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Found 5 results

  1. Character Name: Half-Blood Princess Race (if not human): Muggle-born Werewolf Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw Wand description: Mahogany with Mermaid-Scale core Patronus: Grey She-Wolf Mini-Challenge Lessons: Herbology: Make at least one slow-cooker meal. Bonus points if I make three. (#3) History of Magic: Study Spanish and make a list of words/phrases that may be useful in Mexico. Transfiguration: Focus on increasing flexibility and work towards touching my toes (#2) Defense Against The Dark Arts: Complete at least 2 Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novels (to further research wereanimals of various types) (#1) The problem with owl post is that it's quite noticeable. When my Hogwarts letter arrived, so did a Werewolf. It wasn't her fault that she bit me. It was a full moon the night the owl arrived with my letter, and the werewolf had been chasing it through the forest that borders my family's land. I went out into the back yard to investigate the racket they were both making, and the werewolf was startled and nipped me. She returned the next day to apologize and teach me a potion that would keep me docile during the full moons. Apparently she'd learned the potion from someone named Remus. I was excited about starting school at Hogwarts and learning everything I could about this whole world I had never known about before. When I arrived the first night, all the new students were sorted into Houses. The Sorting Hat told me that I was both clever and brave, and would fit in with either the Ravenclaws or the Gryffindors. I think the hat decided on Ravenclaw because the thought of being surrounded by a bunch of brave people made me nervous. The Boarding School was a new experience for me, and so I made some goals for myself for the first month to stay healthy and organized: Goal 1 Stop reading by 10:00pm and go to bed. Wake up at 6:15am (instead of 6:23am) Walk to work every day - wear running shoes, carry work shoes Goal 2 Use the Gym every Tuesday and Thursday Hike every weekend Do yoga/stretches/foundation movement at home on "off" days Goal 3 Pre-cut veggies for morning/lunch Try steaming kale - anyone have kale recipes??? Make and freeze stew and chili at the beginning of each month
  2. Live for the Kill He catched up with them at midnight at a small farmstead near the mountains. It was too late for farmers to be awake but yet the light of the fireplace and a few oil-lamps shone clearly through the cloth –covered windows.†It’s gotta be themâ€. As he closed in, the wind carried the sound of drunken singing voices along with the smell of roasted pork. He grabbed his axe and shield and took a deep breath to calm his thoughts. “I will not turn this time. I shall strike with vengeance- man to man- and make them look into my eyes as they die†he told himself. Indeed, despite of being able to control his beasty side, he felt the need to deliver justice in a more refined way. Tonight it would be steel what torn his enemies apart, not claws. It’s only four of them. Four drunken bastards will not prove a challenge to the wolf-warrior. He walked through the door as if there weren’t four werewolf-hunters inside. -“I’ve been after your trail for a couple hours. For a group of hunters you are not very good at covering your tracks†he told the men- -“Who in the hell are you? Start talking before I slit ye’ throat!†one of them said -“It does not matter who I am. What matters is what I’m after: I seek the scum that ambushed my brothers on the fort south of here!†-“He’s a wolf! End him!†shouted the nearest hunter as he took a swing at the Ulfhedinn with his sword. The warrior dodged the blow and struck the man’s face with his shield, shattering the bones and sending him dead to the ground. He threw his axe at the next man’s chest, where it sunk deep. The third man was dispatched with haste as he clinched to the shield of the Ulfhedinn who then pushed the hunter along with the shield into the wall, cracking the hunter’s skull against the naked stone. The wolf warrior turned around to face the last foe. Surprisingly enough, both were unarmed. It all came down to fisticuffs: As they punched and kicked each other they eventually fell to the ground and wrestled until the wolf-warrior managed to climb on top of the hunter and pounded him with his fists. Each fist was a sledgehammer of anger, hatred and grief landing on the murderer’s face. He kept on striking after his hands began to bleed and well after his foe’s heart stopped beating. There, covered in the blood of his enemies, the werewolf understood that even if he killed the murderers who slaughtered his companions and brothers; justice was far from served. More and more of this werewolf-hunter bands were forming across the kingdom to chase and kill brotherhoods of wolf-warriors. He saw it clear then; stripped of everything he had, his family, his brothers. His life’s mission would be only one: cleansing the land of such murderers. From now on… he lives for the kill. Technical aspects In order to defeat 4 enemies without turning into a bloodthirsty beast, the Ulfhedinn has to be proficient in the art of combat both armed and unarmed. this challenge will be oriented towards martial prowess. S.M.A.R.T goals Not miss a single weapons-training within my reenactment group. Practice once a week with the punching bag and establish a “punching bag day†habit. Of course this should be accomplished along with my usual strength training 2 times a week and swimming 3 times a week At the present time, I'm really working towards getting in combat shape(or in overall shape for that matter)so I can prove myself on the arena and bring honor to my group. Besides the actual combat training, my mentor-in-combat-affairs Mario is helping me develop a "warrior psyche"; a state of constant defiance and fearlessness towards the adversary and towards life in general. This should prove usefull not only on the arena but in my journey to find my better self. I'll be going on a vacation next week but I've worked out in a hotel room before. The swimming part is not a problem: I may not have a pool at my disposal but I'll have an ocean to suit my needs. I'll be returning right on time for some punching bag sparring and some waepons training the day after. You could say I've got it all sorted out... providing I dont slack, give in to beer and pizza and ruin it all. So, wish me luck fellas, let's get this started!
