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  1. [Introduction] It's been awhile, and a lot has transpired between then and now. Most notably, I am officially out of the military and now tiptoeing out wide-eyed into the big, bright world of civilian-hood. Or rather, I would have tiptoed out... but apparently every ounce of luck that never showed up when I needed it before decided to show up en masse a week before my separation date, and I ended up landing an incredible job a mere 14 days after signing out! So I never really got my time out in pasture; it was straight out of the stables and onto the racetrack for me. Feels a
  2. Going for the gainz TL'DR Lot's of backstory, passionate about healthy exercise, avoid overtraining, or bad form, path to lvl 25, and therefore towards lvl50... Will teach class 17th, start PT 20th, get started on license courses Sept, run OCR in Oct, wanna come with? My plan for this challenge is a bit different. The usual would be something along the lines of "caloric goal, exercise minimum, sleep minimum" While all of those are good, and I will probably get back to them next challenge (especially if this challenge busts out) I feel them
  3. Placeholder for a longer post. I'm moving to Fort Collins at some time to be determined. Husband has already moved for his new job. I am selling the house and job searching. Every time I log in to NF I get really overwhelmed by all the notifications I get from following people, but I'm having trouble following an finding people/threads without following. So anyone with tips on how they've set up their content and stuff since the new forum updates, please share. Ironically I have more time at home to be interactive here but now I don't have wifi (husband took the modem, I didn
  4. So, here we are, my first post in my Battle Log. My day isn't over yet, so here's how it's gone so far: Breakfast: very large coconut milk smoothie (coconut milk, lime juice, lime zest, half an avocado, almond butter, hemp seeds, collagen powder) Lunch: roasted chicken leg and thigh, large portion of green beans topped with butter and sea salt Afternoon something: large iced Americano with 2 tbs heavy cream Dinner: to be determined and maybe skipped Traffic was a nightmare this morning so it took...are you ready...over 2 hours to get there. A little demor
  5. A bit about myself, I am a nerdy math teacher and football coach who bought his first home and is getting married to his best friend this year. In the past year and a half, I have lost about 80 lbs, but I still have a way to go. Last year. while researching how to measure body fat percentage, I ran across Nerd Fitness and I was immediately hooked on their message. After completing a couple of challenges early in the year, I have sorta feel on my face the last month or so in terms of diet and exercise. I am going to use this training log to chart my workouts, calories, weight, weekly measur
  6. Late start because I'm bad at forum-ing and in general I'm an ill-bred person of poor repute, I assume. Also because my only real time to update is at work and lately I'm so busy I can barely breathe, which is no different today, so this will be fast. Nothing new with me except that I might be moving to Denver so that's a thing. Goals! I've been doing them, just not updating How many times do I write that sentence. 1. Walk 3x a week. Last week I went to Flagstaff and hiked everyday while there, so that was all 3+ at once, but then I walked during the week also. This week I
  7. It is a sad time in the kingdom of late my friends. For the last 7 months I've been doing my best to make good diet decisions and exercise daily. This kind of story is probably familiar to you. The weird thing is that from January to August last year I dropped from over 440 pounds to 300 pounds sticking to Paleo and Running daily. Since that time I've had a really hard time staying on track. Back in August I moved back in with my parents to afford tuition so i could attend college as a part of my life turnaround plan. Ever since I moved back and maybe a week before, I've been falling off the w
  8. Woop woop! Got thru my first challenge and now I'm back for more! I started at 213 and ended up at 197lbs, however during the week between challenges I got sick and couldn't do much cooking or working out, so I ended up going back to 200 (my diet wasn't great either, lol). Given my progress last challenge, I expect to be at or under 190lbs at the end of this one, which shouldn't be too bad. Last time I ran, I was about to mostly coast thru 1.5 mile jogs, and I'm shooting for 3 mile jogs for summer. So here's what's planned for this month! Quest 1: Jogg
