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Found 7 results

  1. I've been taking whey protein supplements for a few years now, but recently came across this one article listing 10 reasons why you shouldn't take protein supplements. Basically the author was saying that instead of supplementing wth protein supplements, we should supplement with whole foods for a variety of reasons. I thought it was interesting, so I did a little research and then I came across another article that was basically a rebuttal of this. Anyways, I was just wondering if there was any merit to either article. I always thought that one of the reasons we take
  2. Since I'm focusing more inwards this challenge, I decided to hop on over to my Druid buddies! Hi!!!!! This Heathen Mama has a Master Plan to start eating like a Viking! This challenge will be 100% diet based for me. After much research I keep coming back to the Nordic/Viking Diet. The paleo diet that I have tried many times before is far too restrictive for me and my carb-loving self. I do well for about a week and then end up going carb crazy and derailing my progress. So instead I found that the Viking Diet allows me limited carbs in the form of root veggies (potatoes, etc) and w
  3. :smiley_simmons: I have fallen off my wagon a few times in the last two months and it's time to rebuild the wagon and hop on and stay on! With that in mind, I realized that other Scouts are also facing these challenging aspects of life. So, in honor of all the Scouts, I am facing these goals with you. For I am not alone and neither are you! Like QengpuBenal I have lost weight so I know I can continue to do so. My Quest: Get down to 185#. From Noxious Gnome I have how to 1.) Move to get a sweat, every single day That’s right; I plan on moving my body in some fashion for at least 20 minu
  4. Third challenge! After last time, I did really well (if I say so myself!) but then fell off track in the gap between challenges arg! So getting back onto it, trying to stick with it despite getting busier and busier towards the end of the year and Christmas! My main goal is still to lose 20kg by around September/October next year. This challenge in particular I am aiming to lose about 4kg Quest 1: Do gym work, aerial silks or PT for 45 mins a day, 4 days a week I am getting good with the consistency now, but my work is picking up so I need to make sure that I plan my workouts well enough t
  5. Hey guys! So after bailing on the last two weeks of the previous challenge, I'm back! I'm glad to be here with the Rangers again, I just loved the mini missions last challenge Motivation/Life Quest: I've had a really rough time the past 4-ish months due to a death in the family. I've been letting myself go because of it, making excuses to not do anything, and basically just moping around. I know this is normal, but I need to stop throwing myself a pity party with a pizza every time I get upset. I need to take care of myself. This is a big portion of my "life" side mission, and pa
  6. I'm really excited to be joining Rangers this challenge! Woot! I'm coming over from Adventurer's for my third challenge because I think my goals are pretty ranger-like. I want to be flexible and do backwalkovers ninja style, but I also want to kickbox and be strong like bull and be able to squat heavy. I also enjoy the occasional run. So, here I am! First off, Happy New Year everyone!!! I'm really looking forward to kicking some major butt his year as only a nerd can. Anyway, last challenge I began my battle for recovering my backwalkover. For those of you who don't know
  7. So it turns out there are a lot of people starting their Whole30 this challenge. I am personally on day 13 (today) and will be on day 15 on the first day of the challenge. So I thought I'd start a support group for those just starting out and those who are somewhere else in their Whole30. We can share war stories and offer support. And even offer recipes and tricks and tips on where we've gotten so far. Don't forget to sign up on the spreadsheet, here. Members: Blaidd Devyn Jonesy PaleoIsh WritingWeaver AgentKatia Tonic
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