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  1. As of today, I have 348 days to get down to 200lbs. Progress: 4/75lbs Quest: Lose 5lbs (268lbs) 1. Track calories 5 times per week 2. 90 additional minutes of movement per week 3. A productive thing per day 4. Work on painting once a week Specific productive tasks
  2. Hello. I'm back. I am Stronkey Kong. I'm still trying to figure this out. Last challenge took an early nose-dive. I was training with weights, losing my enthusiasm for my nutrition plans. Then I started stockpiling Halloween candy... You know how that ends, and now I feel shitty and I'm back to where I started at the beginning of summer. So now it's time to reboot, and reset a balance, and work on some goals that are satisfying too. MEDITATE -- Once a Day, Every Day: I actually broke my streak. I had meditated every single day since March 21st. Then last weekend, as I was preparing to shift my wake sleep cycle to dayshift for a week of training, I missed a day, then another, and it's been almost a week now. Anywho, it's time to get back on it. MOVE -- Everyday, As often as possible: I am not touching a barbell until my weight is down. To many here, that sounds like blasphemy, but I've proven to myself time and time again that every time I get into a strength routine, and go for too much strength or intensity, I either give myself permission to overeat or burn myself out. Right now, and until I get my weight down to... idk... 225 lbs., I just need to keep moving, lightly even, and I need to avoid the couch potato days. So every day I need to do some kind of movement, or at least get something done. I'll just be asking myself "Did I move today?" -- that is anything beyond getting up, eating, going to work etc. Chores and projects would count, purposely going for walks, yoga or stat bike in front of theTV... it all counts. Pay back the Halloween candy calorie debt -- I still have over 28000 calories to burn. NOOM -- Daily Tracking. Weigh in and track the foods. All else is optional. ART-- I am making a big painting, and started prepping a huge canvas... (spoiler'd cuz huge) 75 x 60 in. I have an idea and sketches, I just need to do it. Not sure what the goal is here. First and foremost work on the painting. Second, finish the painting. I have a feeling I'm either going to finish it Alla prima this weekend or agonize about it all challenge. We'll see.
  3. Friday Weigh Day: Current weight: 260.4 Goal Weight: 170 Pounds lost in total: 19.6
  4. In 61 days time I'll be running in a 5k event for a Children's Cancer charity. It's booked and paid for, I'm running it with a friend who has also paid and is locked in. Right now I can't run very far, maybe 500m to 1k so I'm going to be following a couch to 5k program. It's supposed to be 12 weeks, I'll do it in 9 as I'm too close to the date. I'm the heaviest I've ever been at 104.7kg. That is way beyond anything I've ever weighed in at before, my diet is totally out of control and at times I'm unhappy. It's getting harder to do simple stuff like put shoes on. I really need to make a change and get back to an active life. Goals: - Record here every day, even if it's to say nothing happened. - Track calories - Run 3 times a week to the Couch to 5K program I would like to be eating sensibly and doing some walking as well, however experience being at this kind of low tells me to keep my goals simple and achievable while I build some momentum. Here we go!
  5. This is going to sound a bit odd...but... Anybody else getting an odd increase in facial hair since starting? I'm not on hormones or anything, I do take vitamin supplements (especially vitamin D because I'm in the Arctic) but I've noticed that everytime I respawn and clean up my diet and exercise...I get whiskers. Not a terrible amount, but enough to be annoying. Thoughts? (Because beards are cool, but mainly on men and dwarf women.)
