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  1. I really need to learn how to insert gifs, and understand the HTML code when I copy and paste things. Also, I was pleasantly surprised how good the Assassin's Creed movie was; having expected a flop. It may have inspired me to take back up my hidden blade and regroup here. Having spent a month recovering from, and reflecting on 2016 - I'm back to take on 2017! My missions for 2017 are: Read books. Complete a Second “agent-ready” Novel. Write 100,000 words. Build Wellbeing - This is where the 4-week-challenges come in. Take Photographs. Now, I already measure these 5 goals with experience points on my writing blog, so here, I'm splitting up my 300XP-per-month for that building goal. Each item earns me 25XP a week: * 3 workouts a week of at least 3 exercise sets: yoga, SN or dance included. [Focusing on balance and agility] * Avoid store-bought 'snack foods' 1 day a week * Practise 'kata' once in the month. Instead of having new items each time, and falling behind, I'm focusing on the 5 goals I make for the whole year, three of which are part of my Academy 16-week challenge: so really I'm only adding one sub-set item each 4 week challenge. Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.
  2. I think SMART goals aren't necessarily great. You have to guess for a month what you think you might be able to accomplish, and it's very easy to set yourself too much or too little to do, and then get impatient for the next challenge to start so you can go afresh. My approach this challenge will be: work out what the next best 5% (or 1%) improvement I can make to my life at this point deduce a corresponding mini habit work out how to integrate this mini habit into my existing habit cycles once I have successfully integrated it & feel confidence that it's under my belt, move on to the next 5% (or 1%) improvement The last line means I don't have to set upfront some artificial timeline of when I think I might get to that point: I can it when I'm ready. So my 5 pillars of improvement this month are: 1. CHARISMA Next 5% improvement: When people (who aren't immediate friends/family) ask me how I am, reply with "fantastic!" "brilliant!" or similar. Although as I'm incredibly sick at the moment, I think I can get away with "I've got bronchitis, but otherwise fantastic!" until I stop feeling deathly lousy. 2. POSTURE Next 5% improvement: When I bend over to pick things up, do a squat down (bending knees and hips) rather than bending my lower back to do so. I think someone in my earlier life must have said something untoward about my bottom sticking out because I've been very conscious of that for no good reason, so I wonder if that's why I've developed a bad habit? In any case, time to change! 3. PHYSICAL WELLBEING Next 5% improvement: Search the internet for vitamins that are in a form easier for me to take (e.g. chewable vegan, or liquid with a pleasant flavour). 4. RECHARGE Next 5% improvement: Rest a lot to get over this chest infection. 5. DECLUTTERING Next 5% improvement: Tidy/organise the cupboard under the kitchen sink.
  3. I've been in the adventurers forum for a while, but now, with the excuse that it changes and becomes what looks like an outdoors guild, I thought it could be a good moment to come back with the assassins. Here is a short list of what I've accomplished while hanging with the adventurers in 2015: first push-up first chin-up 20 minutes run stopped worrying about putting on weight and focused on things I can control (exercise, food, rest) uploaded a piece to soundcloud performed in many concerts reduced anxiety level, by increasing the time I devote to myself: breathing pauses, meditation, relaxation, walks in the country, hikes, spending time in the sun... This year, what do I want? I want a cartwheel and a handstand and a crow (skills) I want a pancake and a butterfly (flexibility) I want better lung capacity (endurance, stamina) I want more push-ups and chin-ups and I want an L-sit (strength) I want calm and serenity (meditation, rest) I want sun (outdoors) My first steps to achieve these things will be to focus on basics: Goal 1. Move. i) Walk, bike, hike, run ii) Work on GMB programs (bodyweight) Goal 2. Eat. i) Take a tablespoon of coconut oil everyday. ii) Take supplements as needed. iii) Increase the amount of vegetables. Goal 3. Sleep. This goal refers not only to sleep but to general well-being. i) Meditate regularly. ii) Take the time to rest after meals. iii) Take valerian or other infusions to help sleep whenever is needed. Will sleep in a room alone if I have several bad nights in a row. iv) Write about things to be thankful to or positive things that happened during the day. Life quest. Break the routine and have fun. I am a fan of routines, because they really help me in day-to-day life, but I've found that I can be too strict sometimes about them, so I will keep in mind that there can be reasons strong enough to break routines and get off the path for a while. Voluntary quest. I won't keep track nor force myself to take care of this, but it would be nice to do it those days I'll have the time or when it doesn't generate stress: 15 minutes of chores everyday (excluded those that must be done everyday, like keeping the kitchen clean and ranged, cooking and so). *Stats and points: waiting for the new system to start working to decide. Ok, I don't specially like the new system, so I'll stick to the old one. For goal 1, I will receive 1 STA point and 2 STR, for goal 2, 3 CON points, for goal 3, 3 WIS points, and 1 CHA for my life quest. Only 10 points, but I think it can fit better with these 4 week challenges.