  9. Fellow soldiers of the world, hear me! I am the powerful Ares, and I have returned to you after a long hiatus to make up for past mistakes and forge a brighter future for us all. Firstly, let me express my regret at leaving you to your own devices. I chose to leave to pursue an even more fearful enemy, one I have not known for a long while. Since that enemy has been satisfactorily defeated, I am returning to begin anew the battle we all war against: the war of self. Okay, enough of that, then. I'm here again 'cause I entered into a new relationship, but back again
  10. So what is this about you might ask? Well, I'll tell you! Just take a seat, this could take a while.... It all started back about 10 years ago. I was in high school and just getting to figuring out who the hell I was. I met this really cute guy and got infatuated. I even invited him to go to prom with me but he declined, said he wasn't interested in going. I was sad but not heartbroken and found another dude to go with. And oh boy...was that ever a disaster! Fast forward a few years and I meat this boy again but now via my boyfriend. He is funny and sweet and nerdy, jus
  11. So I found that edge of the map and dropped off it for a month. The no-break format wasn't working for me, so I decided that a challenge off wasn't a bad thing as long as it didn't extend into multiple challenges off. I like the new structure and am looking forward to them. This challenge, I want to focus on the bare minimum. Build a base of things that are easy to do and start rebuilding good habits. To that end... 1) - Exercise first thing in the morning Level 1 - 10 squats/10 pushups I liked doing this but got out of the habit. Level 2 - 10 squats/10 pushups/10 di
  12. Past history I am am going to WAR with my weight. It will be defeated. Overall goal is 2 pounds per week but I don't obsess with the scale. I also win by feeling better, clothes being looser and inches being lost. I am looking at this as a 4 week challenge with this week being a prep week. Workout-. This is the hardest for me. I have arthritis in both hips and sciatica from walking funny because of the arthritis. I need to lose weight to help with this and I need to exercise to lose weight but the pain keeps me from exercising. i
  13. Hi, I'm Sue. I've been living in the Ranger Den for about a year, and this is my first challenge with the Assassins. Last year, I joined a gym for the first time in 25 years. I spent three days a week there, lifting weights. I kind of liked it, but I'm looking for a change. My perfect gym closed its doors, and I'm yearning to get outdoors, anyways. Bodyweight exercises are the perfect choice for me right now. Weightloss is still my main quest, and healthy eating is on the plan for me. I'm half way to my lifetime healthy weight goal, and I figure one more year ough
  14. Hurray for zero week! Confession: I was one of the crazy people who voted for no real time off between challenges, but I'm actually really grateful this time around for the free week as I have something, well...challenging planned for my diet in April. Main Goals Get my ass off the mat. One thing that became clear to me during matches on belt evaluation week is that I get stuck on the bottom a lot in bjj. I play decent defense, so I'm not tapping all the time. But obviously defense isn't the where I want to be long term. This month I want to focus on getting a few soli
  15. Back to Basics This challenge will not be a part of the "Becoming Ulfhedinn" series. Along the last few challenges I've deviated from my original weight loss goal... and it's been awesome. I've learned a lot, from hand balancing to survival skills. But I feel my original goal got left behind and my size reduction has lost it's momentum. One could argue that the first puonds melt away and those stubborn last pounds are the harder to get rid of, but I don't think I'm near the "last few pounds" yet. Besides, I don't have the sightiest idea of my current carb intake,
  16. fearless is ready and willing to kick it up a notch during this challenge. she has a month of consistent cross fit training under her belt, has lost weight during the last 4 weeks and was feeling quite well mentally. now she will fight the bankruptcy dragon and concentrate on the diet as well. she loved stacy s article about prepping food and as soon as she gets paid, will get started on freezing food for the week. because she is almost 50 and not very fit she is in constant doms pain, which makes her feel pretty badass sometimes. but she sees the need to prepare her body for the high impact w
  17. Hi and welcome to my Newbie ramblings....I found this site less then 48 hours ago so please bear with me if I am doing this wrong. I am a 33 year old busy as mother of two..a 14 and a 4, who not only juggles children but also Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well as hurling around an extra 25 kg of fat that I need to remove. I have always battled with my body image and emotional eating which I used to balance with obsessive amounts of exercise so I didn't gain to much weight but after developing Glandular Fever at 25 and never fully recovering the excessive exercise part had to stop,