  6. Here we have it. I turn 48 on November 2nd. We have Halloween (My youngest doesn't care), and then my Birthday. My Dad's is on the 8th, but he is in another state. November 19th is the release of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shiny Pearl! Thanksgiving is on the 25th of November here in the USA. All the things! During this challenge, it looks like my wife will be going in for surgery as well. She is getting the gastric bypass. She did have some other surgery years ago, but it didn't seem like they did much. There is also a stomach hernia they are removing. She'll be in the hospital for 2 to 3 days. Plus covid stuff, we probably won't be able to visit. We had planned to travel to my Sister-in-law's place for Thanksgiving, but who knows now. Lots in the air to get sorted. A side note, my wife will have to go on a liquid diet asap. Two weeks before surgery. Then 2 after surgery. She moves to soft foods after that. We have been starting to prepare, but this did just pop up suddenly. I don't think she will go in on surgery on my birthday, but will probably be going in on the 16th. We she was first trying to get things going, I toyed with the idea of doing the liquid diet with her. For support, but I would probably drop some quick pounds haha. Most likely, I won't be eating this way. So, it's not a challenge if there isn't lots of stuff in the air haha. I'm still going to attempt some goals. Hopefully, nothing gets too overwhelming. I can always adjust if I need. Time to build off of my previous challenge. Goal #1 - Make sure I get my rest Last week of challenge was a bit rough for sleep, and I haven't been super consistent this week as well. My goal is to get back to what I was doing. It just helps to give me the best chance at a successful day. Off to read at 10:30 PM. Then off to bed at 11:30 PM. In the morning, I need to wake up, and get ready. I usually give myself a little room for off to read, and off to bed. Going 1 point for each thing. 3 points per day, 21 points for the week. Goal #2 - Control food intake with tracking This will be the continuation from last challenge. Track each day in Cronometer, and don't go over calorie limits. This time I am going to be more strict. Like if I say 2500 is the limit, then 2501 is a fail. 2500 is pretty close to where I should be at. I think even 2300 might be better. First things first though, lets see if I can get a week of under 2500 calories. 2 points for tracking, 3 points for hitting calorie numbers each day. 35 points each week. Goal #3 - Walking with a side of workouts I got out and walked quite a bit last challenge. Much more then I had previously. I did max out at 20 minutes, but I can do more. Though, I don't want to just make it a time of moving. I might go on longer walks to play Pokemon Go. Then I don't have to worry if a stop to battle a raid or something. There also might be times to just do a warm up before actually working out. Yes, I said workouts. I want to start getting stronger again. The long time from now goal of doing a pull up is still there. Might as well start working on it again. I see this goal getting the most adjustments over the challenge. Hopefully, all in increasing things Week 0, I need to find, and finalize what I plan to do for workouts. I have my old workout spreadsheet I can pull from. My complex has a gym. Not the greatest thing ever. Lots of dumbells at least, and one machine that can do lots of different exercises. Also plenty of cardio stuff there. It's starting to get colder, and a few sprinkles of rain have been starting up. Week 1 I want to walk 5,000 steps each day. I also want to workout 3 times a week with one being in the gym. Workouts can be as low as 1 set of something this week. I mainly want to get myself doing the things, and start building it back up. If I do more, great! 3 points per day reaching step goal. 5 point for each workout done. 36 points each week. Goal #4 - Time to get through my cards and comics Part of a previous challenge, was getting things out of storage. We did get all the stuff out, and now I have boxes and boxes of cards. I also have comics too. The comics I need to organizes, and get bags and boards on the ones that are not done. All my sports cards need to be gone though. My Brother stole a ton of stuff from me back in the day. I need to see what I might have left. I know a lot of them are straight garbage cards. Like zero value. The problem for now, is they are taking up a lot of space. I need to sort out ones I will keep for now, then get rid of all the rest. It's just time consuming to go though some of them. I have a bit, but not nearly enough. I'll go with needing to go through 2 big boxes a week, or equal of the small sizes. 8 points a week Week total points: Week 1 (10/24 - 10/30) - 0/100 Week 2 (10/31 - 11/06) - 0/100 Week 3 (11/07 - 11/13) - 0/100 Week 4 (11/14 - 11/20) - 0/100 Week 5 (11/21 - 11/27) - 0/100 Challenge total points - 0/500 Measurements - Start / Finish (coming day 1) Chest - Waist - Bicep (L) - Bicep (R) - Thigh (L) - Thigh (R) - Weight - 364.1 lbs
  7. I have been in a mood for the past month or so mostly brought on by the perpetual heatwave. BUT it has finally started to be a livable temperature outside and life is slowing down a bit. So time to refocus. The house and garden need some love. I need to make progress on my paintings. I have books to read. I have weight to lose. My goal for this challenge is to lose 5lbs, get back to doing house work and painting. - Track calories 5 days per week - Go on a walk per day - Do a productive thing per day - Work on painting once per week During this challenge I have my last camping trip of the year, Mud Girl obstacle run and I will finally be going back into the office.
