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Found 15 results

  1. The Bangingest Things: Deffy’s 2018 Road Map Well hello there, I am Deffy and I am waiting patiently to kick 2018 in the face. 2017 was pretty cool to me, I lost a nice chunk of weight (*cringes at that use of the word “chunk” but leaves it in anyway*) and made plenty of gainz in my primary main objective – getting the best ass in the United Kingdom (no longer excluding Greater London – come fight me Sil). I spent the last 2 months of this year with chronic back pain and greatly reduced mobility and I had to accept that training through it was a very terrible idea and I spent the l
  2. Butt Stuff Last year was pretty successful. I inched closer to my goal weight and that's just how I like it, inching towards it feels much less traumatic and a lot less like hard work too. I experienced an upswing in weight after having to take time off training due to injury in the last few months of 2017 but I am ready to kick 2018 in the face. Well, sort of. My back feels bad again for the first time in a couple of weeks but I am not going to let that bring me down and besides, my plans in this challenge should help that. I start of 2018 with my thighs a little thicker than I'd
  3. Deffy Goes For Gold Yes I have picked a theme so uniquely British and of the 1980's it is quite possible nobody will get the reference. I think even I am technically too young to remember this, it just has legendary status in my house because as my mom never tires of reminding me, as a 2 year old I was obsessed with Henry Kelly and nobody knows why. But I digress. The aim of this challenge is to amass coinage and earn some good old fitness loot. Doing certain tasks earns me a pitiful amount of money that will add up over t
  4. Deffy Drops the Dead Weight I have had a lot of success this year but recent events have led to my feeling atomised yet again, a feeling that always seems to sweep me up in the spring. I start to look at where I want to go in relation to where I am currently at, and I feel the need to spring clean my life so that is the focus of this challenge. I have asked myself why I have the possessions I have, why I do the things I do, why I want the things I want, why I mix with the people I do and why I let myself lose touch with some people, and some of it doesn’t make much sense any more.
  5. M4XIMUM EFF0RT! Hello again friends, it’s that time again where we put ourselves through low-key torture together for funsies! Now for those who don’t know, 2017 Deffy is doing pretty well. She seems to have forgotten all the bad habits 2016 Deffy discovered and I am trying my best to keep her ignorant of this and things are going pretty ok so far. So well, in fact, that I only have a little to go before I equal my previous lowest weight evah. And so close that it is only just out of my reach (considering my current rate of loss so far this year) by the end of this challenge. Maxi
  6. Last run through, I completed my most successful challenge ever scoring 100% on every goal. I saw some great improvements to my general health, state of mind, resolve and butt, and I am not going to rock the boat and make changes I do not need. Ruminating on the things that brought me most success last go around, I am going to maintain all my streaks and continue to blossom into Peak Deftona in 2017. (An artist's rendering of Peak Deftona) So what does that mean? 1. Track all food eaten. No pressure to stay within a certain limit because w
  7. 2016 has been a weird old year. I achieved a lot of things I have been working towards for the last few years but at the same time, I made hardly any progress on my health goals. I just couldn't get into the zone, my motivation waned a lot and I was too easily thrown off course. A lot of the challenges I had hitting my health goals in 2016 have been sorted, at least on a superficial level and I am not entirely sure exactly what has been holding me back in the latter part of this year. In the absence of any concrete answers, I am going to take my best guess and put into motion some rules and re
  8. 2016 was a raging dumpster fire but who cares?! That shit is over. 2017 is going to be sparkling sunshine and sexy unicorns, you heard it here first! I actually start 2017 heavier than I started 2016 which sort of sums up the entire year which on a personal level was pretty troubling, and I really suffered from lack of motivation and failure to see things through which really isn't like me. So I decided to start 2017 with 30 days of pure, unbridled excellence to kick start the year and set the scene for the 365 days ahead. I want to get 100% on every single aspect of this challeng
  9. Last challenge was a bit of a shit show as I spiralled into apathy and The SadzTM but I found that relaxing my goals (and not posting here) was actually making me worse and I ended up staying down longer than I needed to, or ever should have. But as a very unwise man once said: (Never change, David. Never change<3 ) I haven't made a lot of progress on my weight loss goals this year and it does feel like a bit of a waste of the year in this respect. I achieved quite a bit in my personal life though so I will not write 2016 off completely but I want to finish th
  10. Def Avoids Putting the Long ‘un in the Wrong ‘un. Ah Tetris. The beautiful game. Nobody can quite describe the thrill of getting a long Tetronimo when you have saved the perfect space for it,.. only to completely screw it up and accidentally dump it in the wrong place This, my friends, is known as “putting the long ‘un in the wrong’un” and this forms the basis of my challenge. Not doing this. Getting some Tetrises up in here. There are a number of positive actions I want to perform in this challenge and each action earns me a squar
  11. The Clone Wars: The Prequel – Def and Shello Get Their Shit Together Are you ready for this? This is a tandem challenge. @LadyShello and I both had an abysmal challenge last go around. It was supposed to be the one where we each got back into the groove and made some progress. Rather than an improvement from the challenges before, it got worse, like, super off the rails worse. Our current levels of accountability don’t seem to be enough. We’ve been accountable to ourselves, to the Doodlies, to the entire NF community but for some reason, right now, this doesn’t seem
  12. Hi everyone! My name is Deftona and I have been hanging in these dark corners of the internet for a while. I usually track my progress in the challenges but since I am going to start a meta challenge that will run alongside all of my challenges for the next two years or so (wow, two years+ makes this project sound a little intimidating.... shoves fingers in ears lalalala) I thought a Battle Log to compliment this would be a sensible idea. Darebee has a range of challenges including a lot of 30 day programmes and I decided to run one of these alongside my usual cardio
  13. Deffy The Vampire Slayer Season 2 Deffy vs Angelus: Deffy Finds the Passion "Passion... it lies in all of us. Sleeping, waiting, and though unwanted, unbidden, it will stir, open its jaws, and howl. It speaks to us, guides us... passion rules us all. And we obey. What other choice do we have?" This challenge will pick up where the last one left off. I successfully defeated The Master but because I set myself so many tasks to do outside of health and exercise I got a low score despite doing ok with the exercise goals because I got addicted to Arkham Kn
  14. This is a continuation of my Epic Quest for 2016, where I beat Nikki Bella's Diva's Title reign record whose reign was 301 days. To continue my streak, I have to perform on every TV show (Raw, NXT and Smackdown), as well as every televised special (eg Beast in the East) and PPV. In order to perform, I have to complete a cardio session - currently a 5K elliptical session for every day the TV show airs. I can move these days around if I need to but the idea is that I will 'perform' every Monday (Raw), Wednesday (NXT) and Thursday (Smackdown). I have created a roster of 50 female wrestlers, all t
  15. In the terrifying hellscape that is my imagination, I am a Diva employed by WWE at the top of my game and I am such a badass, I don't even have to star in Total Divas. I have held the Diva's title for 26 days so far and I am aiming to beat Nikki Bella's 301 day record. And just because I like you all, have a booty gif. The Rules for the Title Reign: To retain the title, I have to perform on every TV show (Raw, NXT and Smackdown), as well as every televised special (eg Beast in the East) and PPV. In order to perform, I have to complete a cardio session - at least a 30 minute elliptica
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