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  1. Back for another challenge! Not another year-long hiatus for me! When I think about the things I want to accomplish with my fitness, I come up with TONS of different ideas! I'm like a squirrel, and new workouts are my shiny things. I'm so easily distracted. I haven't ever officially finished one of these six-week challenges....So, CLEARLY, this is a good goal for this challenge: 1) Finish this challenge doing the same workout program I started with! This one is sort of pass/fail. I'm currently running with a Run the Edge workout program, Run/Walk interval running, and Zombies, Run!, and I'm doing a Hero's Journey strength workout I found on Neilarey.com which also has tons of short, intense bodyweight workouts (like the Hunger Games Tribute workout or Black Widow workout). I keep starting one thing and then switching to the other, and sometimes I'll start one strength training regimen and see something else and switch... See what I mean? Easily distracted. It's hard to see any consistency with weight loss, running improvement, stamina, etc! when I keep changing what I'm doing! I am going to only allow myself to do the Zombie, Run! or Run the Edge workouts. I was doing the interval training to ease back in after an injury and I don't think I need it anymore. I am also going to continue doing the Hero's Journey workouts (which are daily, but are so intense that I needed a few days to recuperate after Day 1!) or the other bodyweight workouts after each run. I am not allowed to start new programs. I AM NOT ALLOWED TO START NEW PROGRAMS. I think this could also be morphed into a life quest, since I just back and forth between hobbies and projects and just can't seem to get anything done! 2) Stay Hydrated and Don't Drink Soda! I am a soda drinker... an every-day soda drinker. I can't get enough of the stuff. For the past week or so, I've been drinking water every day because I have a fancy plastic water cup, and somehow it's become so much easier to drink water and ignore the soda. I previously challenged myself to give up soda at work on Tuesdays and Thursdays and it just didn't work, so this time we're going big - no soda at work AT ALL! I will continue to bring the water cup which should satisfy the thirst enough that I won't need the soda. I am not cutting myself off from soda at any other time, because I imagine that just cutting out soda while I'm at work will result in a huge change all by itself. Points? OK, 1 point each day I don't drink soda at work. An extra point if I have an opportunity to drink soda and turn it down (one additional point per day). And an extra five points if I can go a whole week without drinking soda. 3) Walk or Run 50 Miles toward Mordor I'm 10.25 miles into my walk to Rivendell right now, and I aim to get there by the end of the year. It's really a HUGE goal for me, but if I can do 50 miles in 6 weeks, I will be that much closer, and if I can keep it up, I just might be able to make it! Mileage run or walked outside will be counted with a Garmin Forerunner GPS watch or by plotting it with MapMyRun, miles instead counted on the treadmill. I don't anticipate that it will be easy to get outside in this cold weather, but if I go geocaching or hiking, that will also count towards total mileage. I'll give myself 1 point per mile. Lifegoals: I have winter crafty projects that I absolutely need to finish. Remember me, though? Easily distracted? Yeah, I have a Valentine's Day project that is slightly late, several scarves to finish crocheting, and one flowerpot snowman that needs to be completed this winter. Pictures will follow as projects are completed. I am going to start with the Valentine's Day project now, pre-challenge - I should be able to finish it before the challenge even starts, which will give me the chance to do MORE PROJECTS.. oh, I better take it easy before I hurt myself.
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