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Found 8 results

  1. Okay, so last challenge was... kinda a fail. Life happened, I vanished, and I'm sorry nerds We are simplifying this time. Quick Update/Summary: I signed up for a Powerlifting Competition for January 22nd, and I have chosen to do Wendler's 5/3/1 for my meet prep as 5x5 was just really wearing at me. I'm an engineer who is currently in a desk job with lots of travel to other desks. I'm used to working in a chemical plant and being in graduate school - both where I was running around all day. Currently in NJ Quest 1: Do the program - I've read the original 5/3/1, po
  2. So I just started 5/3/1 with a version of BBB. It includes alternating lat and ab work. I do the Lat work at the gym but typically do the ab work at home. So I have some extra time. Right now I am doing my 5*10 BBB opposite the same main lift, so if A workout's main lift is Bench, I do the 5*10 at 50%on C... but would adding chest work to B and D be too much? That would be 4 days with some chest work some weeks. My DL and Squat are pretty close to Intermediate level on strength standards but my Bench and press are both WAAAY behind. I was thinking of adding dumbell bench press one day
  3. So I am approaching my Deload week of my first mesocycle of 5/3/1. I used a calculator off the lifting report that had me put in my working weights and it both calculated my 1RM then turned it into all my lift numbers... but I need to add 10 or 5 # to my working weight,,, not my 1RM. I guess what I am asking is does anyone know of a simple calculator to figure out the next cycle or do I need to actually do the math. Is everyone doing the math for each cycle?
  4. { M O G I S H A D E ' S B A T T L E L O G } Welcome to my "battle log", a digital fitness and life goal notebook. I have an epic quest thread and multiple challenge threads, but here is where the minutiae of the day-today struggle will be recorded. Epic Quest - MogiShae's Five Year plan and his Impossible List Challenge 01 - Escape from the Underdark! Challenge 02 - Discovering the Path Challenge 03 - Man on Fire (Yeti on Fire?) Challenge 04 - LIFT. RUN. EAT. (failed/abandoned) Challenge 04.1 - The Dead City of Aku'Mah (current)
  5. LIFT. RUN. EAT. No creative intro or theme this time. Just a basic plan. Goal: Reduce BF to 20% Quest One: Strength Barbell Workout 2/week – Awards 2xp per workout Calisthenics Workout 3/week – Awards 1xp per workout Grading: A=38+, B=34+, C=30+, D=26+, E (fail)=<26 Quest reward: Strength* Quest Two: Conditioning Sprints 2/week – Awards 1xp per workout Grading: A=11+, B=10, C=9, D=8, E (fail)=<8 Quest reward: Stamina* Quest Three: Diet Eat less than calculated TDEE – Awards 1xp per day Eat less than TDEE -15% – Awards an additional 1xp per day Grading: A=137+, B=1
  6. I put together a program I am going to try for four weeks starting this Sunday. It is based on Wendler's 5/3/1 for Crossfit (see "5/3/1" 2nd Ed. by Jim Wendler) with assistance work based on Paul "Coach" Wade's "Convict Conditioning" and Pavel's "Enter the Kettlebell!" So in other words, this is nothing original nor is it something I created. I just used Wendler's template. Any where you see "???" is where I have a blank to fill, such as a fullbody movement on bench day. Wendler says no Oly lifts on upper body days and I will be benching at work where I have fuck all for GPP equipment.
  7. Last July marked the beginning of my NF journey. I was like Luke Skywalker when he first discovers that The Force is real: Excited! Motivated! Unstoppable! Bring on the Empire! But then after plateauing with newbie gains, I became frustrated and impatient. I couldn't get my X-wing out of the swamp no matter how hard I tried. Now I am listening to Yoda. I will move forward with patience and continue to make gains with the slow but steady 5/3/1 program. What I will DO in 6 weeks: I will carry Yoda (Squat 165x5) I will lift rocks (Bench 110x5) I will raise R2D2 (OHP 77.5x5) I will
  8. Howdy folks! Starting Monday I am beginning my 5/3/1 program. I made a little of a hybrid BBB, I won't be hurt or disappointed if it changes. I completed some GoRuck events and was extremely disappointed in my inability to lift someone my own weight, let alone carry them for miles. I decided to quit crossfit for the time being (expensive, inconvenient, anytime fitness' are everywhere) and build up my core strength. I went hybrid because I felt that incorporating the exercises would continue to help me build for another GoRuck Heavy (24 hour @$$kicking). If anyone has anything to contri
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