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  1. Hi Everybody, Its been a long time since I have posted a challenge here for myself, but I recently started using a food service that reminded me of Nuala. So I dropped in to say thanks to her, and it made me want to rejoin the rebellion. Current Stats: Name: Kyliewyotie Age: 31 Height: 5'9 Weight: 211lbs Profession: Engineer at a Power plant Main Quest: -Rebuild my lost healthy habits. Background: I took place in 7 challenges here at nerd fitness, 1 as an adventurer, and 6 as an assassin. During those I made ,huge progress in my strength, flexibility, stamina, even tweaked a few life items for the better. I went from 225lbs to 183, I was eating mostly paleo, tracking calories, and exercising on a regular basis. I felt great, physically, and it helped to push me to try new things, and many things i used to be afraid to do. I slowly stopped checking nerd fitness, I stopped taking my vitamins, I stated to allow more cheat days, I started to skip exercise days, I started taking the elevator at work. I slowly started to unravel all the healthy habits I had put in place. The effect of this is that I weigh 211lbs, can't wear my size 34 clothes, I am shying away from physical activities because I am out of shape, and generally feel like crap. I am honestly embarrassed, and don't like it. I have made a comeback attempt once before, but it only lasted for about month, until I allowed myself to fall into the same routine again. But like Wile E Coyote, I wont give up. TL:DR - Got fat, Hate it, Want to change it. I am aiming to rebuild my healthy habits so the goals I have for this challenge are meant to rebuild my habits. Goals: -Strength train 3 times a week, this will be a mix of weights and body weight. ( I will be doing a preliminary work out today to find where i stand after my slacking.) -Eat right! I signed up for a food service that delivers me portioned quality (paleo) food, I will be eating that for lunch and dinner. I skip breakfast. -Take my vitamins, Doc said I should. It also serves as the first step in a healthy direction for the day. Life Goal: -Keeping with the theme of building good habits, I will be making and tracking a budget. I have never really had issues with debt or money problem, but I can always be wiser about where I spend. I will be using a app for this and it syncs with my wife's phone so we can see how were doing as a family. My motivation: Started purely based on vane reasons, I recently attended a shooting competition and a professional photographer was there. When I got the images from him I was embarrassed by my gut. I have noticed that I feel worse, do less outside activities, don't fit in some of my clothes, but seeing the picture really smacked me in the face. I have a plan, now to make it happen I'm glad to be back, and look forward to meeting all the wonderful Assassins.
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