  4. Druids can be Pokemon masters, right? I think so. So that's my challenge goal! Challenge Goal: Building habits for integrated health. Continue to improve my eating habits and attitudes, get into better shape, learn things I'm interested in and develop in my work, and keep learning to be kind to myself. Or, rather... Become a Pokemon Master! ----------------------------------------o|o|--------------------------------------- BRAIXEN - Exercise || Current level: 18 || Cumulative EXP: 1440 || Next level: 60 || Fennekin, the Fox Pokémon. Fennekin expels hot air that can reach nearly 400 degrees. It likes to snack on twigs. Goal: Set aside 30min/day for exercise. Ask myself: what does my body want right now? Ability: To get in the mood to work out by watching a 5 minute Youtube video gets me in the right mind state first! TASKS ----------------------------------------o|o|--------------------------------------- NATU - Eating well || Current level: 17 || Cumulative EXP: 1310 || Next level: 140 || Natu, the Tiny Bird Pokémon. The Natu moves around by hopping and always seems to be staring at something. Goal: Develop a healthy attitude towards food. Gradually move away from emotional eating (too much chocolate!!) and replace it with healthier coping strategies. Ability: Replace food craving with a positive action - when the urge to emotionally eat strikes, listen to a Polish lesson instead, or doodle, or play around on the synth for five minutes, or do squats - whatever whatever! After, if the urge is still there, I can act on it. TASKS ----------------------------------------o|o|--------------------------------------- ABRA - study Polish || Current level: 19 || Cumulative EXP: 1500 || Next level: 100 || Abra, a Psychic Power Pokémon. It sleeps eighteen hours a day, but employs telekinesis even while sleeping. Goal: Study Polish each day! Ability: in If I lack motivation, go for a short walk (maybe to the grocery store?) and listen to a podcast. Even small successes build up! TASKS ----------------------------------------o|o|--------------------------------------- MEW - Psychological Wellbeing/Daily Goal || Current level: 15 || Cumulative EXP: 1260 || Next level: 40 || hell yeah I can have a mew. That's the beauty of choosing whatever I want. 8D Ability: To give me a psychic hug. :> TASKS DAILY GOALS ----------------------------------------o| BADGES o|--------------------------------------- Of course, I'll be taking on the Indigo League during my quest - can't become a Pokemon master without doing that! Inspired by this nifty challenge. ^__^
  5. 2016 Road Map These are my big goals for the next year, there is a lot I want to accomplish so I reserve the right to alter them as life happens Mental Health Live In the Moment- take things second by second day by day maintain good habits Meditation at least 5x per week, preferably daily Inspiration Gratitude Positive Self Talk falling in love with myself Physical Health Exercise Pilates 2x per week Lifting 2-3x per week walking- as active rest yoga? Eat your Freggies Sleep Water Creative Health: Writing write another book this year (Camp NaNo) finish second draft of 2014 Nano by april (Editing from Jan-March) finish third draft by june (March-May) finish 2015 Nano (May-June) Drawing 1 per challenge Music Write an EP 3-4 songs I like Become proficient at guitar, this means: able to play songs change chords well know all the notes on the frets Return to School: Financial Aid for School tax returns (by april priority deadline) fafsa (by april priority deadline) CSS profile (by april priority deadline) Finalize return to Wes (May-June) email dean email advisor pick classes Learning: Read 20 new books this year Take 3 coursera courses to get used to studying and classes again Fluency in French?
