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Found 6 results

  1. Welcome all to my next challenge. I know my presence here was scarce last few challenges, and I cannot guarantee that won't be the case again this challenge. I almost chose to not participate in this challenge, but I'm starting to feel as if I need it. My family and I recently experienced a loss that I will discuss in a later post. But I will do my best to show up, both for myself and for my fellow Adventurers. If you have followed me for some time, for this challenge you can assume all the other daily habits are locked into place (early rise, prayer/meditation, scripture, daily workouts, running trails, etc.). However, for this challenge I am going to focus on a few new healthy habits that I would like to implement, as well as a few extra but relevant challenge goals that hopefully become regular habits, as well. 30 burpees daily daily breathwork (practice with a variety of styles) read, write, and share a poem a day (even if it's bad and even if it's short) My purpose for this challenge is inspired by a quote from Robert Bly: "My feeling is that poetry is also a healing process, and then when a person tries to write poetry with depth or beauty, he will find himself guided along paths which will heal him, and this is more important, actually, than any of the poetry he writes." As I shared in my last challenge thread, I used to write poetry, but it's been years. My recent interest in the mythopoetic movement has re-ignited my creativity and my poetic mind. It really is incredible how thinking poetically changes how you view the world. There is a language to poetry than seems internal and sort of... ancestral. Most importantly, as Bly said, I need to heal. I am not broken or damaged, but I am definitely wounded. My hope is that my re-ignited passion for poetry will help with this. So, in a sense, I will continue to channel my inner wildness but incorporate poetry as a tool for tapping into that part of myself, as well.
  2. As some of you recall, a little more than two years ago (wow, it doesn't seem that long ago) I created a challenge inspired by the James Cameron movie Avatar. This morning, I took my dogs on a barefoot walk in the morning rain and decided it was time to reboot this challenge. I'm going to modify it to include some of my recent goals and exclude goals that are either no longer relevant (can't visit grandfather b/c he passed away) or have become habits and no longer need to be considered "goals" (such as early wakeup). But I am keeping the same theme structure with a strong focus on primal fitness and nature, and of course there will be a lot of Avatar-related greatness and lots of other wild awesomeness to enjoy. If you weren't around the last time I completed this challenge, zola‘u nìprrte’. I am glad you're here. Connect With Environment: The Na'vi are deeply connected to the natural world around them, and they take care of it. When completing each of these challenges, engage all of your senses and stay mindful of the impact nature has on your body and your spirit. At least 30 minutes outdoors/day in a natural setting Go barefoot at least 30 minutes/day; wear minimalist shoes when necessary. Explore an unfamiliar outdoor area, or explore a familiar one as if seeing it for the first time. At least one wild swim/week At least one tree climb/week Give at least 5 minutes/day of your attention to a lifeform other than human (pets, wildlife, plants, etc.). Download Joulebug and complete at least one challenge/day. Do a litter cleanup in a natural area at least once/week. Avoid using plastics of any kind (unless impossible). 1 hike or trail run/week Connect With Food: The Na'vi are omnivorous hunter-gatherers with a deep connection to the available provisions that surrounded them, both meat and plant. When completing these challenges, savor each bite, eat mindfully and pay close attention to how this affects your body and spirit. Eat full vegetarian at least one day/week (Meatless Mondays) Eat at least 1 vegetable/day Eat fresh meat instead of processed/boxed/canned meat at least 3 days/week; this includes fish (BONUS: game meat when possible). Forage at least once/week (dandelion, plantains, onion, etc.) Intermittent fasting Eat locally at least once/week (Farmer's market?) and seasonally when possible Connect With Body: The Na'vi need their body to be in top shape in order to survive such a harsh environment. When completing this challenge, use a variety of "wild fitness"/primal/paleo natural movements and be mindful of how this impacts your body and spirit. Wim Hof Method breathing and cold showers daily Morning movements and stretches daily At least 5 minutes deep squat/day Drink at least 1/2 gallon of water/day. Balance at least 10 yards on a narrow surface 3 days/week Dead hang for at least 30 seconds 3 days/week. Push-up progression daily At least 2 minutes of planking/day