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  1. Per Request đŸ˜‰ The Plan.... Conscientious: Make 24 hour plan, eat on plan when hungry, stop when full. Unconventional: Rides, 5k's, events, and any other random stuff goes here Time: Get 7 hours of sleep a night, post at least 3 times a week in my thread. Exercise: Weights 1x week, 6,000 steps a day, 3 days treadmill workout (when no work event) I have a bad habit this time of year of hiding away...I want to go to all the things then when the time comes I make excuses and don't do them...this isn't starting off too well since I've already bai
  2. During the last challenge I made the decision to stay with my job, need to work on being able to talk about an ask for things that I want or feel like I deserve (personal as well as professional) I really do love where I work so this is not a bad thing, was just a tough year on everyone. I stopped doing the weight training program I was working on about two weeks ago, my joints were informing me they had had enough...I'm still doing weight training once a week (a combination of several things from the program) my joints and I are both happy about this. I've started doin
  3. I've had an exciting month! So during lockdown, I kinda had to switch from leg press machines to squats. I had some dumbells that I'd been using at home for this, and now our covid situation has largely improved (current local blip notwithstanding) and our gyms have reopened. I switched to using the bags, but having found the 15kg now to be too light, I had to go up. Only I couldn't shift the 20kg one onto my shoulders. I had no choice - I had to learn how to use the barbell. So, under instruction, I set foot in a squat cage for the first time and did my squats with a 2
  4. Restarting after a few years away from this site! This year is not off to quite the start I had planned. I had gone off keto from thanksgiving to new years because I can't go through December without egg nog, but I had planned to go right back on Jan 1. Then the start of the new decade rolled around and I came down with a nasty head cold, preventing me from being active, following any sort of diet, or even posting here until now. Oh well, better late than never, right? I will probably add some sort of fiction to my posts as things go along, but I want to get something posted so I don't use thi
  5. Ok, ya'll! I'm back and I'm READY TO GO! My last challenge was not as successful goal-wise as I would have liked, but it was successful "learning things"-wise. The scale made a little progress in the right direction, and my lifting made a LOT of progress. I was off all last week, because of the graduation festivities, and by Friday, I was really feeling the effects of eating out and not exercising. Ugh! For this challenge, I am keeping it simple and emphasizing the Four Pillars of Health: Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, and Stress. Stay within my calorie range and tr
  6. Grandkai joins the Ranger Campfire I've been a Assassin for most of my NF Rebellion journey and with my current goals i thought it was a nice chance to see how the Rangers are. Let me give a quick introduction to who i am: Dutch guy from the Netherlands and i've been a few years now on the NF Rebellion forums. Did a bunch of challenges, had a break and been back for a few challenges now. I like reading, playing games and 100% them on Xbox. Lets get to the goals: Strength training 2-3x a week Since i started going back to the gym i have a LOT better focus
  7. I am READY for a new 4-week challenge! I took last week as a bit of a rest week, so that I can dive in today! Last month was my first challenge and I learned some great lessons. Here are my goals for the next four weeks: weight train 4x a week hot yoga once a week 100 oz of water a day at least 5 days a week 8,000 steps a day on work days meditate at least 15 minutes 4 times a week journal 3 times a week read Thinner, Leaner, Stronger by Michael Matthews
  8. Hey folks. Bardic Garlic here. Very bardic. Very garlicky. A professor. 30. I live in SE Asia after 12 years in the USA. At the end of this challenge, I will be in California for a conference. I need to get ready to dish it out. This bard of the orient is going to face the giants and the gods! (The American folks are literally giant for me. I'm 5'5 (165 cm)). To get to Asgard, I will need to get approval from each god. SACRIFICE: I sacrifice bubble tea for Odin. My replacement is black tea with no sugar. HEIMDALL of BIFROST: Eat the r