  6. Hi everyone! My name is Jenny and I’m a 30-year old Belgian girl currently living in London, UK. Main quest: To get stronger and more flexible, and be physically able to do more activities and be better at them. To hopefully get the added benefits of exercising: feeling more energised and slimming down my waistline would be nice. Motivation: I am an amateur dancer, and want to use this challenge to become a better dancer and try aerials or pole dancing in the coming year. Quest 1: Start each weekday with a 15-minute home workout, and a protein drink. Total: 30 workouts, allowing myself to catch up at the weekend if I missed a day during the week. Measurement: A: 26 to 30 days B: 21 to 25 days C: 15 to 20 days Reward: (+3STR, +2STA) Quest 2: Keep a food and exercise log on weekdays, weekend optional. Total: 30 days of log Measurement: A: 26 to 30 days B: 21 to 25 days C: 15 to 20 days Reward: (+3 WIS, +1 CON) Quest 3: Stop snacking after dinner. I will have my last bite of the day at dinner, which will happen no later than 20h, and won’t eat until breakfast the next day. Again allowing myself cheats at the weekend, so again, a total of 30 days. Measurement: A: 26 to 30 days B: 21 to 25 days C: 15 to 20 days Reward: (+3 CON) Life Quest: Go back to journaling. Morning, evening, on the bus, anything counts, but I should unload my thoughts on paper every day, filling at least a page. Total: 42 days. Measurement: A: 35 to 42 days B: 28 to 34 days C: 21 to 27 days Reward: (+3 WIS) Let me know your thoughts or if I should change anything. Gimme a shout if you’d like to be accountability buddies, too. Thanks! Looking forward to this journey J Also, ridiculous question: Do I have to also sign up to Nerd Fitness Academy? I’m guessing yes but couldn’t find the info. Jenny/Enelyah
  7. So it’s been, what, about four and a half months since my last challenge (and probably my last general appearance on the NF boards…)? Most of that was on kind of purpose. Things were bad and there is only so much I can handle at once. And then there was that thing where for the whole of January I had something that I’m halfway convinced was the plague. That pretty much took everything I’d managed to build up during December, mentally, physically, and otherwise, and smash it into pieces. It’s taken me a little while to get going again, and now that I’m a good way towards having a solid foundation built, I figured coming back to NF would be a step in the right direction. At the very least, it’s a slightly more public way to keep myself accountable and a way of socialising that does not revolve around uni or work. Oddly enough, in spite of how terribly the year started, things are on a generally upwards trajectory. And that is where this challenge comes in. I feel like I’m in a good place to pick up the habit again, and I actually have some pretty solid goals for a change. Mostly they’re habit building, which is what I need right now. Bigger goals can wait for now. One: Active Routine (+2 WIS || +1 STA || +1 CON) I have a schedule. This schedule is flexible. This schedule is not only important for ensuring I keep myself active enough and do my workouts when I’m supposed to, but it is also important for household tasks and the like. Right now I've got three spots for the bigger workouts, five for yoga, and two for getting my ass outside and either walking or biking (if, y'know, I fix the bike... again...). Similar to where I was at before, but I'm quite conscious of these being far shorter workouts, all things considered. The point is to do something and then I can work my way up to a full scale battle plan. This goal sounds ridiculously easy, but actually working up the motivation to stick to it and do things even when I’m in a crappy mood is particularly difficult right now. January’s illness, among other things, brought out the worst of my depression, so I’m still trying to pick myself up after that. Routine will help, or so the story goes. Two: Hand Balancing (+2 DEX || +2 STR) I miss the challenge. For this one, I’m not working towards anything in particular right now (although I will say my pendant pose is pretty solid). Wrist strengthening will be a priority, and I’ll be experimenting with different yoga balances as well as handstands (and headstands, just because). And all of this will be happening three times per week. Three: Hot Food (+3 CON || +1 WIS) At least one cooked meal per day, at least three fruit and veg per day, do not put fizzy drinks in my body unless they’re mixed with alcohol (and don’t do too much of that either). ...yeah, things got pretty bad and my diet went to hell. I didn’t want to eat, and when I did it was a quick fix and a light one at that. It got to the point where my body was unbelievably weak, and a couple of weeks ago I pulled myself together enough to make a concentrated effort to fix what had gone wrong. So. One cooked meal per day, even on days when I’m working stupid hours. At least three portions of fruit and veg per day, because fruit satisfies sugar cravings, veg is awesome, and I am in fact anemic again. That needs fixing ASAP. Everything needs fixing ASAP, but taking baby steps is a good thing right now. Four: Extra-Curricular (+2 CHA || +1 WIS) I’ve recently re-started things that I previously enjoyed doing, which is a good sign, but motivation is still a little thin on the ground so they’ve been worked into my schedule as well, after a fashion. I’ve spoken to my former housemate, A, and he’s said that he’s more than happy to give me guitar lessons in return for dinner. So I’m trying to make this happen at least once a week. Also, a little practice every day, even if it’s only fifteen minutes. I’m learning sign language. I figured, hey, I’m going deaf, so why not? So far it’s just Youtube videos, but it’s better than nothing, considering. That’s going to be a daily thing as well. Recently, in part due to the requirements of one of the uni modules I’m doing, I’ve taken to going to kayak rolling sessions at the pool. I can’t roll a kayak. I’m actually scared of rolling a kayak. I’m going to continue until I can roll a kayak. Thursday mornings for that one. I’m also working on trying to get back to Crossfit on Thursday evenings, but first I have to sort out my work rota and try and imprint on my boss that saying I can’t work on certain days means that, hey, I can’t work on those days. And there we have it, a sedate challenge for a time where baby steps are required. You know, this time it doesn't even frustrate me. I'm not sure if that's because my job has worked wonders on my ability to control these things or because I've been in a fairly good mood for the past few days or even because it's better than having given up. ...talk about starting on a positive note
