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Found 4 results

  1. Well hello! My name is Brett, I'm 30 and from South Dakota and I'm tired of the status quo. Growing up I was a hyperactive, spastic little child. Discipline and perseverance were foreign concepts to me. That being said I had no plan for what I wanted to do with my life. Up until late 2012 this didn't really concern me however after a break up that year I started, though ever so briefly, to question things. Is this all there is to life? Just fast food and video games? Is there A God and is the Church fulfilling it's role? What's other countries like? Well long story short I've discovered the answers to such things, a lot of it in 2014. That leads me to today. I am approximately 340 lbs, single, living in my parents basement. Employed but the nearest point for the potential of greater gainful employment is next fall. The reasoning for mentioning my past is simple, though I can have impressive resolve my endurance and perseverance suck. I don't know how to last. All that being said I am calling on the Rebellion for help. Particularly in emotional support but also for recommendations and feedback. IronFrenzy217 reporting in.
  2. So I've started this journey about a year ago and did alright for a bit but then my uni started up again. As such my health got put to onside without releasing it. This is my last year at uni and I would like to leave healthy for the next stage for my life. I also have a secondary goal of cosplaying at a local event next year as FemShep from Mass Effect, the main problem right now is that I'm not built like a space marine. How am I suppose to keep up with Turians and battle Geths if I can't even do a press up. Battle Plan: Halloween is this month so I'm aiming to try and lose some weight by then while also kicking some bad habits. Sugar Goals: I drink far too much fizz juice so my plan is to try and go for 30 days without drinking any. I've identified when I'm most likely to drink so hopefully I can break the habit. Exercise: I've started to go to the gym twice a week on Monday and either Thursday or Saturday, focusing on strength training. When possible I also go swimming on Wednesday. I'm also planning to keep a note of food and anything else that comes up. Hope this month goes well and I keep my battle log updated.
  3. Back to Basics but better and smarter: Liberator's 10th Challenge I want to focus this challenge on specific things to do. Goals: Get back to a size 6 Drop 20 lbs. Motivation: I have a bunch of clothes size 6 I want to wear again. I want to feel great in a bikini! Current weight: 160 lbs. I am back up to pre-NF weight Here's the thing, I am not going to feel bad about this because I know I can lose the weight with ease and with pleasure! I have done it before I can do it again, smarter, better than before. I got this! My KISS plan: Squats: 25 per day Track my diet; I don't eat a lot especially during the week. Cutting calories is not the answer for me because my body is great at adjusting to the lower caloric intake. I have my BP coffee for breakfast, a bowl of soup or a bowl of plain rice for lunch and some veggies and meat for dinner. I lost weight before but I can't keep it off. I will probably still do gratitude statement, because that is just what I do! The key for this plan is once I start regularly exercising I will do more I just need to build the habit. Side Quest: I have a sore shoulder that I think I need to see a phyical therapist in order to fix it. I want to find a fun class to take to learn something new, another dance class maybe? Daily Template: Gratitude: Squats: ??? Something for my abs or core that doesn't stress my shoulder. Diet:
  4. Hey guys, I am trying to set a goal for inches around my belly. I am moderately athletic and active, but trying to improve my eating habit. With my 5'6" and 160lb (36" waist), I look like a very pleasant, very buff, very pregnant young man when I don't hold my stomach in. I want to set a smart goal to eliminate those inches for the next challenge. My ultimate goal would be 29-30", which is pretty lean. However, it's not going to be done in 2 months. Do you know how to set a reasonable goal to lost inches off my waistline? How much should I aim for in 2 months time that would be fast but won't make me try to kill myself? 1 inch? 2 inches? 3? I tried looking around the interweb, but they're pretty vague about it. Thanks in advance for all the feedback, answers, and comments!
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