at least 3 days/week. Ride the direhorse (bike) at least 3 times/week. Follow the Primal Blueprint Exercise Plan; below is the simplified version: Monday – Sprint Tuesday – Lift Heavy Things/Bodyweight Exercises Wednesday – Move Slowly, Play or Rest Thursday – HIIT/WOW Friday – Move Slowly, Play or Rest Saturday – Lift Heavy Things/Bodyweight Exercises Sunday – Move Slowly, Play or Rest  Connect With Tribe: The Na'vi have a deep connection with members of their tribe, especially family but also tribal elders and leaders. For this challenge, be mindful of your relationships and how you strengthen them. Spend every afternoon with your daughters ('ite); at least one technology-free playtime/week. Use intimate physical touch with tribal members (for family: hugs, kisses, holding hands, snuggling; handshakes/hugs for friends). At least one uninterrupted/technology free evening with wife (muntxate) Call/visit your mother (sa'nok). Continue to help and spend time with your mentor Connect With Self: In spite of living in a savage environment, the Na'vi are very self-aware and practice a disciplined self-control and humble appreciation of all life, including their own. Become toruk makto: tame the beast and take control of your temper by pausing and being mindful of your emotions. Seek wisdom: read works written by great tribal leaders and elders who have come before you. Choose your words: be mindful of when to speak and when to be silent; don't waste words, but choose them wisely. Be grateful: keep a log each day of things for which you are grateful. Connect With Eywa (God): The Na'vi believe in and commune with a being greater than themselves. This is the essence of their culture and it drives their actions and lifestyle. While completing these challenges, be mindful of where your heart and spirit rest on these issues. Greet each morning with a grateful smile and a spoken "Thank you." Pray/meditate in silence at least 10 minutes/day. Read/listen to a devotional/contemplative prayer daily Integrate prayer throughout the day. Treat each person you meet as spiritually connected and as image-bearers of God; treat all lifeforms as God's creation. Practice agape love (unconditional love). Bonus Challenges: Learn Na'vi language. Spend at least one night outside (in a hammock, if possible). Take a long hike deep into the woods (off trail, if possible). Harvest spring water. The Hallelujah Mountains: Go rock climbing (freestyle).
  3. Greetings, Rangers. My name is Wolfen. I usually kick it with the Adventurers, but for this particular challenge I felt I needed some motivation and advice from some Ranger friends. Plus, my goals this challenge seem perfect for this guild. If you want to know more about me, I'm sure @Tanktimus the Encourager can tell you everything you need to know since we've been NF buddies for a while. First, a quick bit of history. If you want to skip this part and go straight to my challenge goals, feel free: So there you have it. My mail goals will reflect the plan discussed above. In addition, I will be participating in Soulcon again, which kicks off September 17th, so there will be a spiritual aspect to this challenge, as well. So I have broken the challenge down into four parts: Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit. Body: Daily: 0430-0445 wakeup 40 push-ups and 15 burpees barefoot time in the morning and stretches and movements (inspired by Primal body Reboot program by Jonathan Mead) cold shower at least 64oz of water at least 10,000 steps 2230-2300 bedtime Running Schedule: Monday: Distance run (at least 5k) on the trails Tuesday: Cross-training Endurance or Strength workout Wednesday: Tempo run (on road or track) Thursday: Recovery Day: only Mobility/Yoga workout and very light recovery run on the trails Friday: Interval run or hill run Saturday: Distance run (at least 5k) on the trails Sunday: Rest Day Nutrition -- eat whole foods as often as possible, whole grains, healthy carbs and fats, protein, lean meats, and vegetables Mind: WHM Breathing/Meditation in the morning Read at least 20 minutes per day; currently reading Endure by Alex Hutchinson (seems appropriate) listen to at least one podcast per week read at least one article about trail running, running, or endurance athletics take a brain break in the afternoon (20 minute binaural meditation) daily. Heart: listen to music that lifts my soul watch at least one motivational video or movie per week document at least three things I am grateful for daily make eye contact and greet people as I pass them on campus text or call at least one friend daily to see how his day went play with my younger princesses after homework is completed spend evenings with my queen Spirit: prayer and scripture study daily every morning, say a prayer of gratitude for the day read through the Soulcon devotionals post and visit the Soulcon Facebook page listen to or watch at least one sermon per week.