  8. 2014 was the worst year of my life. I am hoping to start off 2015 with something positive. I've been gone from NF for a while - I tried to do a challenge at the end of 2014 but wasn't emotionally ready yet. So I'm starting all over again, returning to Adventurers, and keeping this challenge very simple. Normally I have quite specific goals which are easy to measure, but this time I am more focused on how I feel and on doing things for my wellbeing - whether physical, mental, or emotional and I am choosing goals which are a bit broader. This will allow me to do things for myself without worrying about sticking to specific activities... i.e. I don't want to beat myself up because I didn't do my 30 minute walk today, if doing something else was going to make me feel better. With that in mind, although I will be keeping weight stats, weight loss is not my primary goal for this challenge. General wellbeing is my goal. Starting Stats Weight: 199 lbs Chest: 43" Waist: 35" Hips: 44 1/4" Main Quest To take care of myself. Daily Goals: 1) Do something good for my body Ex: A hike, yoga, dancing + 1 STA, + 1 STR, + 1 DEX 2) Do something good for my mind - Mental wellbeing has been a major hurdle for me recently. Ex: Read, write, do a puzzle + 2 WIS, + 1 CHA 3) Do something to relax - January looks to be quite busy and stressful in my job so I need to take time to combat that stress and not let it overwhelm me. Ex: Bubble bath, massage, music + 2 CON, + 1 STA Certain activities could overlap these categories; my main concern is making sure I take care of my physical and mental wellbeing everyday and make time to relax and decompress. Grading Scheme Every time I do something for my wellbeing, I earn 1 point. A = 110+ points B = 90+ points C = 75+ points D = 60+ points F = less than 60 points --- "I want her to be a flapper, because flappers are brave and gay and beautiful." - Zelda Fitzgerald
  9. I've been depressed for the last month. It's been getting a little better, but I'm still having a lot of trouble taking care of myself. I'm doing ok at keeping going to the gym (usually twice a week), so that's not really on the goal list. I have some vague goals there, but mostly just maintenance and slow, steady improvements at this point. Good news is my hip is a lot better as long as I make the gym regularly. So all my goals are self-care oriented right now. Goal 1: Skin care I've been having a lot of eczema breaking out lately. It itches like crazy, then I scratch, then it gets worse. I have a prescription cream (which I cleverly refilled last week in prep for this challenge). My skin improves if I use the prescription every day, so that's my goal. Goal 2: Teeth care I should be using fluoride regularly and I don't (otherwise I take pretty good care of my teeth). I don't fluoride because it drives me super crazy for a lot of reasons, but I want to try. So use some form of fluoride daily (I have 2 or 3 lying around the house - some of them because of my partner and some because I kept trying to buy new fluorides to try to find one I can stand). So daily fluoride is the goal. Goal 3: Mental health I don't have a specific and reliable self care routine, and can't come up with a specific thing I can seriously do every day. So my daily care is to choose one of the following: clean up, poetry, or visual art. Pretty much anything else I can think of that falls into the "treating myself well" that is specific can be substituted, as long as I do something every day. Cleaning up doesn't have to take very long or involve anything big. In fact, smaller is better. I have a section of my bedroom that really needs to be fixed up, which makes a great target. The one requirement for "cleaning up" to be successful is that I MUST throw something away. That tends to be the hardest part, and I have a lot of junk and pseudo-junk because of it.Poetry can involve writing poetry (not something I usually do, but sounds fun), reading poetry (just downloaded a bunch of free books and samples of interesting looking stuff to my kindle in prep for this), memorizing poetry (cuz that sounds interesting and kind of fun, if I can find any poems I like). Poetry came up a few times looking up daily self care and mindfulness types of things, and is something specific I can actually do.Visual art can be pretty much anything: drawing, painting, sculpting, papercraft. I've dabbled in all of them and have supplies for pretty much everything (or can easily get them). I only do those kinds of things for fun, but that's kind of the reason this is on the list. Side Goal: Writing This doesn't fall into self care because my long term specific goal is to write a novel. It's more of a work-like hobby than a relaxing thing. I haven't been writing much at all since I got depressed, and only just started reading for fun again in the last week. Because it's so hard when I'm feeling depressed, I'm not measuring this. I just want to try to make space to write every single day: pen and notebook out, even if I don't get a single word down.
