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Found 3 results

  1. Obi-Wan Kenobi’s exile on Tatooine has always interested me. A few sources (such as https://screenrant.com/star-wars-obiwan-kenobi-tatooine-exile/) have addressed what “Old Ben Kenobi” was doing between trilogies, but how does one recover mentally and physically from losing nearly everything? (I’m really hoping that the Kenobi series actually goes forward and doesn’t end up scrapped.) Thankfully, I have a lot more going for me right now, but I am feeling inspired by Obi-Wan’s exile as we are all surfing the changes the pandemic is triggering. I am definitely trying to focus on what I have and not what I am missing. However, the situation here is definitely fluid, and I am planning to make changes as restrictions and shortages increase. Cardio TThSat: Run (I have a schedule I’ve been working on for my 5K) If I can’t run, I’ll walk/hike (30+ minutes or 2 miles) If I can’t leave the house, I’ll use the stationary bike for 30 minutes If I can’t bike ….. then I’m probably sick and on the couch, watching Firefly. Strength WMF: WOD --- thanks to our fabulous coaches who are still posting daily WODs online in our gym’s app, I can do a WOD every day but Sunday. NerdFitness 20-minute Kettlebell workout Flexibility/ROM - Daily ROMWOD …. give the 7-day free trial a try Yoga with Adriene (YouTube) Spirit - Daily Meditation Liturgy of the Hours Knowledge I’ve been looking at a book that @Tanktimus the Encourager recommended (Stop Walking on Eggshells ….) but am going to read this one first: Stop Caretaking the Borderline or Narcissist: How to End the Drama and Get On with Life by Margalis Fjelstad since it seems to focus more on helping the caretaker (me) get out from under the weight of that role. No matter what the diagnosis ….. or lack thereof ….. of certain family members, I can work on my response to odd or dysfunctional behavior. So, I’m starting there. And FUN!!!! I want to do something every day that is interesting. Thanks to @Elastigirl, I have the freestyle staff spinning video links. And our community is working on finding ways to help amuse and entertain kids so there will be things to do. This week, we’re putting teddy bears in windows for the kids who are reading We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. So far, with the snow, I’ve seen families drive by, pointing out the two bears we have put up for them to find. We’ll see what next week brings …..
  2. Life is good at the Fett household. Last month was a success, with me coming out Oprah-rich in PRs and having a 1.2" reduction in waist size. The goal this month is to produce more of the same with some tweaks: Consistently count calories: After TDEE estimations, I put myself at about 3000/day to lose 2lbs/week. When I booted up MFP it put me at 2990 so we are going with that. I have to track daily because (based on previous experience) if I track I will come in at or under my goal daily. I'm allowing myself one meal per week that is untracked, simply because it's a bitch to track some things. I need accountability on this y'all. Someone(s) check me if I don't post every day. If you'd like to friend me on MFP post your username or PM me for mine. Make time for cardio: My current regimen (CF 2-3x per week + strongman events 1-2x per month) is clearly working to recomp me, thus the reduction in waist size and lack of movement on the scale. However, my goal is to lose overall at the moment until I get to an overall weight that I feel is sustainable for me. Whether it be a mile run before or after class, some skills building with jump rope/rowing, a looong walk/ruck, or some sprints, I need to make time to get in the extra cardio to keep the scale going down. Prepare for and pass my Concealed Carry class on 8/27-28th: I'm finally getting around to taking my IL CCW class but there are a couple things I need to do in the couple weeks before I do so. I'd like to get to the farm and go through a couple boxes of ammo, get some dry fire practice, and practice wearing my 1911 around my house/the farm/anywhere else I can legally carry without a license to both break in my holster and get used to the weight on my hip. Bonus: Continue building skills and setting PRs: I don't want to put PRs as an actual goal as I don't want to push myself to injury, but last month I did a bunch of things (consecutive single-unders, box jumps, 80% wall walk, etc) for the first time ever and got PRs on several others (Deadlifts, Bench, C&J, and Back Squat 1RM, half mile time, everything strongman, so many more). I'm going to continue to seek performance and keep pushing for either trying something new or a new personal best every time I walk into the gym. Challenge Starting Weight: 392.2lbs, +.1 from June challenge Challenge Starting Waist: 58.8", -1.2" from June challenge
  3. Hey all! Now that tinybaby is almost 9 months I'm jumping back into the swing of things. And why not do so with Team Spearhead's Pathfinder 12 week challenge?? These 4 weeks I will: Ruck 2 miles daily Complete 7 WODs Team Lead once Complete 2 more Pre/Post WOD rucks Life goal: Help the pitbull rescue/ foster nonprofit I'm assisting with their start up. (Gritty Pitty - Longmont CO) Let's do this!!!
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