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  1. So for the next 2 weeks(9/11 - 9/25) I will be leaving sunny wonderful Florida to spend time at my cabins in Wisconsin. Highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s. It is going to be quite the change. Goals for the challenge Workout of some sort daily 10k steps daily Eat whole foods(mostly paleo with limited dairy and maybe one whole grain serving daily). Two travel days are cheatish days(morning food and some beer). Also some freeze dried camping food reviews for content. I may choose to have whiskey once while up at the cabins but other than that strict. Daily hobby 50XP of Duolingo daily Read 10ish pages Post a picture of dinner Examples of WODs Ruck Run Circuit training Weight lifting Hobbies Minis Content creation(youtube videos and launch channel) Fishing Model rockets Building things(fish tank stand) Board games Currently also running a PvP warm up for Rucktober. I need to market Rucktober and get some sign ups. The PvP for the warm up is here if anyone is interested.
  2. It’s been awhile since I participated with the Warrior’s Guild, but I’m back and ready to lift all the heavy things again! Since this challenge runs over Halloween, my favorite holiday, it’s werewolf themed again! Main Quest To live a healthy and balanced life by exercising and trying to eat healthy. My Motivation Since starting my new job back in March, I lost access to my gym. I’ve been walking outside, but have not done any strength training for months and I miss it. Now, with access to my new at-home gym setup, I have barbells and a bar/bench to lift again! My main focus for this challenge will be lifting, but I also want to continue walking to get back into better scuba diving shape. I’ve maintained my 1200 calories per day, M-F with blow meals on the weekends. However, I need to drop some weight before my physical in mid-November so I’m going back to 1 blow day/weekend. This will be a hard challenge, since it’s been awhile for me, but I’m ready and willing, so let’s rage! Smaller Quests 1. Big Beastie = Weightlifting It’s time to get back to lifting all the heavy things! I’ve missed it, so it’s time to reset and lift stuff again. I like it, it makes me feel better about myself and it’s got practical, real-world purposes. However, since it’s been awhile since I last lifted heavy things, I’m starting off with lower weights than I normally would since I don’t want to hurt myself. Werewolves are, first and foremost, destructive forces with incredible strength. Most werewolves are particularly strong in the upper body, although they’re really just all-over slabs of muscle. Scoring: x/5 (1 for each weight achieved) - Barbell Curls: 12.5lbs → 20lbs - Bench Press: 45lbs → 65lbs - Deadlift: 50lbs → 65lbs - Squat: 50lbs → 65lbs - Tricep Pullovers: 12.5lbs → 25lbs Reward: +5 to STR (+1 for each completed) 2. Stalking = Walking I have an hour for lunch, so I’ve been walking for 40 minutes M-F, which gets me about 2 miles in that time. I want to make sure I walk each day, M-F for 40 minutes, outside. Another big thing werewolves do is stalk their prey. So being able to walk for miles at a time, without ill effects, is important. Scoring: x/25 days Reward: +5 to STA (+1 for every week achieved) 3. Blood & Guts = Blow Meals My blow meals on weekends have gotten out of control. Where I used to only have 1 blow meal per weekend, it’s turned into two full days of eating badly. And since my annual dive physical is coming up on November 16, I need to shed some pounds to make sure I’m in the best diving shape for Scuba Santa in December! So it’s back to 1 blow day per weekend. Werewolves run on high protein diets and not much else. Scoring: /5 weekends Reward: 3+ CON & 2+ CHA (+1 for each weekend achieved) Time to RAGE!!!
  3. ¸„.-•~¹°”ˆ˜¨ Health & Happiness Are Hard ¨˜ˆ”°¹~•-.„¸ Wherein the Cracked_Belle Un-Dies 𝔽𝕚𝕣𝕤𝕥 𝕒 𝕎𝕒𝕣𝕟𝕚𝕟𝕘, 𝕐'𝕒𝕝𝕝 I am diagnosed with a lot crap that makes life hard — manic depression, C-PTSD, OSFED (eating disorder), OCD, anxiety, some chronic pain, and other crap. these aspects of me and my life are going to come up in my journey to getting back on track with my health and happiness. I'll try to be sensitive to triggers, include warnings such as this where needed, and use spoilers when necessary. but this is my "cover my butt" warning. thanks in advance for you understand. life is difficult; but I find obtaining Health and Happiness is even harder. as aforementioned, I have some mental and physical ailments that complicate the normal struggles of life even further. recently, my depression and my eating disorder have been soul-consuming. it's time to end that. I used to be a rather active member of Nerd Fitness in its early days. the life happened and I left for a while. well, I'm back; and hopefully for even longer this time. I'd like to get my life and health in order, lol. as follows are my current Goals for this upcoming Challenge. I, of course, reserve the right to adjust them as time progresses and I see what's going to work for me and what isn't. Get Down to 125 Pounds (ideally by 08/24/2020) Do a Daily Workout weightlifting on MTWRFA everyday: warm-ups and cool-downs MR: upper body — push-up, bicep curl, bent-over row TF: lower body — squat, strait-leg deadlift, calf raise AW: mix/misc — mountain climber, tensor curl, flexor curl, donkey kick cycling everyday AMWR: ~5 mi (2 circuits) URF: ~2.5 mi (1 circuit) Adhere to Caloric Schedule [TW — Eating Disorders] TO BE UPDATED to a point wherein I'm not slowly starving myself gets tweaked and Friday before depending on plans for the week Goal Average Kcal/Day: <700 Sat: 1,200 Sun: 1,200 Mon: 0 Tue: 1,200 Wed: 0 Thu: 1,200 Fri: 0 Log Monthly Body Measurements take body measurements at start of every month Log Daily Metrics continue to complete the daily Metrics spreadsheet, filling it in as completely as possible Make Next Week's Food Plan every Friday, make the caloric and cooking food plan for the following week (as starts on then ext day of Sat) Manage My Mental Health Do Daily AM Prep complete morning preparations for the day, every day Do Daily PM Review complete evening review of the day, every day Complete Mood Form Daily complete the mood tracking form at least once every day Track Meds track all medications and (certain) supplements consumed every day Become a Professional Writer [to be tweaked soon] Find a Career Counselor/Coach solidify a working relationship with a career counselor/career Resume Being Creative Write for One Hour per Week work on any writing project for a total of at least one hour a week Be Artsy for One Hour per Week do any artistic work for a total of at least one hour each week
