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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone! I kinda bummed out of the last challenge before it ended. My apologies on that. As an update, I ended up falling off the wagon for about a week. So my husband and I bought a new mattress because the old one was making my back hurt. While the new one was super comfortable, I couldn't sleep through the night. I kept waking up over and over again. So, all week I was sleep deprived. There was one night I went to the gym as it was regularly scheduled, and I ended up breaking down crying in the middle of the gym floor. I went and got my stuff and left without working out
  2. Destiny Island Zone 1 (February 15 - 28) Core Objectives Explore the Zone - Run 7 Miles Keep the HP Up - Drink 56 Healing Potions (16 oz water bottles) Get to the Healing Ports - Spend 104 Hours Relaxing in a Healing Port (Bed / Equivalent) Kill the Heartless: Hit 1000 minions and 10 mini-bosses with my Keyblade (Mini-Bosses are difficult responsible things to do, minions are words written on my work projects.) How I Play Every Challenge, I'm going to post a new topic, talking about the Zone that I'm in. Each Zone revolves around a few core obj
  3. Hi everybody! Sorry for disappearing in October/September or something. Life just kinda happened and hit me in the face. But I am here, now, so yays for that:) The Path to Adventure Starts Here Do The Practice, every day if possible, or at least five days a week.The Practice includes five importaint aspects:Writing wishes, gwishes and intentions. Or even just journaling. Moving every day (like yoga 2-7 times a week, body weight strenght/HIIT session twice a week, learning awareness through movement – Feldenkrais method –, and doing TRE (Trauma release exercises). Walking is also a
  4. Hi Everybody, I am back! I think this is my fourth-ish challenge. For this one I was originally planning to leave the Druid's guild, but since I ended up using most of the previous challenge recovering from pneumonia (which did wreck my... unexsisting master plan), you'll be stuck with me these six-seven weeks as well. [update 31. July: Because I originally named this, and the previous challenge, "Wolf is Rewriting Everything" I've got the freedom and permission to rewrite everything, including this challenge. From now on Wolf is Becoming the Queen of W's!] Recap (What I have (re)learned in
  5. [Explicit] I have been a long time away from NF, and a long time putting fitness on the back burner. It's time that I stop letting my excuses pile up and hold me down. It's time to stop letting the greedy little piggy whisper in my ear. I am the wolf, so let the games begin. Rule 1) Run 3x A Week [sTA +5] Rule 2) No Booze. [CON +5] Rule 3) Update 3x A Week. [WIS +2] Rule 4) Create A Routine. [WIS +3] These chains are heavy, if I'm going get them off it's going to happen one link at a time.
  6. Hi everyone! A new challenge, a new beginning, brand new possibilities. The previous challenge really taught me how important it is to keep some basic fundations in place, for everything else to work properly. So this time around I'll keep my focus on the basic things that make me a kinder, healther, more functional human being. The recipie is simple: Write. Laugh. Play. Sit quietly. Think. Summer is here! For me it means one thing: packing up my dearest belongings and going off to my grandma's house. She's like the kindest person ever, who lets me live with her (for free) while I am working
  7. This is my first challenge, of course, and a major part of my Main Quest is to develop myself enough to be worthy of joining the assassin guild. Main Quest To build lean muscle (to become an assassin) Missions A - Do yoga/stretching for 20 minutes 3 times a week B - Eat high-protein foods 3 times a week (i.e. quinoa, tempeh, tofu, lentils - I eat a plant-based diet and often forget to consume protein-rich foods. I can't eat nuts and peanuts due to kidney stones, so this is something I need to focus on more.) C - Do body weight workout for 1/2 hour 3 times a week Life Quest Draf
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