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  1. Howdy from Texas, I came across NF reading Pinterest boards for how to add more veggies to my diet. Once I got a hang of the forums and the articles, I was hooked. However, this seemed to be a different forum than the other weight loss/fitness forums out there. This has got people who do believe in scientific research and do not think that getting good health = spending more money. Plus, it caters to the young, poor, demotivated and non-celebrity types - oh wait, that's just me! I decided I won't jump in and introduce myself until I reached my first goal of losing 15 pounds. I continued t
  2. I have done this before. Yes and I got to where I wanted and then I gained it all again. The last time I did it, it was for the stupid (but oh, so gorgeous) wedding dress. But it was not healthy. I did some stuff I am not proud of. And of course, after the honeymoon, it all came back - at just the right places - belly, arms, thighs you name it. With the fat came the gifts of stress, L, XL clothes and diminishing desire to be social (unless it was a happy hour). Ok, why am I posting in the Woot Room? I started at 173, 2.5 months ago and this morning the scale smiled at me and said 'girrl, hav
  3. Hi, guys! It's been a while since I've posted on here. When I started here - I think it was May last year - I was jobless, friendless, and 5' 7'' weighing in at about 215 lbs. It's February now, 7 months since joining. Now I have a job that, though doesn't pay as much as I'd like, pays fairly and I love it. I have friends. And this morning I weighed 191.8 lbs. Perseverance, portion control, confidence. They go a long way. And if you are like me, and you struggle to find reasons to be self confident, just remind yourself that you are your nemesis and you need to show other you who wears the
  4. Last year I conquered the Empire and shed most of the excess body mass I wanted to get rid of. I didn’t meet my overall target for losing scale weight, but that’s mainly due to the added muscle mass I built while burning fat and improving my fitness. I also came up short on my goal of doing 10 pullups by year’s end, but I went from not being able to do a single one (for months!) to being able to pull 8 in a single set. That’s progress no matter how you slice it. I found tremendous success in sticking with my first year of NF challenges--all 6 of which were focused on eating, exercisi
  5. All excuses aside, I'm going down this month. My main quest is weight loss, and I've been to wimpy to reflect that in my goals lately. I've had some lovely side quests. I found some delicious foods to cook and I've squatted an intimidating bar. But my weight loss goal has plateau'd because I've been avoiding it, plain and simple. Holidays are over, and I am striking back with a vengeance. Goal 1. Healthy Eating I am shooting for six out of seven days of healthy eating. This works with my own personal checklist that includes eating lots of vegetables and reasonable portion sizes. I wi
  6. So I am back and doing my best to respawn since getting royally pwned by life a year and a bit ago. To account for the absence I took myself down to level 1 (and adjusted my stat points accordingly). I'm restarting in the rebels since I don't feel that I can commit to any of the specific guilds just yet. I will continue to eye up the Warrior guild however, as I felt most happy lifting heavy things and for the first time in ever I saw progress I was loving and I didn't care about the scale at all. Maybe one day I will be able to make it back to that level of commitment, but baby steps, for n
  7. Oh hello. Cheechoe here. I'll let you nerds in on a little secret. I kiiiiind of have this thing where I forget to be awesome. I just wake up on a normal day, and go about it in a reckless manner only to find the moon has been pushed up all before I had my chance to hang it. That bastard. So this is my challenge where I remind myself everyday to be awesome. 1. Do the Awesome Things. Get back in shape by... TKD 3x/weekGym 1x/ week1 longish run 1x/ week ( 4-6miles)+2 DEX, +1 STR, +2 STA 2. Feed the Awesome. Loose weight/lean up by... Batch cook 1x/
  8. Hello, I'm Bluethunder.... I joined NF last month in between challenges and started a Battle Log, but was encouraged to join a challenge....so here I am. I'm using the template for level 1 Rebel Challenge sorta.... I have one major diet challenge and that is cinnamon toast which I have a bad habit of eating til I explode. So I need to stay away from that at all cost. My next goal is fitness and diet?... I'd like to lose 4 pounds by the end of this... Last goal is fitness related.... I just recently upped my treadmill speed to 7.5 which is slightly out of my comfort zone. So I'd lik
  9. It's good to have a list of successes. It helps to look back to gain courage to move forward. Today .... minor ..... But I finished BBWW 2! Some exercises are still modified.