  4. Main Quest To live a healthy and balanced life by exercising and trying to eat healthy. My Motivation For my 37th challenge here, I’m going back to the Ranger’s Guild to balance endurance with strength training. I started here back in 2014, after having dropped weight and started a fitness routine on my own. However, with Nerd Fitness, I honed my focus and added muscle. But it’s been awhile since I did a challenge here and I find the motivation the forum provides is a great one. I’ve maintained my 1200 calories per day, M-F with blow meals on the weekends and I’ve been going on daily walks with my husband M-F. My weekly meals will remain the same, but I want to hold myself accountable for walking more and to add in weightlifting again. Smaller Quests 1. Walking I want to walk each day during this challenge, including on the weekends. Ideally, I would be walking 2 miles per day, but with going into my office sporadically, and with the spring weather (read: rain), I’m not sure how realistic this is. So I’m going to shoot for every day to see how it goes. Scoring: x/34 days Reward: +5 to STA (+1 for every week completed) 2. Weightlifting - Trim & Tone workout from Darebee.com I enjoy weightlifting, but lack a proper gym at home. Still, I do have barbells and I should be using them. I want to focus on my arms, and my biceps even more specifically. I want to use another Darebee program, but only a few times a week. Before, I’ve gone with a specific program, but that website has a lot of single day programs too. I’m going to try a single workout, twice a week. The Trim & Tone workout focuses on arms and I should be able to perform the exercises at home. Scoring: x/10 days Reward: +5 to STR (+1 for every week completed) 3.Language - Spanish I want to practice my Spanish again on DuoLingo, so I want to aim for once a day, M-F. Scoring: x/25 days Reward: +5 to WIS (+1 for every week completed)
  5. I started weight lifting about 6 weeks ago. My focus is on my legs and back and I would get on the torso rotation machine as a start to get my middle area ready to do some harder stuff eventually. 3 days ago I got on 2 different ab machines with very little weight to just get a feel for it. I only did 2 sets on each machine and my abs have been sore. Today I hit the gym and got back on the same machines and I would get super sharp pain inside where my c section scar is when i tried doing my sets. I only did 2 reps on each. It hurt So bad i wanted to cry. Its been 4 years since the c section happened and im wondering if anyone has gone through something like this after so long?? After i went to the torso rotation where i usually do 110lbs and i had to bring it down to 90 because it was very uncomfortable. Im very disappointed because i got excited after trying out the machines 3 days ago and my scar did not hurt then and now it does but only when i try using the ab machines. Any advice please??
  6. I've met some of you monks around the guilds, but a brief intro... I am Brogo, I typically hang out in the warriors or adventurers. I just got done with an 80 day stint of ketogenesis in which I lost 10 lbs., but my motivation to workout has gone flat. So to give myself a reason to run, lift, and stay limber, I'm going to return to martial arts (or at least give it another shot). In college I studied Shaolin Eagle Claw Kung Fu. I did that for three years and it was the best shape of my life (granted I was in my early 20's). I went from about 260 lbs. down to 210 in the first year. I got stronger, faster, and felt awesome. I was able to to jumping spinning kicks, and could almost do the splits, and new how to lock joints and spar and throw people around. Super fun. Plus, I had a lot of focus, discipline, and mindfulness. In grad school, when I got back up to 260, I started NF and lifting weights. Since then, it has now been right about 6 years, I'm stronger, but I have not been lower than 244 on the scale, and I struggle with motivating myself to get below 250. Recently on keto I saw 249, but struggled to push below and didn't have the energy to workout. Hopefully, practicing a martial art can motivate me to crush that goal. Goal 1, Conditioning: I don't move like I used to and I don't have the endurance. So before I settle into a martial art practice/study I need to get my body moving again. Daily: Stretch, Breathe, Meditate: 2x Daily, individually or in combination Combat: Do one basic stance, strike, or technical drill 1x Daily Core: Do one core exercise 1x Daily Conditioning: Run: 1x Weekly Strength Training: Pretty much any other kind of workout 2x Weekly Goal 2, Find a dojo: I need to pick a new martial art. There is no Eagle Claw Kung Fu here in Indianapolis. Plus, what I'm looking for in a martial art now is different. Kung Fu was great because it was physically demanding, but now I'm more interested in something I can do sustainably for years to come, and something that has more applicability for self-defense, and develops character in a balanced way. Here are a few dojos/martial arts in town I'd like to try: Jumonkan (Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu, Senso Jujutsu, Kenjutsu, Judo) Mudokwan (Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, Kendo, Iaido) MMA (various clubs) (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, etc) 7-star Praying Mantis Kung Fu That's the short list. I'm going to try Jumonkan on Aug. 7. They offer a free Aikijujutsu class as an intro to their dojo. What I pick will be a balance of money/time/interest/whether or not the teacher is crazy etc. Goal 3, To-Do List: Daily: Clean something, Check To-do list Weekly: Update To-do list/challenge sheet The Tao of Brogojutsu (spoilered to remain hidden from those who would use this haphazardly compiled collection of musings about martial arts practice for evil)