  8. Okay so, where to begin. Maybe start with the end of the previous challenge. I did 2 OCR's in a weekend. Due to Covid my 2 planned OCR's for 2020 were rescheduled into the same weekend last weekend. I made sure i kept running, and since May started to mix in some lifting, with a little more emphasize on arm and grip strength towards the end. (Which helped a lot!) The distance was not really a problem (13K on Saturday 19K on Sunday, so a total distance of 32K or 20 miles), even with the aggravated achilles, and a slight sprained ankle we never walked between obstacles, except for when we could already see the next obstacle. Even the dreaded cramps were not present. Which is a big win (cause i had a lot of trouble with that in previous OCRs, and a sign that the prep this time was better). But there were a lot of things that could improve too! So what did i learn this weekend and how does this relate to my challenge(s). The masterplan! Running: My stamina on running is on point. At the OCR running in between the obstacles at a moderate pace made me feel like i was restoring energy. So i just want to maintain that, which allows me to drop a little focus on it. I have been running on and off for a couple of years now, and i have had several times where i needed to rebuilt, which is not pleasant but it takes me little effort to get back to running over half marathon distances with relative ease. And i don't want to completely abandon it, just gonna run maintenance for a few weeks, just to see what it takes keep at my current level. Really hope i can make a better GIF after a couple of these challenges... Strength: Always been a stocky guy. Started out with Powerlifting. After that i really liked Strongman classes at the Crossfit. The most recent development is a "Protege™". It's a young (16 years old) nephew of my wife. He quit soccer (for reasons) and it basically came down to the fact that he wanted me to guide him in getting stronger. We are doing a mix of Powerlifting and random other stuff lately. He really likes to be challenged, so i am working at his weak points (and mine) at the same time. It's fun having someone around to clown around with weights. It comes in real handy i've built a pretty decent homegym, and it's still growing with new equipment. He's back at school now which leaves us with nice windows in the evening to plan workouts. That will be a focus, steering a bit away from dedicated powerlifting to a more upperbody/strongman kind of workouts. Lift weights on do fun stuff in the homegum Body composition: This is where things get ugly. The thing i already know but what really was apparent last weekend at the OCR's. I need to lose bodyfat! I am 1.73m (5'8) and weigh 82KG (180 lbs) my BMI is 27.4. Now i know BMI isn't the best way to measure, but it's pretty apparent that i need to lose fluff. According to my fancy scale i have a bodyfat percentage of 24.3%. That's too much. Losing bodyfat will help me in most of the things i want to get better in. Running, Calisthenics, Summerbody (cause i'm a bit vain). You know just the average, wanna look good naked thing. I just need to lose the excess weight that is not helping me out in any way! Before after If you check last challenge you can see i did quite a lot of running, a fair amount of lifting workouts, and had an average of just over 2 resting days a week. During a time where i also had my summer-break at work. So i can pretty safely say i don't belong to the inactive group. Yet it does not shift my weight. Which means the source of the problem is found somewhere else. I already know where this goes wrong. Next to troubles with portion control, i love the wrong kinds of food (mostly high KCAL). Fastfood, pasta, BBQ and my love for beer. It feels like an impossible task to say no when those things are offered AND it's hard to control my portion size. Now i don't look forward to this, but this HAS to be my main goal! So onto a workable summary for this Challenge: just like Running (weekly): 1 short run (sub 10k) 1 long run (over 10k) Lifting (weekly): 3 workouts with Protege™ Body Composition (weekly): Portion Control (7) No Fastfood (6) No eating in between meals (7) Strict Breakfast (7) Strict Lunch (5) No beer (per exception) (number of times per week for a score on this goal) (Exception will be stuff like my birthday or some other stuff which i feel comfortable exempting for) I want to stay accountable and i'm riding a good wave at the moment. So i will be regularly (almost daily) checking in here. Sometimes posts will be long, sometimes just a quick update. Next to reporting on things i need to nail as a goal i will also be keeping a record of weight and BF% here to see progress. I'm gonna run some calculations where i am now and what i want to get to so i will probably edit that on right here! As for a far away goal i am going to use the Rat Race OCR in May 2022. Which helps cause i just based most of this challenge on previous experiences and realizations i made on the last OCR. Calculations around BF% Weight: 81.6 KG BodyFat% : 23.8% Fat: 19.4 KG Fatfree: 62.2 KG BF 5%: 65,5 KG BF 10%: 69.1 KG BF 15%: 73.2 KG BF 20%: 77.75 KG BF 25%: 82.9 KG I know this is an oversimplified calculation! It's just to get something to work too! I wanted to work to BF15% as the Magical number. Which works out to a loss of about 10% of my bodyweight 8.2 KG in absolute numbers Before May 2022 (RatRace) 8 Monhts or ~1 KG per month average
  9. 2021 Nerd Fitness Academy Respawn. Starting with a daily food log. Mon Feb 22, 2021: Black coffee 10oz; Popeye’s 5 piece chicken tender meal w/fries, biscuit, bbq dipping sauce, coke; 6 pack of ritz cheese & crackers; bowl of Cheerios with 2% milk; a chocolate hazelnut truffle; 2-3 chocolate hazelnut wafer sticks; salad with chicken, w/ranch dressing; 4-5 bottles water. Current weight: 339 lbs. Not the healthiest start, but you got to start somewhere!