  10. Epic quest for adventure 2016 Year of the Viking 2016 will be the year of the viking, this year i want to work towards some strongman runs called the strongviking. SO 2016 will be the year of the viking So i sorta stole this from my fellow doodlies. The idea is to set out a roadmap for the year 2016 and cross things off when i finish them. Boddy goals -Weigh 85 Kilo's -Be able to ro run 15K -Be able to start parkour training -Pick up Karate training -Correct the posture Food goals -Get a grip on my sugar consumption. -Get a grip on my impulse buys regarding food. -Learn 2 new recipes e
  11. Long time no see, my friends.... This is about how I feel right now. So, my last challenge failed in a big way. I basically just stopped doing it. Then I decided to just not do much of anything to better myself. I took a landslide in the opposite direction I want to go, and it's been really, really bad. Also, entered into a relationship, which has had the "fat and happy" effect on me. BUT THEN.... I took a look at myself in the mirror last night. I feel gross, I think I look gross, and I generally don't want to be in the shape I am now. I was doing really good, and I know I can agai
  12. Introduction: Day 0 There's nothing out here but a wasteland of misery and destruction- and a shit-tonne of dust. I am weak, and ill-prepared. If I am to survive, I will need to find shelter- recover my health, and build my strength. I shield my bleary eyes and look up to where the sun lays, giant and aggressive at the crest of a cliff, it's unending shower of painful rays strangling out the last shreds of moisture from the choking landscape. I gaze so long I begin to see dots- dark smudges against the backdrop of fierce, fiery orange. Strangely still for a trick of the eyes. that is when
  13. So it looks like I'm finally starting to break through my weight loss plateau. I had a weigh-in today with my trainer (we do body fat % and weight once a month) and I am down 4lbs from my last weigh in! Finally. I've been stuck around the same number since May! Let's hope the scale keeps moving.
  14. Long time lurker, sporadic participant and dedicated student. I have tried doing the challenges, but the timing never works out for me, so I am going to give this daily log thing a crack. My goal: Do a pull up. Then do some more. And get stronger and lose a little weight (goal is to lower bf%). Stats: Female 150 lbs 5' 3" 21 yr Chest - 38" Waist - 31" Hips - 40" former athlete Approach: 1. Bodyweight training 2. Karate 3. Active Rest Days 4. No binge eating! My diet is pretty clean, so I need to focus on energy in/out. It's the student stress life that really gets to me and makes me
  15. I finally got it up! It was a crazy week. This is my 4th challenge!!! I've lost almost 25lbs since I joined the rebellion in June. If you'd like to know more about me, check out my battle log. This time I'm trying to get a little more into the quest. Tackling each goal as a youma. When it comes to writing I don't feel so creative but I gave it my best shot! With a new pendant in hand. Doe emerges from the battle. Burgundy ribbons falling over her shoulders. Her old fighting wears: oversized jogging pants, old grey work shirt, and pink canvas sneakers have been replaced with sparkly grey le
  16. Hello fellow adventurers! This will (hopefully) be my first successful challenge here on NF. I terribly messed up during the last challenge, despite all the support I got from the incredible people here, but like I said in the title, I believe in second chances and can't wait to embark on a new adventure with you guys. Why did I fail last time? Because I underestimated my mental issues. I have suffered, and am still suffering from depression, insomnia, social anxiety, a low self-esteem (and the list probably goes on), and I pretended like those problems didn't exist. I was worried my goals
  17. Inspired by the recent Nerd Fitness article "Want Results? Be like Groot. I am Groot." The past couple of months with Nerd Fitness has been life changing. In just a few weeks I have accomplish more than I have in years of trying to lose weight and be strong. I do not want to become stagnant, but what I have been doing has worked. So I am going to keep on keeping on and continue with some of my quests from previous challenges. I AM STRONG Q1: Do Bodyweight Work Out 3 times per week. Measurement: A) 6 weeks; 5-4 weeks; C) 3 weeks Reward: A) 3 STR & 2 STA; 2 STR & 1 STA C) 1 STR I