  7. It has been a challenging year for me and I am looking to get myself back focused on “me” . Up till June I was doing so well....lost 10 lbs even...now that is all back on my ass and I am feeling it.... I can not get into the Challenge proper until August 12th ( have a animathon conference to attend this weekend out of town) but I will jump on in and get myself on Track adn hit this hard on Monday 12th . Here is my game. 1 - Three weeks ( till end of August) of cleanse diet followed by the rest of the time testing food back in– this is a non negotiable as I have developed ugly dermatitis on my arms and I think it helps to eat better. 2- Consistency with my workouts – Holly shit sticks this gets hard for me... I will play a bit with this during this challenge but I am aiming to get up and do early AM workouts Monday- Friday My workouts are truly a mix of everything in my home gym deep down in the catacombs. I want to get stronger faster and just better in my overall fitness by next spring……For this initial challenge I want to work out being more consistent that is all, the training plan will come later. Even if I roll out of bed and do 10 push ups - for this challenge i will count that as a win Game Plan - I will update weekly Monday – Clean Eating & AM workout Tuesday – Clean Eating & AM Workout Wednesday – Clean Eating & Am Workout Thursday - Clean Eating & AM Workout Friday – Clean Eating & AM Workout Saturdays - Clean Eating & Rest/Active Rest Sunday – Clean Eating & Endurance Workout
  8. I pretty much gave up last challenge and ate So last challenge I did two GORUCKS and then really just sat around and ate. two years a go my pre IRONMAN Texas race weight was 163lbs. Up until a few months a go I have stayed down in the 165's or so. That has recently gone way off the charts though. This morning I was 175lbs. That being said I know a lot of it is sodium but I still have gained close to 10lbs I am guessing. It is not helping that my In Laws are here until Sunday and we are drinking and eating out every night. I can try to use that excuse but last nights burger and brownie sundae were my choice as opposed to a salad. The Delerium Red on draft was excellent though and I have never seen that. So for this challenge I would like to get under 163lbs, yes lose 12lbs in 5 weeks. Keep in mind though I should drop 3-5 quickly due to sodium. I also have two other minor goals, WOD daily, and eat paleo clean(this will be how I lose the weight). Lose 12 lbs WOD daily(includes stretching) Eat Paleo I do have a GORUCK heavy in 3 months so my WODs will be a 3 day rotation. Lift Recovery(swimming usually) Ruck, and possible light WOD That is about it for me. Kicking this off today 6/25.
  9. Main Quest To live a healthy and balanced life by exercising and trying to eat healthy. My motivation I eat 1200 calories per day, M-F with blow meals on weekends. It’s been over 3 months since my last challenge and I want to get back into the regiment of it, so I’m back! And I’m with the Rangers for this challenge. I’ve been going to the gym, but it hasn’t been as focused on a particular area since I haven’t done a challenge in awhile. I intend to do some weightlifting, per my usual, but I want to focus more on other smaller quests this time around. I enjoy doing themed workouts and for this challenge it will be Galaxy Quest because it’s been awhile since I had a set workout routine and I want to get back into the habit, therefore I should never give up and never surrender! 1. “Never Give Up. Never Surrender!” -Captain Taggart Walking It’s a great workout and fairly easy, so I’m once again going to be walking. Plus, the crew of the NSEA Protector have to walk around a lot when they go to help the Thermians. Scoring: /30 miles in 4 weeks (7.5 miles per week) Reward: +3 STA & +3 DEX 2. “By Grabthar's hammer, by the suns of Worvan, you shall be avenged.” -Dr. Lazarus Weightlifting I enjoy weightlifting; it makes me feel good about my pathetic human body and it’s got real-world, practical purposes. However, it’s been awhile since I did it seriously, so I’m going to be easing back into it. I’m going lower than I probably need to, but I can adjust the starting weights accordingly. Bench press: 45lbs → 60lbs Squat: 50lbs → 75lbs Barbell curl: 15lbs → 20lbs (with good form!) Deadlift: 50lbs → 75lbs Pullups - 1 with good form Scoring: /5 Reward: +5 to STR (1 for each achieved) 3. “I'm not even supposed to be here. I'm just "Crewman Number Six." I'm expendable. I'm the guy in the episode who dies to prove how serious the situation is. I've gotta get outta here.” - Guy Fleegman Sweet Treats I’m still addicted to sugary, processed sweet stuff! During the week, I want to try to stick to snacks like fresh fruit, popcorn and nuts. Score: /20 Reward: +2 to CON & +2 to CHA
  10. Well, it finally happened - at the tender age of 35, I have finally decided to become a real adult. It was inevitable. I could see it coming years ago, but damn, I put it off as long as I was able. I'm proud of how long I held out... but now I'm excited to finally be wearing my big-girl panties, and exploring the wild expanses of genuine adulthood. To inaugurate my level-up, I am setting a 30-day challenge for myself. My goals are as follows: - Complete the move-in process to our new house (including unboxing and organizing all our shit) - Complete the move-out process from our old house (sign-off all the paperwork & turn in the keys) - Revamp my wardrobe, from the current mish-mash of accumulated crap, to a *purposeful* *functional* *events appropriate* one - ACTUALLY WEAR THE NEW WARDROBE - Update my financial budget - Resume healthy living (cooking at home, prioritizing my workouts, and maintaining self-care routines) I'm setting the challenge dates for 01 APR - 30 APR, simply because I want to do a "30 Days, Before & After" kind of photo collage [and a 1 month timeframe is easiest]. I'll get back in sync with the actual 4WC timeline after that.