  10. I don't have any fixed goal. My goal is my own happiness and well-being. So I'm pretty fluid with my goals - sometimes a bit too fluid, in all likelihood. But I also see it as a strength, and a part of my nature. Because I am an airbender 8D PRESENT GOAL: TO DEVELOP A HEALTHIER EATING PATTERN/ATTITUDE No refined carbs until March 3rd, and no refined sugar until March 10th. I may extend the refined carbs thing, or make a system of limited refined carbs (i.e., 1 allowed per day). Also, this is a six-week challenge, so I guess I'll plan the following parts based on what happens here. There are a lot of reasons why I'm doing this: I'm interested in the qualitative experience of not eating sugar. I'm looking forward to experiencing the changes in the flavours of food as the sugar numbness subsides.I have a tendency towards escapism, and my major poisons are the internet and sugar/carby/chocolate snacks. Because I'm not allowing myself sugar, I am more aware when a craving arises. This allows me to understand when and why the craving is there.This dietary choice is forcing me to learn to feed myself properly. Cook dinners instead of eating popcorn and toast and chocolate!I like to challenge myself. Best channel my masochistic tendencies into something productive, no? x.xI've never done it before and it's kind of fun.I developed an odd attitude towards food after going through a difficult period in my life. Even though I never became unhealthy because of it, I found myself eating almost exclusively for emotional reasons, but not eating when/because I felt genuinely hungry.Hoping to lose the 5 lbs I gained working in a bakery haha :/Want to see if I'll have better energy!Yep! PLANS FOR SUCCESS: Break the habit of eating sweets/bread at night by replacing it with the habit of drawing at night.Plan meals ahead.Ensure the people in my environment know I am doing this.Recognize that failures are a part of the path to success. That I am taking steps to improve my wellbeing, and I'm not going to get it perfect right off the bat.
  11. Hello Nerds! Welcome! Thank you for reading my post (apologies for any stupid autocorrelation touch type errors!) I'm from the UK, 23 and currently at a turning point towards the end of Uni. Obviously, I'm a nerd too, Huge fan of Indiana Jones and love adventure and some science-fiction movies (blade runner, minority report, star wars, the usual). Like a lot of Nerds, I like videogames too (classic SEGA, fighting games, adventure games like monkey island). Very much into educational/documentary stuff too, and enjoy design, industry, manufacturing and society, cultures and history. I have a lot of flaws in my lifestyle. Be default, I'm usually okay. Whenever I'm sunken into project work, stressed or frightened, lifestyle goes down the gutter. With a lot of career based stress coming my way after the following year, I'm usually always on uptight or worried about something. You can say that I'm generally reactive towards things once my wellbeing is low. This is what most of the last few months has been like for me. Recently, I've been going to a really rough patch in my life, linked to my health and with difficult life descisions and a recent passing of a relative who was obese. This will be the third attempt of me ever loosing weight, at 264lbs, almost at the biggest I've ever been. This is also the first time I've ever made an online journal, I'm finding it incredibly helpful and engaging and helpful with getting answers to certain things e.g. asthma. I'm vegetarian, so no fish or meat here :-/, and have cod liver oil supplement. When I'm home I'm usually great with healthy living. At uni, it fluctuates, deadline time won't be so great or if I'm anxious on grades or just generally blue etc. I heard about this awesome sites on the artofmanliness recent podcast and fell in love with the concept. I felt as if it was exactly what I needed right now, especially with the 6 week journey and considering how effective the journal route has been for me. I'll be starting today. This is it! Adventurers Assemble! Just to note, I once attempted to start back in May, but life got in the way and I wasn't in a good and positive mindset. I've been preparing for this moment. I've read up on everything I needed to know and hear and have been officially going for 4 days with healthy eating and full on exercise every 48hrs. At my weight, it's gonna make one hell-of-a