  18. Hello! I wanted to introduce myself here in preparation for the next six week challenge! I've been reading the Nerd Fitness articles for around a year, and they have had a huge impact on my life (for the better)! Since finding NF, I have lost nearly 2 stone, and hugely overhauled my diet. I am now right at the upper limit of a healthy weight (according to my BMI), and in the best shape I have ever been in in my life. I took up running a year ago after a lifetime of hating exercise, and found that I was actually capable of doing things with my body, which was a great revelation. I ran a ha
  19. CRAZY TIMES! I just got back from 9 days of camping, I only just barely had enough time to unpack all the camping supplies last night (didn't sleep well). Also, just before camping I was moving into a new house, I had only slept there 3 nights and so it still doesn't feel like home, so a big part of this challenge is going to be re-establishing my healthy routines. Since it doesn't feel like home yet, cooking and exercising have felt wierd and off thus far. Also, it feels like I am living in someone else's house and I have yet to take any ownership. I feel like this whole challenge is going
  20. Well after my relatively successful last challenge I am back and moving forwards again. After a brief discussion with my Bec I have decided to focus on these next three tasks from my list of things I need to be doing to get back on track. So here they are. Goal One: Morning and Nighttime Routines From the Art of Manliness website I have read about the importance of having a routine in the morning when I first get up and one at night before going to bed. So I have written up simple instructions for my morning and bedtime routines. The plan is to stick to them everyday. I think Constitution an
  21. Hi Everyone. (feel free to scroll to the bottom for the real goals) Time for a proper introduction. I've previously posted in the Assassin's forum but this challenge isn't very assassin-y and I probably need a but of a focus reset. My real name is Diana - I'm coming up on the big quarter century in January next year and to be honest I'm having a bit of a freak out. I've kinda been floating along through life mildly successfully but not overly. Early last year I changed jobs and immediately went backwards in kinda everything - my health started to get worse; i started yoyoing with my weight
  22. Ok my friends this is my first ever Woot Room post. In the three months I have been a part of Nerd Fitness, I have lost 3.34% off of my bodyfat percentage. On the 01/12/13 my Bodyfat% was 36.44. Today on the 01/03/14 it is now 33.10%. According to my measurement anyway. That is more than one percent per month. Woohoo! If I keep going at this rate I will reach my target bf% of 17 by August 2015. Alright. I am very happy with my success.
  23. Hey all, I need a little help. A friend suggested that I Cosplay Kratos from god of war at PAX east this year. I really like the idea and I think It would really give me a great goal to work towards.. the only problem is... well, have you SEEN kratos?! At 6'1" and about 200 lbs, I have a good base but I really need to cut down while adding a TON of mass to my chest.. I have around 6 months to do this. Ive been cutting weight for a few months and my waistline is down to around 30 inches. Problem is I carry all my fat on my stomach so I really have awful abs. I guess what I am asking is, do you
  24. ok ok, here I am up for a new challenge, my first one as a ranger, so hello Rangers. I'm coming from the assasins because during this challenge I want to continue with my weight loss goal as well as improve my stamina (that's new for me) so I've been told this is a god place for that. Right now I'm playing in a basketball tournament at work and i want to get back to my best basketball shape ever which was 10 years ago. I want to dunk the ball again. the last week of the challenge is going to be very tricky, it is my honeymoon, but I will try to include my honeymoon into the challenge, we
  25. Mind over matter. I heard that a lot as a kid. Recently, I have begun to see the importance of mind over matter. You can overcome any obstacle when you set your mind to it. And let's face it, I have a lot of obstacles to overcome. I've already started making improvements to my life that will help me become a healthier person. Make as many changes as I want, without a healthy mindset I will undo any physical progress I have made. I completed my first challenge with flying colors. I did so much better than I expected. But the whole time I was thinking about what I could have added to my chal
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