  11. My to do list is down to just a few items, and I'm feeling whimsical this morning, so: Tinker: Ironically the least pressing of my goals; keep messing about with Thermoplastics stuff. Tailor: Make 2 pairs of work pants, one to be used for the company Winter Party on Dec 9th. Soldier: Keep working out/ doing PT. Spy (3 parts): Keep improving knowledge with online classes and language practice, turn down unnecessary schedule entanglements, and update my resume. I have not actually read the book or watched the movie by that name, but it fit my challenge goals better than the rest of the counting rhyme, "rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief." This year has been dedicated to calming myself down, and getting (and keeping) my schedule manageable. It hasn't been 100% successful, but that's the point of challenges: to keep at it. I turn 40 next year, which isn't a big thing to me, but I'd like to hit some goals by then: new career (preferably based on all the things I've been studying for the past decade), new cosplay outfit (by May, eep!), and new fitness levels (ok, ok, I"m already there, but that just means set the next level higher, right?). I feel like I'm in a good place to reach all of those, but the first one, which is most out of my hands, is the one I'd like best. I've been putting it off for a bit because a) I made a deal with my boss to stay through mid-2019, and b) I let my plate get over-full in the last few months, and wanted to clear it before really focusing on job hunting. Think I'm in a solid place now, though, so start with the basics: clean up the resume.
  12. Main Quest To live a healthy and balanced life by exercising and trying to eat healthy. My Motivation I've successfully dropped weight by counting calories, so my diet will mostly be staying the same with 1200 calories per day M-F and then blow meals on the weekends. I've managed to put on some muscle in an effort to become stronger by weightlifting and I’ve discovered that I love lifting heavy things! I’m not quite done with my previous challenge, since I’ve still got 4 more days of NaNoWriMo left, but I wanted to get this out there since a new challenge started yesterday. Because we’re coming into the Christmas season, my theme for this challenge will be holiday-appropriate with Die Hard. Yes, the holiday classic with excellent quotability and the king of badasses, Bruce Willis. As he’s more stealthy and fast than a straight-up bruiser, I’m staying with the Rangers for this challenge. 1. “Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker.” - John McClane = Weightlifting I enjoy weight lifting, and it’s been awhile since it was a regular part of my gym routine, so I’m back at it again with this challenge. And, as a cop, McClane would have to be physically fit for the job. Doubly so in the movie since he’s got to hang onto a fire hose dangling from a skyscraper. I want to achieve the following: Bench press: 70lbs → 90lbs Squat: 65lbs → 85lbs Tricep Pullovers: 20lbs → 30lbs Deadlift: 80lbs → 100lbs Pullups: 4 → 7 (with good form!) Scoring: /5 Reward: +3 STR & +3 CHA 2. “Hey, sprechen ze talk?” - Harry Ellis = Spanish We’re going back to Cozumel in January for a week of diving. It’s been a few months, so I want to practice my Spanish again to refresh before the trip. I know the bad guys in the movie are German, or a bad interpretation of an English/German (Hans, I’m looking at you), but Spanish is a close enough stand-in. Scoring: x/20 once a day during the week, Monday through Friday Reward: +3 to WIS 3. “Walk around on the rug barefoot and make fists with your toes.” - Businessman = Walking This is a great miniquest because not only is it great exercise, but it’s not as exhausting as running. Plus, McClane walks, sneaks rather, around everywhere in the movie. Scoring: x/30 miles in 4 weeks (7.5 miles per week) Reward: +3 CON & +3 DEX
  13. Hey everyone! I'm having trouble with a conceptual thing, and I was hoping I could get a little advice. When I first started this journey in August, I just focused on running - "Get out there and run a mile!". I kept doing that for 3X per week and three weeks later I increased that to two miles! Basically ran 2 miles 3X per week through September. Zero weightloss, but I'm still getting my diet in line, and honestly, it's not a lot of effort - I didn't expect a huge drop. Halfway through October, I realize I'm bored. It's not that I'm not seeing progress - I finally get up to 3 miles, 3X per week! But I'm just bored, and I feel the gears grinding to a quit, even if physically I'm not stopping just yet. So I think about strength training! And I join Nerdfitness because I've seen them in the past and feel they've got a good beginner program to start. I also join a local nearby gym. I love the way strength training makes me feel powerful and strong. I immediately within 2 weeks drop 6 pounds. A month after starting strength (because I took pictures and measurements this time!) I see huge results. I actually LOOK different. I lose 2 inches off my waist and thighs. Sure my diets in line now, and that's 80% of the equation, but strength training has given me something running never has - this overwhelming powerful feeling in my gut. I feel my corded legs when I walk. My arms look different - sore shaped. This is silly, but I feel like a Greek God. I'm still running, but I feel like I'm "phoning in" the runs. Then it's like November - the time of the COLD has begun (for Seattle! It's like 50 degrees and I wanna die). So I restart Bikram Traditional Hot Yoga, more to supplement what I'm currently doing. Plus feeling warm is super great!!! The first time I actually feel nauseous but I hang in the class and I feel amazing afterwards. I go a second time, still sore from strength training, and I feel like amazing during and after. I want to do this like, through the entire season. It's AMAZING. But I haven't run this week. And I just want to go strength train. Sure I want to run a half marathon next year, but I've never got the results from running as I have from strength training. Even something as hard as Bikram isn't running. I'm just stuck because for me, I don't really see myself competing in strength lifting competitions. I don't see the "end goal" achievement with strength training. I just like it. It's super fun! I don't want to drop running. I do want to run a half in the August-October time frame next year. But how can I do that if I don't love running? I have to put in serious time/effort to keep increasing my speed and distance. It's just falling by the wayside of priority and I'm just a bit stuck. Finally, how would you balance rest days for Powerlifting (full body, lower body, and upper body) Running (mostly lower body) and Bikram (full body)?
