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Found 7 results

  1. I took a few semesters of aikido in college and really enjoyed it. Time-skipping to today, I will have the opportunity to take up aikido again later this year. There is also a wing chun kung fu dojo in the area. I have no background in wing chun but reading up on the art, it interest me and it appears (to the untrained layman) that the two style would complement each other. Thoughts on this from practitioners of either art?
  2. Hi all, my first post here and my first challenge. As it happens, the Wing Chun school near me is taking on beginners on Mon 9th January, coincides pretty nicely with the start of this challenge, huzzah for convenience! Anywho, this challenge is more about trying things than committing to things, with that in mind it's broken down into 4 parts: Wing Chun 3 levels to this: 1. Call and say i'll be attending the class. Completed (03/01/17) <- I'm English, so that's 3rd of January 2. Actually Attend the Class 3. Attend all beginner's classes over the 4 week challenge. Activity This is primarily the trial and error portion of the challenge. The Wing Chun School only allows beginners to train 1 night a week for the first 6(?) weeks, after that you can train when you like. So, it seems to me i'm going to need some supplementary activity, I have 3 Workout types in mind: yoga, bodyweight and free weights. I'll be trying each of them out to see which I like best, each will be done for 1 week ( 3 workouts). 1. Perform 3 workouts in Bodyweight Training 2. Perform 3 workouts in Free Weight Training 3. Perform 3 workouts in Yoga. Ranked in the order of likelihood i'll actually do them Diet I actually really rather enjoy healthy foods, i LOVE veggies, fresh fruit, meat and fish so my poor choices, diet-wise, tend to come from being too lazy to cook when I get home from work. In this challenge, i'll be attempting to eliminate that problem by preparing meals in advance ^^ 0. prepare 1 week's worth of meals Completed (02/01/17) 1. Prepare 2 week's worth of meals 2. Prepare 3 week's worth of meals 3. Prepare 4 week's worth of meals Will likely be done on Sundays due to having more time and the looming threat of Mondays spurring me into some form of action or another. Other Stuff i've been meaning to do but haven't gotten around to, stuff will probably be added as I think of it. 1. Find a consistent conversation partner I have a number of partners i message on a regular basis, but i'm looking to find someone I can actually speak to in Japanese once a week or so. I have a Japanese friend I'll be Skype calling this weekend, must broach the subject of making it a more regular thing Hoping to stop lurking around the Monk forums and actually post stuff, the antithesis of my usual forum activity but hell, maybe that'll be another new thing I do
  3. My previous challenge was indeed a challenge. Now I'm discombobulated. My self-inflicted physical and mental injuries have made me wary of what I am capable of, but the weirdest part is that I'm still going. Can chalk that up to my dragon half, I know. So here are the snippets from my previous post, here to take step 2. I don't want a lot, I just want to feel like I'm a strong woman. I want to be able to go to the beach and actually wear a bathing suit. Wear shorts and maybe a dress now and again. I want to feel like I have permission to take a run along the beach. I want to workout as I enjoy the feeling I get afterward. I want to know what to do and when, and how to do it properly. But it seems like it's a loss cause. I want to do a 2015 resolution but I don't think I should. I'm far too messed up mentally and physically to think it's going to be fixed in a year. But for this challenge I guess if I can lose 10 lbs by the end of it I'm happy. So same as before, just 10 lbs instead of 25. Workout 4 days a week: Monday upper body, Tues or Thurs cycle, Wed legs, Fri Upper and legs. Saturday and Sunday are both up to chance. I just want to get that down and maybe next time I'll go from there. I will also try to continue doing my meditations. So far it's only been about 10 minutes of real meditation, twice a week as I work from home Mondays and Fridays and during the week it's not easy to find a spot where I'm comfortable enough to get into that meditative state. I'll add the points later, I just needed to get this started and I really need to go meditate. Oh but I will add that for day 1, I did continue with my salad-for breakfast this time-and I did workout this morning. Upper body with resistance bands.