  10. Thank you to the awesome mods for fixing the error that was keeping us in the past (challenges). Now we can stride forth confidently into the future! Towards the end of the last challenge, I set a weight loss goal, made it just past the deadline. I am ready to reset the board and set a new weight loss goal: to weigh in at 238 by September 4. That's 11 pounds, and I know I can do it. Starting with nutrition. I'm going to stick to three meals a day and a veggie snack in the afternoons. I'm going to focus on drinking more water too, and cutting back on cheese. But I'll continue the basic rules of limiting the sweets to after dinner, and not eating foods that make me feel sick. Basically, eat healthy and don't make myself sick It is very important to me that I focus on a diet that is sustainable, healthy, and has some fun to it. For fitness, I'm going to step it up a little. I've been walking with my mom for about 30-40 minutes; 4-5 times a week. but I've neglected my strong workouts, so I'm going to bring those back for 3 days a week. and I'd like to push my total cardio for the day to an hour. Maybe I break it up into 2 sessions, but I'm going to aim for an hour of sweaty goodness 5 times a week. I weigh in on Fridays, and will be reflecting on the week and making adjustments as I need to to continue to stay in the sweet spot of "challenging, not punishing" Also for this challenge, I'd like to find my car keys. 😮 they've been missing for a couple weeks, and I know they're in the house somewhere... THEY HAVE BEEN FOUND (august 9) YEEHAW I HAVE MY KEYS BACK! Week 0 - 6 days of exercise; 1 strong day, 3 hour cardio days Week 1-
  11. I have struggled for years with depression, lack of self esteem, and lack of motivation but I am ready! I actually have exercised 3 days already! I have to exercise & focus even on days I feel really down..etc. Male Age: 34 Height: 5'1 Weight: 192 My main goal for this 5 weeks is to lose 10 lbs My ultimate goal is to be healthy, but also there is a walking track near me..I would like to be able to run around it without losing my breath. I am a little bummed that on Saturday and Sunday I exercised (30 min each on the bike) but today I weigh 192 lbs, I weight 189 yesterday morning. Though I did eat an hour before I weighed. 1. Exercise bicycle - 30 minutes per day. I have a stationary bicycle, I have always intended to "walk" for exercise but I always got sidetracked by either the weather (way too hot or way too cold), motivation, and how bad I feel. When I walk, my lower back hurts. The stationary bike is much better! 2. Box steps. I have a box which is 5 inches high, I plan to do steps. 20 steps per starting leg. Meaning I will start my ascension with my right foot 100 times, then start on the left 100. 3. Drink 20 oz of water a day. Since I am short, I want to first see how my body reacts to 20 oz a day. If I feel I need more I'll add later. I plan to try and cut out cokes during the week and have 2-3 on the weekends. My other favorite drinks are 2% milk and sweet tea. 4. Food log
  12. Sooo I fell off the face of the Earth last week because surprise! Roofing. Which is to say, I found out midday Friday our roofers were going to be around to replace the roof Monday. Roofing is done but not without discovering a family friend hired to insulate the roof 5 years ago snowed us and pocketed the cash, and discovering the leaky bastard skylight did a number on the roofing boards and a bunch needed replacing. And now I am out an additional 5.2K beyond budget (but like for 1, I can't not have a safe roof and the insulation will pay for itself in 2 years). Bastard skylight is gone and good friggin riddance to it (the previous owner was a damn fool to think a skylight is a good idea in a climate that can swing between -40 and +40C in a single year. There's not a sealant on this Earth that can tolerate that. Buuut I have had a LOT of stress in the past few months and am feeling rather like a bit of metal that's been bent back and forth a bunch. I am feeling cranky and rigid and brittle and argumentative. Too much strain has built up and I need to basically take some time to rest, rebuild & repair my brain. On the upside! I am nearing the 30lbs lost since Xmas benchmark. Challenge this time is to embrace opportunity to de-stress. I am not sure what it's going to look like (aside from defending my vacation in July jealously), but I will spend a few days figuring it out to start.