  14. ***I stayed at Level 28 because I didn’t complete my #28 challenge. Main Quest To live a healthy and balanced life by exercising and trying to eat healthy. My Motivation I've successfully dropped weight by counting calories so my diet will mostly be staying the same with 1200 calories per day M-F and then blow meals on the weekends. I've managed to put on some muscle in an effort to become stronger by weightlifting and I’ve discovered that I love lifting heavy things! I’ve fallen out of what was my normal exercise routine so I’m getting back into because I need the gym again as my annual physical is November 16th. Since it’s been awhile, I’m going back to the basics by walking and doing easier weights to start with. And for this challenge, I’m doing a duel-theme: Halloween (my favorite holiday!) and NaNoWriMo. Smaller Quests 1. “Who’s Hunting Whom?” -Van Helsing = Walking I’m getting back into exercising slowly, but I know from past experience that walking can be a great workout. And Van Helsing does a lot of walking while tracking creatures across Transylvania. I plan on walking in the mornings before work and then on alternate non-weightlifting days at the gym over my lunch break. Scoring: x/30 miles in 4 weeks (7.5 miles per week) Reward: +3 CON & +3 DEX 2. “Stay Fit, Keep Sharp, Make Good Decisions” -Ghostbusters 2 = Weightlifting It’s been awhile since I had a weightlifting routine, so it’s time to get back to lifting all the heavy things! I’ve missed it, so it’s time to reset and lift stuff again. I like it, it makes me feel better about myself and it’s got practical, real-world purposes. A Ghostbuster has to be lite on their feet and in shape to haul around those heavy proton packs. I want to achieve the following: Bench press: 55lbs → 75lbs Squat: 45lbs → 65lbs Barbell curl: 15lbs → 25lbs Deadlift: 60lbs → 80lbs Pullups: 2 → 5 Scoring: /5 Reward: +3 STR & +3 CHA 3. “I Put A Spell On You” -Hocus Pocus = NaNoWriMo I’ve participated in five NaNoWriMo’s and won twice now. While NaNo only starts on November 1st, this challenge only goes part-way through November, so I will continue this miniquest until November 30th. I’m hoping it will motivate me to work towards win #3! And hopefully, if I win, my new story will put a spell on readers! Scoring: /3 Reward: +3 STA (+1 for every 16,666 words written through November 30th)
  15. So i have just completed my first ever OCR. My training leading up to the event, plus post-race analysis, is detailed in my Barbarian Challenge training log. This log will pick up where that race ended. i do hope to do more of these events in the future, plus a smattering of 5 and 10ks, some powerlifting meets, some shooting comps, and whatever other epic adventures i may come across. So, here we go!
