortable exempting for) I want to stay accountable and i'm riding a good wave at the moment. So i will be regularly (almost daily) checking in here. Sometimes posts will be long, sometimes just a quick update. Next to reporting on things i need to nail as a goal i will also be keeping a record of weight and BF% here to see progress. I'm gonna run some calculations where i am now and what i want to get to so i will probably edit that on right here! As for a far away goal i am going to use the Rat Race OCR in May 2022. Which helps cause i just based most of this challenge on previous experiences and realizations i made on the last OCR. Calculations around BF% Weight: 81.6 KG BodyFat% : 23.8% Fat: 19.4 KG Fatfree: 62.2 KG BF 5%: 65,5 KG BF 10%: 69.1 KG BF 15%: 73.2 KG BF 20%: 77.75 KG BF 25%: 82.9 KG I know this is an oversimplified calculation! It's just to get something to work too! I wanted to work to BF15% as the Magical number. Which works out to a loss of about 10% of my bodyweight 8.2 KG in absolute numbers Before May 2022 (RatRace) 8 Monhts or ~1 KG per month average
  18. 2021 Nerd Fitness Academy Respawn. Starting with a daily food log. Mon Feb 22, 2021: Black coffee 10oz; Popeye’s 5 piece chicken tender meal w/fries, biscuit, bbq dipping sauce, coke; 6 pack of ritz cheese & crackers; bowl of Cheerios with 2% milk; a chocolate hazelnut truffle; 2-3 chocolate hazelnut wafer sticks; salad with chicken, w/ranch dressing; 4-5 bottles water. Current weight: 339 lbs. Not the healthiest start, but you got to start somewhere!
  19. Thank you to the awesome mods for fixing the error that was keeping us in the past (challenges). Now we can stride forth confidently into the future! Towards the end of the last challenge, I set a weight loss goal, made it just past the deadline. I am ready to reset the board and set a new weight loss goal: to weigh in at 238 by September 4. That's 11 pounds, and I know I can do it. Starting with nutrition. I'm going to stick to three meals a day and a veggie snack in the afternoons. I'm going to focus on drinking more water too, and cutting back on cheese. But I'll continue the basic rules of limiting the sweets to after dinner, and not eating foods that make me feel sick. Basically, eat healthy and don't make myself sick It is very important to me that I focus on a diet that is sustainable, healthy, and has some fun to it. For fitness, I'm going to step it up a little. I've been walking with my mom for about 30-40 minutes; 4-5 times a week. but I've neglected my strong workouts, so I'm going to bring those back for 3 days a week. and I'd like to push my total cardio for the day to an hour. Maybe I break it up into 2 sessions, but I'm going to aim for an hour of sweaty goodness 5 times a week. I weigh in on Fridays, and will be reflecting on the week and making adjustments as I need to to continue to stay in the sweet spot of "challenging, not punishing" Also for this challenge, I'd like to find my car keys. they've been missing for a couple weeks, and I know they're in the house somewhere... THEY HAVE BEEN FOUND (august 9) YEEHAW I HAVE MY KEYS BACK! Week 0 - 6 days of exercise; 1 strong day, 3 hour cardio days Week 1-
  20. I have struggled for years with depression, lack of self esteem, and lack of motivation but I am ready! I actually have exercised 3 days already! I have to exercise & focus even on days I feel really down..etc. Male Age: 34 Height: 5'1 Weight: 192 My main goal for this 5 weeks is to lose 10 lbs My ultimate goal is to be healthy, but also there is a walking track near me..I would like to be able to run around it without losing my breath. I am a little bummed that on Saturday and Sunday I exercised (30 min each on the bike) but today I weigh 192 lbs, I weight 189 yesterday morning. Though I did eat an hour before I weighed. 1. Exercise bicycle - 30 minutes per day. I have a stationary bicycle, I have always intended to "walk" for exercise but I always got sidetracked by either the weather (way too hot or way too cold), motivation, and how bad I feel. When I walk, my lower back hurts. The stationary bike is much better! 2. Box steps. I have a box which is 5 inches high, I plan to do steps. 20 steps per starting leg. Meaning I will start my ascension with my right foot 100 times, then start on the left 100. 3. Drink 20 oz of water a day. Since I am short, I want to first see how my body reacts to 20 oz a day. If I feel I need more I'll add later. I plan to try and cut out cokes during the week and have 2-3 on the weekends. My other favorite drinks are 2% milk and sweet tea. 4. Food log
