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  1. The Chronicles of Rhovaniel, Dúnedain Ranger Volume One: Wintering The Winter Solstice, marking the beginning of Winter, has come. The days will grow steadily longer, yet for now the long nights and cold winds reign. This is well. It is the natural ebb of the seasons, a time to look within, to seek rest and prepare for the year ahead. Hello and welcome, brave adventurers, to my Battle Log/Challenge amalgamation. For some reason, winter has truly captured my imagination at the moment. Maybe it’s because we had a few days of snow followed by a week in the Lake District that fell on the Winter Solstice, where the sun was down and it was dark as night by 4pm (in the South of the UK, we get a little bit more usually). But I was more aware of it and decided that it aligns well with both my desire to live a little more in tune with the rhythm of the seasons, my sense of turning everything into an adventure and also where I find myself at the moment: Needing rest, to seek healing for some physical ailments and to train. Train for the coming adventures. So, this is Volume One of my Year’s challenges. The Chronicles if you will. I am borrowing heavily from the great rangers on here that go before me: @Tanktimus the Encourager’s consistency challenges have been an inspiration, as has @Rurik Harrgath's sheer badassery and thematic challenges. I’m fairly sure I’m stealing the Chronicles idea from him too. My apologies. It would be a Battle Log, but I’m a social introvert and I wanna hang out with all the adventurers in the challenges With that in mind, I’ll try and link this first one in the start of all subsequent challenges, as another inspirational ranger has done (talkin’ bout you, @Jarric, and your goal setting). And those goals will focus mostly on the season. A mix of skill work, studying, training and just for fun goals. This Winter, the Goals are Thus (Runs till March 20, which google tells me is the ‘true’ start of Spring). I'll give updates on these when and where I can, but essentially this is it. No 'smart' goals here, just a slow and quiet onward progress. Rhovaniel’s Winter Goals - Read by candlelight at least 3 times - Read the Ranger’s Apprentice, book 1 - Read the Ranger’s Apprentice, book 2 - Re-read The Fellowship of the Rings - Re-Read The Two Towers - Re-Read the Return of the King - Watch all 3 Hobbit and all 3 LOTR films (/6) - See doctor about leg pain and be able to run again (and hike!) - See doctor and try to sort out my sinuses (maybe even regain my sense of smell?) - Be able to run 1 mile by Spring - Reach 77-78kg by the Spring - Finish knitting cardigan - Read stock book and start training on stocks - Repair jeans - Plan and sew one project to completion - Finish chapter 2 of Masters in History (my deadline is actually the end of Feb for this) - Plan 2023 Spring/Summer Adventures - Start writing again, in the small cracks of time I can find amongst other projects.
  2. Let's have a snowball fight! Just tag (@ and username) someone you want to "throw" a snowball at, and they have to "dodge" it by doing one burpee for each snowball thrown at them! Everyone starts with two snowballs. Each snowball dodged = two snowballs to throw. Dodge as many snowballs as you can. If you can't do a burpee, feel free to sub squats or push-ups. You can "throw" a snowball at anyone you want by tagging them; not everyone will respond, and that's okay. If you're tagged but don't want to participate, simply don't respond to the mentions. The fight will officially begin at the start of the current challenge (January 5th) and will last until the last day of winter (March 21st). Have fun!
  3. Hey ya'll, Does anyone have a recommendation for durable gloves that can be used to perform pull-ups and rows on an iced-over bar? Unfortunately, my day-to-day gloves are thin and getting too scrapped up for long-term use in this way. I was thinking maybe football gloves or winter biking gloves?
  4. I'm officially done with winter. Unfortunately, winter hasn't got the message and seems to be doubling down on the miserableness. I don't do well in the cold, so my main goal over the next four weeks is to fight the urge to hibernate. FEB & MARCH EVENTS Things start to kick up a gear this month. I have Maverick Race on the 24th, which is a 13km run along the South Downs (hills of the hilliest kind). Then at the beginning of March, I’ll be at Winter Nuts (cold of the coldiest kind) with The Hubs, @jonfirestar and @Jarric. I’m still not entirely sure why I signed up for this, given my dislike of all things cold. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, Jon posted a video on his challenge that sums up how horrid it is. RUN! No matter how shitty the weather is, not matter how cold. Just, run. 4 Runs a week 1 Technical-Trail Run - not incl Maverick Race CLIMB, JUMP......er...PUSH? BMF (British Military Fitness) once a week. No matter how shitty the weather is, not matter how cold....you get the idea Bouldering at least 3 times Push ups twice a week (on top of BMF push ups) GET UP! Get up with alarm. No snoozing! I want to start running in the morning again, but first I need to defeat the evil snooze button. So the first stage is to get up with the first alarm and not hit snooze. Once this habit is formed, I'll look at moving the alarm back 10 mins at a time until I'm at a point where I'm up early enough to do a decent length run. SIDE QUEST: UKULELE PRACTICE Practice ukulele twice a week Learn one song by the end of the challenge and post a video of me playing it I picked up my ukulele again after I gave up trying to learn a long time ago. I want to see it through this time and not just give up after learning a handful of chords. I'm setting the video challenge to make sure I keep up with practicing this time.
  5. We are now entering winter. Usually in winter I dissolve into a pile of calories and weeping. Game plan: avoid that. So here's what we're doing. I'm dividing it into three categories: mind, body, and spirit. Mind: Discover new things. Read 2-3 nonfiction books this month. Continue the Great Musician Quest of 2017. (I have Apple Music now so sometimes I spend time wandering around "related artists" until I stumble into something new.) Time listening to music or podcasts doesn't count as "internet" time unless I'm actually surfing the Internet. Body: Try to maintain weight & momentum this month. Go to the gym 3-4x/week, preferably in the morning. Do my best to keep up those sick, sick gainz. Take progress shots to remind myself why I'm doing this. 1 dessert/day, max. Try to meal prep at least 2 meals/week. Spirit: Replace social media & mindless scrolling with things I care about. Do something creative every day. (Drawing, writing a tea or book review, crochet.) Outside of work, 1 hour on internet/day. 5 minutes on Facebook/day. Social media often leaves me feeling tense/jealous. I need to NOT. COOL IT WITH ONLINE SHOPPING, unless it's for someone else. (I don't have financial problems; I just have too much crap already.) AAAAND.... let's go!