  16. Last Challenge was a whirlwind, and I definitely struggled to keep up on my NF 4WC postings. Now that I'm officially graduated and a member of B Troop, I will [theoretically] have a more open schedule, and therefore more time to devote to working out (and posting on NF). My home computer crapped out completely yesterday, so my online presence will be limited until I get that fixed... no ETA ATT. Goal: Continue to unburden myself [and my horse!] of my extra weight Plan: Dominate Blitz Week (0) - Eat healthy 100% Mon-Fri; participate in some form of exercise for <30 min daily Mon-Fri Strive for total compliance Weeks 1-4 - Continue Blitz Week (0) goals; employ the "Never go 2 days in a row without exercising" rule Starting Weight: 172 Lbs End Weight: ??? Lbs
  17. 12 Week Hypertrophy Quest Quest Goals: 1) Increase Muscle Mass 2) Decrease BF% 3) Increase Strength In All Lifts Overview/Details Each working set should be performed to near failure with 12 being the most reps you should perform and 6 being the lowest. This workout utilizes supersets.Take a 1 minute break between each superset. Supersets are grouped by letter before them. See Quest Objectives for context. Increase weight on each set by at least 5lbs. Increase weight from week to week as well. By the end of the 12 weeks, you should be 10lbs+ stronger in many lifts. This program can be repeated with endless variation. If you begin to plateau, seek ways of making the workouts harder. An example could be adding some dropsets. SPLIT CHEST/BACK SHOULDERS/ARMS LEGS Quest Objectives: Day 1: Chest/Back | Warm-up 5 minutes of cardio A1) Bench Press 2x6 warm-up, 3x12 working A2) DB Row 2x6 warm-up, 3x12 working 1 - 2 minute rest B1) Hammerstrength incline Chest Press 3x12 working B2) Hammerstrength lat pulldown 3x12 working 1 - 2 minute rest C1) Cable Crossovers 5-7x12 working C2) Reverse Flye 5-7x12 working Day 2: Active Rest | Start with 5 minutes of cardio if you normally don't do cardio, and add 5 minutes to your average time of the cardio you do regularly. Increase total time by 5 minutes every other week. By Week 12 you should be doing 30 extra minutes of cardio. For the sake of this program, cardio is considered 150bpm+ for the whole session. Day 3: Shoulders/Arms | Warm-up 5 minutes of cardio A1) DB Shoulder Press 2x6 warm-up, 3x12 working A2) Standing DB Curl 2x6 warm-up, 3x12 working 1 - 2 minute rest B1) DB Front Raise 2x6 warm-up, 3x12 working B2) Tricep Extension 2x6 warm-up, 3x12 working 1 - 2 minute rest C1) Reverse Flye Machine 2x6 warm-up, 3x12 working C2) Barbell Curl 2x6 warm-up, 3x12 working 1 minute rest D) Skull Crusher 2x6 warm-up, 3x12 working Day 4: Active Rest | Do the same amount of cardio as you did on your first active rest day this week. Day 5: Legs | Warm-up 5 minutes of cardio A1) Squat 2x6 warm-up, 3x12 working A2) Leg Curl 1x6 warmup , 3x12 working 2 - 3 minute rest between A and B B1) Leg Extensions 3x12 working B2) Standing Calf Raises 3x12 working 2 - 3 minute rest between B and C C1) Weighted Walking Lunge 3x12 working C2) Lower Back Extensions 3x12 failure Day 6: REST Day 7: REST Let me know what you think below!
  18. Rangers, meet Charlie (and me) For those who aren't caught up yet, here's a quick insight into my current life: And here's a quick "What had happened was..." for last challenge: So! Goals for this challenge: 1. Unburden mah hoss (Lose 5lbs) - Main focus Log all my food in Cronometer, and share it with you fine folk. Run / Workout on days I don't ride, and share those logs here as well. 2. Look ta thuh horizon (Set up a routine for the next challenge) Once graduated, my schedule with B Troop will change significantly. Musters will take place once a week (Wednesdays) instead of three days a week; however, I will still be expected to ride my mount regularly on my own in order to keep him [and myself] ready for events. I plan to change my workout routine at that point to accommodate those requirements, and to improve my own strength and endurance (and continue to lose weight). Sooo... charge?
  19. This will be my diary, where i'll keep a minimum organized ( or try) of my workouts routines, diet and relevant things that may influnce my goals My athletic background is in martial arts, where i devoted 12 years of my life to wushu, sanda and brazilian jiujitsu (sadly, this one was short). Two years ago, i tried Crossfit, and oly weightlifting has become my passion since then. I have tried a couple of championships, opens and meetings, and now, i want to give a step further. My new program will require lots of discipline, since it is a 6x days/week, with 9 workout sessions per week. Nutrition and lifestyle balance also, for it reflects directly in the results... All being said, let's get started! Bodyweight: 76 kg/ 165 lbs Snatch: 110 kg/242lbs C&J: 125kgs/275 lbs Deadlift: 210 kgs/462 lbs Back Squat: 170kgs/374 lbs Bench Press: 120 kgs/ 264 lbs Those are for 1 RM Front Squats, rows, overhead press and weighted pull ups will be ignored for now. They're used as % for the main lifts.
  20. 1) Go to the gym and lift some weights (+1 STR per day, aiming for 3 days a week) 2) Count calories in MyFitnessPal on phone. Target at least 2740 calories/day. (+1 CON) 3) Meditate every day for 15 minutes. If I don't do it in the morning, then do it after work. Everyday; including weekends. (+3 WIS) 4) Spend 30 minutes reading from the Great Books of the Western World (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Books_of_the_Western_World). (+3 WIS) 5) Floss my teeth. (+1 CHA) 6) Shave every day (+1 CHA). I currently shave every third day. Would be nice to stay clean shaven. 7) Brush my teeth at night (+1 CHA). Dentist recommended. I currently brush (and floss) in the morning. # Extra Credit 8) Wake up every weekday morning by 5 AM. Moving this back to extra credit for now. (+5 CON [1 per day, up to +7 if I did it on weekends, but I’m not planning on weekends]) 9) Do yoga every weekday (easiest when I get up early, but I might like doing it in gym from 7 pm-8 pm also. Will definitely try that this month). YogaWithAdrienne or some other yoga is fine. I recently got a new Insight Yoga DVD for myself for my birthday. (+5 DEX [1 per day, up to +7 really if I did weekends, but I'm not planning on weekends]) 10) Go to the gym and do cardio (walk at 3mph or higher, or stationary cycle) for 30 minutes (+1 END per day, aiming for 3 days a week). Building up to C25K goal and burning calories. # Future goals 11) No candy from basket (+1 CON). Not now, the candy basket hasn't been filled lately, so this would be a gimme. 12) Couch 2 5K. I'm totally not a runner, but maybe I could become one.?. A basic level of endurance is a helpful prerequisite to most other physical activity. (+6 END [2 per day for up to three days a week]). Keeping this around. It’s warmer now. But just walking on the treadmill is beating me up pretty good right now. Classics read so far: Homer [Iliad, the Odyssey], Edith Hamilton [Mythology], Aeschylus [All Complete Works], Sophocles [All Complete Works], Marcus Aurelius [Meditations], Pierre Hadot [The Inner Citadel], Dante [The Divine Comedy], Milton [Paradise Lost] Currently reading: Euripides [All Complete Works] Current Weight: 188.2 Pounds lost so far: 59.8 Pounds lost last challenge: 5.6
