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  1. Let's have a snowball fight! Just tag (@ and username) someone you want to "throw" a snowball at, and they have to "dodge" it by doing one burpee for each snowball thrown at them! Everyone starts with two snowballs. Each snowball dodged = two snowballs to throw. Dodge as many snowballs as you can. If you can't do a burpee, feel free to sub squats or push-ups. You can "throw" a snowball at anyone you want by tagging them; not everyone will respond, and that's okay. If you're tagged but don't want to participate, simply don't resp
  2. Hey ya'll, Does anyone have a recommendation for durable gloves that can be used to perform pull-ups and rows on an iced-over bar? Unfortunately, my day-to-day gloves are thin and getting too scrapped up for long-term use in this way. I was thinking maybe football gloves or winter biking gloves?
  3. I'm officially done with winter. Unfortunately, winter hasn't got the message and seems to be doubling down on the miserableness. I don't do well in the cold, so my main goal over the next four weeks is to fight the urge to hibernate. FEB & MARCH EVENTS Things start to kick up a gear this month. I have Maverick Race on the 24th, which is a 13km run along the South Downs (hills of the hilliest kind). Then at the beginning of March, I’ll be at Winter Nuts (cold of the coldiest kind) with The Hubs, @jonfirestar and @Jarric. I’m still not entirely sure why I signed
  4. We are now entering winter. Usually in winter I dissolve into a pile of calories and weeping. Game plan: avoid that. So here's what we're doing. I'm dividing it into three categories: mind, body, and spirit. Mind: Discover new things. Read 2-3 nonfiction books this month. Continue the Great Musician Quest of 2017. (I have Apple Music now so sometimes I spend time wandering around "related artists" until I stumble into something new.) Time listening to music or podcasts doesn't count as "internet" time unless I'm ac
  5. I've finally set my goals for my first four-week challenge. 1. Spend at least 5 minutes outside shirtless and shoeless in temps below 30 degrees F (-1 C). 2. Cold shower every morning for four weeks. 3. Practice at least 15 minutes of Wim Hof Method breathing (similar to Tibetan Tummo meditation) every day. 4. Raise at least $350 for the Special Olympics (What does this have to do with winter? Well...) 5. Participate in the Polar Plunge for the Special Olympics. I'm not even kidding when I tell you the date for the Plunge: February 4th, the last day
  6. Hi All, I'm planning to run a winter OCR in March and I could really use some advice about winter running gear. I run in temperatures as low as ~30F but not much lower, and I've never run in the snow. I guess I'm looking for advice in two main areas...what kind of gear I might need to stay warm, and any specific recommendations for brands or items that you've had success with. I know I'll need gloves for sure, but also probably warmer leggings and socks? And I have no idea how many layers I should aim for on top, or what kind. I imagine there won't be MUCH
  7. I need some help planning a work out. It's my second winter in Canada and already I'm... *looks out window* inclined to stay indoors. I do some HIIT and body weight strength stuff - slowly improving. Are there any good cardio workouts I can do indoors? My normal routine isn't really keeping my heart up for a full 20 mins. At the ten min mark I'm bored. Would running in place be good enough?
  8. It is winter now in South Africa. I am supposed to do more, but for my own sanity and energy levels I am doing as little as possible. I am in the middle of major depression. Some days are very bad, some are better, but none is good. Things are not going well at work, and because of that not well at home either. And I cannot do anything to help anybody, except do my best, in my little way, and hope that is is going to be good enough. 1. Eat less, move more I need to check on how much I eat. I tend to eat out of boredom, and that is not good. My weight was sta
  9. HI NF its been a while Im back in New Zealand, its cold and I miss Mexico terribly, expecting baby #2 at Christmas, I planned to walk a half marathon in September but am having ITB and sciatica issues so have downgrading to aim for 10km, my mental space is not super Bueno due to life drama out of my control so my main aims right now is about rehab for my body and mind. Long term goal - physically and mentally healthy birth in December Mid term goal - Walk 10km in September Short term goal - get back in to good habits (yoga, meditation and gym) Aims fo
  10. And the sun is turning this challenge. I don't like winter. So last challenge I did nothing (on purpose) And this challenge I will try to do something. I am in the middle of a major depression. This time around it isn't as bad as it used to be, but I need to be careful. Stuff at home are marginal, the family is stressed out and I will have to take my cat to the vet to be euthanized soon, at work we are down to 3 days a week. Money is very tight, but I am fine until the end of this month. I owe a little money on my credit card but it is within co
  11. Jakkals doen niks. This challenge I am not planning anything. I have no goals, no dreams, no plans. I am in the middle of major depression, and it is the start of winter down here and a time to stop and reflect. Preferably with a book in bed.(As if I will manage to do that) I am going to do the things I must do, and all of it will be considered good. So just expect, like always, small snippets of an ordinary life.