  6. I've finally set my goals for my first four-week challenge. 1. Spend at least 5 minutes outside shirtless and shoeless in temps below 30 degrees F (-1 C). 2. Cold shower every morning for four weeks. 3. Practice at least 15 minutes of Wim Hof Method breathing (similar to Tibetan Tummo meditation) every day. 4. Raise at least $350 for the Special Olympics (What does this have to do with winter? Well...) 5. Participate in the Polar Plunge for the Special Olympics. I'm not even kidding when I tell you the date for the Plunge: February 4th, the last day of the four-week challenge. What better way to end my challenge than a jump into icy water? As for my Level Up Your Life Quest, I chose to find and outdoor destination without step-by-step instructions. Preferably in the snow to help prepare for #5. Good luck to all other challengers.
  7. Hi All, I'm planning to run a winter OCR in March and I could really use some advice about winter running gear. I run in temperatures as low as ~30F but not much lower, and I've never run in the snow. I guess I'm looking for advice in two main areas...what kind of gear I might need to stay warm, and any specific recommendations for brands or items that you've had success with. I know I'll need gloves for sure, but also probably warmer leggings and socks? And I have no idea how many layers I should aim for on top, or what kind. I imagine there won't be MUCH in the way of water since it'll be winter, but I think it's possible I'll still encounter some. Any advice you guys have would be really helpful!
  8. As some of you already know, my four-week challenge includes cold acclimation and a Polar Plunge on the last day of the challenge. Last week I did something crazy: It snowed last week (January 6th), about 3 inches. Temperatures were below 30 degrees F Friday. To test my training so far, I took a 15 minute walk outside in minimalist shoes (just slip-ons, similar to Vibram Five Fingers), basketball shorts, and no shirt. I could definitely feel the cold, but I wasn't "cold". This weekend, temperatures stayed in the teens and lowers 20s. While I didn't take another walk, I did spend about five minutes each morning outside shirtless and in shorts (tried shoeless, but that only lasted about two minutes, so I put my minimalist shoes on). Did not wear a jacket at all, even while I was out. Still taking cold showers, starting with warm water for the first ten seconds or so and changing over to cold for the rest of the shower (3-5 minutes). Doing WHM breathing every morning. It's an interesting experience that is difficult to explain, like no other form of meditation I have ever done before. I feel very mellow afterwards, and I can feel warmth and tingling through parts of my body. I'm already at $195 in donations, all going to the Special Olympics.
  9. I need some help planning a work out. It's my second winter in Canada and already I'm... *looks out window* inclined to stay indoors. I do some HIIT and body weight strength stuff - slowly improving. Are there any good cardio workouts I can do indoors? My normal routine isn't really keeping my heart up for a full 20 mins. At the ten min mark I'm bored. Would running in place be good enough?
  10. It is winter now in South Africa. I am supposed to do more, but for my own sanity and energy levels I am doing as little as possible. I am in the middle of major depression. Some days are very bad, some are better, but none is good. Things are not going well at work, and because of that not well at home either. And I cannot do anything to help anybody, except do my best, in my little way, and hope that is is going to be good enough. 1. Eat less, move more I need to check on how much I eat. I tend to eat out of boredom, and that is not good. My weight was stable around the last two challenges, and that is fine, but I need to drop some. And I have to get moving again. I would love to do yoga again, but it is freezing cold in the only place I can do, so for now, some exercise every day. Non zero is fine. 2. Buy less, make more Buy less. I started July as a no spend month, and have already broken it. Stay out of shops, as simple as that. Make more. Yup, the knives. 3. Stress less, laugh more I have no idea on how I am going to stress less, focus on 5 maybe? Do some effort at smiling every day. Forcing it is fine. Too many days goes past without a smile. 4. Feel blessed, love more Making an effort to feel gratitude for things that happen. And concentrate on having good feelings about people and try to do something for them. 5. Find a quiet spot every day and Breathe. The meditation and breathing thing. I have neglected it the past few months.
  11. HI NF its been a while Im back in New Zealand, its cold and I miss Mexico terribly, expecting baby #2 at Christmas, I planned to walk a half marathon in September but am having ITB and sciatica issues so have downgrading to aim for 10km, my mental space is not super Bueno due to life drama out of my control so my main aims right now is about rehab for my body and mind. Long term goal - physically and mentally healthy birth in December Mid term goal - Walk 10km in September Short term goal - get back in to good habits (yoga, meditation and gym) Aims for this Challenge 1) Yoga Yoga or stretching 2 times a week Bonus-ness for joining pregnancy yoga class on Saturday mornings. 2) Meditation Use meditation or hypnosis tracks 2x week I need this in my life right now but have not made it a priority. I feel like there is much in my life that I can not control right now so need to get my head in a better place. 3) Swim/gym Go to pool or gym 2 times a week. Two weeks ago I joined the local pool with a gym. I have been once, my new goggles leaked, the water was freezing and I just hated the whole experience. So I need to put my big girl panties on and get back into it. Winter is no excuse. I can't believe I used to get up and train in the pool 3 days a week at 6am back in my triathlon days - who was that crazy person! I need to sort my hips/legs out to mediate this annoying ITB and sciatica issues so I can get back into walking and eventually running. I miss running.