  4. The title is just for dramatic effect. I'm not in any danger (or am I?). As some of you saw last challenge, I caught the running bug. I have logged just over 50 miles since the middle of July, averaging 2-3 miles a day. This challenge will reflect my new running habits, in addition to the usual fun times (daily habits, motivational gifs, pics, and videos, etc.) but with a running theme. So, without further adieu: On your mark... Get set... GO! Run Your Day: 0430-0445 wakeup prayer/meditation/scripture study journal drink at least 64oz of water barefoot walk with dogs in the morning Primal Body Reboot stretches in the morning 15 burpees or 40 push-ups to wake up the body cold shower brush and floss Wim Hof Method breathing at least 10,000 steps read for at least 20-30 minutes (recommended books will be listed below) 2200-2300 bedtime Run Your Workout: Monday: Distance run (at least 5k) Tuesday: Endurance or Strength workout Wednesday: Tempo run Thursday: Recovery Day: only Mobility/Yoga workout and very light recovery run Friday: Interval run Saturday: Distance run (at least 5k) Sunday: Rest Day I need to make a vow to myself right now on two things: go easy on Recovery Day and take Rest Day as seriously as possible. This does not include the usual daily habits, but no running and no workout on Rest Day. Run Your Brain: read daily listen to at least one podcast per week read at least one article per week about running, fitness, health, endurance, etc. take a brain break (20 minute binaural meditation) daily Run Your Food: eat whole foods aim for healthy fats and proteins lean meats, chicken and fish whole grains snacks: almonds, pistachios, jerky, fruit Book Recommendations: Each of these suggested titles either specifically involve running, use running as a theme, or focus on great feats of endurance/fitness/health, etc. What I Talk About When I Talk About Running -- Haruki Murakami Endure -- Alex Hutchinson Spark -- John J. Ratey Unbroken -- Laura Hillenbrand Ultramarathon Man -- Dean Karnazes Running With the Kenyans -- Adharanand Finn
  5. If you have been following me for a while, my usual challenges carry over and are implied. I'm in the midst of another Soulcon challenge, but for my challenge posts I want to try something different this time. This challenge is themed from an album trilogy titled One Wild Life by one of my favorite bands, Gungor. The albums are named Soul, Spirit, and Body, so that is what each section of my challenge will be titled. Soul: Pray every morning upon waking Daily scripture study and devotional reading Integrate prayer throughout the day Continue to work through the Soulcon spiritual challenges Spirit: Begin each challenge post by sharing, meditating/reflecting on the lyrics of a song from the Gungor One Wild Life trilogy. Meditate every day for at least 20 minutes. Sit still in silence every day for at least 5 minutes. Be the first to greet people when I encounter them (inspired by Gabby Reece: "I always say 'go first'....That means if I'm checking out at the store, I say hello first. If I'm coming across somebody and make eye contact, I'll smile first. I wish people would experiment with that in their lives a little bit: Be first because - not all times, but most times- it comes in your favor. The response is pretty amazing.") Start a Gratitude Journal: List at least three things I am grateful for every day. Less talking, more curious listening (and eye contact). Write a "Thank You" letter or send a "Thank You" message once/week to someone who deserves it. Call mother every day. Hug and kiss queen and princesses before leaving for work. Spend time alone every day with queen (unless impossible due to work, etc.). Body: Do at least 50 burpees/day. Do at least 50 push-ups or dips/day. Continue to work through Soulcon physical challenges Primal/MovNat workout at least 3 days/week. Hike or trail run once/week. Intermittent fasting to help with weight loss/muscle building Spend at least 30 minutes/day outside. Get to bed before 10:30 pm.
  6. If you have followed me for some time, you know the origin of this challenge title. I have decided to reconnect with my wild self and reboot and modify one of my favorite past challenges. Expect lots of wildness and nature. True to My Nature: Wolfen Goes Wild Get Rest: Wind down at sunset (limited/no technology), moderate/light physical activity (yoga, stretches, etc.) In bed no later than 10:30 pm (unless impossible because of work, etc.). Nap in late afternoon if necessary/possible. Get Fit: Barefoot/shirtless walks and stretches in the morning Three options: MovNat inspired workout (see video above) Or: Follow the Primal Blueprint Exercise Plan; below is the simplified version: Monday – Sprint Tuesday – Lift Heavy Things/Bodyweight Exercises Wednesday – Move Slowly, Play or Rest Thursday – HIIT/WOW Friday – Move Slowly, Play or Rest Saturday – Lift Heavy Things/Bodyweight Exercises Sunday – Move Slowly, Play or Rest Or: Get back into Jonathan Mead's Uncaged Body routine 10,000-12,000 steps/day Cold showers daily Meditation/WHM daily Get Spiritual: Morning prayer Daily Scripture reading/devotional Integrate prayer throughout the day Get Fed: Eat as close to Paleo/Primal as possible at least one meal/day. Avoid processed foods. Listen to your body: eat when you're hungry rather than when you "should." Intermittent fasting at least 3 days/week; this must be mindful rather than just "skipping breakfast." No soda for the entire challenge (none, zero, not even a tiny cup). Drink at least 64 ounces of water/day. Get Connected: Kiss wife and daughters every day before leaving for work Call mother daily; visit at least once a week Speak to a stranger at least once/day (irl, not online). Visit with a friend at least once/week (irl, not online). Spend evenings with wife and daughters, unless impossible because of work, etc. Get Smarter: Read everyday for at least 30 minutes Use a brain-training app such as Peak daily. Listen to a podcast at least once/week. Get Some Sun, Sand, and Surf: (No beach trip this year, but I really like the title). Spend at least 30 minutes/day outside. Get at least 15 minutes total/day of direct sunlight. Get near, in, on, or under water every day. At least one hike/week. Get in close contact with the earth: walk barefoot, dig in the dirt, rub against a tree. Again, I'll quote Frank Forencich here: "...get out of the house and into the world. Scratch your back up against a tree and bushwack your way up a hill. Climb some rough rocks and plunge your feet into the creek. Give your eyes a rest and massage your body with the biosphere. Your body will love it."
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