  9. Well, am not Milo but am generally a big fan of progressive training philosophies. Super quick intro: am currently 39yo/M. Was in very good shape in my early years, where I competed in judo thru my high school days, and went to Officer School in the military after. In college though, started to deteriorate but still had good metabolism then. Subsequently spent 10 years in a cut-throat business where I flourished professionally and financially, but at the expense of my health. An insurance health check turned up so many red flags it wasn't funny, and I decided to take drastic steps
  10. Overview / Motivation: My quest for a Spartan Trifecta continues with this challenge. I'll be taking on the Washington DC Spartan Sprint this June and am really looking forward to the challenge. Need to ramp up my training after prioritizing recovery throughout a busy month following the Beast. Let's get after it! Main Quest: Complete a Spartan Trifecta Side Quests: Complete the Spartan Sprint Points Potential: STA+3 Grading Pass / Fail Average 2 Weight Training Workouts / Week Points Potential: STR+3 Gradi
  11. Overview / Motivation: The time has finally come! As I write out this challenge I am 5 days away from my Spartan Beast. While my training hasn't gone quite to plan, I just wrapped up a successful 10 mile run yesterday which built my confidence for my upcoming 12-14 mile / 30+ obstacle challenge. I'm looking forward to the mental and physical battle that I will be going up against to push the bounds of what I thought I could do. It's going to be an incredible experience. Main Quest: Complete a Spartan Trifecta Side Quests: Complete the Spartan BEAST Po
  12. I tried to find a good gif or even a pic of T H E V O I D but there aren't any. You can't take a pic of T H E V O I D because it's nothing. Just nothing. Interesting that there are gifs of nothing, but not T H E V O I D. This one is close though. I briefly considered making my challenge theme T H E V O I D but that wouldn't be right either. T H E V O I D is not a theme. It's not anything at all. A little like this, but not really. My challenge isn't going to be nothing. It's going to be more challen
  13. Overview / Motivation: Fresh off a productive and successful 4-week challenge, I'm ready to continue my preparation for the Spartan Beast on April 28th. I'm maintaining my strength training, mindset preparation and core work while increasing my stamina and mileage. During this challenge I'll be ramping up my long run from 7 miles to 9 miles. Let's do it! Main Quest: Complete a Spartan Trifecta Side Quests: Complete 60 miles worth of runs this challenge Points Potential: STA+5 Grading A= Average > 90% B= Average > 80% C=
  14. Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lives in a pineapple under the sea? Gurdris the Imbiber! Flimsy and flabby and lazy is she! Gurdris the Imbiber! If nerdical fitness be something you wish Gurdris the Imbiber! Then drop in the gym, and sweat like a bitch! GURDRIS THE IMBIBER! GURDRIS THE IMBIBER! GURDRIS THE IMBIBER! GURDRIS THE IMBIBER! GURDRIIIIIIIIS THE IMBIBER! Yarr, now that the musical number is out of the way...
  15. My goal is to definitely chatter in here on a daily basis. Even if it's to say "Hi! I took a nap today!" or that I managed to finish four loads of laundry when I'm not posting things about the gym/working out/general health hubbub! So, back in February, my Step-dad and I joined our local gym. Since then, we were going every other day. I did skip a few days because 1) I wasn't feeling all that great mentally or physically or 2) I was feeling lazy. Lately, I have been far more diligent at pushing myself to go. Even if I'm feeling mentally exhausted or gross, I go because
  16. Overview / Motivation: I finally did it... during the off week I built up my 5 seconds of courage and bought my 2018 Spartan Trifecta pass. Then I signed up for my first of the Trifecta runs - the Beast. After running my first Spartan race last year, I knew I had to prove to myself that I could push beyond what I believed I could physically and mentally do - I knew I had to complete a Trifecta. This challenge starts my focused preparation and training towards the Tri-State Spartan Beast at the end of April. It is time... I'm also starting my 5 month Professional Coaching Progra
  17. Hey everyone! So this is my second challenge and I hope that I am in the right place. If not, I suppose everything is a journey to enjoy until we are where we need to be. So I am going to be keeping this one rather simple. Still focusing on lifting heavy weights and healthy eating choices because I am on the road to a good looking lean ass body! I have come kind of far, but still have a long way to go and many obstacles to overcome. I have 2 Quests to concentrate on and 4 goals in total which I intend to hit each and every week of this 4 week