  21. 2017 Lifting Competition #2, Hot and Heavy Heroic Hefting 2017! Awhile back, forum member Andy Gates came up with the idea that we do a virtual power lifting meet where everyone tests their 1 rep maxes in the big 3, and we compete for bragging rights. It was such fun that we decided to make in an official Nerd Fitness forum activity that we do every 4 months or so. The competition will be held from July 15th through July 30th. During this time, test your 1RM in the powerlifting lifts (squat/bench/deadlift) and/or in the Olympic lifts (snatch/clean and jerk) and post them in the SCORING SPREADSHEET. The highest individual and total powerlifting Wilks scores and the highest individual and total Olympic Sinclair scores will receive championship titles to be defended during the next virtual competition . The powerlifting and weightlifting lifts may be done on different days so that people who want to participate in both can put their best foot forward each time, but all powerlifting lifts need to be done in a single session and all weightlifting lifts in a single session according to the rules below. Before you do your attempts, you may enter your name, gender, and an estimate of your body weight in order to sign up and declare your intent to compete. Do not enter any poundages for any lifts until you do them! This sheet is for results, not planning purposes. Just enter the 3 attempts in the attempts columns, not the "best" columns, placing an "x" next to any lifts you fail. The sheet will do the rest of the work. We're using kg, so just multiply by .454 if pounds are your arbitrary mass measurement unit of choice. The sheet includes calculations using the Wilks Formula for the powerlifting section, so we can judge across sex as well as weight. The intent of the Sinclair score the way we are using it is the same, but for weightlifting.Everyone is welcome here, of all classes, abilities, and levels of fitness. This is all for fun and the major reason we track it is so we have a record that you can come back and check your progress against later (ok, and bragging rights). Reporting is all on the honor system, but videos are encouraged!The Prizes: Each individual with the highest individual lift scores for their gender will receive a forum title declaring them as the champion of that lift, which must be defended at the next virtual meet in order to be kept. The individuals with the best weightlifting (PTE, explained here) and best powerlifting (highest Wilks) across genders totals a t-shirt from the NF store, once it reopens, in addition to titles. The Defending Champions are: NF Powerlifting Champions: NF Women's Power Lifting Champion- SpecialSundae [375.92] NF Women's Squat Champion- evabo [137.70] NF Women's Bench Press Champion- SpecialSundae [86.54] NF Women's Deadlift Champion- SpecialSundae[154.15] NF Men's Power Lifting Champion- Juni0r83 [344.93] NF Men's Squat Champion- Juni0r83 [131.27] NF Men's Bench Press Champion- Juni0r83 [86.58] NF Men's Deadlift Champion- Rurik Harrgath [137.50] NF Weightlifting Champions: NF Women's Weightlifting Champion- Arcalia [79.6] NF Women's Snatch Champion- Arcalia [34.82] NF Women's Clean & Jerk Champion- Arcalia [44.76] NF Men's Weightlifting Champion- Rurik Harrgath [262.80] NF Men's Snatch Champion- Rurik Harrgath [112.81] NF Men's Clean & Jerk Champion- Rurik Harrgath [150.02] Powerlifting Rules:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dr70PeSg-g7RG3mY0r8V49otofZMl5HBtLcDfrAkU1c/edit# The above link is for the Nerd Fitness specific Powerlifting rules. The document is a work in progress (will include weightlifting in the future for example). Please feel free to suggest additions and/or changes in this thread.Weightlifting Rules Weightlifting competition runs in the same fashion as a powerlifting competition. You get three attempts to establish a max snatch then three attempts to establish a max clean & jerk. Again similar to powerlifting, the weight on the bar can not decrease but you can repeat a weight after a missed first or second attempt.All lifts must be performed from the ground - no hang or blocks - and the lifter must demonstrate control with the barbell fixed motionless overhead before safely dropping the barbell. Some of the other rules directly correlate to executing the lifts safely so here's a few automatic "red lights". No part of the lifter, other than their feet, can come into contact with the platform at any time. The bar can not make any contact with the head or neck (other than the front rack during the clean). See also: no egregious press outs. During the clean the elbows may not contact the lifters knees or legs. Costume rules should follow the raw powerlifting guidelines. Complete weightlifting rules can be found HERE.Tips & FAQ: This will be updated as questions are asked USE A SPOTTER AND OTHER SAFETY PRECAUTIONS- We don't want anyone getting hurt. Use a spotter, preferably 2 (one on the each end of the bar) and safety bars on squats and a spotter on bench. Take long breaks between attempts of the same lift so that you take each lift fresh. Lift order for powerlifting is squat attempt 1, squat attempt 2, squat attempt 3, bench attempt 1, bench attempt 2, bench attempt 3, DL attempt 1, DL attempt 2, DL attempt 3 Lift order for weightlifting is snatch 1, snatch 2, snatch 3, clean & jerk 1, clean & jerk 2, clean & jerk 3. Take a weight on the 1st attempt on each lift as something you know you can get, such as what you can typically do for 3. and go from there to ensure you post a total. Especially if this is your first time, chose weights you are confident in and try to complete all 9 attempts. This will help build confidence for future lifts and competitions. If you participate in an organized competition within 2 weeks of either end of the competition dates, we will generally let you count those weights for this competition. The next comp will be at the end of challenge 8.
