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  1. My Comic Book Origin Story One day while working at his job as an IT admin, Justin was enjoying his fast food lunch when the building lost connectivity to the internet. Knowing he had to act fast before hoards of phone calls would arrive and angry employees would darken his doorstep, Justin went fast to work troubleshooting to figure out why the internet "turned off". Little did he know that disaster was about to strike at a nearby laboratory. Scientists were hard at work developing a new liquid that could turn the smallest amount of electricity into enough to power the city. While scientists were working with trial 169.254, also known as "Liquid X", the laboratory also loses internet connectivity. A scientist reaches behind the lab equipment to unplug and replug the powered ethernet cable. He drops the cable, and in his effort to catch it, he spills a vial of Liquid X on the ethernet cable. The liquid does exactly what it was developed to do, and electricity surges throughout the building traveling through the network. Every device connected explodes from the amount of electricity delivered to it. But that's not all, electricity also explosively travels outside the building to every building on the block, knocking out every computer and device hardwired into the ISP grid. This includes our new friend Justin. While inspecting the cable line coming into the building, the burst of electricity arrives to greet Justin. The amount of electricity that enters Justin is enough to give even Thor a shock. Justin blacks out, but everyone else sees a burst of white light emit from the building. The light outshines the sun, blinding anyone in the area looking right at it. Justin wakes up in the hospital, three days have passed. A doctor walks in to try to calm Justin. But Justin is so frantic he begins to glow, any attempt to soothe him only makes him more anxious, glowing brighter. The doctor exits the room just in time, as another light brighter than the sun bursts out from Justin as he passes out again. Justin wakes up this time three hours later, this time covered from head to toe, preventing his blinding light from showing. Still, no doctors want to approach him. But one overcurious lab technician defies all orders and enters the room. As Bridgette the lab tech speaks to Justin he is instantly calmed. Her voice is like no other he's heard. Bridgette tells him that he should have died from the incident. However, from all the junk food he was eating, his body was filled with chemicals and toxins that aided him in absorbing the electricity, storing and converting it into an uncontrollable bright light emitting through his skin. He must remain covered or anyone around him will be blinded when the light is cast. The good news is Justin can reverse this effect. Through detoxing his body of these chemicals he can learn to control his light. Bridgette hands him an iPad and a glass of water. She tells him he starts today. Justin opens the iPad, and sees the local news website load with the headline, "Super Nova hits Killeen". As Bridgette starts to leave, Justin reaches out, grabbing her hand with his wrapped hand. Even though he says nothing, Bridgette hears him say, "Please come back soon". She smiles, and leaves, wondering how he was able to communicate to her without saying anything. Can Justin get his eating under control so he can then control his blinding light? What else did the incident do to Justin? All these answers and more in the next "issue": Super Nova vs. the Caveman. Main mission Get into a healthy routine of eating right and getting outside for some exercise. I've been on and off diets for basically the past 7 years. I just want to focus on the next 6 weeks and get through that, focusing on one day at at time. Whatever weight loss is welcomed. Goal 1 Eat only real foods. (Goals in terms of 3 solid meals a day) A - 21 real food meals a week B - 20 C - 19 D - 18 F - 17- Goal 2 Get outside 3 times a week, 30-45 minutes at a time (must be for exercise, chores don't count) A - Outside 3 times for the week B - Outside 2 times for the week C - Outside 1 times for the week F - Never went outside Goal 3 Limit restaurants/take out to 2 times per week. Pass/Fail Life Quest Get out of bed within 5 minutes of waking up. No more snoozing for an hour. A - 5 days per week B - 4 days per week C - 3 days per week D - 2 days per week F - 1 or 0 Motivation My main motivation is the people around me, mainly my wife and newborn daughter, Jill. Call me thick, but I have a hard time realizing how my bad eating affects them as much as it does. I created the comic book persona Super Nova as a second alter ego to myself. Through his bad habits he emits a bright blinding light that could harm those around him. At the same time, my bad habits can harm the people around me, being big enough to not realize I'm about to lay on my wife's arm in bed, slow enough not to get out of my chair as fast as I should to soothe Jill, and irresponsible enough to waste money on takeout instead of real food. So just as comic-book-me has to eat right to control his blinding light and lose weight so he can catch his villains, I need to eat right to get my health in check and be able to catch Jill when she wants to play tag someday
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