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Found 3 results

  1. Level one challenge: Diet: Eat a vegetable with one meal everyday. Two coffees per day and lots more water. Fitness: Walk every day (5 minutes) - this could even be in the form of standing up at your desk and walking around the office. Level Up Your Life: #100happydays Take a picture of one thing that makes me happy everyday.
  2. Hmm, New place new opportunities right? Well, first off, HI! I am smf, and uhh, I haven't been around in the forums much lately and when I was my 6 week challenges were with the warriors, things have changed so I am going to spend my next 6 weeks here. The reason I am here now is because I started going to a Kickboxing/muay thai class last week, It's not a aerobic Kick boxing thing, it's at a martial arts school with a trainer etc. I am enjoying it a whole hell of a lot, but I guess that makes me a bit of a monk, and so here I am. SOO lets talk about goals. My Main goal is "6pack by 30" uh, ya that's just a little under a year away. I number crunched and its achievable, but damn that will require a lot of work, restraint etc. But that may not be a bad thing, I need something to reach for. So here are the three goals for this challenge. 1. Lose weight This is simple, we are dealing with a 6 week challenge, at 1.5lbs a week, I want to lose 9lbs by the end of the challenge. How? That's the hard part, a) I will be becoming ALOT more active, between maintaining lifting, kickboxing and even trying to work in some more cardio (ZUMBA on the WII, this stuff is addicting). That means I will need more carbs, maintain protein to minimize muscle loss, really work on getting my veggies in and keep enough calories in to not lose to much weight at once. Oh, and cut back on the dang Taco bell and Pizza hut (get ready to keep 1800-crybaby on speed dial) 2. Maintain my weight lifting I am still lifting weights. It's unreasonable to think I can lose weight and keep increasing on the bar. I am low enough that my nervous system is still adjusting to though, so I do think though I can increase my working weight on my Squat and DL by 45lbs, my bench and OHP by 20lbs, Thats half of what SL would have me at by then and that seems more than fair. 3.Rock at Kickboxing This is my first time doing any sort of fighting thing, being brand new at this, of course I am learning every time. The biggest thing for me right now though is cardio, I lift, that's all I do, I haven't done much cardio or conditioning work in close to a year. I am dying in every class just doing the conditioning work before we do lessons, so I need to step up my cardio/stamina game. This may sound silly to some (especially anybody that knows me) but I think I can do some "accessorie" work doing Zumba. I picked up this game for the wii, and it's a lot of fun, easy moves and does a good job of scaling, it also has me really working up a sweat. SOOOO basically, just do more cardio. Expect MEMES... a lot of bitching... a lot of whining... and happy dance posts ... maybe food porn (i come from the warriors after all)... just awesomeness.. oh and spelling errors because
  3. So I've been thinking about getting a Wii. There was a PS3-move game that caught my eye, but mostly I'm looking for something that will allow me escapism without being lazy. What games take a high amount of energy and are fun? I'm not tied to a system until I lose patience for not getting the cheapest one. (That includes the games I would expect to buy.)
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