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  1. So, I was super gung-ho about my first challenge, and had great success due to general excitement and also because I was lucky enough to be able to spend 4 weeks with my very health-conscious mom. Challenge #2 was wayyy more of a challenge, thanks to an injury and some back pain, which in turn was probably thanks to general stress. It did end on a good note, though! Now, as with a lot of my get-healthy adventures, I'm in the phase where I got impatient for results, tried too hard, got injured, did some backsliding and am now slightly "should I even do another challenge?" (Thus the late posting...oops.) Of course the answer is yes, yes? YES! This is exactly the kind of crap I need to work past. And I think the answer is slowww and steadddyyy. An effort to keep it simple and focus on well-being will be my weapons during this stage of my anti-fragile quest. Here's the scoop: Main Quest: Become anti-fragile by building strength in a sustainable way. Keep Calm and get strong. Quest #1: Keep up with the Beginner Bodyweight Workout 3x per week, gradually adding difficulty. Make sure to keep up the good stretching work! Reward: +4 STR +1 DEX Quest #2: Work towards a chin-up by doing negative chin ups and pull ups every day for 30 days. I will start with 2 of each, and see how I feel, adding ONE at a time. Sloowwww. Reward: +2 STR Quest #3: Continue my good work fighting the grains beast: Eat no grains OR sugar (fruit is ok) 5x per week. Reward: +4 CON Quest #4: Do something for my mental health 5x per week. This could include going for a walk, meditating (been meaning to try it! Suggestions?) or making some artwork. Also important will be a conscious effort to slow down and appreciate these things. Reward: +4 WIS P.s. What class am I, even?? Strength building + meditation and art = A very peaceful warrior? .... Art warrior? Grading: A= 85 -100% completed = Full points B= 70 - 85% completed = 0.75 points C= 55 - 70% completed = 0.5 points D= 40 - 55% completed = 0.25 points F= Aint gonna happen!!
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