  12. And the sun is turning this challenge. I don't like winter. So last challenge I did nothing (on purpose) And this challenge I will try to do something. I am in the middle of a major depression. This time around it isn't as bad as it used to be, but I need to be careful. Stuff at home are marginal, the family is stressed out and I will have to take my cat to the vet to be euthanized soon, at work we are down to 3 days a week. Money is very tight, but I am fine until the end of this month. I owe a little money on my credit card but it is within control. For this challenge: 1. Keep on ticking the boxes. I have a list of ten items on my battle log. I've been slipping a bit the past few weeks, so I have to concentrate on ticking more boxes every day. There are no lower limits, just something is good enough. Rise and shine - up every morning early and do something useful 750 words - either write 750 words every day or practice my touch typing Cleaning - do some cleaning Bed - make my bed as early as possible. That depends on the dogs not having their morning wrestle on the bed. Garden - do something in the garden Meditation - a little bit at least Movement - move around a little bit while walking the dogs late are night. Shower - One of the things that get neglected during depression times. German - I am learning German on Duolingo Reading - read 15 minutes a day.I am busy with the Foundryman's Handbook I am debating on putting my Project 365 on here as well. I am taking a picture every day, and have been busy with that for a month now. I just have to download and organize them. 2. Stand up I have insomnia, I woke up every morning very early (it is now 5:30 and my breakfast is done.) It is a problem I've never had before in my life, and started 8 months ago. The goal is to get up when I wake up, rather than just lying in bed cuddling with the dogs. This means I will be up before the sun every day. 3. Get sharp The knife thing again. I've been severely neglecting it. In defence a lot of time has gone into the belt grinder I am busy building, but I must make knives. The rest is detail. The short workweek will help a lot in getting that done, but I have to do something every day.
  13. Jakkals doen niks. This challenge I am not planning anything. I have no goals, no dreams, no plans. I am in the middle of major depression, and it is the start of winter down here and a time to stop and reflect. Preferably with a book in bed.(As if I will manage to do that) I am going to do the things I must do, and all of it will be considered good. So just expect, like always, small snippets of an ordinary life.
  14. Trudging through the knee-deep snow, Castle Black looms like a haunted fortress before my eyes. While doubt and fear boil beneath my skin, I remind myself that this is my calling; it has been since birth. I chose to take the black. What else was a poor bastard to do? It was squiredom or the Night’s Watch. The choice seemed clear before it became a reality. As the north winds rustle my heaviest cloak, I muse that I still have time to turn back. I could return home. I would risk being ridiculed and slandered for turning my back on the Night’s Watch, but at least I’d be warm, my belly full, and my bed soft. I could abandon this life all together - travel beyond the wall and join the Wildlings, foraging for warmth and battling hunger the remainder of my years. As these thoughts continue to torment my travel-weary mind, a voice calls out. “You there! Are you the lad Winterfell sent word of? Get in here, child. Don’t you know Winter is Coming? You’ll freeze your bloody fingers off.†I steady myself in place, heave a deep, shaky sigh, and begin my slow trek forward to the rest of my life. MAIN QUEST: Train for Half Marathon April is getting closer and closer. My main goal is to continue to train for the half marathon. I have a goal finishing time of 3:30:00, and I really, really hope to come in under that. The rolling hills of Kentucky might have it out for me, so I am looking for more hill laden runs as we get closer. I am in my final month and a half of training… and these next few weeks will be criticle for me to stay on track health, wellness, and fitness wise. GOAL ONE: Survive the Wilderness - Winter Running 3x per week It’s winter in Minnesota and for some stupid reason I decided to train for a half marathon. Baring risking frostbite (-10 or more with any kind of wind means 30 minutes til frostbite on any exposed skin), I want to get it all done outdoors. Like a champion. Or an insane person. Week One: 3/3 Week Two: 3/3 Week Three: 3/3 Week Four: 0/3 GOAL TWO: Forage the Forest - Fix the Bonking- 5x per week Bonking is apparently the term for when you gain weight during distance running training - say a half marathon. It comes from improper nutrition for the endurance sports. I am frustrated because I have been counting calories and staying within budget, marking deficit each week, and nothing is happening. I have been reading a lot, talking with Doodlies and Rangers, and I think my issue is a combo of low protein and low carbs. I am going to focus on getting my macros in as close as possible 5 days a week. (Macros: 135g Protein 180g Carbs 60g Fat - Will adjust as the body dictates, but roughly 40%, 30% and 30% and 1800 pre-workout calories). If I am within reason, I’ll get the point for the day. Leaving room for error while I adjust to this. Week One: 5/5 Week Two: 5/5 Week Three: 5/5 Week Four: 0/5 GOAL THREE: Combat Skills - Strength/Conditioning 4x per week My current half marathon plan includes one cross training day and one strength day. I’d like to add two ab/core days to my rest days. Those tend to not be big calorie burners, so I think that will still count as a rest day. My latest plan works abs/core into my usual strength days. I am modifying this to be hip flexor training. I have a series of three hip flexor strengthening moves (hip drive, front cross, and lateral raise) with resistance bands. These are going to help me get my pelvis in peak position for better running form. Week One: 3/4 Week Two: 3/4 Week Three: 3/4 Week Four: 0/4 LIFE SIDE QUEST: Standing Watch - Rewrite My Resume- 4 per challenge It’s been 8 years since I updated my resume. I’m not saying I am leaving my job, but I am saying that this isn’t smart. I want to be smart - because we never know what life may throw at us. My goal is to rewrite my resume and post it up on LinkedIn by the end of this challenge. There are a few tasks needed to complete this: gather my job descriptions (1pt), rework them into a basic resume (1pt), have a peer review (1pt), post my resume (1pt). If those tasks are done by the end of this challenge, it will be a success. Gather Materials: 1/1 Reword Base Resume: 1/1 Peer Review: 0/1 Post: 0/1 Week One Success: Acquire Direwolf Companion 9 points + (75% success) 12/13 Week Two Success: Acquire Longclaw Sword 10 points + (80% success) 11/13 Week Three Success: Acquire Plucky Best Friend 10 points + (80% success) 12/13 Week Four Success: Acquire Dragonglass Blades 11 points + (85% success) 0/13 Challenge Success: Promotion to Lord Commander of Castle Black 44 points + (85% success) 35/52 “Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die at my post. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the fire that burns against the cold, the light that brings the dawn, the horn that wakes the sleepers, the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life and honor to the Night's Watch, for this night and all the nights to comeâ€
