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  1. I am dropping the written year because I feel as though my priority needs to be the energy/fatigue. With energy, I will do my writing and painting. Without it, I won’t. I must see to the stability of the base of the pyramid before carving rampant phoenixes and curlicues upon the peak. Self realization and meaningful work rest upon the foundation stones of health and energy. My challenges will therefore be geared toward treating the fatigue seriously. From now on, all challenges will be focused on the four pillars of Healing Magic: diet, sleep, stress and movement. Given that many treatments and approaches are unproven, I need to start with a baseline of habits of whose wholesomeness I am already reasonably certain. Noviciate Healing Magic Potions 101: Avoid Poison The first lesson is simple: Do not take poison. Do not ingest alcohol, sugar, caffeine, or novel, heavily processed food mimics. Eat whole foods or lightly processed traditional foods from all food groups. Do not neglect leafy greens, fish, organ meat, or fermented foods. Do not consume honey in excess. See textbook for further details. This basic potions protocol should reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, stabilise blood sugar and energy, and provide a range of nutrients to support health. Further experimentation may be needed, however, to determine the ideal protocol for the individual. Also begin preparing for Potions 102: Fasting by gradually delaying and cutting down meals eaten on Sundays. For extra potions credit, begin learning the uses of common herbs and design two simple teas or infusions for relaxation and invigoration, and a turmeric brew for fasting. Defence Against the Dark Arts 101: Countering the Stress Hex To block the malignant stress hex, meditate for ten minutes daily in the morning hours. This practice has beneficial effects that are only beginning to be documented, but which may include reduction of inflammation and oxidative stress, and enhancement of immune function, cognition and mood. It also reduces the cognitive draining effect of all other activities, which is particularly important for those who are easily fatigued. All forms of meditation, mindfulness or prayer are acceptable. See textbook for base invocation to Hecate and an elemental alignment chant. In week 3, add a five minute practice in the evening. For extra defence credit, research two additional counters to the stress hex, such as massage and hydrotherapy, and determine how best to work them into the next module. Transfiguration 101: Ambulatory, Might, and Suppleness Spells A powerful form of healing magic, transfiguration can also be used to excess. Pair with adequate rest and stop in case of joint pain, unrelenting fatigue, misery, or high pitched keening noises. Walk daily in the morning for general healing effects and to absorb ambient nature magic. Perform short, low rep strength training in any configuration that involves 3 to 6 sets each per week, of the six main movement patterns (I trust there is no need to enumerate the magical benefits of strength work!) Engage in gentle stretching before sleep to promote calm and reduce any pain that could interrupt the somnolence enchantment. For extra transfiguration credit, visit the gymnasium (and research local virus status) to determine its suitability for transfiguration practice. Charms 101: The Somnolence Enchantment The somnolence enchantment is a powerful force for good health. There is scarcely any statistic that it does not buff, nor curse whose effects it does not ameliorate. But it has a lengthy casting time, requiring eight hours to complete. Prepare for sleep at 9pm and be in the casting circle by 9:30pm every night. Begin designing a preparation routine. Experiment to see what works. For extra charms credit, find smaller sized earplugs to block noise without hurting the ears.
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