journal, showing a range of emotions and difficult times I'm sure, but this is it. I can feel it. I'm gonna make this THIRD STRIKE COUNT! Looking forward to updating and reading other peoples journeys, apologies for the long post! Update: Posting a picture of me timestamped. At first I felt a little uncomfortable posting a picture, but I agree with what Master Kamb said, it needs to be done, and right now, I'm glad I did it. I blurred my face for now, but a year from now, when I'm ready to become the next guy on the transformation column (lol!), I might go for it! P.S. Thanks for reading, looking forward to reading the stories of others, lets go! Daily Battle Logs: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/38294-upgrading-my-bodyware-os-journal-to-a-modern-me/
  12. Hey Nerds! Read mah intro here: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/38293-cmon-people-were-making-now-my-design-4-life-os/#entry734388 Here's my insanely geeky way to represent my fitness level in a way that I find amusing! Starting Spec: (07/10/2013, inR Level 0) Weight: 264.5lbs Psych Level: 1.5/10 Power Input: Vegetarian, OS: IronGlider's Design for Life (inR D4L) First week since installation Programs Installed: Nerd Fitness Rebel Guide Yourshape Fitness Evolved Current Kit: Weights Tasks Running: Cardio Sessions Cardio Boxing Weight Lifting Bugs, Malware, and Infections: Asthma: Initially bad, Improving. Bypassed Neutral BMI Levels Cannot Overclock for long Poor Attention span, Short term memory Lack of Natural Sources of Energy GPS tracker faulty Navigation driver fault Decreased cognition functions High Stress Output Recent Changelog: 03-07/10/2013 Changed to Natural Sources of Energy Increased Protein Sources: Quorn/Meatfree, Quinoa Increased Physical Output (every 48hrs) (90mins) Increased Tea Consumption Decreased Food Consumption Increased Stamina +1 Increased Confidence +1 Picture log will be recorded every month. More updates pending.
  13. Second challenge of 2014 woot! Last challenge I learned a lot about myself and my goals, and this challenge I have a very...specific? goal in mind. I'm bringing back my sexy self! Now, sexy to me isn't just about what I look like, it's not about tight fitting jeans, short skirts and low cut tops. It's a state of mind that I would really like to get back into. I want to feel comfortable in myself. I want to be happy and goal oriented, I want to feel good in whatever I wear and whatever I'm doing. Last challenge I ended up falling back into old (very old) thought patterns. I thought of hurting myself, something I haven't done in a very long time, and the only thing that stopped me was the thought that my fiance would see and know. Not because I didn't want to, but because I was worried he would find out. Now I love him, but surely I should not hurt myself because I don't want to. So that's where I want to get to. It might not take 6 weeks, it might take 6 months, but eventually I want to be comfortable in my own self. How am I going to get there? Focus on my emotional wellbeing - WIS & CHA (2 + 2)I'm going to attempt to get enough sleep at night - I'm going to start taking my 5-HTP capsules on a night againI'm going to make sure I get all my university work done on time - thus lowering stress levelsI'm going to take 5 minutes every day for myself, to think about how I felt that day and why and try to come up with strategies to resolve any negative feelingsEat 3 square meals a day - CON (4)I've gotten into the habit of snacking, which is fine except I'm snacking on crap that makes me feel bad! I'm going to attempt to have 3 good meals a day and only snack of good thingsHave at least 1 protein shake a day - STR (3)I really got into this habit last challenge, but it wasn't everyday. I'm going to try to make a protein shake my mid afternoon snack so I don't crave other bad thingsGet to the gym 3 times a week - STR + STA (2 + 2)I don't care what I do, I just have to get there, because once there I'm much more likely to actually do something productiveThis is also useful because my faculty ball is coming up during this challenge and I want to look awesome in my sexy black dress And that's it! Here's hoping I succeed