  13. My body is so awesome. Last year it created life! Part of taking care of myself and surviving the pandemic included not going to the gym or touching a barbell for about 13 months. After everything was said and done, about 6 months after her arrival I was 25 lb heavier than before. I decided to return to my pre-baby weight because I feel healthier and more mobile at that weight. I started making some small changes at the beginning of May and as of today have lost 11 lb. Prior to THE HAPPENING I regularly competed in strongman, powerlifting, and even a few Highland games - I'm going to consider everything prior to 2020 to be Act 1 of my lifting career. I'm interested in doing those things again and reclaiming my prior strength, but my first priority is achieving and maintaining the weight range I feel best at. This is the start of Act 2. I love the compound barbell movements but I will have to take it slow and make sure my technique and form are on point. This will be a moving target while losing weight because leverages will keep changing. So I will probably have to repeatedly remind myself - I'm not training for a competition, there is no need to be grinding reps or maxing out! This challenge is all about re-establishing healthy eating and activity patterns.... getting back in the habit! 1. Lift weights 3x per week I am purposefully not going to pursue a particular training program. This is about re-learning movements and getting comfortable with them, moving around and getting my heart rate up, and trying to skew my weight loss more toward body fat and retain some of that lean muscle mass I worked so hard for. Reward: +1 experience for every workout completed 2. Track calories every day Using My Fitness Pal. I'm currently eating at around 2200 calories a day. I will keeping eating around this, give or take 100 cal, until I hit an isocaloric balance (i.e. plateau) and then reassess from there. I'm also using the Purple Carrot meal service to make sure I'm eating a variety of vegetables throughout the week. Sub goal: at least 84g of protein daily (0.8 g/kg). Reward: +1 experience for every day tracked completely 3. Hit 8,000 steps per day I'm trying to maintain a fairly constant activity level day to day to help track my weight loss and minimize variables. I've been averaging closer to 10,000 steps per day these last 2 weeks, however 8k will be the minimum. Reward: +1 experience for every day >8k steps Over the 5 week challenge my total possible experience points is 85. If I score over 60 points I'm buying myself some new workout clothes. If I score over 75 points I'm buying new workout clothes AND the 3DMJ lifting pyramid PDF!
  14. New challenge time everyone!!!!!! I only just clued in today...no one told me 18ck made sure to tell me :') lollll GOALS MOAR WALKING 🐴 1 walk per week MOAR KETTLEBELLS 🐴 2 KB workouts per week FOOD CONTROL ACTIVATED 🐴 Track full day of calories 🐴 2000kcal goal per day (+/-300) 🐴 90-115g protein daily I also plan to work on the Spring Cleaning Mini Challenge for decluttering and I joined the Weight Loss PVP which runs until June 7 for accountability. And that is it for my challenge!
  15. Big mood right here. With health, with finances, with everything. Quest: Lose 50lbs by Dec 31, 2021 [46 weeks] Progress: 0lbs Sub Quests: - Aim for 1700 calories / day Track calories daily Veggie or fruit with lunch + dinner 1 starch per meal (2 slices of toast, 1 cup rice, 1 cup pasta, 1 medium potato, 1 serving cereal) - 2 extra movements / week Good Morning Workout weekday mornings Cozy Up Sofa Workout once during work day Walks on Saturday + Sunday - Do something creative every day (paint, doodle, digital art) Passive Habits > 2L water / day > Floss + brush teeth every night This challenge is about pushing myself out of my comfort zone and trying to move forward (as it always is). I want to apply this to multiple parts in my life. I really want to keep chiseling away at the definition of my ideal life and what I will need to do to make that a possibility. In my ideal life I have a fantastic relationship with food. I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. I appreciate my food and enjoy every bite. In my ideal life I am a strong and able woman. My body is useful and can do many things. I get to spend more time outside doing active things and exploring nature. My gyms are lakes, oceans, forests, beaches, meadows, mountains, and deserts. In my ideal life Mr.R and I don't need to work a traditional Mon to Fri 9-5pm. We have time to do things we want to do and the resources in place to do those things. We live a flexible life where the jobs we choose to work are because we think they are fun. In my ideal life I am creative and make fun, bold, colourful paintings that invoke feelings of whimsy and nostalgia. I experiment and play with my art. Ideal Me I am continuing my goals for eating at a calorie deficit and getting more active minutes. I am asking myself a little mental checklist of questions when I eat... especially if it is impromptu snacking. On top of my 90mins of exercise from horseback riding I am looking to do 2 more active things (ideally this will add up to 1 extra hour of exercise). I am thinking my main form of exercises will be walking or DDR. Ideal Life I am taking steps towards getting other streams of income aside from my day job. I started investing in 2020 and last challenge I took the leap and set up an Etsy shop. This whole small business thing is scary but also exciting! It will help me gain money for my investments and I am hoping it will help burn some of my random pandemic energy which might help me snack less. Plus its creative! My first goal for the store is 160 sales so that I can use that money to purchase an iPad Pro + apple pen. That goal seems huge right now haha but if you don't try then it won't happen right? My very good friend was actually my first sale on Etsy! I am very appreciative towards her because this has been such a learning experience and now I only need 159 sales! I am also going to take my original art more seriously and really work on being more creative in my life by painting, doodling and making "sticker" designs. I am looking to get my online portfolio up and running and I can put stuff up for sale on their too. 2021-02-08: 250lbs (Zero week starting) 2021-02-11: 249.6lbs 2021-02-18: 252.6lbs 2021-02-25: 252.2lbs 2021-03-04: 248.2lbs 2021-03-11: 2021-03-18: Sales Goal: 2/160
  16. Past few months have been a lot of reaction to things. And not criticizing Past Me because I was doing my best, but also the type A control freak in me hates being in reaction mode. So this challenge is about trying to get myself into action mode instead of reaction mode. Rather than spinning in circles, I need to pick a direction and go. This challenge is going to be all about getting proactive about things generally. Eating, professional development, fun, novelty, and exercise. Will flesh it out more, for now consider this a placeholder.