  15. A harsh winter has settled upon the Freljord. Ashe, leader of the Avarosan tribe, must set out to battle to protect her people from the dangers that lurk in the frostbitten valleys. With the ancient queen Avarosa’s enchanted bow made of crystalline ice, Ashe sets out to protect her people and unite the Freljord, once and for all. In this challenge, Ashe’s in-game abilities will be unlocked as achievements are met. Ashe must also battle her way through the enemy turrets, which are stronger as she edges closer to the opposing base. At the end of the challenge, if all moves are unlocked and all turrets are defeated, Ashe will be fully equipped and ready to do battle with the Nexus within the enemy base. Will victory be forged, or will defeat come to the Frost Archer?... MAIN QUEST: Faster than my arrow? I think not. - Half Marathon Training This is my overarching goal of completing a half marathon this year. Training is a 5 day a week plan, with two rest days, three varied distance runs, a cross training day, and a strength day each week. Each of the days I complete one of the 5 weekly workouts will count toward progress on this goal. Unlocks Enchanted Crystal Arrow - – Achieved by two consecutive weeks of all 5 half marathon training workouts 5 points per week – 20 points total (19/20) GOAL 1 No, really, put that apple on your head... - Food Journaling Log Daily and HONESTLY on YouFood/MyFitnessPal. I'd like to track in both, as it has been apparent in the last two weeks that I might be unintentionally under-eating. I have gained 9 pounds with eating less and working out more, and after some dissection of patterns, I believe I may have my goals set too low. I'll be pushing for a 1800 calorie a day goal, but just habitually logging will be what will count toward progress on this goal. Unlocks Ranger’s Focus – Achieved by logging two consecutive weeks of food on YouFood/MyFitnessPal 7 points per week - 28 points total (27/28) GOAL 2 Avarosa guide me. - 6,000 steps a day I need to move more... Working this desk job, I rarely make my 3000 steps if I don't do some kind of intentional movement. I am striving to get some daily intentional movement in to get that stagnation in the office broken up a bit, and to increase my health. Every day I reach at least 6,000 steps will count toward progress on this goal. 7 points per week - 28 points total Unlocks Volley – unlocked by achieving 15 days of meeting 6,000 steps (18/28) GOAL 3 For the Freljord! - Declutter My sanity is being tested. And it often distracts me from working out or getting my fitness time in because I feel like I should be cleaning instead... and then I get overwhelmed and do neither. In this challenge, my goal will be to spend at least one day working on decluttering the bedroom closet, which is so jammed with crap that it's spilling out on the floor. Most of it is just junk that's accumulated. If I spend at least one day cleaning and decluttering the closet, it will count toward progress on this goal. Unlocks Hawkshot – Achieved by completing bedroom closet declutter project 1 point per week – 4 points total (3/4) GOAL 4 No One Escapes My Aim - Be a better friend I am not great at reciprocating the awesome friendship and support felt around here on Nerd Fitness. Not because I don't like people... It's cause I love so many of you. I just get overwhelmed tracking me and other people at the same time. The problem with this -- you inspire me SO MUCH. It may not seem like a fitness goal, but it is. That inspiration keeps me motivated and on track, and so my goal is to check in on 3 people per week. Unlocks Frost Shot – Achieved by 3 consecutive weeks of being a good friend and checking in on three folks 3 points per week – 12 points total (12/12) TOTAL POINTS 23 points per week - 92 points total Abilities :: The Armory Frost Shot – Status: UNLOCKED! Volley – Status: UNLOCKED! Hawkshot – Status: Locked Ranger’s Focus – Status: UNLOCKED! Enchanted Crystal Arrow – Status: UNLOCKED! The Battlefield :: Summoner’s Rift Turret One: Week 1 completed with 75% success rate (18 points or more) Turret One Health: 3/23 - DEFEATED Turret Two: Week 2 completed with 75% success rate (18 points or more) Turret Two Health: 2/23 - DEFEATED Turret Three: Week 3 completed with 80% success rate (19 points or more) Turret Three Health: 2/23 - DEFEATED Enemy Inhibitor: Week 4 completed with 85% success rate (20 points or more) Turret Three Health: 5/23 Defeat the Enemy Base: All abilities unlocked and total challenge completed with a 80% success rate (73 points) Enemy Base Health: 30/92
  16. Welcome to Part II of my last challenge, The Path of the Barbarian. On the surface, this may appear to be a simple repeat of the last challenge. Ok, technically, it is. But there is a reason behind this. Simply put, it worked so well that I WANT to do it again. Also, the holiday break so sufficiently disrupted my awesome routine that I NEED to do it again. Just to make sure I haven't lost any Barbarian savagery. Without further delay, the challenge itself:Goal 1 - Barbarian Mobility: This is the primary focus of the challenge, same as last time. A true Barbarian should be able to traverse all kinds of terrain, even while carrying a heavy load, even over snow and ice. I will be going for a 20-30 minute ruck (basically walking with weight on my back) four times per week. Location isn't really important. I should be able to adapt, whether it's a ruck through the woods or simply through the neighborhood. Also, like with the last challenge, any XC skiing I am able to do will count as a ruck. This will happen at least once per week, as I am now volunteering as an assistant coach with the local youth ski league on Sundays. So really, it's just a matter of getting in three rucks/skis in during the rest of the week. +5 StaGoal 2 - Primal Awareness: To survive, a Barbarian needs to be in tune with what is happening around him. To further develop awareness, I will continue daily meditation. This time around, I intend to get back to meditating for at least 12 minutes at a time. I don't have to start out with this, but by the last week of the challenge I intend to be meditating for 12 minutes (or more) daily. +3 Wis, +2 ConGoal 3 - THOR's HAMMER: It wouldn't be a Barbarian challenge without bringing back the hammer! Like last time, I will complete three sledgehammer workouts per week. My current routine takes about ten minutes to complete. Since I am regaining lost momentum after the holidays, my goal here is to simply maintain this level of intensity for the duration of the challenge. Increases in sets/reps/intervals can wait until the next challenge. +3 Str, +2 ConGoal 3 Update (as of 1/17/2016): Ok, so I was wrong. It still can be a barbarian challenge without the hammer. With the extreme focus I've been putting on daily meditation and early morning rucking 5x per week, the hammer has fallen by the wayside. So I won't get my strength and constitution bonus off this one, but nor will I have it count against me as far as whether I level up or not. The positive changes I've been making as a result of Goal 1 and Goal 2 more than make up for letting Goal 3 slide.Goal 4 (NEW as of 1/17/2016): In my never ending quest to find new and obscure interests, I have done some research and finally constructed a sling! Goal 4 isn't so much a deliberate SMART goal as I generally try to stick to. It is just a bonus quest of a sort, to simply keep moving forward in this new interest, whether that means crafting slings, practicing with them, or simply reading more information about them. Expect slinging to make an appearance in my next proper challenge as a full-fledged goal. I will perhaps award myself +1 Dex and +1 Wis, depending on how much I accomplish it the last two weeks of this challenge (but no more than this, as I am starting halfway through).In conclusion...METALZ : Onward to greatness!