  21. Sooo I fell off the face of the Earth last week because surprise! Roofing. Which is to say, I found out midday Friday our roofers were going to be around to replace the roof Monday. Roofing is done but not without discovering a family friend hired to insulate the roof 5 years ago snowed us and pocketed the cash, and discovering the leaky bastard skylight did a number on the roofing boards and a bunch needed replacing. And now I am out an additional 5.2K beyond budget (but like for 1, I can't not have a safe roof and the insulation will pay for itself in 2 years). Bastard skylight is gone and good friggin riddance to it (the previous owner was a damn fool to think a skylight is a good idea in a climate that can swing between -40 and +40C in a single year. There's not a sealant on this Earth that can tolerate that. Buuut I have had a LOT of stress in the past few months and am feeling rather like a bit of metal that's been bent back and forth a bunch. I am feeling cranky and rigid and brittle and argumentative. Too much strain has built up and I need to basically take some time to rest, rebuild & repair my brain. On the upside! I am nearing the 30lbs lost since Xmas benchmark. Challenge this time is to embrace opportunity to de-stress. I am not sure what it's going to look like (aside from defending my vacation in July jealously), but I will spend a few days figuring it out to start.
  22. My body is so awesome. Last year it created life! Part of taking care of myself and surviving the pandemic included not going to the gym or touching a barbell for about 13 months. After everything was said and done, about 6 months after her arrival I was 25 lb heavier than before. I decided to return to my pre-baby weight because I feel healthier and more mobile at that weight. I started making some small changes at the beginning of May and as of today have lost 11 lb. Prior to THE HAPPENING I regularly competed in strongman, powerlifting, and even a few Highland games - I'm going to consider everything prior to 2020 to be Act 1 of my lifting career. I'm interested in doing those things again and reclaiming my prior strength, but my first priority is achieving and maintaining the weight range I feel best at. This is the start of Act 2. I love the compound barbell movements but I will have to take it slow and make sure my technique and form are on point. This will be a moving target while losing weight because leverages will keep changing. So I will probably have to repeatedly remind myself - I'm not training for a competition, there is no need to be grinding reps or maxing out! This challenge is all about re-establishing healthy eating and activity patterns.... getting back in the habit! 1. Lift weights 3x per week I am purposefully not going to pursue a particular training program. This is about re-learning movements and getting comfortable with them, moving around and getting my heart rate up, and trying to skew my weight loss more toward body fat and retain some of that lean muscle mass I worked so hard for. Reward: +1 experience for every workout completed 2. Track calories every day Using My Fitness Pal. I'm currently eating at around 2200 calories a day. I will keeping eating around this, give or take 100 cal, until I hit an isocaloric balance (i.e. plateau) and then reassess from there. I'm also using the Purple Carrot meal service to make sure I'm eating a variety of vegetables throughout the week. Sub goal: at least 84g of protein daily (0.8 g/kg). Reward: +1 experience for every day tracked completely 3. Hit 8,000 steps per day I'm trying to maintain a fairly constant activity level day to day to help track my weight loss and minimize variables. I've been averaging closer to 10,000 steps per day these last 2 weeks, however 8k will be the minimum. Reward: +1 experience for every day >8k steps Over the 5 week challenge my total possible experience points is 85. If I score over 60 points I'm buying myself some new workout clothes. If I score over 75 points I'm buying new workout clothes AND the 3DMJ lifting pyramid PDF!