  17. So I've been on hiatus for most of a year for a variety of reasons (good and bad). But it's time for a respawn, so I'm reaching out again to the support networks I have (the forums here, Connect on the WeightWatchers app, etc) to try and maintain accountability and get regular feedback on things. Yet to do: re-write my Life at Level 50 mission statement/goals (Work changed, and with it, the driving need to drown my frustrations in food and shopping). The previous battle log is here, if anyone wants to visit the unpleasant swamp of the past: https://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/83812-tokidoki-kittys-daily-log/ Going forward: - If not a daily log, at least a weekly one - Revisit and refine my goals regularly (and set them up in smaller, manageable pieces) - Improve my productivity habits / reduce my procrastination habits -- this goes for both work and home. - Address, treat/mitigate my physical pains (through diet, exercise, etc). - Financial success (large savings account) and freedom (no more credit card debt/recurring balance carryovers) - I want to go to Japan and spend a lot of time on experiences and shopping for tea and kimono equipment that I can't get in the States. Need money to do that. :/
  18. Hello to everyone! I'm Ingagr, just turned 38 and been overweighted for 15 years. Back then I used to play rugby, strenght train and low speed medium distance running for cardio three times a week. I got married, a degree in forestry engineering, a house, a couple of dogs and a small pack of cats. I quit all my sporty activities, settle down as sedentary and started gaining weight. One good new: four years ago I managed to quit smoking. Now I feel I can move forward and begin training and building healthy habits. So I sign up at a gym (functional, bodyweight train, strength train and cardio mostly) by june (winter here deep south america in Argentina) and two weeks ago I started to take care of my nutrition. I am not going in any restrictive diet. Opposite to that I eat whatever I want, "just" measuring myself in the quantities I eat. Of course "whatever I want" does not mean junky food, sugars, sodas, etc. I am trying to take baby steps, one by one, building healthy habits, focusing in changes rather than objectives. For example: my objectives are not weight losing but not to skip my workouts and take care of my meals. Weight loss will be a consequense of my objective but not an objective itself. My height is 1.88 m (sorry to Americans, I use metric system ). I started with a weight of 135,5 kg and today I am 130,8 kg. Weekend was fine, went hiking everyday with my dogs to the park a few blocks near my house, care about meals. Saturday night I ate home made pizza (a tradition here) and a half liter can of beer. As I said, I do not any restrictive diet! Today I made my bed early in the morning after waking up, went to work and after I'm going to gym to workout. I will try to keep this log updated daily. Thank you all for the support. For the rebellion!
  19. Know that feeling where you are standing at the start of your journey? Your goal seems hefty, maybe a little bit overwhelming... Yet you are still cautiously optimistic and maybe even excited to start. That's what January feels like to me. This will be my 50lb year. I am going to lose 50lbs by Dec 31, 2021. Can I do it? Yes. Will I do it? I'm definitely going to give it my all. Afterall if I don't even try then it for sure won't happen 🤭 Challenge Quest: Lose 5lbs - 1700 calories daily - 2L water daily - 2 extra movements in addition to 3 horseback rides per week Adulting Dailies - Floss + brush - Adult task - Mental recharge (Do something that makes me happy) Mini Quest - Reflect and come up with year goals Starting weight: 250.8lbs Challenge goal: 245.8lbs Year goal: 200lbs (Gifs to be added later)
  20. Okay, so, in keeping with the spirit of simplicity, I've got one primary goal for this challenge. I'm going to walk 50 miles in August. This means that I probably have to do 5k, 4 days a week. That would put me at about 51 for the month. I might mix it up a little: throw some bike miles on there (once I have my repair kit) at the same 3 biking: 1 walking ratio that I used previously. There will probably be some dog hikes in there too. I went back and did the calcs: last month I put around 42 miles on the clock, which is good. That should make 50 a bit of a stretch, but an attainable goal. My long-term plan is still (in a few years) hiking one of the Highland Ways with my daughter, once she's old enough, so I'm going to have to throw in a few all-day hikes somewhere in the future to make sure I'm building the longer endurance as well. I figure kiddo should be at least 5-6 or so before we attempt something like that, so I've got some planning time. Plus, assuming we can get past the damn COVID thing, I've got a trip sketched out for next year anyway that is time-dependent, so it has to come first. Other than that, I've decided against actually tracking calories. I'm going to focus on keeping on what I'm doing, meals-wise. The high-fiber, non-meat lunches, two meals/day and just generally trying to cut back around the edges is the plan for this challenge. I'll re-examine at the end of this one and see if I really need to log calories, or whether I can manage this on my own. So: eat better and walk 50 miles. I think I can do it. Current Progress [❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚] 59.32/50 miles 118.64% complete
