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Found 5 results

  1. Character Name: Half-Blood Princess Race (if not human): Muggle-born Werewolf Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw Wand description: Mahogany with Mermaid-Scale core Patronus: Grey She-Wolf Mini-Challenge Lessons: Herbology: Make at least one slow-cooker meal. Bonus points if I make three. (#3) History of Magic: Study Spanish and make a list of words/phrases that may be useful in Mexico. Transfiguration: Focus on increasing flexibility and work towards touching my toes (#2) Defense Against The Dark Arts: Complete at least 2 Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novels (to further research wereanimals of
  2. Live for the Kill He catched up with them at midnight at a small farmstead near the mountains. It was too late for farmers to be awake but yet the light of the fireplace and a few oil-lamps shone clearly through the cloth –covered windows.†It’s gotta be themâ€. As he closed in, the wind carried the sound of drunken singing voices along with the smell of roasted pork. He grabbed his axe and shield and took a deep breath to calm his thoughts. “I will not turn this time. I shall strike with vengeance- man to man- and make them look into my eyes as they die†he told himself. Indeed, de
  3. Challenge #7 Waldgeist trains like a Werewolf Backstory: As William Waldgeist stumbled through the river of Valkyrie the waves clinged onto him, trying to drag ihm down and swallow his body into the deep dark waters. But he resisted their pull. This wasn't the first obstacle he'd had to overcome but it seemed like it was the last one. At the bank of the river there was a fortress and many people in black clothes were jumping around on the field below. With his last ounce of energy William left the water, stepped on to the field and collapsed. Later he awakens in an infirmary, the smells of
  4. Hi! I'm Laisa, almost 22 years old, from Italy. Before I start, I want you to know that my English could be faulty, so please don't bother my errors too much! I knew Nerd Fitness last year thanks to 9Gag and I found it awesome, BUT I started some exercises twice and gave up after 2 weeks everytime. That's my problem, I don't know what Perseverance is. The same applies to study (I'm a university student) and I absolutely hate it. I'm lazy and I know where to start, but not how to keep on. Sooo... THIS TIME I joined the Rebellion, hoping here I'll find some more motivation, maybe that's all I ne
  5. Nyxy squints full of disbelief at the ancient armadillo, Best Healer of the Low Shores. The wrinkly sage holds a small bag that reeks of poison in her paw. High quality poison, at that. "Have I crossed the Horsemen's Plains for this? A child knows not to offer poison to an assassin!" "And even a small child on the Plains knows how to cure a Curse of Werewolf!" the shriveled armadillo gniffles. "But you, werewolf! You come to me with a Curse of Human! Been a while since I've seen one of those, I almost regret curing it. But Reverse Curse gets Reverse Cure. Take the poison." "How long?" "Always.
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