  17. Aminarra, a level 2 ranger has joined new recruits for a 6 week challenge. Having already been facing challenges at home, she's ready to pass the hurdles and make some real progress. Roll a perception check... 17+Prof. 2 = 19. You smell something sweet, maybe even a little like dairy. There is grit underfoot, and you can hear a myriad of odd sounds near the floor--grunts, mostly, with a few whimpers mixed in. There's a yowling cat nearby. Do you have darkvision? Yeah, up to 60 feet. ...You see a living room cluttered with the trappings of new parenthood. Clean laundry is folded and stacked on the back of the couch, but also strewn on the cushions; a stack of folded towels has fallen onto the floor. The coffee table is a make-shift changing station on one side and a nursing station on the other. The TV is off, but you discover that the grunting and whimpering is coming from the Elfkin in a bouncing seat situated on the floor. The grit is kitty litter that the Elfkin's companion has tracked through. I add it to my quest log to clean the litter box and sweep the floor, and put away the laundry. Roll a constitution check... 12.. Your nose crinkles as you realize what the grunts of the Elfkin signified. You want to gag but you manage to hold back. I use the makeshift changing station to clean the Elfkin up and start my 6 week challenge.
  18. And so begins my next challenge, The Path of the Barbarian! This is not only a way to get fit and stay fit, but a way to connect with the great outdoors, regardless of weather conditions. Because a Barbarian does not shrink from a little cold and a few snowflakes! I'll be drawing heavily on many barbarian-esque influences to flavor this challenge. This includes historical barbarians (Gauls and other Iron Age Celts, Germanic tribes, Vikings), as well as fantasy-inspired barbarians (Conan, D&D, etc). I will also top it off with plenty of folk/viking/pagan heavy metal! On to the challenge itself: Goal 1 - Barbarian Mobility: This is the primary focus of the challenge. A true Barbarian should be able to traverse all kinds of terrain, even while carrying a heavy load, even over snow and ice. I will be going for a 20-30 minute ruck (basically walking with weight on my back) 4 times per week. Location isn't really important. I should be able to adapt, whether it's a ruck through the woods or simply through the neighborhood. As winter starts to set in (as it undoubtedly will within the next month) and groomed ski trails become available, I will start substituting crossing country skiing (or XC skiing) for rucking. XC skiing has become a real passion of mine of the last couple of years. Either way, snow or not, I will get outside 4 times per week and put some miles/kilometers behind me.Goal 2 - Primal Awareness: To survive, a Barbarian needs to be in tune with what is happening around him. The goal here is simply to meditate every day, for at least 8 minutes, to keep improving mindfulness and awareness. In addition to meditation, I will also make a daily list of tasks/priorities to complete (in the morning or immediately after work), and make sure I get to bed no later than 11:00 PM. Also for this challenge, NO VIDEO GAMES! Video games are bad for me. After all, a Barbarian should have a strong sense of what his priorities are, and be well rested, in order to be effective and strong. Barbarians don't play video games anyway. Clumsy fingers. Goal 3 - Hold the Heathen Hammer High!: A Barbarian must be strong and able to wield his weapon! For this goal I will complete a sledgehammer workout 3 timers per week. Part of the inspiration for this goal comes from here. The rest comes from the likes of Thor and Wulfgar. I may at times replace or augment this workout with bodyweight exercises (pull-ups, push-ups, squats) and training with a nunchaku. Part of the reason for this is that as I write this, I don't actually possess a sledgehammer. I hope to obtain one by the end of the weekend. But if I don't, and have to order one (I want a very specific size), I want to at least be able to do something in the meantime. Conventional strength and endurance training through body weight exercises will fit the bill. As will some time spinning my nunchaku. I have developed quite an affinity with the nunchaku, as I have re-learned how to relax my muscles when using it. Many aches and pains, especially in my back, have subsided since I started the practice, so I expect that even once I get into the full swing of sledgehammer training (hah, nice pun), I plan to keep up training with the nunchaku.