  3. Challenge #7 Waldgeist trains like a Werewolf Backstory: As William Waldgeist stumbled through the river of Valkyrie the waves clinged onto him, trying to drag ihm down and swallow his body into the deep dark waters. But he resisted their pull. This wasn't the first obstacle he'd had to overcome but it seemed like it was the last one. At the bank of the river there was a fortress and many people in black clothes were jumping around on the field below. With his last ounce of energy William left the water, stepped on to the field and collapsed. Later he awakens in an infirmary, the smells of potions and creams leave no room for doubt what this place is used for. An old man with healer's crest tattoed on his left hand approaches: "Good, you are awake! After you were brought in we were worried, they tell me you came out of the river? But that river flows directly from the vicious wodds..." "Yes, that's were we've been, for a long time. I was trapped there, but we managed to defeat it's master and that opened a way out. Not an easy, open road of course, but a narrow path full of obstacles, that seemed unconquerable, but we did it anyway!" "Who is this we you speak about, are there others we need to look out for?" "No, just me? What do you mean?" "Nothing, maybe your nerves are still rattled. Surviving and fleeing from the vicious woods is a great feat. Not many manage to do that, at least to my knowledge.You must have many strong abilities. " "Yes we possess great talent and training. Bitten by a wolf, touched by the Force, trained as an agent and in the ways of magic..... My head hurts, I see so many picture, hear so many voices in my head...." The old healer guided the mind mage gently into the infirmary. "There he is, he fainted again after he awoke for a couple of minutes. Physically he is fine, I healed his wounds, there is nothing more I can do. But I fear for his mind and heart." The mage grabbed Williams head with her left hand and pressed her other against his chest. Mumbling spells of old she closes her eyes. The healer with his second sight observes how the aura of the mage merges with the one of the patient. When she openes her eyes again she sighes. "Interesting..." "I think he'll want something more when he gets up. And so do I actually!" "Well, it's simple. He is several people." "Could you make it more complicated? I don't understand simple things." "Several men were lost in the vicious woods, the only way to survive for them, was to merge into one person. But that's not the interesting part actually.." "Hahahaha, oh, you are serious?" "You know how we are near the edge of this universe and that there are others behind the rift? Each of this personas – I counted 5 if I'm not mistaken – comes from a different universe..." "What can we do to help him?" "Not we, him! He has to go to each universe and (re)live the life of each persona, probably several times. Then maybe there will be chance that they will be seperated again." "What if he does nothing, just ignoring what happened to him?" "He will go crazy, sooner than later actually, nobody can be several people withoung lossing it completeley....." First Werewolf chapter As I set foot on this earth the memory of Person #2 hits me (yes, I numbered them: 1 Jedi, 2 werewolf, 3 shield agent, 4 mage) hard. He was just a regular college student, pre-med/exercise science, when one night a wild animal (or so he thought) attacked him. The more I remember, the more I loose control. They are not just fading memories anymore, but it feels like I'm actually there, reliving his life from the moment he got changed minute for minute...... Challenge Goal: Get the basics down (Bodyweight + KB + Food) As you can guess from the backstory and the pictures below, this challenge has a TeenWolf theme. Quest 1 – "Tansformed by the Bite" Armstrong Workout Time to work on that pull-up, bitch. Last challenge I got in the habit of doing them regularly again. Now it's time to step it up and concentrate on increasing those reps. My maximum for an unbroken set now is 6 pull-ups. The ambitious goal for this quest is to get to two digits. The Armstrong workout consists of two parts: Max push-ups in the morning and an actual pull-up workout in the afternoon/evening. And that for FIVE consecutive days a week. Just one more.... Grading: Reward (2 STR I 1 STA I 1 CHA) 5 days = A 4 days = C 3 days = D Quest 2 – "Move like a Fox" GMB Floor 1 Phase 2/3 Continuation of last challenge. Basic strength training was phase 1. That is finished. Now to the interesting part: working on my skills. No mobility sessions this time, just 3 different skill sessions, twice done each week. Phase 2 should take only 4 weeks, but longer is always possible I guess. But if I finish there is still work to do in form of phase 3. Handstands, cartwheels, pirouettes whatever bring it