  14. Introduction & Current Spec: Hi! I'm 23, from the UK finishing up on Uni for preparing for big change in my life. I've always been overweight, and this isn't my first time I've attempted for change, but I'm gonna make this third time count! So far I've been going for over 3 months, and things have never worked so well for me pre-NF. I'm hoping to keep this momentum going to reach my life quest. Starting Weight (from 05/01/14): 234.2lbs Current Conditions: Asthma (Currently Better) I've been on NF for over 3 months and have currently lost 30.5lbs and I hope to keep that up in order to fulfil my goals. Picture Progress: Starting: Month 1: Month 2: Month 3: If anyone's interested, here's my weekly weight loss results from the very start: 10/11/2013 251.8lbs (-2.2) 17/11/2013 249.0lbs (-2.8) 24/11/2013 247.2lbs (-1.8) 01/12/2013 244.2lbs (-3) (=9.8) 08/12/2013 241.8lbs (-2.4) F: 35.9% W: 44.8% 15/12/2013 239.0lbs (-2.8) 22/12/2013 239.0lbs (0) F: 34.6% 29/12/2013 237.4lbs (-1.6) (=6.8) 05/01/2014 234.2lbs (-3.2lbs) F: 33.5% Main Quest: Reach the following Desired Spec: Desired Weight: 175lbs (considered BMI range) Desired Health: No/Controlled Asthma, Fit, In Routine Fit into a suit purchased just under 5 years ago... Missions: 1. Keeping up with my current routine that I've practiced here for over the past 3 months, which includes: - Intermittent (food) fasting from 8pm to 3-5pm the following day. - Drinking herbal teas - Keeping up with Exercises - Lenient on Sundays - Measuring progress on Sundays - Picture progress every month 2. Exercising @ Level 3 for 3 Days a weeks with 3 days of interval jogging 3. Lose at least 10lbs at the end of the 6 week challenge... Life Quest: Tapping into my talents, making sure that every 6 days a week, I'm doing the utmost I can to ensuring that I can keep on top of work and creativity. I have to be focusing on my portfolio and website so I might as well have fun with it! (I've been dreading it for a while...) I will be trying new stuff too, so keep an eye out for new images and stuff. My Motivation: Wellbeing. Rid myself of potential illnesses, asthma. Feel great. Fitting in smaller size clothing would be a bonus! FYI: I'll be continuing to update my daily battle log in conjunction to this as well. P.S. I've finally got my head around the leveling system and will be posting this under my signature soon... Thanks for reading! I'm happy to be an adventurer! :-D Let's go!
  15. Introduction & Current Spec: Hi! I'm 23, from the UK finishing up on Uni for preparing for big change. I've always been overweight, and this isn't my first time I've attempted for change, but I'm gonna make this third time count! Starting Weight (from 08/11/13): 254lbs Current Conditions: Asthma (Currently Better), Unfit I've been on NF for a little over a month and currently lost 12.8lbs and I hope to keep that up in order to fulfill my goals. Starting Pic: First Month in Pic: Main Quest: Reach the following Desired Spec: Desired Weight: 175 - 160lbs (considered BMI range) Desired Health: No/Controlled Asthma, Fit, In Routine Fit into a suit purchased just under 5 years ago... Missions: 1. Keeping up with my current routine that I've practiced here for over the past month, which includes: - Intermittent (food) Fasting from 8pm to 3pm next day. - Drinking herbal teas - Keeping up with Exercises - Lenient on Sundays - Measuring progress on Sundays - Picture progress every month 2. Exercising @ Level 2 for 3 Days a weeks with interval jogging 3. Reach at least 240lbs or less at the end of the 6 week challenge... Life Quest: Waking up early to be more productive and jump into my projects/errands (so far in prep I've been keeping up with this for 3 days) My Motivation: Wellbeing. Rid myself of potential illnesses, asthma. Feel great. Fit in smaller size clothing. FYI: I'll be continuing to update my daily battle log in conjunction to this as well. Thanks for reading! Let's go!
  16. Hey Nerds, been doing this for the past 5 days now: - Exercise every 48hrs - Healthy/Organic Eating @ appropriate times. However, from today I want to: - Get up earlier - Be more productive 'Tis all for now... You can read my journal here! :-) http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/38294-upgrading-my-bodyware-os-journal-to-a-modern-me/ P.S. every consecutive fortnight levels up +1 firmware for a category. Here I shall be more of a blogger and less straight to the point regarding stats like I am in the Journal. I'll mainly be documenting wellbeing and progress, which is also really important when embarking such a quest! Thx, and don't be shy, message me! :-)
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