  19. Hey guys, I missed the last 6 week challenge by about a week. My progress so far: I've lost 105 lbs since last November. I've gone from a size XXXL shirt to a size L, and a size 48 waist to a size 36-38. I've been taking it pretty easy on my diet and everything for a month or two now and have found that if I lift 3 days a week and eat whatever I want, I maintain my weight. I'm ready to get back to losing weight, although I've found self control and willpower are my biggest problems. I'm hoping that doing the 6 week challenge again and fellow warriors to help keep me accountable will help me get my nutrition back in check. I suppose that means I'm asking for your help in keeping me accountable. markmið ++ Increase Bench Press to 225 lbs (+4 STR) ++ Perform cardio on rest days (+4 CON) ++ Get down to 230 lbs (+3 CHA, +2 DEX) ++ Learn some Icelandic every day (+2 INT)
  20. Main Quest Enjoy Every day of 2015 Current Quests 1 Pistol Squat 5s handstand 1 pull up 1 handstand push up Motivations be strong look good be a show off be happy be content have fun survive winter It's winter here now, and I just want to curl up under my doona until Spring returns. Unfortunately that's very unproductive and counter-intuitive, especially if I want to have an epically strong and shapely bod for when I can finally wear something that shows some skin without freezing my bits off. The lack of sun also makes me quite S.A.D, and I know this, so I'm taking it easy on myself and doing the bare minimum that I can and still feel like I'm doing good. Also things I know I should be doing but just don't. I just need to keep repeating my ideal habits until they are automatic and I don't have to angst over having to workout or do the damn dishes. Some quests are repeats from the last few, some are new because I need a change. QUEST ONE: Keep doing the moving about thing Bodyweight routine 2 days a week. Two days break in between for optimal rest (routine allowing). I'm trying to build strength here, no weight loss or meticulous calorie counting or anything. Just getting stronger and better at controlling my body, and proving to myself how awesome I can be if I put some effort in. My work schedule is all over the shop so I just need to fit in 1 hour of exercise two days a week around my work days. Probably going to end up being a week day and a weekend day. My current routine I've been doing for the past two challenges, and I still like it. It focuses on pushing, pulling, leg stuff and core stuff for some sort of coverage of all my limbs. As soon as I hit a plateau / feel too comfortable with an exercise, I'll change it up for something harder. This is where I'm at currently. Push: Decline Push ups. Going to work on getting my legs higher and get to doing handstand push ups. Well, and a handstand. xD Pull: Negative Pull ups. Following 50pullups.com, or near enough to it. Working towards an actual pull up. Legs: Bulgarian Split Squats with a 6kg dumbbell in each hand (12kg total). Working towards a pistol squat with some weight in my outstretched hands for balance. I can get down, but not up again at the moment! Core: Hollow Body Holds. Taken from GMB's handstand tutorial. Working on being able to hold my legs and arms out straight for a whole minute, then I'm moving to wall handstand things (I think) QUEST TWO: Do the sleeping thing. Between 8 - 8.5 hours sleep every night, preferably between 10pm - 6am. I've slept between 10pm - 6am every night this week and I've definitely noticed a more steady energy level during the day, especially while I'm at work. I can't afford to be exhausted from lack of sleeping (waitressing is hard enough) so I'm making this a thing that I have to stick to. Just getting 8 hours sleep is acceptable on the weekend (in case I stay up late or want a sleep in on days I don't have to work / workout) Should also help me be less S.A.D. QUEST THREE: Spread the discipline QUEST FOUR: Be nice to yourself every day! TL;DR; QUEST 1: Bodyweight sessions 2x a week. QUEST 2: Sleep between 8 - 8.5 hours every night. QUEST 3: 20 minutes of doggy play time daily. QUEST 4: Do something selfish daily. Quests 3 & 4 cancelled due to life. xD
  21. Tiggs8786 like the Phoenix Hi everyone a little intro about myself. I had a rough year last year injuring my back (TWICE!), not being able to really do ANY exercise for 8months then had some personal loses this fall causing me to lose all the fitness progress and motivation I had gained the year prior. Now to rise from the ashes and regain what I lost (or lose what I gained?) Goal 1: Dirty Yoga 3x per week (STR 3 STA 3) EDIT YOGA TOTAL FOR CHALLENGE 18 times (3x6) try to do 3x per week I’ve discovered at work and in my own personal life that my back is definitely not like it had been before last year happened; I have disc and nerve pain when lifting moderately heavy objects. I REALLY wanted to try out barbell, but for now I’m afraid I’d hurt myself. Instead I’m going to give yoga a try. A few of the poses I’ve seen were what part of my Physical Therapy and felt AMAZING. I was doing a PREP classes through DirtyYoga.co last challenge and REALLY like it. I feel sexy even just getting my outfit on! Goal 2: Snowboard, Ice Skate, Snowshoe or go sledding at least twice a week (weather permitting) (DEX 3 CHA 2) EDIT THIS WILL BE A BONUS Charisma because snowboarding really does make me happy, I genuinely smiled for the first time in a while when I got my board out and was waxing/toning it (and again when I put my new headphones in my new helmet and danced around my apartment jamming to groovy beats!). I and a couple friends went on a special trip to a ski hill a few hours from home and snowboarded for 5 hours, until my “bad†knee was ready to give out. I literally was squeezing my quad finishing out the last hill so my knee wouldn’t buckle. I was having so much fun I didn’t want to stop, I don’t think I’ve been so frustrated with my body in a long time! I’m not hard core enough to go running during a Minnesota winter, but I DO enjoy winter activities. I have a snowboard and ice skates AND bought myself a pair of snowshoes! I have a Thursday pass to the ski hill 10-15min away and an ice rink less than a block away from my place; as well as a couple County and States Parks within 30 min away with hiking trails galore. Goal 3: Break my sugar and fast food addiction. (CON-4) I feel like I keep falling off the wagon with this one and repeat it over and over and over. The last two weeks of the last challenge I cut out fast food, but I’ve learned if I don’t specifically list it as a challenge the evil in my brain whispers “you can eat fast at Burger King/Arby’s/Taco John’s it’s not a challenge anymore!†So no fast food, no candy, no ice cream (it’s January and like -20F out there what do I need ice cream for!), no pop/soda. 2 homemade hot chocolate per week. I’m starting WOC (wound ostomy continence) nursing classes so will be sticking to just 3 goals until I know how intense the coursework can be. (eep!)