  4. Good day everyone! I really want to begin focusing on improving my Wing Chun chain punches. I'm starting them out sllllooowwwwww; I'm keeping myself relaxed up until the exact moment of impact, then recoiling the arm, relaxed, as the next punch comes in, in a straight line. Elbows in of course. Is there any other advice you could give to help me perfect the wing chun chain punches?
  5. Dear NF Monks, I am looking for a good Kung Fu school. I really wished to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu but there's apparently no school anymore in Edinburgh. However, I have found a Hung Gar school and a White Crane school. Both seem well organised, welcoming places and I would be more attracted to the Hung Gar, but I really dont know much about either. Anyone has advice/experience in these Kung Fu styles??? Many thanks! PS: I'm a 25 year old woman, didn't like Judo at all, quite enjoyed my little experiences with Karate and Kick Boxing, if that helps you advise me on which style could be best.
  6. Hello~ I am a long time lurker--and to be honest very shy which is why I this is my first post. A few years ago I was reading the NF paleo articles. I was having pain in my joints--specifically my fingers and ankles and it turned out my wheat-heavy diet was the source. At this time I was working in the healthcare field and had sustained a back injury leading to sciatic in my left leg--which I had been having painful flare ups all year since the initial injury. I used Steve's articles as a guide and cut gluten, pop, and anything that came from a vending machine and went from 240 to 184. I also began to do yoga and swimming and my sciatica completely disappeared! Currently I am also doing body weight exercises as well--and I just took an intro class to wing chun and I love it! I can't wait to get started training regularly! I also just moved to campus and as such do a lot of walking from class to class and I would like to pick up inline skating again--I loved it as a kid. What I want to work up to is parkour--to me seems like total ability to know your body and to be able--it just amazes me! Now for the fun stuff! I have loved anime since I was a small child, and I also comics (manga, some super hero, indies, and web). As I said I just moved to college--this is actually my second round--I didn't finish the first time. But at 27 these kids make me feel old--even the anime people are talking about--I am finding I am old-school (late 90s-00s? How is this that long ago?) I've recently gotten back into video games again--I've always been into puzzle adventure games like Legend of Zelda and Shadow of the Colossus, and was heavy into WoW previously. And I love languages! Currently working on Spanish--planning on learning German and Japanese as well. Wanted to learn Bangla so to speak to my future in-laws--but I could not find many resources. I was watching the NF Academy Webinar last night, and people asking question and making statements inspired me. I am working on the path to be healthy on my own--but like I said I have always been shy and a little awkward. I just moved to a new place and I find, I am lonely--and I am realizing that this is just another thing I need to work on. So first step is finally making a Nerd Fitness forum post! Hello all, I am happy to meet you and get to know you!
  7. Hi, I have been a long time reader of this website and decided it's time I took some action! I love taekwondo, wing chun and yoga and have been training in all three for around 2.5 years (approx 10 hours a week in total). I am faced with a problem this summer however as I won't be at home and therefore I won't be able to continue with my usual classes. My teachers press on me the importance of training alone but this is something I have never been able to do. I think if there is no one there to push me I just don't bother at all. So my main goal for this 6 week challenge is to create the habit of training alone, in all 3 disciplines. I know I won't be able to dive in to 10 hours a week straight away though, but that's ok. My next goal is to make some adjustments to what I consume in terms of drinks. Currently my go to drink is diet coke which is accompanied with a lot of milky coffee, milky tea and rounded off at the weekends with beer and wine. Not much water involved or anything that won't rot my teeth. My third and final goal (is it ok to just have 3?) is to sort out my digital life. It's a mess! Far too many folders, files, bookmarks, profiles, blogs, photos and general digital clutter. I need routine, order and systems in place to keep everything neat and tidy! So to summarise: Goal 1: 30 mins / day training alone in either TKD, WC or Yoga Goal 2: Spring clean my drinking habits Goal 3: Reorganise my digital life Excited to see how it all goes!
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