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Found 3 results

  1. * coffee = I am a java programmer, reference to my life goal bender = this challenge will mostly be about flexibility Fit Intro: As a kid, I sucked at everything sport related and was known at my school for failing almost every time on P.E. The last couple of years I have discovered that I actually do love to push my body, but that I'm not a fan of team sports. I love dancing, yoga and strength training(free weights and body weight). My most recent victory was the 5k race that I ran in May and I hope to get a <30 min time on that soon. Nerd Life Intro: I recently graduated as a Java Developer, but still taking on extra courses like Android. Programming is computers + puzzles and therefor awesome. I love reading fantasy and scifi and playing RPG's like WoW and Divinity (it's Belgian!). Civ V is another favorite (and The Sims, but sssh). My gaming skills are not nearly what I want them to be but I enjoy myself. I also love drawing, painting (both mostly nudes) and spending way too much time on Tumblr. Main quest: I want to become the most flexible developer ever. Gymnasts are crazy impressive. Missions: Be able to perform the splits on both sides and really improve my wheel pose. Practice every day. Points of completion will be given based on improvement(I will take pictures every week) and if I have practiced enough count: 1 point for DEX for improvement of wheel pose, 1 for STA for training every day, same for splits (4 total) Be able to do a handstand Practice every other day. Right now I can hold a headstand without support for 10 seconds but no handstand, not even against a wall. I actually think this is more a mental problem than not having enough strength. count: 2 for STA, 1 for WIS Run 5k in under 30 minutes Run 3 times/week with Zombies, Run! app. Not flexibility related, but I really want this too. My current time is 35:27. count: 2 points for DEX based on improved speed, 2 points for STA based on consistent trainingImportant note for week 1: The first week of the challenge I will be on a trip in Berlin and the idea is to make it cardio week: swimming in the hotel pool every day, lots of walking and at night dancing. I will also spend some time in the sauna, to train myself if an assassin mission would ever take me to the desert Life quest: Get a job and move out First job, then move out, so this mostly means applying for a lot of jobs, creating stuff to add to my resume and improving my skills count: 3 for CHA, 2 for looking for jobs, 1 if I actually get one Side quest: (apparently split related) Go climbing or bouldering with my friend C. We have been talking about this for over a year, but he messed up his shoulder in February. Last week he said he would probably be ready for it this month, so here we go. count: 1 point for STA Motivation: I want to be amazed by what my body is capable of, what I am capable of. I want to proof that I am not lazy and that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. This will be a serious challenge of persistence but I like challenges! Why be less when you can be more?
  2. Hi guys, just wondering if someone could give me some tips and advice. Over the last few years I've become more aware of restricted movement in my shoulders when my arms are behind my head. I also occasionally get a sharp pain if i move them too far with weight on them (Like moving from upwards facing dog to child's pose) I've done scott sonnon's intuflow on and off for years, I practice movnat so do a lot of hanging, and I'm currently working on prasara yoga flows including monkey flow. here's a video of someone doing the flow ( he doesn't start until 1:10) I have a real problem trying to transition into the wheel pose (coming out of it is off the cards at the moment). I don't seem to have the range of movment/strength at the limits to make the movement. I can sometimes do it letting my elbow to the ground but normally it's my full shoulder. I do find wheel pose quite hard so if your advice is work on that please let me know. Doing all those things for years I've seen little improvement in my ability to release my upper back. Does anyone have any exercises/movements they'd recommend for it? Or any tips on the wheel pose transitions?
  3. This challenge is fairly similar to my last, but with some twists to keep it interesting. I have two half-marathon races during this challenge, and I’ll be gearing up for a marathon in early June. I think adding the hill work will really help me in these races. 1. Go the distance. Run 150 miles. This was a good goal for me last time, so I’m going to give it another try. (Max 4 pts Stamina). 2. Tough it out. Run 40 hill repeats If 40 is ‘over the hill’ then I have something to prove! To count toward the goal, I have to run the hill at least twice in a row (single climbs don’t count).(Max 3 pts Strength). 3. Stay strong. Cross train 3x per week Cross training can be anything (20+ min). Within this goal, I want to work on push-ups at least twice a week. I’m working up to 40 knee push-ups in a row (I got up to 31). Once I get there, I’ll move into inclines. I also plan to work on wheel pose (yoga) each week. I want to be able to do this on my paddleboard this summer!(2 points Strength and 2 points Dex). 4. Don’t fear the green. Dark leafy greens once a week. Things like baby bok choi, swiss chard, and even a spinach salad count. Lettuce doesn’t. (1 pt Con; Full point if I get 5 weeks). 5. Life side quest: 6 Dreaded Tasks I have a list of things I really should do, but have been avoiding…ranges from going to the dentist to paying my taxes to fixing the flat tires on my bike. Some of these are more avoidable than others. I have to pick 6 things on the list and get them done. (3 pts Wis).
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