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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys! It's been a long time... I'll make a quick recap of the last couple of months. First, CrossFit got way too expensive to be economically sustainable so I had to quit my box. I drifted aimlessly for a while, looking for a new gym that was close to the office and affordable. In the meanwhile I kept on training Krav Maga twice a week as usual. After a rather depressing month, I gave up on trying to find an affiliate with a reasonably affordable full pass (I work in a really expensive part of town). Just when I began looking for a regular gym, one of the Team Leaders at work told me he got a memebership at a really fancy gym only three blocks from the office. Through a Union discount he was paying half the price... close to the office and really affordable, it was what I needed. I joined the gym with thedame discount and engaged in a bodybuilding style routine while my TL-now-gym buddy got acquainted with the big lifts. Two weeks ago we started a linear progression program as layed out by Brian Alsruhe in one of his videos. So far it has been great. I still train KM and mess around with some mace movements on the weekends. It's really light, fun stuff So for now my goals remain: - Lift 4 times a week - Do one conditioning/cardio workout a week - Attend 2 weekly KM classes - Practice mace movements once a week -Eat like a grownup(enough protein, around 2100kcal, booze no more than once a month, no flour/sugar/etc.) I've been away from my Internet home, but now I'm back to being a Ranger
  2. Welome one and all.. .. To my humble Battle Log. It's here that I'll be posting my daily workouts and routines (if I'm following one) here to keep myself accountable - I'll endeavour to keep it entertaining and informative as well as holding me accountable. I'll be posting any tips and tricks I stumble across on here, even if they're nonsensical ramblings. STATS: Height: 6ft Age: 23 Weight 183lbs/83kg (Starting weight 83kg) CURRENT GOALS & PROGRESSIONS: Max pullups in a single set ( 11 / 20 ) Max muscle-ups in a single set ( 1 / 5 ) 10% BF (Currently sitting at ~16%) Max L Sit ( 0 / 10s ) ACCOLADES / PERSONAL HALL OF FAME: +45kg Dips x 6 +15kg Pullups x 6 My current focus is calisthenics, I'm currently setting my foundation and working towards some more complex/exciting movements. I'm slowly cutting weight with the hope it'll make the progressions easier, even if it doesn't - I'll look better whilst doing them . Feel free to question, follow my grind and comment as I go .. Or just pop in and say hi ! Leggo'
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