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  1. Mind over matter. I heard that a lot as a kid. Recently, I have begun to see the importance of mind over matter. You can overcome any obstacle when you set your mind to it. And let's face it, I have a lot of obstacles to overcome. I've already started making improvements to my life that will help me become a healthier person. Make as many changes as I want, without a healthy mindset I will undo any physical progress I have made. I completed my first challenge with flying colors. I did so much better than I expected. But the whole time I was thinking about what I could have added to my chal
  2. Hi everyone! I have always been curvaceous and at the peak of my health when I was a sprinter in high school I took my flat tummy and big butt for granted. In fact I did not like my body I longed for the "runway model" look. Now that I'm older I have embraced my shape. Also an infamous reality star who shall not be named has made the big bottomed look mainstream. Unfortunately for me I have gained lots of weight in my midsection and no longer have the same hourglass figure. Last year I lost about 45 pounds doing non strict paleo and daily workouts. I still have about 40 more pounds to go. I
  3. Hey guys! It's been a while since I've been around, but now I'm back and am ready to focus on my fitness and diet goals! I've discovered over the past few months that when I don't set clear fitness goals for myself or have people hold me accountable for them, I slip up a lot! The past few months have had a lot of ups and downs consequently. I've learned my lesson though and now plan to get involved in the coming NF challenges so I can make the changes I want to happen a reality! MAIN QUEST: Lose 35 lb of fat and get strong GOALS FOR THIS CHALLENGE: 1. So Long Sugar! I eat sweets wa
  4. hi, my name is fearless and im a former scout. im injured ( chronically inflamed achilles tendons) and can't run. also i have a barbell i really want to learn to use. in this challenge i want to develop a couple of new habits. i will add something new every week to complete my goals and change things slowly. i don't have a clue about lifting and am scared shitless of eating primal. still, i have a name to live up to! goals: main quest: lardbusting. eat primal six out of seven days a week by the end of this challenge lose 5% body fat and get down to 38%learn to do a beginner lifting routine
  5. I'm not sure how to go about this post, honestly. I mean I know the gist of it, obviously, but I'm not sure what my quests should be because I don't know where to go from here. A little history, a year ago I started cycling down my carbs. I was averaging 182gr of carbs a day with less than 100gr of protein and fats (combined). That's not a good balance. So I started working my carb average down to 75gr by 5g when I'd reached the average (my ultimate goal is to average anywhere between 75 - 100gr once I've reached my goal weight). Two weeks ago I reached 90gr (after a lot of hard work) bu
  6. Hi! I'm Catherine (Cutebug) and this will be my first Challenge as a Ranger. I've been indecisive about my guild and staying as an Adventurer, but I think I have found my home. My Main Goal, as always, is to LOSE WEIGHT. Challenge #1 - Cut Out Dairy (cheese and milk) for 6 weeks. This morning, while walking to work drinking my tea, I felt the usual bit of "ickiness" from drinking milk. I don't *always* feel icky or bloated when I have dairy, in fact, it's mostly only if I have lots of cold milk, but it does occasionally happen. And I thought to myself, WHY am I making myself feel icky??? T
  7. Hi all, I'm Becka and I'm a dragon (mainly because I write a web serial about dragons). My main quest is to lose weight and improve my general fitness. Goals: 1. Continue watching what I eat and achieve my 10% weightloss goal by the end of the quest (I'm already down 5% so this is another 5% loss) 2. Continue to do my ten minutes exercise every day. 3. Add in a modified version of the BBWW every Mon, Wed, Fri. I'm still working on the exact modifications here Life Quest: To write at least 300 words a day. I'll edit this with more detail when it's not bedtime. Becka
  8. I have struggled with my weight for a few years now. I'm 5'2 and I weigh 164 pounds. I have started and stopped working out lots of times in the past few years, and I go back and forth on eating habits too. I hate the idea of going on a "diet", but I did have success with a combination of crossfit and Paleo a few years ago. I injured my shoulder doing crossfit, so I quit that, and I couldn't afford Paleo/became concerned about the amount of meat/almonds I was eating so I quit that too (I was probably doing it wrong, but it was what it was). I came across Nerd Fitness several months ago, got re