  21. Hi, my name is Ayman, I am 17 years old, I live in Bangladesh and I am in high school at the moment and I am very new to nerd fitness. I am here to focus on some of my short term and long term goals and make some friends and find some partners to hold me accountable because inconsistency is an issue I always dealt with in the fitness department of my life, and I'd love to make some new friends too. Cheers to everyone on their journeys and I'll list some of my goals and I will be updating this post hopefully on a daily basis. Long-term goals: 1. lose weight, become lean (particularly around the chest and stomach area) 2. Increase strength (concentrating on arms and legs) 3. Get ripped up! Short-term goals: 1. Workout 4 times a week, building up a habit so that I maintain consistency 2. Eat more healthy (cut down sugar, dairy and snack foods) 3. Be able to do 10 push ups without fidgeting 4. Meditate after my workout and before sleeping, everyday 5. Regularly update this post
  22. Hi Nerds. Let's begin with a couple relevant background details. I started NF in 2013 in the middle of a PhD dissertation to combat the effects of the sedentary grad student lyfe. I got stronger, at least prevented my weight from blowing up mostly. Unfortunately, I never finished that PhD. I never seemed to get anything done. Fast forward to last challenge, I finally realized and accepted that I may actually have ADHD. It explains A LOT, including the abandoned PhD, my many failed, half-assed NF challenges, my messy apartment, etc. After leaving grad school I worked in an Amazon warehouse for two years, and now I'm working as a CNC machinist. Like the majority of my middle school and high school report cards said, I'm "Not working to potential." Now I'm trying to get another Master's in Electrical Engineering (online) and working on projects at home to turn things around. And to lose weight I'm following a slightly modified version of the Mediterranean diet, and have been riding a stationary bike (hamster wheel) to burn calories. Now I'm realizing I need to fix my flexibility, posture, and retain a bit of strength so I'm going to add in some yoga. I'll be building off of last challenge. If you want to see how I did with that go to my Previous Challenge Summary. Now... On to the challenge: Since, I'm learning Electical Engineering, I ought to do what EE's do best: build gadgets and try to take over the world. And what better metaphor for an EE with ADHD than Pinky and the Brain. Brain represents all my ambition, intellect, and executive functioning, while Pinky is the ADHD part of my brain that just wants to goof around, have fun, and press colorful, blinking buttons. In order to deal with achieving goals, Brain needs to manipulate, distract, and control Pinky. Just for context, all of this is happening in a BuJo to keep Pinky under control. Nutrition: Old stuff: Maintain current nutrition plan. I keep a weekly log of how many servings by food group on Google sheets: Food Log It has a rough idea of serving numbers and describes the serving sizes if you're interested in the details. I post links along with my weekly summary when I update the spreadsheet with what I track in my BuJo. I also track measurements in my body composition log for feedback: Weight Log and Track Record. Question: These two sheets are in the same workbook; Can you access other sheets or just on sheet at a time with these links? New Stuff: Add a daily reflection/challenge. Every day I'm going to reflect on what I ate during the day, look for something to improve on and come up with a challenge. Like, I ate too many grains today, tomorrow when I feel like carbs, have fruit instead. Also, on my weight tracking sheets (see below), I track weekly min and max weights, so if I set a new max or fail to set a new low I might reduce a meal, cut fat, or exercise, etc. Exercise: Old stuff: Do at least two workouts on the hamster wheel each week. New Stuff: Do at least one yoga session each week. These last two are basically some of the bigger Todo's with sub-todo lists that I want to get through. Trying to take over the world (Brain): I need to finish the online course I'm currently taking. I should have finished it last challenge, but I'm close to done. Then I'm going to work on some other projects at home and maybe at work to gain more experience and catch up on some knowledge/skill areas I'm lacking in. Also, I need to plan out how I'm going to pay for more coursework. Finish current online EE course: Finish week 4 Finish final week, project and quiz Start on my minimal retro game, multi-console emulator Pay off a credit card... I can put the next course's tuition on it once i have a zero balance, and that will be my source of 'student loans' for these online courses for now. Managing ADHD (Pinky): Right now I'm only self diagnosed. I have an appointment set up for July 13 to find a therapist to work with. At the moment, I am just accepting that I have ADHD and carrying on as if I did which means getting more organized and finding ways to keep myself focused on getting things done... BuJo! I'm also forgiving myself for my past mistakes. I still get bummed from time to time because I didn't get something done or make the right decision in the past. And the mistakes I'm currently making. I get all uptight trying to control my behavior often or beating myself up. I just have to let go of that. First mental health appointment on July 13 at 3:00 pm Take BuJo everywhere Update BuJo weekly Let go of and forgive mistakes