  23. New challenge time everyone!!!!!! I only just clued in today...no one told me 18ck made sure to tell me :') lollll GOALS MOAR WALKING 1 walk per week MOAR KETTLEBELLS 2 KB workouts per week FOOD CONTROL ACTIVATED Track full day of calories 2000kcal goal per day (+/-300) 90-115g protein daily I also plan to work on the Spring Cleaning Mini Challenge for decluttering and I joined the Weight Loss PVP which runs until June 7 for accountability. And that is it for my challenge!
  24. Big mood right here. With health, with finances, with everything. Quest: Lose 50lbs by Dec 31, 2021 [46 weeks] Progress: 0lbs Sub Quests: - Aim for 1700 calories / day Track calories daily Veggie or fruit with lunch + dinner 1 starch per meal (2 slices of toast, 1 cup rice, 1 cup pasta, 1 medium potato, 1 serving cereal) - 2 extra movements / week Good Morning Workout weekday mornings Cozy Up Sofa Workout once during work day Walks on Saturday + Sunday - Do something creative every day (paint, doodle, digital art) Passive Habits > 2L water / day > Floss + brush teeth every night This challenge is about pushing myself out of my comfort zone and trying to move forward (as it always is). I want to apply this to multiple parts in my life. I really want to keep chiseling away at the definition of my ideal life and what I will need to do to make that a possibility. In my ideal life I have a fantastic relationship with food. I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. I appreciate my food and enjoy every bite. In my ideal life I am a strong and able woman. My body is useful and can do many things. I get to spend more time outside doing active things and exploring nature. My gyms are lakes, oceans, forests, beaches, meadows, mountains, and deserts. In my ideal life Mr.R and I don't need to work a traditional Mon to Fri 9-5pm. We have time to do things we want to do and the resources in place to do those things. We live a flexible life where the jobs we choose to work are because we think they are fun. In my ideal life I am creative and make fun, bold, colourful paintings that invoke feelings of whimsy and nostalgia. I experiment and play with my art. Ideal Me I am continuing my goals for eating at a calorie deficit and getting more active minutes. I am asking myself a little mental checklist of questions when I eat... especially if it is impromptu snacking. On top of my 90mins of exercise from horseback riding I am looking to do 2 more active things (ideally this will add up to 1 extra hour of exercise). I am thinking my main form of exercises will be walking or DDR. Ideal Life I am taking steps towards getting other streams of income aside from my day job. I started investing in 2020 and last challenge I took the leap and set up an Etsy shop. This whole small business thing is scary but also exciting! It will help me gain money for my investments and I am hoping it will help burn some of my random pandemic energy which might help me snack less. Plus its creative! My first goal for the store is 160 sales so that I can use that money to purchase an iPad Pro + apple pen. That goal seems huge right now haha but if you don't try then it won't happen right? My very good friend was actually my first sale on Etsy! I am very appreciative towards her because this has been such a learning experience and now I only need 159 sales! I am also going to take my original art more seriously and really work on being more creative in my life by painting, doodling and making "sticker" designs. I am looking to get my online portfolio up and running and I can put stuff up for sale on their too. 2021-02-08: 250lbs (Zero week starting) 2021-02-11: 249.6lbs 2021-02-18: 252.6lbs 2021-02-25: 252.2lbs 2021-03-04: 248.2lbs 2021-03-11: 2021-03-18: Sales Goal: 2/160
  25. Past few months have been a lot of reaction to things. And not criticizing Past Me because I was doing my best, but also the type A control freak in me hates being in reaction mode. So this challenge is about trying to get myself into action mode instead of reaction mode. Rather than spinning in circles, I need to pick a direction and go. This challenge is going to be all about getting proactive about things generally. Eating, professional development, fun, novelty, and exercise. Will flesh it out more, for now consider this a placeholder.
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