  9. Welcome friends. This is my new challenge. Main Goal! My ongoing quest to rid myself of extra, unwanted padding continues. This quest will see me through the rest of my vacation, and my subsequent trip back home to Korea, where my job will start up again. Near the end should be a fairly stressful time, but I'm planning on being fairly in my habits by then. I will complete my main goal through three quests. Quest 1: Run 150 kilometers total I'm hoping to increase my distance this challenge. In order to do this, I have set out a specific goal number. This also is a good way to keep track o
  10. Bit of an introduction for myself. I'm 30 years old now, 5'6" and 209 pounds, down from 242! I've been married to my husband for nearly 6 years and my beautiful daughter is 3 1/2 years old. My daughter was born at 28 weeks into the pregnancy and because of some complications has a severe form of spastic cerebral palsy. Once we brought her home from the NICU, stress and exhaustion skyrocketed and over 3 years I put on over 50 pounds. Becca would only sleep for 1-3 hours at a time (a consequence of her CP) and I was lucky to get 5-6 hours of sleep in a whole day. I spent the time binge eating a
  11. Intro: I'm Tracy, soon to be a 44 year old wife and mom from the metro area of Atlanta, GA. I have 4 kids and will be a grandma in Dec. Younger me was naturally slim, but not fit, and I never formed the habit of regular exercise. Older me became a foster mom and gained 100 lbs (and some health issues) during those 8 years of foster care due to lack of exercise, high stress, anxiety and emotional eating. We adopted two with special needs (they are 9 & 11), and I am learning how to handle issues (life) in some way other than with food. I'm setting weight loss goals in 10% increments. Main
  12. So this is actually a restart, I did challenges previously, but never quite completed them, so this is a reboot, Ohlemontine 2.0, complete with support. That's right, I've conned persuaded my boyfriend to join me on a 6 week challenge and see how it goes. Hurray! So I did the math recently, and my 10 year reunion will be coming up soon. This is dreadful news, considering I am so much heavier, and have done almost nothing with my life since highschool. Not even college, I went for one year and ran out of money... >_< So the overarching goal for the next 2 years will be to lose 100 lbs,
  13. Hey y'all! I've been taking the last few days to really hammer out what I want to achieve this challenge. It's going to be slightly similar to the last challenge, but a bit more EXTREME! because we have to be EXTREME!!!! During this challenge, the last week and a half will be spent in the US, which terrifies me because I know just how easy it is there to gain weight. I've worked so hard already, and I really don't want to fuck it up. (also, should be noted here that if you're sensitive to cursing, might as well not look to this thread for advice. I tend to curse a lot) TO THE QUEST!!!
  14. Hi Rebels Since its a few weeks to the start of the next 6 Week Challenge, I thought I'd get started on a log early and get good habits going. The plan is to post each morning about the day before. A bit about me... I'm 33, married with a 4 month old son. I'm 6'1", and I was built like a rake when I was 17 or 18, but 15 years of comfortable office work has meant a gradual weight gain. I hit 100kg this year, and along with the 38" waist trousers and XL shirts I need now, that was enough to make me want to make changes... I don't want to be a fat dad, I'd like to be able to do plenty of runni
  15. Ok, ok, they are probably really just average, but compared to last year, in my eyes, they look amazing. My thighs have always been my problem spot, always appearing too thick to me when they really weren't, to a point where I stopped wearing shorts and shorter skirts last year (enabled by the fact that i was living in a cold country), if i wasn't wearing leggings or tights underneath them. Or else I would purposely buy shorts a size larger because as soon as they'd get a little bit tighter, I'd get self-conscious about my legs. Today, I felt like wearing a dress that I normally only wear w
  16. Main quest: Reach 70 kg or under by the end of 2016 - I suffer from idiopathic polyneuropathy caused (apparently) by pregnancy. The heavier I am, the worse the pain and numbness seems to be, so for now I need to focus on the scale numbers. Challenge goals: 1. Drink three litres of water every day - track on Plant Nanny A - perfect record B - missed target 6 days or less during challenge C - missed target 12 days or less during challenge F - missed target by 13 days or more 2. Walk a minimum of 10 mins outside every day - track on The Walk A - perfect record B - missed target 6 days or less
  17. Alright so I’ve been pretty diligent about dieting and exercise since January . It’s now 5 months later and I’ve lost close to 42lbs, (yay!) however, I’ve created a horrible habit of eating fast food, and making up for it by eating less throughout the day to create the “calorie deficit†to lose weight. Though I am losing weight, I don’t feel like I’m getting the most of my lift, or my progress. While I am focused on losing weight ( I’m currently 184lbs, long term goal is 160lbs) I feel like my body would benefit a lot more from dropping my body fat percentage, and that’s som