  23. I have a younger brother who is tall and strong, but overweight and rather sedentary. He is 19 years old, 6’3", and over 240 lbs. He was always a chubby kid with a tendency to overload with junk food, but I guess my parents never decided to take his bad habits seriously enough, despite my father’s efforts to encourage him to lose weight (which, to this day, consist mostly of him yelling at my brother about how tight his clothes have gotten and why the hell he won’t do anything about it). A doctor’s visit from several years ago revealed that he was pre-diabetic, and I’m assuming he still is. He doesn’t really care about things like simple vs. complex carbs, portion control, or high- vs low-glycemic index foods. And with all this news about young people dying from COVID-19 due to preexisting conditions like obesity and diabetes, I’m really starting to get worried. I (24F) have always cared a lot about my own physical health — I’m actually studying to become a doctor. I try to limit my intake of processed foods, I rarely eat out these days, and I exercise regularly. My BMI has always been in the healthy zone, and over the years I’ve discovered ways to make exercise more fun for myself. I’m actually a huge nerd who loves video games and pretty much all things medieval fantasy, but hobbies like martial arts and LARP have helped me to stay fit over the years. My brother has also always been a bit of a geek. Like...we both like to play Smash Bros and Dragon Ball Z games together, for instance, but I’ve found more satisfaction from learning to fight like those characters in real life than to just be good at button mashing combinations. Unfortunately, my brother does not share those interests. TL;DR I don’t know how to encourage my brother to improve his diet and start a regular exercise routine. I don’t think he’s as willing to suspend his disbelief as I am and use his fictional role models to motivate him to get in better shape. I remember not too long ago that he mentioned he was interested in taking boxing classes, as he is physically very strong and boxing would seem cathartic for him. However, that wouldn’t be possible right now, due to the closure of all non-essential businesses. What would you suggest I do?
  24. I am wholly and completely terrified of this journey. Not because I could fail, but because I could succeed and then more will be expected of me. Part of me wants to stay exactly where I am. Declare I'm too old and crippled to make these kinds of changes and sit on the couch eating potato chips. Then there's the part that's whispering 'we can do this, it isn't that hard'. I'm fairly convinced that little voice is either outright lying or sugarcoating the truth. I guess I'll find out which. First quest: Diet information. If diet is 80% of success, I need to get on that asap. Traveled to the local library and picked up "The Paleo Diet" and read it. Quest 1 part 1 complete diet knowledge expanded. I'm not sure if that's the right diet for me or not, but I'm willing to give it at least 30 days to impress or deject me. Second Quest: Walk to Mordor I walk everyday usually at least three miles. Now I will start logging my miles to put them on a spreadsheet and see how far I can go. ONGOING Third Quest: Strength Working on the getting the beginner body weight workout in my week at least three times. ONGOING Here we go. How did we do today? Today was not a good day for the diet. I ate all of my calories at breakfast. I ate in IHOP, this was a bad idea. I have also had a slice of cheesecake today which is a Paleo no-no. Maybe I should have waited until the holidays were completely through before I decided to change my diet. Logged 3 miles walking. I'm still meandering my way toward the edge of the shire. At least the scenery's pretty. Today wasn't a strength day.
  25. Hi everyone, My Age is almost 22yrs, Height 5'10 - 5'11. i was a bit fatty and never avoided sugar or junk food, the first day when i started to diet my weight was 83.75KG (19 January 2020). Today (20 February 2020) my weight it 79.10 KG, im dieting and avoiding junk foods. Whatever im doing my parents want me to stop it but i am feeling better than ever before by doing diet and going to gym. But one thing is making me feel so uncomfortable (CHEST FAT) My left side have more fat than the right one, right one is not much noticeable but the left one is clearly visible whenever im wearing a Shirt my left side is always visible. i dont know if this is something to worry about? i just want to make sure its nothing serious and how i will get rid of my left side chest fat. also i dont have any gyno or tumor sh*t.
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