  22. "The winter is coming" -The words of house Stark (George R.R Martins seires A song of ice and fire) In the realm of Westeros seasons last many years, and I have taken the saying to mean that it's easy in good times forget caution. The year 2015 will be a hard one: I have left over assignments from many courses, which I now must do, I have the new courses pushing in, there's the thesis which I have no idea for... I've let things slip, like a child of summer, and must now pay for it. I'm in a bad shape, don't eat well, take the easy way out a lot more than I'd like, and come to regret those choices many times over. The main goal: To think every decision well: ponder what I want and what I need to do. 1) At least 2 hours of schoolwork day, and plan weeks every Monday with a calendar. 2) Limit screen time (except schoolwork) to 3 hours/day
  23. What's up, Rangers? I choose YOU for my first ever NF Challenge. (Please love me?) It's a long, long walk to Tar Valon, but every sheepherder's got to make it past Devon's Ferry at some point in their life, and I've got dreams of tall spires, heavy objects, and maybe even one day becoming the Dragon Reborn - but you know they're all false, right? They have to be. As far as where I'm starting, in race types, I'm a half-ogre - I gain muscle easily, I'm a little bigger/heavier than I want to be. I have a background in both agility sports (tennis, frisbee) and strength sports (rugby), but thanks to a nice little case of sciatica I haven't lifted in forever. I've selected the Rangers because y'all best fit the first part of my journey to becoming a Warder: a TOTAL BADASS (Birgitte-level) who's ready for anything and isn't afraid to undertake any challenge. I won't need to be able to bench press an Ogier, but I may need enough power to push a belligerent blacksmith up a hill. I'll also need to be prepared to work out anywhere, as I never know where my bonded Aes Sedai (or my work) will take me next. I'm considering Army OCS for the future and I really don't want to embarrass myself, so this is also my test to see whether or not I can make myself have what it takes to do the thing and win the points. Or at least prove to myself that I can do the thing I've always dreamed of doing. Of course, since I'm starting with Kabe-the-half-ogre-who-really-likes-cake-and-Netflix, my Warder quest is going to be a long journey, whether on horseback or on foot. Goal 1: Get in touch with the True Source. I've got some serious healing to do, and in order to get my back back and my strength stronger, I'm setting a goal to do at least 45 minutes of yoga at least twice a week. Currently I do it about once a week for only 30 minutes, and I think I need a little more dedication and a little more consistency. One of these days will be on Mondays, where there's a kick-ass free class that I know of that will give me a really great and varied workout, and my plan is for the other day to be either solo practice or a detox class. Weekly grades: A - 45 minutes 2x/week. B - Less than 45 minutes 2x/week. C - 1x/week. F - No yoga done this week. 2. Bond myself to Squat Rack Sedai. It's cold as the void in Wisconsin, so I'm backing off my running for the next couple months. However, it's been too long since I've gotten back in touch with the reassuring heaviness of my heron-marked barbells. I'd love to work my way back into a lift-based regimen at least until my couple more weeks of Almost Free Gym Membership run out and I move, and at that point I'll probably shift into bodyweight. Or who knows, maybe I'll be motivated to get a gym membership right away! For that matter... -starts furtively googlemapsing gyms near new house- The explicit goal is 3 workouts/week of strength training. (And no, future self, that 7-minute-not-scientific-workout thing doesn't count.) Weekly grades: A - 3 workouts of 30+ min/week. B - 1 or 2 workouts of 30+ min/week, or at least one workout of 30+ min with 2 of <30 min. C - 2-3 workouts of <30 min. D - only 1 workout, <30 min. F - No workouts. 3. Cleanse the (internal) taint. I'm a sugar addict. Okay, I'm a food addict, but sugar is a huge part of this. So in order to get back in control of my bodily components, I'm going to try to cut back on my processed-sugar intake. Fruits? Great. Build that Warder body. Baked goods? Warders ain't got time for that. To achieve this goal, I'm going to start with limiting myself to 1 article of processed sugar per day for the first week, 1 article every 2 days for the second week, and so on down to the last week, where I plan on consuming NO ARTIFICIAL SUGARS. This seems impossible from where I'm standing right now, but maybe in 5 weeks it won't seem so hard. Weekly grades: A - met goal for the week. B - had only 1-2 sugary snacks over goal. F - 3+ sugary objects over goal. 4. Life Goal: record my journey. The Wheel of Time turns and days come and pass, leaving memories that become legend when I remember them at all. I want to get a handle on the passage of time and fight the sameness of days that professional life seems to be all about. I'd like to keep a journal every or every other night - not just of my workouts (which I'll journal here!) but of the rest of my life. I'll probably try to do so before bed as a way to fight the blue screen sleeplessness of pre-sleep Netflix. I should buy a nice notebook. Things I need your help with, fellow Rangers: - Good online yoga workouts. My personal practice will only get me so far. If any of y'all want to drop your favorite Youtube links here, that would be totally amazing. - Tips for working out while traveling. I'm still new to professional life and I'm on a little bit of a budget until I get my first raise, so your favorite hotel-gym and hotel-room-floor workouts would save my life. - Tips for soldiering on. This is my first challenge and I'm really nervous! I'm worried that, like almost every other grand project that I undertake, I'll get really depressed if I don't live up to my own expectations. - Anything else you think of, really. Thank you for your support! <3
  24. Hey all, I’m back, a bit late but better late than never right? I honestly was going to wait and just start again in January but Teros has inspired me so here I am for the last couple weeks of this challenge. Life was a bit too crazy a few weeks ago, with trying to get a "late admission" into the wound ostomy and continence (WOC) nursing program, which I GOT admitted into! Plus I was still in a huge funk over losing my Minion. Honestly I still cry if I think about her too much; and just wasn't ready to do much of anything. I’ve discovered at work and in my own personal life that my back is definitely not like it had been before this past February (and April) happened; I have disc and nerve pain when lifting moderately heavy objects. I REALLY wanted to try out barbell, but for now I’m afraid I’d hurt myself. Instead I’m going to give yoga a try. A few of the poses I’ve seen were what part of my Physical Therapy and felt AMAZEBALLS! I bought a "prep" learner course off of DirtyYoga.com to learn proper technique for the more common poses to start and have a few different DVD's I acquired over Black Friday to build on (including "Back Care Yoga" designed specifically to help strengthen the core, help back pain and prevent strain!) On top of all that, since I cancelled my cruise (which is currently cruising) but had already taken vacation days for it; I am off from work until the 26th! (unless I choose to pick up) So no 36 hour weekends, rotating shifts, or flat out exhaustion from a hard shift to get in my way! Goal 1: Dirty Yoga Prep 4x per week. Goal 2: No fast food. I fell so hard with this one, I've been on NF for over a year and this is my Achilles heel! Goal 3: Clean. The bedroom, closets, and craft room all need a deep clean (as does the Living Room but it hard when Christmas decor is up). (Batman is undercover as a Red Kettle bell ringer) No points for this since the challenge is over half over, I just finally felt ready to come back. =)