  12. Trudging through the knee-deep snow, Castle Black looms like a haunted fortress before my eyes. While doubt and fear boil beneath my skin, I remind myself that this is my calling; it has been since birth. I chose to take the black. What else was a poor bastard to do? It was squiredom or the Night’s Watch. The choice seemed clear before it became a reality. As the north winds rustle my heaviest cloak, I muse that I still have time to turn back. I could return home. I would risk being ridiculed and slandered for turning my back on the Night’s Watch, but at least I’d be warm, my belly full
  13. A harsh winter has settled upon the Freljord. Ashe, leader of the Avarosan tribe, must set out to battle to protect her people from the dangers that lurk in the frostbitten valleys. With the ancient queen Avarosa’s enchanted bow made of crystalline ice, Ashe sets out to protect her people and unite the Freljord, once and for all. In this challenge, Ashe’s in-game abilities will be unlocked as achievements are met. Ashe must also battle her way through the enemy turrets, which are stronger as she edges closer to the opposing base. At the end of the challenge, if all moves are unlocked a
  14. Welcome to Part II of my last challenge, The Path of the Barbarian. On the surface, this may appear to be a simple repeat of the last challenge. Ok, technically, it is. But there is a reason behind this. Simply put, it worked so well that I WANT to do it again. Also, the holiday break so sufficiently disrupted my awesome routine that I NEED to do it again. Just to make sure I haven't lost any Barbarian savagery. Without further delay, the challenge itself:Goal 1 - Barbarian Mobility: This is the primary focus of the challenge, same as last time. A true Barbarian should be able to traverse a
  15. Aminarra, a level 2 ranger has joined new recruits for a 6 week challenge. Having already been facing challenges at home, she's ready to pass the hurdles and make some real progress. Roll a perception check... 17+Prof. 2 = 19. You smell something sweet, maybe even a little like dairy. There is grit underfoot, and you can hear a myriad of odd sounds near the floor--grunts, mostly, with a few whimpers mixed in. There's a yowling cat nearby. Do you have darkvision? Yeah, up to 60 feet. ...You see a living room cluttered with the trappings of new parenthood. Clean laundry is folded and
  16. And so begins my next challenge, The Path of the Barbarian! This is not only a way to get fit and stay fit, but a way to connect with the great outdoors, regardless of weather conditions. Because a Barbarian does not shrink from a little cold and a few snowflakes! I'll be drawing heavily on many barbarian-esque influences to flavor this challenge. This includes historical barbarians (Gauls and other Iron Age Celts, Germanic tribes, Vikings), as well as fantasy-inspired barbarians (Conan, D&D, etc). I will also top it off with plenty of folk/viking/pagan heavy metal! On to the challeng
  17. Hey guys, I missed the last 6 week challenge by about a week. My progress so far: I've lost 105 lbs since last November. I've gone from a size XXXL shirt to a size L, and a size 48 waist to a size 36-38. I've been taking it pretty easy on my diet and everything for a month or two now and have found that if I lift 3 days a week and eat whatever I want, I maintain my weight. I'm ready to get back to losing weight, although I've found self control and willpower are my biggest problems. I'm hoping that doing the 6 week challenge again and fellow warriors to help keep me accountable will help me
  18. Main Quest Enjoy Every day of 2015 Current Quests 1 Pistol Squat 5s handstand 1 pull up 1 handstand push up Motivations be strong look good be a show off be happy be content have fun survive winter It's winter here now, and I just want to curl up under my doona until Spring returns. Unfortunately that's very unproductive and counter-intuitive, especially if I want to have an epically strong and shapely bod for when I can finally wear something that shows some skin without freezing my bits off. The lack of sun also makes me quite S.A.D, and I know this, so I'm taking it easy on myself and