  22. Part 3 of my journey, more of the same... I've been doing a lot of Podcast listening to a Former Navy SEAL turned motivation speaker and he has 2 big points that I love. Discipline = Freedom and extreme ownership of everything you do. I haven't been meeting my goals mainly causing I'm not doing these things. So, this year I'm going to be more goal oriented and harder on myself when I don't make good decisions. I'm also going to get back to basics, evaluate my priorities, and reestablish my discipline. There are lots of things I want to accomplish, but haven't because, honestly, I just didn't do the things necessary to accomplish them, like I started this year fatter than last year, and I've failed to make any fat loss progress since end of Jan and electrostatic machine says I'm losing muscle mass and gaining fat. 1. Get lean as fuck or lose 20 lbs. I was in between 225-228 for most of last year, but my belly measurement went up from 35.8-36.2" to 38". This isn't good. I'm not at 36.5", and I have made no progress in the last 15 weeks. a. Count all my calories. Don't eat over 2700 cals/day. Basically, have some goddamn discipline. I've been doing good at this, but now to take it to the next step. Be accurate with my Marcos. b. New Macros: 300c, 215p, 65f. I've been mostly good for this for the last 5 weeks. c. Track my body stats. I'm great at capturing my weight, but I'm now going to be discipline about tracking my waist and hip measurements. and it's too hot here to go another summer of wearing a shirt during workouts. Fuck, summer is here and I'm not summer ready!! summer is here... summer body... isn't. 2. Give praise in the Iron sanctuary. To do this, I must remain mobile and healthy. So... have some fucking discipline and do my mobility. Don't be afraid to see my chrio, and lastly... if I need them, take my NSAIDs. I know they make me bloated... but it will pass. Use them to heal faster. 3. Compete in things. Get off my ass and enter some contests. I will enter at least 1 PL meet, 1 Crossfit comp (open isn't going to count, and I'm not entering) and 1 WL meet. Weightlifting meet: completed 4/28. Need to look for another one Crossfit meet: Time to find one PL Meet: probably not going to happen. Don't feel like joining another fed, just to compete once. Sorry, if I don't post in your challenge It takes all my effort just to post in mine.
  23. Howdy, My name is Emrys. I'm a 27 year old rebel and brand new to the world of weightlifting. I've spent a long time playing the on-again-off-again game with working out and I want to make it stick this time. I've finally accepted that I absolutely loathe cardio and prefer to get down with strength training. I found NF through furious Google searches and joined because I'm looking to add some structure, get more committed to my fitness, see some gains, and make some friends! First 4 WEEK CHALLENGE: GOAL 1: Diet. I'm a big time snacker so I'm trying to cut down my snacking to no more than 200 of my 1200-1400 daily calorie intake. GOAL 2: Fitness. My job is 90% sedentary so getting moving is tough. I'm a walker but I want to do more. I'm trying to get to the gym at least 1x week. GOAL 3: Language: I've recently decided to get serious about re-learning Spanish. I purchased the Rosetta Stone program and want to do at least 5 activities on the app daily. LEVEL UP MY LIFE: Debt. I have one student loan in repayment (the rest thankfully in forbearance) and want it gone by the end of 2018. I plan to pay at least $100 on it every non-rent pay week. Side note: I'm also hoping to make friends and meet some folks in meatspace so please say hi! Emrys out!
  24. Who hasn't wanted to be a superhero since they were a little kid? Frankly, my favorites were Supes and Spiderman as a kid, but currently I love Ironman and All Might. Superheros always looked so cool, being able to effortlessly save the day, somersaulting through the air and catching trains with their bare hands (or webs). I love MCU movies (DC still is better for comics) and the current hype around superheros couldn't make me happier. While I may still be working in retail right now, my dream job is to become a comic book artist or animator, and my dream body is that of a superhero. (who wouln't want to look like that??) Currently, I want to try towards being a warrior class. While in the past, I had been heavily involved with running,I realized runner's body is not the type of body that I want to have. I tried weightlifting, and boy oh boy, is squatting SO MUCH FUN. I want to get bigger and stronger, and be like the superheros I look up to. Anyway, this is the story of how I became the greatest hero GOALS: Diet Goals: Cut. Down. on. The. Coffee (wayyyy too much of that stuff) Have a healthy breakfast each morning (eggs, toast, not crap like cereal and pancakes) Fitness Goals: Do Stronglifts 5x5 three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) Squat 250 lbs (currently at 230) Life Goals: Write and draw first chapter of my webcomic, "Galant" I've had the general story and characters floating around my head for the past three years, but I never took the time to really start on this thing. Now is the time to change that Draw at least 1 page in my sketchbook each day. Also, vary it up. No more just heads at 3/4 angle with no body or expression. Vary it up. Try still life, painting, multimedia, poses (oh god poses), anything new
  25. What Would Matt Graham Do? He'd keep on keepin' on. The man can run 100 miles in a day: only way to do that is to keep putting one foot in front of the other. So that's what I'm going to keep doing. Week 0 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
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