  25. It's happening again. Winter is here; it's been getting colder every day for the last couple weeks, all the pretty leaves on the trees are gone, the wind is biting through most of my jackets not made of heavy leather and the sky is turning what will soon feel like a perpetual gray. I hate winter with a hot, burning passion, which is sort of hilarious because I have lived in Minnesota my entire life and have only rarely even traveled to actual warm places for vacations. It's possible that, once upon a time, I would have entertained a move to a warmed clime by now, but then I decided to have more kids and start the (single) parenting process over again and now I'm a good ten years or more away from that being a possibility again. Winter. Sucks. Captain Piett: I think we've got something, sir. The report is only a fragment, from a probe droid in the Hoth system, but it's the best lead we have. Admiral Ozzel: We have thousands of probe droids searching the galaxy. I want proof, not leads! Piett: The visuals indicate life readings. Ozzel: It could mean anything! If we followed up every lead... Piett: But sir, the Hoth system is supposed to be devoid of human forms. People seemingly disappear from the landscape, especially out here in the 'burbs. Most of the people you see outdoors fall into two distinct categories: hard-core upper-income runners that can afford winter gear, and low-income people walking to work because that's what they can afford. I fall somewhere in between the two. Also, I don't react well to the constant darkness. Darth Vader: You've found something? Piett: Yes, my Lord. Darth Vader: That's it. The Rebels are there. Ozzel: My Lord, there are so many uncharted settlements. It could be smugglers; it could be pirates; it could be... Darth Vader: That is the system! And I am sure Skywalker is with them. Set your course for the Hoth system!! General Veers, prepare your men!! So, whether or not I like it, I'm about to descend into one of the seven levels of hell. Now, popular culture portrays Hell as unquenchable flame. I am here to tell you that I don't think that sounds so bad, so if Hell is more personally-tailored - like Bill and Ted found it - mine is going to be one frozen-assed wasteland. And telecasts of the Packers winning the Super Bowl will be on continuous replay. So, I'm going to need more freaking motivation. Main Quest: I want my 34-inch waist back by the end of the year. I can do this. I was at just over 35 inches the first week in October. I have seven weeks left to attain this. I can do this. Quest 1: Always in motion, the future is. This last quest was pretty successful. I set a running goal that was too high, but for the most part, I was good at making S.M.A.R.T. goals that were achievable. This was good because success breeds success. Also, I am a goal-oriented individual. During the last challenge (and in the two weeks between that one and this one) I ran in four 5K races and did two Spartan sprints. Having something specific toward which I am training helps me enormously. Also, having that training goal be on this side of the event horizon instead of "out there" also helps keep me motivated. Last winter I started out running two or three times per week until the snow hit. I need to keep moving. Goal: Run three time per week. Four times was too aggressive last challenge. Three is attainable. I can make time to do this and I have the cold-weather gear to do it, including the shoes and the socks. Also, I need to start upping my mileage to meet one of my goals for next year (which I'll talk about when it gets closer, in theory). Quest 2: Trust the Force. Over the past year, I let my lifting plateau because I made excuses. "I only lift in the exercise room at work because I don't have room at home. They only have xxx in weights." "I can only afford xxx in weights for lifting in my garage." I got over that during my last quest I and increased the weight I was pushing by 20 pounds in the bench press, 50 in squat and 75 pounds in dead lift by quitting with the excuses, progressively adding the weight and trusting I could do it. Now I'm at the point where it's going to take dedication to progress, and it's not going to come rapidly, but my trainer has a plan and he says he's confident in my ability to do it. I need to be confident as well. Goal: Add 20 pounds in bench press and 45 in both squat and dead lift. This is completely doable. My trainer has me lifting three times per week on a supervised plan, and as long as I keep up with my program, I'm gold here. My biggest problem is going to be making excuses about the cold, since I lift in the garage. Funny thing, though... they make heaters. Quest 3: Get a Grip. Okay, that one isn't Star Wars themed, but I don't care. Last weekend I was ~this~ close to running a Burpee-free Spartan Stadium Sprint in Milwaukee and wound up failing like a failing guy who fails on the Traverse Wall and the Rope Climb, both of which got me at The Cliffs in Illinois a month earlier. The good news is that I came awfully close to finishing both. The bad news is that at a Spartan Race, unlike horseshoes and hand grenades, close doesn't mean a thing and I still wound up doing sixty burpees because of it. I can sort of rationalize falling off the Traverse Wall less than eight feet from that damned bell by blaming cramps, and I can kind of use the same excuse for the last four feet of the rope, but the fact is that if I had better grip strength, I could have finished both of them. Goal: Be able to do four pull-ups without stopping. Currently I can do one full pull-up and almost a full second one. My trainer says that pull-ups will increase my grip strength. Who am I to argue with him? Life Goal: Bring Balance to the Force. I have been feeling really over-committed lately. In addition to being a single dad of two school-aged kids, I have three adult children, a full-time job that includes two out of every eight weeks on 24-hour call, a girlfriend, I am a volunteer youth group leader and I teach Sunday school. In my world, I have been using exercise as "me time" but it's time to start figuring out where to put some more time for me. Meditation and leisure reading sound like things I'd like to do, and I don't mean "some day". I need to schedule at least one hour twice a week for just quiet, down time, and that time needs to not include electronics of any kind. Motivation: My motivation will never change; I want to be a healthy example for my kids - all five of them - to show them that active is awesome and that I am the super hero they can look up to. We're off to a good start. I'm not about to quit.
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