  19. Tiggs8786 like the Phoenix Hi everyone a little intro about myself. I had a rough year last year injuring my back (TWICE!), not being able to really do ANY exercise for 8months then had some personal loses this fall causing me to lose all the fitness progress and motivation I had gained the year prior. Now to rise from the ashes and regain what I lost (or lose what I gained?) Goal 1: Dirty Yoga 3x per week (STR 3 STA 3) EDIT YOGA TOTAL FOR CHALLENGE 18 times (3x6) try to do 3x per week I’ve discovered at work and in my own personal life that my back is definitely not like it had been b
  20. "The winter is coming" -The words of house Stark (George R.R Martins seires A song of ice and fire) In the realm of Westeros seasons last many years, and I have taken the saying to mean that it's easy in good times forget caution. The year 2015 will be a hard one: I have left over assignments from many courses, which I now must do, I have the new courses pushing in, there's the thesis which I have no idea for... I've let things slip, like a child of summer, and must now pay for it. I'm in a bad shape, don't eat well, take the easy way out a lot more than I'd like, and come to regret those
  21. What's up, Rangers? I choose YOU for my first ever NF Challenge. (Please love me?) It's a long, long walk to Tar Valon, but every sheepherder's got to make it past Devon's Ferry at some point in their life, and I've got dreams of tall spires, heavy objects, and maybe even one day becoming the Dragon Reborn - but you know they're all false, right? They have to be. As far as where I'm starting, in race types, I'm a half-ogre - I gain muscle easily, I'm a little bigger/heavier than I want to be. I have a background in both agility sports (tennis, frisbee) and strength sports (rugby), but
  22. Hey all, I’m back, a bit late but better late than never right? I honestly was going to wait and just start again in January but Teros has inspired me so here I am for the last couple weeks of this challenge. Life was a bit too crazy a few weeks ago, with trying to get a "late admission" into the wound ostomy and continence (WOC) nursing program, which I GOT admitted into! Plus I was still in a huge funk over losing my Minion. Honestly I still cry if I think about her too much; and just wasn't ready to do much of anything. I’ve discovered at work and in my own personal life that my ba
  23. It's happening again. Winter is here; it's been getting colder every day for the last couple weeks, all the pretty leaves on the trees are gone, the wind is biting through most of my jackets not made of heavy leather and the sky is turning what will soon feel like a perpetual gray. I hate winter with a hot, burning passion, which is sort of hilarious because I have lived in Minnesota my entire life and have only rarely even traveled to actual warm places for vacations. It's possible that, once upon a time, I would have entertained a move to a warmed clime by now, but then I decided to have mor
  24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUNiazZ5fj4 As the cold winds blow and winter's chill fills the air, strength, endurance and courage are needed to survive the harsh conditions of the north. Only through diligent training can one ensure survival through to another summer... This challenge we're doing something a little different. For one, I'm starting a new workout routine - Stronglifts 5x5 - as well as looking to focus more on life changes rather than fitness ones. Simplification is key here. Simplification and minimalism. Main Quest: Drop to 6% BF, 32" waist. I was working towards reachi
  25. Did I ever mention I love alliteration? You may have noticed. Still doing a fat lot of nothing in regards to Challenges this winter. Here's my latest attempt to get off my ass I think I've gained about 5 pounds since Christmas. When I discovered that, I threw out all my leftover goodies (go me!) and started getting my diet back on track. I've been super poor from Christmas and dating, so my food options are a little limited to whatever is left in my house. I'm TRYING to eat as healthy as possible, but when you don't have money for groceries, but you have lots of Gift Certificates to eat
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