  18. Overview / Motivation: I am fired up for 2018. No resolutions. Simply time to recommit to excellence and level up my life. Keeping the same approach that I wrapped up 2017 with but will be increasing my running distance and adding in side planks. I have big aspirations of completing a Spartan Trifecta this year and will need to redefine what I think I can actually accomplish physically. Let's light that fire and get after it! #unleash Main Quest: Work towards building my bench and squats to 250 pounds Side Quests: Average 8 Miles of Running / Week Po
  19. Overview / Motivation: Well, as with most holidays when everyone is home and the routines are thrown off, the fitness and nutrition drops off... While I've been able to focus on nutrition, but fitness routine was lacking. I'll be using this challenge to burn off the bird and all the pumpkin pie I've been eating since Thanksgiving - ramping up the burpees and planks this time around while maintaining my running and lifting goals. Also looking forward to checking out 'Think and Grow Rich' - seems like a must-read in the personal development arena. Good luck to all the rebels as we get back o
  20. Hey yall back again! Last one was kinda mediocre but I've finally kicked the snot out of my goal of cooking 1x a week!! Challenges: Go to the GYM at least 2x a week!! I haven't actually signed up at the gym yet? But that's bc there's the one that i was thinking of going to and then there's a new one opening soon but no eta? So I decided to just go for the one I was gonna go to until the new one opens lol. I'm gonna do the free week this week P: Also I found a workout plan I want to follow on bodybuilding.com so I have an idea of what to do at the gym lol. Stay u
  21. Overview / Motivation: I want to up my game with my overall fitness - strength, stamina and dexterity. I am still building up to my 5 seconds of courage to buy my Spartan Trifecta pass for 2018 so I want to keep building a solid foundation to be able to attack that massive challenge head on. I'm leveraging my challenge goals from last time and adding in some additional planks and increasing as many of my core lifts as possible to start breaking through some comfort zones. Main Quest: Work towards building my bench and squats to 250 pounds Side Quests: Averag
  22. Hi there, Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I joined this forum a while ago but this is my first time posting here. I'm a 5'9", 29 year old guy and currently weigh 56kg/8 st 12 lbs. In the past few weeks I've been thinking of getting more into weight training and powerlifting. I'm not looking to compete or anything but I want to get stronger and build a bit more muscle. I'm not completely new to lifting weights as I had been doing bodypump classes twice a week. Whilst this helped me get lean I'm not seeing the results I'd like. I stumbled acro
  23. Overview / Motivation: This challenge will primarily focus on attacking my lingering low back pain / discomfort that I've been dealing with for way too long now. After some research, I came across some content on pelvic tilt which seems to be a big cause if not the sole cause of what I'm dealing with - too much time sitting in a chair at work all these years... I'm ramping down my training a bit to focus on yoga and some exercises to counterbalance the tilt. Fingers crossed I make some progress. Main Quest: Defeat my lower back pain and pelvic tilt Side Quests:
  24. Hello All! So a bit of background to start things off. I have been lifting consistently for a bit over 2 years now. Last year I trained for and competed in my first strong woman competition, and I managed to walk away with a couple first place event medals and a 2nd place overall. I loved lifting heavy but it seems to have some not so great side effects for me. Once I started with a trainer specifically for powerlifting/strongman I kind of blew up from 164 to 193 (currently around 185-188). Now my measurements weren't up as far as I worried so I know some of it wa
  25. Hi everyone! I am new to the Rebellion! I have already posted two questions and have received replies that have made me nothing but more positive. I really do love it here. I am still learning to navigate, and I am super excited to try a 4 week challenge when the next one starts. So here is my story for those who would like to get to know me: I am a young female South African, 25, 154cm height. BMI .29 (considered obese). I am a little person in this huge world that it, yes, trying to get smaller. I have been struggling on and off for over a year trying to
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