  18. Oh dear lord why is this scary.... Well, gotta start some where. I am 5'9", I weigh 206 pounds, and I am lazy as all heck. I want to change that. I have no specific weight goal in mind, I know that isn't very helpful, but I don't particularly care what number is on the scale. I want to be healthy, I want to not jiggle literally every where whenever I move, and I want to not have to walk away from a store empty handed because they don't carry the things I want in my size. I want to be able to run around with my three year old nephew without feeling like I'm dying, I want to be able to lift
  19. I know that this is very early, but starting 20 December I am travelling around Mauritius until mid Jan, so I thought I'd get my thoughts in here now and then I can update it with goals and the like closer to the time (and it'll be on my Tapatalk, lol). In 2014, I prepared to train for an endurance race, that unfortunately we couldn't get entry to (can you believe they sold out 30k entries in an hour). So instead it's given me an additional year to get fit and train for the 2016 cycle tour (if my best friend doesn't have her wedding on the day - I think she said I'm maid of honor) and make
  20. So, here we are again. I took a much-needed break to get my head straight, and we're off again. BUT! I need your help! I'm starting off another 6-week challenge a day late(Asia.....). So, here are my goals! Main Goal: It's more long-term than six weeks, but I gotta start somewhere. I'm heading back to the States to visit my family and friends this summer, and I'm going to look and feel fabulous. As far as this particular challenge, I will lose at least 5 kilos while maintaining the good health habits that I've built up along my break from six-week challenges. I will do this in four pa
  21. Is Green Good? All of you might know, I am Phytomancer, the Mover of Earth and Worshiper of Viruna the Rain. I am the priest of nature, and rain gardens are my temples. I am to take back the cities from Urbaniads' filthy grasp. And Urbaniads must have know, for they sent plague out to get me. I wilted and turned dormant, but I never died. Spring is coming, and it's great to be back. Urbaniads had their plaything, people. They can be a bit selfish sometimes, and that's not nice to nature... However, this time, I am not going to fight her alone, for I am no longer a little minion at
  22. Welcome back to the continuing saga of the incredible shrinking middle-aged man (and his IRL wife who is a Nerd by proxy). In the first installment we learned how to eat on purpose, started with actual exercise (beyond trundling to the fridge every fifteen minutes), and kicked a nasty soda habit that’s been plaguing me for decades. That challenge scored 16 ugly pounds, and I gained a bunch of experience in learning how to play this fitness game. As an encore to that my second challenge encompassed further discipline with eating, more intense exercise with real purpose, and a solid eff
  23. Main Quest- Master Firebending Being the avatar is tough and I've still got a long way to go before I'm ready to take on anyone. This time I'm here to learn how to master firebending! To do this, I’m going to need to learn the firebending techniques and see how far/fast I can go with my fire power. And what better way to train than with the masters themselves; dragons. But training is hard work. It wouldn't hurt to stop by the Jasmine Dragon and have a cup of tea with Iroh. Goal 1 Firebending Training (+3 STR, +2 STA) CHALLENGE 1: tae bo 3 times a week CHALLENGE 1: use stationary row
  24. Hey, So I'm assuming I'm among friends here, even some friends who were overweight before, or are overweight and struggling with it, or are even beating it. I'm sure there are people on here who have felt insecure about the way they look, too, so my question is, how do you guys deal with it? How do you embrace it? I've had family members and other people commenting on my looks for as long as I can remember. I used to be under 100 pounds, then got severely depressed and shot all the way up to 150-ish in four years, and my family has been commenting and calling me fat ever since. I've had
  25. Hello rebels. As a new recruit on these boards but a paleo diet follower since mid January this year I've got a bit of an issue. I started eating paleo after discovering Nerd Fitness back in January. It's really changed my life for the better and cleaned up my eating habits. I don't stick to it 100%, merely I try to be dilligent during the week and on weekends I let myself have some less than healthy options without going overboard. Back in January I was 220 pounds. At 6 feet tall that put my BMI at 29.84, borderline "obese" status. Without really doing any exercise at all and just focusin
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