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Found 10 results

  1. Keeping with my goals for improving circus, losing those last few pounds, and increasing my flexibility, all while not losing strength, maintaining my energy levels and eating well, I have put together an overly complex google docs tracking system for what is essentially a very boring challenge. But hey, spreadsheets are pretty, right? 1. Diet Stay below target calories each day. Assess target vs. energy levels vs. weight to continually maintain appropriate caloric goal. 2. Circus Open gym 1x/week Class 1x/week Choreography. Due to various life thing
  2. Vincent van Bro, formerly known as Curl Brogo, is an American painter, powerlifter, and Adonis with bat wing lats and biceps big as your head. Partly a renaissance man, he paints meditative, impressionistic still life and landscape, surrealistic allegorical depictions of small animals, and abstract expressionist paintings and drawings depicting musical ideas. He lives and works in Indianapolis. There's my Wikipedia intro paragraph. I've made up my mind to go back to school and study art in the spring, end goal being an MFA. So this challenge will be centered on prepar
  3. A Little History, Baby. (taken from my Respawn thread) A select few of you may remember me. I came, I did some challenges, I dropped some weight, and then life started life-ing me and I disappeared. In early 2015, I weighed 255 lbs. I joined a gym, started eating better, found NF, and in around 18 months, I'd just about scraped under 200 lbs, got myself a nice suit, and life was going... better. But interest started to flag, and a combination of work-related stress, family dramas, injuries, illness and dark depression took hold, and I went under the ice for a while. It
  4. We're winning! The battle to defeat the return of the dreaded Dad Bod has been waged on rocky ground for quite a while, but I'm finally finding my footing and marshaling my forces in the most economical way to make sustainable progress. In the last challenge we simplified the attack and adopted a few new weapons into the arsenal--intermittent fasting and yoga joined the team. IF was extremely beneficial, and I'm going to continue to use it in the exact same way. Yoga was tougher to implement because I haven't yet found the most effective method of deployment, but I've got an idea about how
  5. Weight, weight, go away. Don't come back again someday. I don't fit into most of my leather skirts any more, so I'm getting rid of that 20lbs. Again. Also, I lied. I said I was going to give it another challenge before counting calories, but I should know by now that I tend to modify my plans pretty much immediately. So I've started counting calories again (waaaa) and am trying to get at LEAST two workouts in every week. THE PLAN: 1. Work out at LEAST 2x/week 2. Attend lunch time office yoga 3. Log the calories Intermittent fasting ~4 days/week and con
  6. I'm Severine and this is my first challenge with the rangers. I was in the rebel guild for a long time and finally decided it's time I branched out a little. One of the reasons I stayed so long with the rebels was my difficulty in choosing a guild. I like bodyweight training and rock climbing, I like walking and hiking and exploring, I like barbell-based strength training and aspire to do more of it, and one of my goals is to condition for running and do a 5K sometime soon. Oh and I am doing a lot of work on mindset stuff and just recently started meditating. Plus I just got sucked into OCR st
  7. What a difference a couple key changes in my life is making! I'm still having tough days or moments emotionally, but regular sleep, exercise, the new work schedule, and cutting out alcohol are all working together to put me in a better state to handle those difficult times. I'm feeling good about this next challenge. Need to do some thinking about how I'll structure it, but my overall focus for September and the start of October is cutting weight as I train for this Spartan Sprint at the start of November. I think fitting into a pair of size 8 jeans I've had tucked away in my dra
  8. Hey Guys, I haven't done a challenge in quite a while, although I'm pretty excited to get back to it and lift heavy shit. I've been playing a ton of Dungeons & Dragons lately, so I'm going to go with a viking theme. They're strong badasses, right? A bit of history: I will be doing a keto diet based off of Mark Bell's advice and running the 5x5 program from keto gains (basically ICF 5x5 with fewer accessories). For pretty much my entire lifting career, my squat has lagged behind my bench and dead. For a long time, I was doing half squats and then starte
  9. This is difficult to write, but here it goes. I have around 300lbs to lose. I am fortunate to have no secondary health concerns to speak of (yet) apart from sleep apnea, but it's just a matter of time before my luck gives out and something else serious creeps in. At 39 I'm a ticking time bomb. I am working with a bariatric doctor, a nutritionist, and a therapist who specializes in eating disorders to try to attack this from as many angles as possible. The one thing I lack is any real support. I've tried to find groups here locally without any luck, and I'm hoping partic
  10. Hullo all. Weighed myself the other day, 206.4 (down a pound from last weigh in), still 21.6% body fat . I'm wondering if there is a good way to actually target body fat (other than slow and steady). I've been on this lifestyle change for about 5 years now and am still thrilled with the progress I've made thus far. I've maintained roughly the same eating habits for the past year or so (since the last time myfitnesspal stole calories away from me...still mad about that). I've been doing strength training (the "beginner's" bodyweight (now dumbell) circuit sin
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