  18. Hello fellow nerds! I´ve hung out here on and off for a couple of years, sometimes getting shit done, sometimes not so much. A couple of weeks ago i moved from Berlin to the northern shore of germany and am starting a new part of my life. I found out a couple of years ago that i like bootcamp and cross fit oriented workouts. So one week after moving i found a box and since i can't afford the membership the owners agreed that i can clean the bathrooms in exchange for training!!! yes! this week i started with two workouts especially designed for beginners and one 2 hour cleaning session and
  19. No Fear of the Setting Sun The icy water felt like a million tiny knives against the skin of his face and yet there was something invigorating about it. Little more than a boy, he stood by the stream as tall as he was, discretely watching the seasoned men around him take care of the camp chores. It was his first expedition and, in fact, the first time he had been that far from the farm. “Com’ here, boy!â€, Halfdan called him to the center of the camp. “I’m gonna teach you how to set up a smoking rack†Eager to learn from the Jarl’s man he walked to the fire carefully stag
  20. Main Quest: Lose 10 pounds. Based on this chart, I would consider myself an Endomorph. I’m not skinny, and I’ve been told I have ridiculously broad shoulders. One guy asked if I had trouble finding shirts that fit. Given that, my height is 5 feet, 10.6 inches. I currently weigh 241 pounds with an end goal of 180-185ish pounds. With 4 weeks, I would like to lose 8-10 lbs. To do this, I plan to complete the following side quests: Side Quests 1. Eat one vegetable per meal. One vegetable meets the requirement, two is the goal. If I have something
  21. Try as I might I just can't seem to get my good fitness habits firmly re-established yet this year. It's been a busy and distracting few months, sure; but I compare what I've done so far to the same time-frame last year and I can't deny that my discipline was far stronger than it has been so far in 2016. Whereas before I had much fat to lose and many noob gainz to be gained now I'm simply working to trim up and get back to my leanness levels before life went all haywire (mostly in a good way, but not for my fitness) in October. Instead of being excited at the prospect of finally ge
  22. I started going to a 24hour Fitness near me around December 2015 and was awesome for four reasons - 1.) found an excellent trainer who knew about knee injuries 2.) it is located very close to school 3.) I get student discounts on training and membership 4.) a friend joined with me - super helpful! They quit later but I needed that initial push. However, my trainer did not really like that gym very much for whatever reason, and she quit one random week:-( I lost 15 lbs when we were working out together, so I think, something was going well. For some reason, they won't give me my old trainer's
  23. Saturday I participated in a bike ride as a part of the training series for the MS150 in April. I signed up for the 50-mile category. I went with my husband, and it was all lovely and inspiring until RestStop#4 (mile 38 - that was already farther than my last best of 36). After that, it became brutal. The strong headwind and uphill terrain - I was cursing, and it was extremely stressful. At the same time, very introspective. I kept thinking of short term distances to achieve - next goal: that postbox, or that pole, or that traffic signal. My husband was not doing great either - when we had fi
  24. Howdy from Texas, I came across NF reading Pinterest boards for how to add more veggies to my diet. Once I got a hang of the forums and the articles, I was hooked. However, this seemed to be a different forum than the other weight loss/fitness forums out there. This has got people who do believe in scientific research and do not think that getting good health = spending more money. Plus, it caters to the young, poor, demotivated and non-celebrity types - oh wait, that's just me! I decided I won't jump in and introduce myself until I reached my first goal of losing 15 pounds. I continued t
  25. I have done this before. Yes and I got to where I wanted and then I gained it all again. The last time I did it, it was for the stupid (but oh, so gorgeous) wedding dress. But it was not healthy. I did some stuff I am not proud of. And of course, after the honeymoon, it all came back - at just the right places - belly, arms, thighs you name it. With the fat came the gifts of stress, L, XL clothes and diminishing desire to be social (unless it was a happy hour). Ok, why am I posting in the Woot Room? I started at 173, 2.5 months ago and this morning the scale smiled at me and said 'girrl, hav
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