on. Grading:* Reward (3 DEX) 6 days = A 5 days = B 4 days = C 3 days = D *If I finish phase 2 I get an instant B+ at least, even if I would've gotten a lower grade normally. Quest 3 – "Beast Mode On" Strength & Conditioning workout This is basically a kettlebell plus whatever bodyweight only exercise aren't covered in Q1+2 quest. I want regulary do swings and TGUs (like 4-5 days a week) plus occasionally (read: no more than once/twice a week) snatches, military/push presses, jump roping, maybe even some running or whatever I can think of. I AM STRONGER! Grading: Reward (1 STR I 1 STA I 1 CON) 4 days = A 3 days = C 2 days = D Quest 4 – "Druids know stuff" Study I like to learn, I really do. I just have to get motivated for the studying part. Last challenge this was 8 hours per week, which was amibitious. I managed about a third. This challenge same time but harder grading. I wish I had studied more, so I would know what this shit is.... Grading: Reward (2 WIS) 8 hours = A 6 hours = B 5 hours = C 4 hours = D Quest 5 – "Don't eat like a wendigo" Nutrition Last challenge this didn't go so well either. Different approach now, very basic. First, keep an eating diary. Second, do intermittent fasting on every work day. The first part doesn't need any explanation I think. The second part means on work days I'll eat only at work, which is an eating window of about 5-6 hours per day. I'm still going to prepare those meals at home and on the weekend I don't restrict myself at all. I'm just so hungy! Grading: Reward (2 CON I 1 CHA) 12 IF + diary days a week = A 10 IF + diary days a week = B 8 IF + diary days a week = C 6 IF + diary days a week = D Challenge Start Measurements: Belly 90 cm Chest 95 cm Arm 26 cm Arm (flexed) 30 cm Good luck!
  4. Hi! I'm Laisa, almost 22 years old, from Italy. Before I start, I want you to know that my English could be faulty, so please don't bother my errors too much! I knew Nerd Fitness last year thanks to 9Gag and I found it awesome, BUT I started some exercises twice and gave up after 2 weeks everytime. That's my problem, I don't know what Perseverance is. The same applies to study (I'm a university student) and I absolutely hate it. I'm lazy and I know where to start, but not how to keep on. Sooo... THIS TIME I joined the Rebellion, hoping here I'll find some more motivation, maybe that's all I need? I don't like to say people I know that I want to lose weight because they wouldn't take me seriously, they know my attitude. This time I want to surprise them, I want to make it. I hope you guys help me. I weight 63 kg (about 138 lbs I think). Maybe I'm not SO overweight but I know I can reach at least 53 kg, that would probably be perfect for my body composition. It means a lot to me just because I mentally tend to give up easily. My problem is not dieting. The fact is that I always HATED sports. I've never found something good for me, I tried many things but not for long, again for the same problem. So I need to find a motivation strong enough to make me exercise. I want to HAVE FUN doing it (maybe not at the very beginning, I know it'll be hard). So, I want to change my body, the way I see myself in the mirror, the way I behave and take care about me. I want to grow up and this time I hope I can finally make it. ps: I'm a "occasional nerd". I love the fantasy world, Rpgs, manga & anime. The perfect evening for me and my bf is laying together on the couch playing videogames. I also adore singing and I want to look better on the stage, that's another point. I've always wanted to be an elf or a badass werewolf. I love nature and I study "Animal Welfare and Breeding" at University (I don't know if it could be translated like this LOL) and I've always dreamt of running wild in the forest. I think it'll be my super final goal. Thanks for your attention!
  5. Nyxy squints full of disbelief at the ancient armadillo, Best Healer of the Low Shores. The wrinkly sage holds a small bag that reeks of poison in her paw. High quality poison, at that. "Have I crossed the Horsemen's Plains for this? A child knows not to offer poison to an assassin!" "And even a small child on the Plains knows how to cure a Curse of Werewolf!" the shriveled armadillo gniffles. "But you, werewolf! You come to me with a Curse of Human! Been a while since I've seen one of those, I almost regret curing it. But Reverse Curse gets Reverse Cure. Take the poison." "How long?" "Always. Now go be a werewolf elsewhere. It's time for my nap." Out of the healer's hide-hut, Nyxy investigates her "cure". Inside of the bag, a glowing yellow-green powder. On the outside of the bag, a yellow fish is drawn. it's unclear why. "this better works." Nyxy closes her eyes as she swallows the tiniest bit of poison. Her hair rises and her muscles tense. High quality poison indeed.
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